Alchemical Distillations of the +O+

Entering its second year: THEM introduced a system of Self-Initiation Requirements to assist aspirants in the transition from other systems of Satanism into our own with the responsibility and manner of execution of such Initiation being wholly placed on the shoulders of the discerning aspirant. Our Initiation Rites are not difficult [indeed only as difficult as someone is willing to make them] but express the intent of our strain of magic to return to Self-Reliance, Self-Honesty and Self-Effort that seems thoroughly lacking in the modern Occultist – wherein the Internet, is partly to blame, for its cultivation and enabling of the habits of laziness and haste.

The problem is endemic. A major part of which is the relatively new speed afforded to people by which to process and share information; in a cyber-void removed from the physical; without due deliberation on what one is saying or what is being said. The other major consideration being that there is an astounding lack of depth or integrity in the studies undertaken by modern magicians into a Form – with characteristic erratic flitting from one form to the next seeking to extract blood as quickly as possible and then move on to the next trend or group that takes one fancy. In short: a supermarket mentality.

The laziness of the modern occultist has reached such a peak that the ability to overcome obstacles, even little ones, has become all too much of an effort. The natural diligence and ingenuity of people to solve problems has faded with the continuing saturation of receiving [and expecting] immediate satisfaction. It seems too hard now to do anything remotely resembling discomfort or hardship even when the nature of that discomfort and hardship is placed squarely within the hands of the Endurer. Because of this laziness; there is now untold groups parroting each other endlessly and aimlessly [many under the umbrella of ‘Satanism’; bickering and grandstanding – without actually doing anything at all to solve the serious problems faced by the Sinisterion. Chief of which – is how to eradicate the Blame Game within human beings to force them to face themselves and grow up.

While the accused offer all manner of excuses, arguments, philosophies to defend their ignorance, undeserved arrogance, and cloak their lack of power within the terminologies of a thousand different systems of thought and occult flavour there is a decided lack of critical thinking in these individuals ably revealed from even a short discussion requiring any real depth of understanding regarding the adoption, practice, context, use, or essence of these forms by the practitioner; whatever form that might be.


The Traditional implementation of Self-Initiation Rites has proved to be a beneficial addition attracting applicants to the Temple with at least some skill, insight, tenacity, determination, ingenuity, and self-honesty regarding their own magical quest: but more importantly those applicants willingness to restore what was lacking acting as resistance against the temporary trends afforded by technology the anonymity of which has turned the practice of the occult into a wading pool of superficiality. Liber 13/13, Oto Anorha, the +o+ Handbook and the nexus Mvimaedivm are some of our attempts to reverse this.

But as Crystallization takes place, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is room for a Path of our own: a tentacle still ethereal and yet to know its way; but nonetheless marked by the alchemical distillation of black magical principles that THEM believe can genuinely open ‘Gates’ within and without.

These principles are nowhere near as well codified as those of our peers and symbiotes the Order are: We lack a Tree of Wyrd on which to hang them or its equivalent: and only loosely believe that there can be one where our current is concerned. We also still strongly believe the Seven-Fold Way to be a thriving living Way of inestimable practical benefit and far from defunct though many deem it dead. THEM are, after all, one expression of what can occur when the Order is understood.

Yet, THEM are not the Order and have their own voice.

Here, using the Sphere methodology, are suggestions of five alchemical processes we believe give rise to particular change in relation to a particular energy:


Borrowing a popular term ‘The Book of Shadows’ THEM believe it important for any aspirant to begin to Know Themselves. The art here is to open a dialogue with the psychic wasteland of the subconscious whereupon one sits down and fills a blank book with one’s most vile, horrific, disgusting, taboo and secret lusts, longings, desires, fantasies – with no restraint. This process not only summons forth the oft-invisible psychic censor for the aspirant to feel for themselves suppressing/resisting the opening of such a channel [the Ego] but is also a vital step in learning the extent of the darkness and shadow that one is capable of thinking and to correspondingly gain insight into what others are capable of thinking. Under NO circumstances should these revelations be shown to anyone: they are as dangerous to share as they can be to unearth. It is strongly advised to write the book in one or a number of settings, destroying each one after it is done. In becoming conscious of the Shadow, we come face to face with the Beast.


Abstain from all intake of White (That is, Refined Sugar oft called “White Sugar” is just “Sugar” is stripped of all inherent nutrients and natural content ) sugar for a minimum of a week, a maximum of a fortnight. Do not binge on it before undertaking this task – large stores of sugar supplies in your blood stream before a severance of intake will serve only to handicap your resolve when the sugar-high or ‘crash’ occurs.

