Writhing with THEM: 101 Tentacles


1 With chthonic longing, Tentacles reach and with reptilian speed tentacles retract. THEM is a No Hand Path. Believe, in whatever suits, when it suits.

2 If you have morals, keep them to yourself.

3 Do not judge by appearance. Nothing is known by appearance except appearance.

4 People have a thousand masks. Learn to imitate as many as you can.

5 Recognize and embrace the force of Chaos. There can be no ultimate loyalty to any form.

6 Remember and embrace the force of Entropy.

All Things have their own life cycles and destinies. Including you.

Expect nothing to last and everything to eventually leave you.

7 Remember and embrace the force of Synchronicity.

When you are on the right Vyrd you will see signs and connections. Bridges will present themselves and spaces split to allow doorways to open.

When you are crossing your Vyrd you will be thwarted by chance. Misfortune will trail you like a savage dog. Opportunities will become mirages.

You can only be who you are.

Don’t fight it.

8 Remember and embrace the force of Solidarity.

The Sinisterion are the emergent voices of a new design, scattered through time and space. Our Vyrds may cross when the stars are right and the voice of THEM speaks.

We can stand alone, but we can also stand alone together: In Supra Solidarity.

9 Never let anyone see the true face of the monster inside you.

10 Recognize and embrace the force of the Undividual. It is not enough to individuate, entire tracts of traditional inheritance from the Magi must be identified, confronted and erased. Set a new example of what a human can do and be for others to follow.

11 Remember and embrace the force of Form.

Those wicked shapes that seize us and allow us to seize others.

Study them and develop your ability with them.

All forms have both obvious and ingenious uses.

Forms are the key to shaping the coming Aeon.

12 Remember and embrace the Being of More Than You Appear.


One of THEM should be able to sidle up to its prey without the prey any the wiser.

Learn ALL shapes that you may use them to achieve anything.

13 Remember and embrace THEM: in all their guises and masks.

All Gods are better than One God.

Resist Singularity, for that is the path to God and Insynsian.

14 Recognize and resist the force of Insynsian: the feigned death of God and his transference into newer apexes no less zealous and monotheistic.

15 Recognize and embrace the force of Chaos. Very little is required to cause it. Be creative.

16 Recognize and embrace the force of Satan as one of THEM.

17 Recognize and embrace the omnipotence of Natural Forces. Learn all you can about Fire, Earth, Wind and Water from ancient Alchemy to edge-tech Meteorology, from scientific principles and dynamics to infrastructural procedures for dealing with disaster.

18 Recognize and disrupt the notion of Time and Space, wherever you can.

19 Recognize and embrace the force of Evolution and the notion that we can evolve beyond what we are by seeding Change in what we are.

20 Recognize the pivotal importance of the human brain and keep abreast of findings, discoveries, neuroscience, correlations and experiments, cybernetics biofeedback and changes in collective knowledge and advancements.

21 Recognize the force of Mortality. Stalk Death, watch for it wherever you go, it will be stalking you too.

22 Remember the force of Absurdity.

It is the true face of things when the skin is ripped off.

Life can be long enough for friends and enemies to trade places repeatedly.

Do not take anything too seriously.

When the Wheel spins fast enough and the fragile sticks propping up forms collapse:

It is all revealed as Madness.

23 Recognize the force of Memory. Remember, all that our enemies have done, remind them, remind others, remember our power, what we can do, what we have lost. Remember it all.

24 Recognize the force of Sorcery. Magic is not dead, originality is merely wounded. The world around us is a neutrality splitting at the seams with weapons that pulse with violent rage, to be used either by or against whoever is first and last to use them.

25 Recognize the force of the Mind. There was a war in past aeons. We lost it. We are fighting a new war. We must remember what we lost in the last one – if we are to survive this one.

26 Recognize the force of Aeonics. Simple things line the paths of Kings. Every generation is forced to endure its own inexorable steps toward the Closing of the Gates with tiny outrages forcing Us [Those who hear the voice of THEM] closer to the edge of oblivion. The generation after you will treat those steps as the normal way of things, they will forget the cruel longevity of patience of the enemy, who can plan in detail generations in advance.

27 Recognize the force of Progress. Every smooth transition from one social event to the next, every flawless transaction of industry and economics, every unfailing schedule on time, every box ticked, ‘i’ dotted, is oiling the Machine. Kill the Machine.

28 Recognize the force of Symbols. Read a Bible, a Torah, a Koran. Then hunt them out wherever they may be and Burn them.

29 Recognize the force of Chronobet. Words, numbers, communications are laden with designs to enshrine a very specific spatia-temporal or time-space perception. Change clocks, remove batteries, sabotage computer dates, fudge figures, delay others, study the history and changing principles of Time by humanity and seek to disrupt it however you can.

30 Recognize the force of Obscurity. It does not matter who speaks the sinister voice , only that it is spoken. Aid others, let them take the credit.

31 Study anything and everything you can about Earth, the Sun, the Moon.

32 Take Self-Defense Classes or learn a devastating martial art. It is inexpensive and if you devote a few years to it you will come to know your body more intimately, how to move, how to fall, how to survive.

33 Own a Boxing Bag and Use it. Make one with rags and sand, or punch a knotted rope. Harden you fists, elbows, knees and head.

34 Learn incapacitating Strike Points so your violence is targeted.

35 Train your peripheral vision.

36 Study Martial Artists and Arts, both hard and soft, i.e. kick boxing and Ba Dua Jin.

37 Learn to use and maintain all weapons at your disposal for offence and defense. Practice scenarios. View videos. Utilize Pens, shoes, credit cards, shoelace, cord, bottle, belt, coins, rope, towel, cup, chair, surroundings. Watch Jackie Chan and his interaction with environment.

