Radia Star


Temple of THEM -2011 /122fy.

My Work and my Writing – My Approach and My Motive and Methodology is given in this short manuscript and the Alchemical formula that Drives me. I reveal here the Blueprint of my Work that Others may understand or follow it.

The dominance of the ‘I’ in people must be dislodged enabling the unconscious processes and actions of their ego to become consciously observable to them via the creation of a new stream of consciousness. They must understand how they make suppositions, projections, abstractions, tensions, create time, space, form and how they themselves cause these through the Engine of their Perception.

The successful result of this alchemical is to cause a specific Doubt of their Autonomy that leads to a brief Collapse of the Ego and the Emergence of the Self. As if – they [the emergent Self] were suddenly operating from another room in the back of their skull, watching their Ego working away at the controls of their Organism as a separate entity or function.

Once this split-mind state occurs there is no going back. Evolution has been achieved. There is nothing more for you to do. Their mind ceases to perceive itself as a Singularity and the individual becomes THEM – a compartmentalized being acutely conscious of sharing its being with more than one function – both of which it may use, rather than the one. This is Evolution of the Mind.

To Kill the Machine – means to Dislodge that which keeps it running. Which is precisely – the supreme and singular dominance of the Ego which most Identify as themselves. But to Warn the Ego of an attack is a fatal error – if it senses danger it hardens and becomes immovable. It cannot be directly approached and can only be drawn out slowly – much as a psychologist must dance around the issues of his patient so as not to frighten him and also to allow the individual to come to the Realization on their Own. Thus the Ego must be tricked into defeating itself. It’s abstractions must be torn apart piece by piece / its processes broken down and made visible to that individual so that a Special Instant occurs in that Individual similar to an Out of Body Experience – With the Exception that is it Out Of Mind. In this Instant, a sudden Flash of the Awakened Self can see the actions of the Ego consciously. This can be done one by one very slowly – or, via our creation of Magical Socialism, people can be affected in much larger numbers.

Magical Socialism is a specific incantation this Temple has created to weaken the Ego based on what we know about how to lower its guard. This generates the correct emotional state in many people at once necessary for Change. It bears resemblance to National Socialism – and uses a similar current that made NS magical – but it should not be mistaken for it. There are Others like us – who are of a split-mind and consciously, suspiciously regard their Own motives. Our movement has sought and seeks them out. We can do nothing for an Individual who has already Evolved but we Seek THEM out to give Them a Collective Home. Our Directive is to target those who have not Evolved or Show Signs of being on the Cusp of Self-Awareness. The Simple truth is that the Banner of Satanism represents an ancient Instability of the Mind whose Current attracts those who are less resistant to Change and who may have more chance of Re-Connecting with their Total Mind – and it is for this reason alone that our Mythos is wound about Darkness.

Creating One of THEM is an extraordinarily difficult process – it is often lengthy and the process(es) required varies from individual to individual, instant to instant. It is made all the harder should the target Ego be put on alert that such a process is being attempted. Now you understand the simple reason behind the secrecy of our motives and our movement.

I remain convinced, that whilst it may take many decades of effort – if enough of THEM can be created who create other Them using this formula. The power structure of the Magi attained through its purchase of the mind – made possible through the unconscious possession of people that keeps them in Thrall to Forms – will be utterly destroyed.

We May Not See this Event in Our Lifetime. But I am Committed. And Believe that We have discovered the Secret and the Antidote to the Poison of the Magian. May Our Tendrils Spread Across Space and Time And Deliver Us from Evil.