The Inauguration of the ASOV: Phase 2 of THEM


As the Temple has begun moving out of its first planned phase (2006-2016) and into its second (2016-2026) it has begun to seed its dizzying array of ideas and concepts into a real-world practicing occult society on Australian Soil. Founded in 2014 on August 17th at an Inaugural Meet in Victoria, the Australian Satanic Organization Victoria (ASOV) is a live group teaching the principles, practices, magic and methods of THEM to a new generation of Sorcerers.

It began with a concept from a post titled ‘Operation Outpost: A Phenotype 0.1’ re-printed below.


“Everyone wants something different from Satanism. And from the company they keep. ASOV will aim to meet that need.

Ideally the ASOV is to become a grass-roots, primarily off-line group of people wishing to organize/belong to an occult group of serious, experienced, dedicated people into Satanism in one current or another – and gets together to meet regularly. Members take turns as hosts, letting others into our house, garage or organizing a meet somewhere out bush to assist in helping that member to make up the numbers for a ritual, whether sex, dance, sorcery, summoning or whatever.

The ASOV makes up the numbers people need to experience, evolve, explore their need for ritual magic. Each member who may need others to perform their ritual (and we don’t care if you’re Setian, Lovecraftian, Traditional, Laveyan – its all good) has a responsibility to instruct the others in their respective role, whether as an altar, incense bearer, musician, chanter, dancer and so on. Much like organizing a play where everyone needs to learn a script – the organization helps each member to fulfil their satanic rituals and to progress in their personal journey by helping fulfil what that Satanist needs. These meetings can take place at convenient locations such as members houses, or remote bush locations, mountains, rivers, lakes, or pubs, halls, whatever we can source afford and get to.

Other ideas are that the group also trains informally together in martial arts, fitness, jogging, hiking, camping, as well as takes turns sharing its esoteric teachings in workshops. The organization can collect a small fee to help with running costs. Ideally the group gatherings should be limited to eight members at a time.

Its not hard to organize things. If people have cars, common sense, and are willing to get it off the ground, contribute to it, it should be no problem at all to raise a new satanic army.

The great thing about the Australian people and its ethos is we can take the absolute piss out of things and ourselves, and still get serious work done.”

This concept was moved from the planning stage into the implementation stage on August 2014. It has since begun taking hold in a real and practical fashion across Australia