38 Gain some skill with staffs, sticks, knives and nunchuku. At least some basics.

39 Investigate applications of and learn some free-running. Combine with ninjitsu principles.

40 Research and obtain spy equipment, trackers, camera, bugs etc.

41 Surveil Churches to identify Leaders, use GPS tracking or follow them home. Record addresses. Build a dossier on all the churches, mosques in your local area. Send to appropriate dissidents.

42 Get hold of, replicate and reprint Fake Local Church Pamphlets with Modifications. Distribute: waiting rooms, counters, tourist centres, letterboxes, train stations, churches.

43 Share leader details with online Sinister groups.

44 Mark Church entrances, stained glass, significant signage with the EYE of THEM. Print sheets of stickers with such symbols online for quick lay-downs.

45 Place bricks and other enticing throwables, medium rocks, glass bottles near stained glass church windows, shop fronts, train stations, pub corners on a Friday night.

46 Hide Fish or Prawns or Bacon in holy places.

47 Post up warning signs of paedophiles near Churches.

48 Build Mirror Sites of prominent local Church groups. Defame.

49 Go listen to Church speeches, concerts, etc.. and keep tabs on organizers and attendees.

50 Buy material and sew anti-church and Sinister flags.

51 Draw Mohammed. Spread. Defame. Open online stores that market subversive and anti-religious paraphernalia.

52 Never shit in your backyard. Use 101 in random towns a long way from yours.

53 Become an Incidentalist. (Directive A-65-Q)

54 Buy Spray-paint, matches, tools and leave it where teens will use it. Sports centres, alleys, skate parks, beaches, school-yards.

55 Print up offensive bumper stickers. Attach to random or targeted cars.

56 Obtain and fake your local parking tickets. Place faked documents of huge fines on random or targeted cars. Publish template online.

57 Print “Out of Order” and “Please Use Other Machine” stickers and distribute: ATM’s, photo-booths, ticket machines, parking meters, vending machines etc.

58 Print Sinister pamphlets of THEM literature and leave in public places. I.e. Liber Tentaculum

59 If artistic, offer design skills to targets, hide subversive or defamatory material in image.

60 Disinformation campaign against enemies! Be creative. Attack churches posing as a member of another church – set them at each others throats.

61 Copy Reichno [THEM’s planned fusion of hypnosis and Hitler], Chants and other Sinister music onto cyber-sites.

62 Identify and support anarchist and dissident groups in your country.

63 Donate money to groups that practice dissidence.

64 Put business cards for Sinister Groups in library books.

65 Turn a local road roundabout or prominent icon into an EYE of THEM.

66 Build archives on the Sinister.

67 Study the art of disguising yourself: latex, wigs, glasses, face features, make-up, body padding, fake hair, contact lenses, posture, when active.

68 Learn to fake accents and imitate a second or third language. Use when active.

69 Study the art of looking like you are supposed to be where you are. Obtain road cones, fluoro jacket/vest and safety gear, imitate road worker.

70 Learn some very basics of gardening. Grow potatoes, Grow organic food in your backyard.

71 Study up on other cultures – objectively.

72 Marketing-think of new and creative themes to get the message across.

73 Create or fund Sinister/subversive comic books.

74 Exercise. Train to sprint a long distance. Weights, stretches, be generally fit.

75 When you train to fight, imagine that the opponent you are hitting is distracting you from the one about to cave your skull in from behind.

76 Find a “free newspaper” magazine rack. Grab all the junk you can, toss it away, & replace with printed Sinister material.

77 Find book stores to sell our literature.

78 Patronize our artists.

79 Design and print up new Temple of THEM posters.

80 Donate time, space, or energy for a Sinister band.

81 Organize a project for another sinister group to publish or produce, and do it without taking open credit. Help them to expand.

82 Volunteer in a local civic group(s) – Infiltrate Neighbourhood Watch. Make a lot of noise but do what you can to turn eyes off criminals and criminal activity.

83 Network with activists and other Sinisterion worldwide.

84 Put out classified ads in local papers for movement literature, organizations, CDs, or businesses.

85 Learn your countries ancient folk-tales, myths, legends.

86 Design a “introduction starting kit” to the Sinister -keep the price low.

87 Keep tabs on Death Metal, Oi, Goth, Riot-Grrl and hardcore scenes-watch for possible recruits.

88 Give up a bad spending habit. Use the money that you would feed to the habit for the cause.

89 Research “Holocaust” studies, find flaws, and pass on the word.

90 Passing through? Leave literature with tips at restaurants.

91 Design or fund new posters, banners, images, graphics for THEM. i.e. Combine messages of THEM into icons of major brands. Infect corporate logos with memes of THEM and spread.

92 fund or create Sinister music videos.

93 Teach your kids how to think instead of what to think.

94 Translate the works of THEM into your language. Leave them in public places, on trains, bus-stops, youth centres, send to prisons. etc.

95 Send copies of translations to the Temple to archive, upload or compile into books.

96 Open threads in forums with our name or topic content

97 Create your own Temple of THEM in the woods. Worship THEM.

98 Learn more about the ancient history of Dark Gods, expand and share with Mvimaedivm Black and/or accessible Temple of THEM forums.

99 Add a review to our releases. Mention them online, to friends.

100 Study Anarchism, Revolution and Subversion. Study forms, Sociology, Human interaction and Incidentalism. Develop advance and publish new means of Incidentalism. Learn the basics for making AND BREAKING – everything.

101 Store the Temple’s Works in ‘Glyphs’. Print and bury our work in plastic bags inside metal boxes into the ground. Print and seal our documents inside bottles, cast into the sea to float to other climes even a hundred years from now.