The Action Plan


1. One of the main actions of the Temple of THEM, as detailed in 2008’s release of issue #28 of Oto Anorha, was to set in place a new system.

2. Against us, are massive odds. These odds include existing systems, traditional behaviours and ways of doing things, changing things and repeating old patterns in the mistaken belief one is changing things.

3. These odds also include resistance to new methods by other forces, minor and major including forces that do not appear to be escapable (hubris/entropy), forces/forms that stand to lose ground from what we say (other groups and persons whose vested interest is in sustaining traditional methods), or alchemical forces such as person(s) or events whose existence clashes with ours or who have a legitimate or illegitimate opposition to us.

4. In attempting not to repeat these traditional methods, we have had to develop experimental unorthodox treatments.

5. We have had to ask some unusual questions. Such as ‘Can you unite people without a hierarchy, shared beliefs, common goals, losing individuality, power games, in-fighting, hubris, dissent, proximity, identity, symbolism, cosmology, ideology?

6. THEM desires the best of both worlds and seeks to find ways to dissolve contradiction between any two or more given forms. Since between two forms is where dichotomy breeds and good vs evil spawn. Good vs evil gives rise to an ‘Enematia’, (A phantom suggestion of an Other) – this is how humanity has been for an age, can we over come it?

7. To give absolutisms creates tyranny – to allow free reign creates anarchy. Both of these are necessary even as they are contradictory. How does one draw an outline without a drawing implement? How does one create solidarity without others knowing against what they assemble?

8. How to speak to people using a movement without creating a new dogma? How to make the boundaries of our presence known without controlling others? How to move beyond dichotomy when language is built to create it?

9. Externally, THEM is given voice by its method of pluralisation in which its members are referred to as WE and the impression given that all members of THEM agree to the same terms and conditions, maxims and mottoes laid out by a single speaker. Internally, members may not necessarily be in agreement or regard themselves as subject to or of maxims expressed by the speaker.

10. THEM believe that long ago, at crucial stages in human development, a mind war took place, and was lost against humans using superior forces and forms that enslaved others using ancient forms of magic.

11. This crucial period was inaugurated with the invention of Christ who amalgamated all previous pagan stories of life into one ultimate ideation that identifies itself as monotheism. This ideation would alter and instill, through force and ferocity the concept of singularity and a single apex that governed the known and unknown universe. It spread out across the world creating shadows of itself such as a Single book (the Bible), a Single Mythos (Judeo-Christianity), a Single Language. (Latin).

12. When Nietzsche declared God to be dead he exalted his singular concept of nihilism as the only answer – others would continue a monotheistic legacy with or without God – exalting some other single purpose, answer or philosophy as the meaning of all things, and like countless devotees of monotheism before them, fight ferociously to protect their one law – their Insynsia. God is not dead, the presence of his particular person is simply no longer necessary. But the great and lasting legacy of monotheism continues, creating death and destruction, pain and suffering, through the inability of humanity to entertain several or limitless ideation at once. What is foreign to a singular paradigm becomes the enemy of that paradigm;- this fact is implicit in all known paradigms. When singularity is challenged, it reacts badly because it seeks to defend its singularity. This is why religion is dangerous and why the ego is dangerous.

13. Such humans developed and mastered particular and insidious manipulations of the senses and social processes allowing them and other men to seize power over others using old magic. These magic’s included politics, stratification, economics, violence, illusion, coercion, collusion, primary needs, rewards and punishment, pride and prejudice, forces and forms. They still do.

14. THEM believe that revolution changes power’s hands it does not change humanity. Humans will with regularity repeat the game of master and slave.

15. The Temple of THEM exists to eradicate the footprints of God. And in this holocaust are included the footprints of Satan.

16. THEM must find ways to defeat both of these abstracts and their baggage.

17. Therefore it further exists to eradicate utterly the inheritances of monotheism, insynsian (transferring the oneness of God to another idol), dualism (meaning dichotomy of good vs. evil).

18. And change the brain through adoption and use of novel methods so that it can be trained to entertain multiple paradigms at all times without traditional conflict of singularity.

19. THEM does not merely identify problems, more importantly it creates and implements, solutions.

20. THEM is a term with multiple meanings but essentially implies that any one thing does not exist in isolation and is always accompanied by a honeycomb of others.

21. In eradicating God and religious ideation we do not require the destruction of its idols, its ideas, its architects and architecture – we require to identify what makes God, God and undermine it.

22. The Planet speaks with forces that treat us with indifference – it has a life of its own, a time cycle of its own that dwarfs us and our sentimental constructs, existing as it does through Aeons. Yet we mimic its every move, copy its essence, because we are fractals of the same Creatrix. As the Earth has Tsunamis and Earthquakes that devastate the land and sea, so do humans have personal equivalents that flood us with emotion or subconscious contents bringing with it waves of destructive debris, and just as earthquakes tear apart the ground creating deep chasms and levelling buildings, so too can the human experience a ‘shock to the system’ strong enough to level the concepts and beliefs, faith or trust we have built in our minds, or have our solid foundations shattered in the wake of deep psychological tremors. Both of these forces, Phorm and Form, are types of THEM – Dark Gods – terrific forces that bring us to our knees. It is these that we identify, worship and seek to understand.

23. Natural Disasters, and among these should be counted those internal esoteric equivalents all of us have that can corrupt, change or destroy our present frame of mind or carefully tended personalities – decrease hubris. They remind us of our Place, though we hate to be reminded of it. They remind us of our lack of Purpose, though we hate to be reminded we don’t know it. They remind us of our mortality, and how everything we think so important can be swept clean in the super-destructive forces of the Earth’s natural cycles – and we hate that too.

