Within the Temple: Getting Started



An Esoteric Riddle & Hypothesis for anyone interested in the Temple of THEM.


Imagine the following scenario: You are an explorer. You are wading through a thick jungle and happen upon a stone dwelling built by some unknown culture. The stone dwelling is square, approx 18ft high and wide but has no accessible windows, no discernible doors or entry points. How do you get in?

When this riddle was posed in one of our forums dozens of people offered suggestions. They came across a structure built by an unknown culture that was difficult to gain access to but did they stand there and do nothing? No, their natural inclination was to do SOMETHING. Variously they dug a hole, broke a window, climbed it with gear, made a hole in the roof and tried to access the dwelling.

Let me rephrase the Riddle so the analogy reflects what each element represents. You are an explorer. You are wading through a sea of ideas as you go through this life and come across one that is difficult to penetrate. It is comprised of the weird and wyrd ideas and insights of the Temple of THEM. You can’t see a door. Or a window. Or just don’t recognize the doors and windows for what they are. You have no map. But the same attitude in trying to enter the stone dwelling is the same approach that should be employed with the Temple of THEM.

So what tools do you have at your disposal? Look for our name on a search engine. When it comes up, click on a link and read. Take note of unusually spelled words or phrases such as Mvimaedivm, Undividual, Insynsian, Radia Sol, Oto Anorha, “Terato Haruspex Engram Maleficia” or ‘Australian Satanism’ and enter these into a search engine too.

Our words have unusual spellings for two reasons: (1) They describe certain concepts in terminology specific to THEM that attempt to not have unwanted existing associations attached to alternate existing phrases / concepts that might be used and (2) They make finding our work among the millions of possible Satanic/Sinister/Alchemical/Metaphysical currents of the Occult, easy.

Now you should have a reasonably large list of forums we have frequented and engaged in discussion in at considerable length, posting various articles and essays as we go, or answering questions by others about our current and its various aspects. It is easy to spot a THEM thread because it often dwarfs the visitation ratio of surrounding threads by thousands of views. In part perhaps due to the ongoing friction between the Temple and the O9A, in part perhaps because of our novel approach and innovative expansions within a large variety of fields, and perhaps in part because we represent an expression of natures desire for evolution and our work flows with and sometimes ahead of the changing occult milieu. Like everything else that is up to you to decide.

The next step is acquisition of what THEM write. The key books to locate are:

  • CRUX (An Australian Themed and Modified version of Naos),

  • Threshold (An anthology of 200 pages spanning many of our key texts and concepts),

  • Oto Anorha (Our strategic magazine/e-zine which has charted our progress the last nine years and includes many relevant time-stamps and expansive articles on our current.)

  • Abyssal (A hefty collection of anonymized correspondence between members of THEM and hundreds of other individuals and/or groups regarding the Sinister, Satanism, the History of THEM etc.)

  • The Diaries of a Devil-worshipper (The personal journey of one of the Temple’s founders in a raw and honest explaination told over the course of three books, each one dedicated to a specific archetype embodied roughly every seven years.)

  • Sinister Dialogues – An Archaeology of the Sinister‘ in which seven of them and two members of the satanic underground responded to a questionnaire designed to probe the apprehensions of THEM toward certain topics.

  • Form 101‘ a short movie that details a basic introduction to several key aspects THEM hold of the concept of Form and its relationship with the Ego.

  • Liber 13/13 A liber dedicated to broaching key issues that concern the Temple’s studies.

  • The Sorcery of THEM‘. A comprehensive treatise of the Sorcery of THEM by the other co-founder detailing the magical socialism of the Sorcerer, Warrior, Farmer and how this Triad relates to over-throwing Abrahamism.

  • And last but not least, Liber Tentaculum, LT in particular is a handbook dedicated toward the practical methodology of the social dissenter or activist.

Following this: locate and read any of our other Libers which contain dozens and dozens of essays, rites and philosophic stances. (Consult Bathysphere for a comprehensive listing). Therein our other works over thousands of pages we have detailed at length practical ways to achieve various solutions and work within our current. We have created lists of activities you can undertake to spread the wyrd of THEM, or magical rites you can employ to confront and integrate certain aspects of yourself. In addition our thousands of pages of texts cover virtually hundreds of topics, from Conspiracy to Genetically Modified Food, to the Sex Industry and Prostitution, to Nietzsche’s erroneous claim that God is Dead, to Myth, Magic, Quantum Physics, Relativity, Gnosticism, the power of Language, Symbolism, our personal experiences with the Dark Gods of THEM and much much more through Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Plays, Translations, Novels, Media Presentations, Correspondence, Interviews, Forums, Images and Music.

We have explained what our magic is across a broad range of disciplines, and different members of THEM have shared their own manifestos of what our current means. We have offered examples of it for you to use, we have shared our aims and hundreds of ways for you to aid us in our work through activism, support, donation – in short there has been a deluge of content by which an understanding and personal affinity working with the Temple of THEM can be approached. But the Temple of THEM is not the kind of organization that many will find easy.

We expect a certain level of pro-active self-initiative from an individual to explore what we have shared on ones own and to solve the majority of questions that arise by ones own sustained effort. In all honesty, we do not take kindly to questions like ‘where can I find CRUX’ or ‘How do I use this forum’ or ‘Where should I start’ not because we scorn curiosity but because to answer such questions for people over and over is antithetical to the type of sorcerer THEM has set out to encourage. If you envy our understanding and insight, it is because we fought very hard for it. It would be easy to tell someone where to find X, or patiently explain how to use a forum that differs from no other forum in any fundamental way but to their and our detriment. Tempus Fugit: ‘Time is Fleeting’ for all persons but especially the Sorcerer and it must be very carefully managed lest one be drowned amid the cries for help.

