Grand Black Magic and a National Satanic Army

“THEM and in particular my own bearing takes from classical Satan(-ism) the traits of Ruthlessness, Vision and Dissent.”



The Temple of THEM arose from a natural cataclysm of forces as a conduit to enable some forms to arise and prevent others from arising. THEM’s current acts to prevent the proliferation of a multitude of forms including:

  • The sexist divide between men and women enshrined into our societal framework.

  • The fervent belief in monotheism or one god (Insynsian) in any way shape or form to the exclusion of other forms.

  • The habit of apexing a form and making of it a god without pluralistic balance.

  • The culture of ego-worship and/or belief in/slavish adherence to a guru or any one system to provide all ones needs.

  • The continuation of certain inherited traits society rewards, to our detriment as autonomous beings.

  • The compression of complex data into over-simplistic but easily manageable systems for convenience not authentic insight.

  • The ignorance or discrepancy of forms and forces and the over-arching advantage of those who use forms to enslave or otherwise control human beings.

  • The belief that the Ego can or must be destroyed.

  • The belief that destroying the Ego results in the Self or some other esoteric/spiritual advancement.

  • The rise of future groups that claim sovereignty over any form whatsoever (Insynsia).

  • The archetype of the Alpha-male.

  • The belief that for something to be right, its opposite has to be wrong.

The Temple of THEM was founded in 2006 and describes itself as Relativist, Magical Socialist or Quantum Philosophic. It is an experimental project of invisible currents made visible via a selection and exhibition of certain forms and has a set life-cycle of 30 years (2006-2036). This 30 year phase is broken into 3 distinct phases of approximately ten years duration each.

  • (1) Crystallization: The first phase has been met earlier than anticipated and that was to build a platform to overcome the growing monotheism of the Sinister. With reputation and power, we can and have allowed others to speak through us. Our legacy must be set before moving onward from this phase (that is, passing on our techniques and methods in formats such as a Manifesto, enduring Imagery and Icons, and a current with its own tendrils irrespective of the original sowers, that will outlive the present members causal lives) – for (2) and (3) can happen without a helmsmen but (1) Crystallization requires the unique vision and guidance of its founders.

  • (2) Harbinger: The second phase of the Temple is to give Australia a sinister history and foster across it a new National Satanic identity. This aim is being achieved through present tendrils and inert stations online spreading the influence of THEM and off-line via the A.S.O.V and other groups working with or alongside us by training people to run specific types of organization and earth their own – imparting the techniques and individualosophy and code of In Supra Solidarity unique to THEM.

  • (3) Invitrofertilization: The third phase, is a combination of the first two, plus awaiting/encouraging the rise of the synthesis (A co-joinment of reigning opposing forms that bypasses their inherent contradiction*) and Synthesizers who will combine the Thesis and Antithesis in a new way, continuing our work. When this stage begins to presence itself we will prepare the final step away with grace from what will likely bear no resemblance to our original Temple but an evolution. For we believe the success of any Esoteric School or Current is to teach others how to surpass the Teacher/Master – AND for the Teacher/Master to understand this surpassing as part of the life of form. Thus does the Ego understand its temporal role in the Great Life of the Temple of THEM.

* The Mastery of Paradox.

On Jan 1st 2036, the founders of THEM will withdraw their energy and efforts to shape, direct or otherwise control the Temple – irrespective of what form it has taken or what precipice/potential it occupies – and step away to let be what will be.

This will not dismantle nor destroy the Temple of THEM which will have its own life (if it survives) in the forms of new tendrils and shapes with their own goals and aims. Nor will it signify a severance of the Temple’s legacy which goes far beyond our brief presence however intense in its temporal time. It simply means, anticipating the necessary amount of time and energy to reasonably achieve certain aims a sustained presence is required to watch over, mould and direct the Temple from its founders personage. Like a wild animal tended to health and released into the wild to fend for itself. We are but one of Natures expressions toward evolution and therefore will be swept away should we fail to successfully express Natures desire, and also too, if we succeed and Nature requires an evolution of our obsolete variant.

This built-in resignation of the founders derives from our understanding of Forms, Aeonics and what is required to successfully achieve our aims, given the forces we can expect to encounter.