Temporal Expression


This short commentary discusses some of the reasons THEM has a strict thirty year charter.

All things Change. THEM studies Forms and the Forces that affect them. Forms as a rule do not enjoy eternal longevity. They come and go, as trends, falling in or out of favour as time passes. And this is because traditionally forms are anchored to the time in which they are created and form a rigid/static representation with their own identity that cannot adapt to the changing of the seasons. Eventually challenges put to the form compromise its integrity.

Even if a form is successfully able to endure the weather of time, it reaches a point where it has passed on its seeds, (we could say procreated) and passed on its genes in the human sense. As people come to adopt it, they begin to exhaust it, alter it, change it, and its original shape begins to disintegrate back into the Black Clay, slowly becoming something else, often other than what the creator(s) intended/Willed.

For forms have their own Will, their own ‘lyfe’, and while a form can be held with some degree of temporality when its creators exert willpower, control and intent over and onto it – as that Intent fades with the passing of time, or the message embodied in the Form ceases to be of importance, either through being accepted and evolved, or rejected and ignored – the Form cannot sustain its original intention and becomes subject to the intents of others who inherit it.

Yet there is often an expectation that the form will continue indefinitely getting bigger and bigger (the essence of Capitalism, Corporations, or Ego-centralism) as well as stay very similar to the original forms intention.

It is a naive view to have when working with Aeonic Magic. Forms are a singularity that immediately create their own shadow or enter into friction with accepted standards or competitive forms. Forms create a friction that creates a new singularity from their synthesis. All forms are therefore merely bridges to an evolution that often completely abandons the host form and have no consideration of human expectations but run a course of their own. They are all temporal and are limited in lifespan and usefulness to the climate in which they spawn.

Only certain conditions allow certain forms to arise and sustain themselves long enough at least, to surface briefly as a power-form over the short course of a human beings life – as if icebergs bobbing briefly above the surface of the black depths of a chilling sea before submerging once more or locked against or under the ice. What manages which forms emerge, are powers beyond our own ken. Some individuals know a great deal about the particulars that allow certain forms to arise and others to be stifled. Military, religious, political agents all know various tactics to invite or retard things from happening as do children blaming their bear for eating the chocolate cake in the kitchen. But observation is not enough to harness the majority of these phenomena – perhaps best summed up by the realization – we all die. Quite simply be the change you want to see.

What we, THEM, are earthing cannot be expected to exponentially grow and grow until it subsumes the entire earth and its populace. This is a mistake many beginners of Aeonic magic make. Building on the premise of creating a world domination policy that is human-centred lacks empathy with the forces of THEM – it is essentially ego-centric and naive. Rather what is required is to accept the powers of and design accordingly with the actual nature of the forces Forms can expect to encounter both within the alchemical transformation of people who change over time and via experience, and the external encounters with the world and trends, social mores, status quo and the constant and varied challenges such changes pose to a Form as that changes. An essential element of Aeonics is planning for the inevitable demise of the Form(s). Just as Earthquake-proof measures are now built into most modern skyscrapers because past performance without those measures illustrated major destruction to those buildings could occur – so too must a Form be flexible, carefully planned to meet the demands put upon it by the many Forces that the Sorcerer must study if they are to be successful in implementing long-term strategies of change.

The crux is this: THEM can only enjoy a limited amount of attention, but it is through this attention that we will transmit our messages and inspire people to evolve our ideas and hopefully ingrain in enough of them the principles we have developed as an antidote to Insynsian and the Magi.

What we are and can sensibly, reasonably be expected to gestate (The Undividual) will some day cease to make progress, reach its zenith and begin its decline. Perhaps a new technology that allows the current to be used in unexpected, unanticipated ways will dilute its original shape, or a new form headed by a new generation of sorcerers using THEM’s ideas as a foundation either positively or negatively will supersede our influence, or lead the way into new territory with innovative approaches or clearly defined outright rejections in accordance with the milieu of the times. What is certain is that while novel now, with growing popularity comes saturation and the eventual exhaustion and collapse of the Form.

A form must struggle to presence itself; even as it is praised and encouraged by some and scorned and attacked by others: a form in such a state can be considered to be highly and regimentally successful. That is to say a form must be equally shored by adversity- it cannot have a totality of agreement that makes it triumph over all other forms for that does not reflect human tradition, nor behaviour but an artificial naivity that fundamentally lacks the observation that all greats have struggled with some Other who resisted their emergence. Not that being ‘Great’ is the criterion for a forms justification – but a form that seeks to overpower all others, to eradicate other forms entirely too, is doomed from the beginning: Nature simply doesn’t work that way. It is useful to speak in absolutes to human beings so as to make a clear statement of intent that is easy to understand and follow, I.e. ‘we wish to kill the machine’ but the reality is, you can gestate another form but it shares the stage with others even as it may rage against them. Christianity, Islaam, Judaism cannot be ‘eradicated’ anymore than National Socialism or Satanism can be; they are expressions of deep-seated beliefs held by other humans and inspired to be by far more powerful forces than any form has the ability to knock out of the ring. It is as if Forms themselves have a fail-safe that prevents any one form from total dominance: for when such forms threaten the diversity of the world with totalitarian uniformity some force is evoked into being that directly challenges it and often, dismantles it into sub-forms.

The drive that has seized so many of THEM shares a common denominator toward some kind of evolution, toward some new natural heritage to increase the simplistic and narrow lens through which we traditionally view the world – to understand the singularity of forms that cause so many problems among us. But it is also only natural that such a drive, if achieved via our collective work, cannot continue in the same fashion indefinitely. Should THEM become a standard – it only invites a new schism; departures from our unintended position as the acceptable philosophy to hold. As the authors wonderful mother says ‘Nature hates a vacuum’.

When our drives are exhausted either through our measure of failure or success, the impetus of expression will need to change or be forced to undergo change. If this ‘use-by’ date is resisted beyond using the Temple to achieve its temporal aims – it runs the risk of becoming stale, dogmatic, a new religion.

Hence the Temple officially ends in 2036, long enough we believe, to seed the new variant nature bids us sow. It would be foolish and impossibly arrogant to believe that this temporal Temple and its handful of members could stand against and successfully eradicate Abrahamism – further ludicrous to imagine we could aptly justify its eradication with the understanding of forms that we have.

Certainly it is the goal that this founder of THEM has chosen to invest the majority of his life toward its service. In the face of such mammoth forces, we are all but servants, whatever temporal popularity we enjoy. All things come to pass, and the Ego must not be allowed to bid them persist beyond their time Or you risk getting a similar situation with THEM as you might with Christianity or Organized Religion. If we are to annihilate Abraham-ism, we must learn to do fundamental things, differently. The Temple of THEM offers novel choices to do things differently and we consider our dissidence an important step.