I cite here The Universal Formula (TUF) to knowledge:

  1. Enter a forum/open a book

  2. Read everything

  3. Take time to digest

  4. Combine practical experience with theory

  5. Creatively synthesize the information into a practical methodology.

‘As for where should I start’ – we refer to the jungle box – if you do not know where to start, then you need to overcome your inability to make use of the nearest branch of any given tree. It is not with hostility that we discourage such questions – though in some cases, when an answer is just literal centimetres, a button click or an internet search away from being answered such ineptness is seen as lazy and it can be enervating to answer such questions over and over on a regular basis for more than a decade – yet it is with Love that you will sometimes be met with silence. Asking these questions of another instead of working out how to answer them oneself and especially before taking any considerable time to do so is draining to answer nor does it allow for the self-resourcefulness of the individual to emerge as expected. Some individuals simply do not have such resourcefulness and we do not see it as our duty to instill it. We encourage potential and reward hard work.

Because those who are of THEM, who become One of THEM do not let such obstacles slow them down, learn from their mistakes and devise clever ways to get around anything in their way – it is this essential, innate and perhaps unteachable attitude and will to power that paradoxically means the majority of those we would term One of THEM, do not need our Temple at all.

By being a visible force, we more or less are offering a hand out of what we have described in Crux as a Labyrinth, and act as a beacon for those with the potential to be more than they are: an approach enshrined in one of the Temple’s German mottoes: Mehr Sein Als Schein. (Google among other sites offer excellent translations.) The heart of our approach is Tough-love. If we tell you everything, teach you how to do everything, we teach you to rely on the ideas of another, to become dependant on external authorities – not your own ingenuity and development of nous to solve problems and devise creative solutions, including creating entirely innovative approaches or forms to do your bidding. We have spent a great deal of our time and lives discerning this for ourselves but it holds true.

Part of the Temple of THEM’s self-description as Australian Satanism is embodied in its ruthlessness – we are not here to help nor save everyone. Satanism is also embodied in our Vision and Dissent.

Some of our books can be found online as free PDF, or bought from outlets. However, the best way to obtain them is to get the attention of THEM (who are always watchful) by contributing to our current. It might just be spreading our manuscripts to others or other locations, translating our work into another language, sending us images/variations of your personal experience with the Thrasz, sharing our work from your website, mentioning us in passing in your music, art or written work, but helping us is a valid way to encourage us to help you and a good way to get noticed.

I’ve lost track of how many stunned enthusiasts over the years have thanked me for dropping a hard to get set of manuscripts into their lap without asking for payment or any obligation merely because I felt they deserved it. Our work requires that we fund ourselves through some sales, but for the most part THEM and its related Tendrils are an Esoteric School that teach others to surpass us by passing on relevant material freely and liberally to those seen working hard and sincerely.

The Temple has a unique Solidarity – and an attitude that extends its power and reputation to all its members. What we have we share, and where we can, if we have the opportunity, we look after our members in any way that becomes available to us. The members of THEM all rise together.

But being a member of THEM is not a necessary requisite for us to offer assistance; THEM often assist individuals who are not members of the Temple too. The reasons for why and the instances when are numerous, simply put we think some people deserve a hand and exist to offer it. So much then for accessing our Temple’s knowledge.

The second step in getting involved is to undertake some practical tests of your own, try our rituals for yourself, wait until the skies darken with the portent of a downpour and attempt our Rain magick. Get yourself a notepad and some strong liquor or enrage yourself with symbols of things you hate or read material that makes your blood boil, isolate yourself for the evening and perform the Rite of Regurgitating Choronzon. Get hold of Threshold and see what we have to say about the power of the Chronobet, or 23 Syndrome, and research it for yourself. Host a Meet and try to get some individuals out into the real world together to perform a group ritual. What do you learn from it? Did what we say help or hinder? Could we have been more specific, were we too comprehensive? Did we miss things? Answering such questions, and knowing which questions to address, comes from direct experience and the only way to get it – is to have it.

So spend some time researching and testing our material, opinions and insights THEN compare what we say with your experience and THEN make a judgement.

So you have a group of friends who cynically say they could do better, could easily organize a group and a complex ritual, could implement long-lasting changes to the psyche or even history of their country – well, call them on it. And if they won’t then you know what their opinions are worth.

Don’t tolerate grand-standing, value achievement.

We have done and are doing what we have set out to do. We have developed our system from experience at our rate on our terms. We have taken actual steps to get something going rather than just talk about it. We have an understanding of things borne from practical action and experiment – ask yourself, have you, have they?

Many people offer their opinion, for example, on drug use or smoking without any personal experience of either. This will not stand – test our opinions if you want to know what they are worth. If you can get something from them, great! If you find them lacking, then use them as examples of what not to do, build or develop your own system or methods – but standing by and telling others what they Should do and what You’d do are not the same as action. Such is the meaning of a Tradition: things change, including methods and people – and Forms must adapt or be adapted accordingly.

If after taking these two steps seriously – you then find that our current(s) are resonant with you then consider Self-Initiation and enter into a sympathy with THEM to honour the greater forces of this world that dwarf us: from the unwanted impulses of the subconscious to the uncontrollable juggernaut of events beyond our control, to the inevitable decline of the human body and any edifices it built in its lifetime, to the monstrous power of the tsunami or storm, gravity or time.