24. But we’ve been trained to hate, we’ve been indoctrinated to forget. We’ve inherited and continued, without question, the building blocks upon which our consciousness is based, and we continue to remain ignorant of the connexion between us and Earth, Earth and us.

25. This new system sees mankind change themselves internally by altering their concept of time, space, matter, and most importantly, traditional behaviour.

26. It involves the ceasing of the need to have an enemy, either real or imagined.

27. It involves the dissolution of the dichotomy of Light vs. Dark symbolized time immemorial by the sun and an evolution beyond with pathways of a new neurology.

28. It involves understanding that we are trapped within a story we did not write, and cannot change through traditional methods.

29. It involves de-constructing forms so we can learn how they control us, coerce us, trick us.

30. It involves understanding patterns, cycles, reactions and reflexion, through a modus such as alchemy.

31. It involves knowing intimately, the functions and processes of our selves and the peculiarities of our own organism and brains.

32. It involves changing the landscape of the occult to focus on what still lies hidden.

33. Essentially, THEM wants to make a type of thinking process more prevalent and a key tool in people’s belts, through its occult stages-how. (The occult occupies a flexible threshold where people will be open to accepting new and fringe ideas and have more chance of adopting or practicing them.)

34. This type of thinking process (either Neuromancy or Quantum Philosophy) is a deconstruction of forms that hinder or hurt a person so as to change their orientation psychically and if possible, perceptually to limit that hindrance or harm. It also strips forms of their projected importance.

The processes to apply pressure/change to the above 34 points involve development of some of the following faculties:

  • Selective powers of belief (the ability to switch belief in something on or off at will).

  • A deep understanding of the influence of our role in and on Force and Form (Phorce and Phorm) and the extreme power its has over us, in aid of learning how we can reorient perception to lessen that power.

  • To identify weaknesses in a form so as to de-construct it as one defuses a bomb or prop or strengthen a form to sustain it using our perception, physicality and skill in manipulating forms.

  • To lessen the tradition of singular thinking or the Apex-complex known as Insynsian where language and behaviour are given in absolutes or any one type of thinking takes precedence before multiple-angles are explored.

  • To use our brain’s differently to inspire and invent new techniques for using them to achieve given levels of prowess in heuristics or examination.

  • To establish a tradition of people who each examine the fundamental assumptions of the world for themselves.

  • To establish a tradition of people capable of switching from human-centred to life-centred people.

  • To offer an alternative No-Hand Path to the extremes of LHP and RHP.

  • To inspire through our efforts a new wave of de-constructionists to further present and future insights and forms created through exploration of the Phyrm.

  • To provide tools and a philosophy that are flexible and non-dogmatic.

  • To establish a tradition that teaches and guides through sharing experiences and is added to by its members.

  • To excite wonder in the world around us and all its phenomenon.

  • To dull the habit of Reaction to certain Forms as programmed.

  • To more effectively manage personal and others suffering.

  • To focus on and explore Synchronicity, Ethics, Phorm and Phorce in depth.

  • To self-study and create a library of insight into the human brain, dreaming, human behaviour.

  • To unite with others who share our goals.


  • Producing an annual publication with many voices sharing alchemical experiences (esoteric and exoteric).

  • Maintaining a public presence to speak with others freely.

  • Distributing any gains of influence or power among members.

  • Operating a website with informative articles and up-to-date revisions, manifestos and links to materials and like-minded parties.

  • Working together to establish a network of people with common goals, assisting others with similar goals.

  • Managing to cohere without establishing a rigid system of beliefs or worship, rules or laws.

  • Managing to resolve conflict amongst each other.

  • Releasing books and publications that detail our insight and understanding of forms in formats and e-books.

  • Adopting other forms of media to explore form and force, such as music, maths, art, speech, presentations.

  • To accumulate in one accessible place, the collected works of THEM and maintain or keep together an up-to-date website, wordpress and e-zine in a central location online.

  • To expand numbers by synchronicity.

  • To close the Temple of THEM in January, 2036.

  • To create a close-knit community of Empaths who can present their ideas and discoveries with one another with minimum conflict.

  • To cause changes to the operations of the ego.

  • To communicate with and invite other organizations with similar goals to work toward a common goal.

  • To understand and appreciate the role of various forms including the darker and darkest aspects of alchemy as formative destruction and not react to attempt to eliminate them but see them as equal partners in the circle of life.

  • To continually review and revise these notches



This is difficult to determine, but it may be indicated by the way people associated with us or influenced by us, treat one another and more importantly act/behave and process information on a fundamental level.

If there is a growth in the types of written word and presentations that directly focus on key words or concepts such as we have coined and advancements made in those media in a significant number we may consider that a ball has been started rolling that may result in a culture of heuristic self-explorers who will continue research and application of Phorce and Phorm.

It is at the time of writing, 2015 and there are still 21 years to go by which time I will be nearing 60 and have given the majority of my life to a commitment to magical geometry.

This is what I consider enough length of time for fulfilling purpose to my life.

I hope that THEM will continue to offer purpose and fulfillment to the lives of others too.

As time goes by THEM will try to determine what others goals are on a small and large scale and try to facilitate the joining of like-minds to like-minds, i.e. writers to publishers, upcoming bands to music sites, people with specifics interests to others with experience in those interests as part of its aim to create a new world-wide community and eventually, Illuminati.