The ASOV: Planting The Seeds


As anyone with any experience organizing people knows, just having a plan doesn’t mean its going to come to fruition. It took us many hard years of work and innovation to get the wider attention of enough people to garner a reputation with clout. But having that integrity built through our countless dealings with others and attaining a reputation for thinking outside the box was helpful when we announced the creation of a new Australian-based group that would work ‘Blitzkrieg’ magic.

Only a few individuals responded, and, even though I had been speaking with some for months or years, or a few only days, I arranged to meet each of them face to face to make a personal assessment on their suitability. I can see no way to mitigate the risk when attempting to assemble individuals concerned with Satanism/Extremism in a group but to bite the bullet and go out and meet them. I am not a shy person, nor incapable of defending myself if need be – but there is often a vast difference between speaking with someone on the internet and meeting them in person and it can and does involve considerable risk. But activism of any kind requires courage, both to introduce a new system to the prevailing one and to do the hard tasks of getting it off the ground. If no-one takes that risk, nothing can be achieved, and we continue to sit safely in a bubble at our homes vacuum packed from ‘stranger danger,’ but also from the potential for worthwhile experience. As it stands, there were no suitable Satanic groups available to join in Australia, just a lot of talk by individuals huddled in isolation behind their keyboards mistrustful and suspicious of face to face interaction. Faced with such a farce, we built our own organization.

When you meet a person – the chemistry is unmistakable. Either it is there or it is not. And to work with people in a magical group – you must have a strong rapport. In the flesh a person cannot hide their non-verbal cues, their eyes say a lot. By being able to make eye contact and read body language, their level of confidence and bearing (or potential) all become apparent.

One fellow travelled all the way from South Australia (approx 900km) alone to meet me alone at 5 A.M. in a remote location to discuss participation in the ASOV.

Another whom emailed me requesting to join was met alone just days later and taken to a pub for a drink to discuss his suitability, intention and interest.

A third I met in his studio, walking into an unknown environment through a thick soundproof door to god knows what. If you want to work with other people, you are going to encounter risks of all kinds. The evidence of so few Satanic groups in existence testifies to the reality of state of the occult viz-a-viz the lack of courage, crippling fear of risk and inability to run a group in the real world by other individuals. Whereas the ASOv has already taken the hardest steps.

It is notable that those neophytes too took a risk meeting me, also a stranger, in person, in remote or isolated locations. It is just part of the difficulty in forming such a group – as meeting people one time does not provide more than first impressions and a brief opportunity to experience their company and get to know them. After meeting more than a dozen prospective adherents in this manner, I made a decision on which to work with more closely and began to organize a ‘meeting’ to get them all together in once place. Although just getting this far requires effort and skill, it is essentially no more than a litmus test for the groups’ compatibility.

I was able to make an educated guess partly by reason and partly by intuitive feeling who would get along with whom and whose personalities might clash – but only by getting them all together in the flesh to meet one another could I really know if a group could cohere from the individuals. And only over time would I know if that group was skilled and dedicated enough to stay together.

To this end, an outdoor night-based 12 hour meet was devised that became the Inaugural of the ASOV. Therein could I see first-hand the level and degree of natural co-operation, camaraderie and skill, strengths, and intent of the group – which exhibition of cohesion is of utmost importance.

I did not know what to expect but I was pleasantly rewarded with an unmistakable close-knit bond forming almost immediately between those involved. Yet the ASOV is still in its infancy – this first step was what I consider a remarkable act of magic and organization. It achieves a milestone for effort. Were it so easy, the ASOv would not be so rare.

But as it stands, each member is still in the process of being personally tested by being charged with the responsibility of hosting, organizing and executing their own Meet to help assess their base abilities, competency and intent prior to development in later stages of what is required to grow within a Satanic group.