The association between this narcotic substance and mental illness has been proven in a large number of case studies: Diet: being one other way in which the Magian control. You should note, as in the MSS “GMO” that artificial sweeteners, 950, 951 are not allowed as a substitute: nor is sucrose, glucose, fructose, dextrose to be eaten. One will no doubt be extremely surprised to find just how many things sugar is in and how much they are precluded from eating. But I should stress that this sudden depletion of Sugar is an extremely radical change for the body and its withdrawal effects can be extremely dangerous – watch out for suicidal impulses, depression, rage, delirium, etc. The only sugars you may eat, are natural sugars obtained from fruit. Check the content of every processed item you use: if it has sugar, then don’t eat it. Whether you accept these restrictions (or any restrictions to test a theory for yourself) is entirely up to you. However: if you want solid proof of the hypocritical nature of the World’s drug farce or War on Drugs: try this exercise. Sugar is thousands of times stronger and more addictive than Heroin, its withdrawal a hundred times harsher, and it is a ubiquitous, i.e. everywhere, legalized and condoned narcotic with insidious potential.


The aspirant is to study medieval torture devices and history of the Inquisition, including the Inquisitors themselves. And then choose and construct one of these medieval torture devices to be worn for an extended duration. The device should be adjusted so as not to be lethal or potentially lethal but nevertheless to cause distress and/or ecstasy. In the process of experiencing the pleasure and pain principles: personal thresholds and limits are learned with insight into one’s own proclivities: a shock to the system resulting in Insight of a most personal kind and potentially of some assistance in the difficult task of the third sphere.


One is to choose a scientifically/historically established truth that has been accepted as fact and undertake an in-depth study with a view to disproving the truth. Such fields from which one may choose may be to study an item of history from one’s own culture and discern what really went on that lead to that event, a study of the actual reasons for dispute and war between countries, a study of the events that lead to WWII or Vietnam, a counter-hypothesis to scientific hypotheses such as Quantum Theory or Black Holes. What will immediately become apparent in such forays and exploration will be the lack of objective information circulated to contradict the controlling hand of the media and its shadowy editors to omit or converge facts into convenient streams of disinformation. This covering up and re-tooling of history is something that possesses insidious amounts of control over not just the Magian, but to some extent also the ‘Satanist’ – where a collective move to emulate the Al Qaeda network and fundamentalist Islaam to deal in terrorism as a means of opposing the “Amerigian” (American Magian) has resulted from a severe lack of critical thinking and a hasty, early, decision to conform to this new dualism based on the few views presented to them [by Media/and by the Order] without an independent enquiry to assuage the facts for themselves. One may even say that the Order has deliberately helped them dig their own graves of Satanic Failure – though this is likely to be a confusing statement for many. Thus instead of the ‘Thinking Warrior’ of Myatt, we still have the ‘Unthinking Sponge’ of the Magi, of the Jewish Mindset that corrupts what Is, into a two-way vein of “Oppressed” and “Oppressor” using mere distortive special-effects to set up events in such a way as to deceive (easily apparently) those who lack critical thinking or who take the time to really digest their food and understand the World around them and its parade of scorpions. To REMEMBER. It seems to be forgotten on a regular basis, for instance, that the most powerful moguls in Hollywood are Jewish Movie Makers. This was one of the reasons for the content in Mvimaedivm IV regarding the various Holocausts and Genocidal Campaigns committed by Communism and Turkish-Semites in the Balkans – these accounts, contrary to accepted historical facts [or rather, not at all focused on by Western Peoples too busy humming and hawing about the Six Million Myth] are extremely dangerous and have lead to the death of those brave enough to reveal them. Or rather than braveness, Coldness. To understand the sheer level of the control over forms by the Magian – perform this task requirement.


Perform the Black Moon Ordeal and draw to oneself the Anima/Animus. Through Oath – withhold one’s ejaculation in exchange for the Dark One’s presenting the magician with the Anima/Animus. Rooted in ancient traditions of Wyrd and Word to force synchronicity: it is held that the pre-excitation juices of the penis and vagina [esp mixed] are an extremely powerful elixir – and the best means of sustaining an atmosphere in which the Dark Ones can manifest. The process of continual masturbation without orgasm causes sexual projection to turn inward and a clarification of people and energies as they are without the sexual haze discolouring perception to emerge. The difficulty of this task is notorious. Vigorous sports + taking a conscious interest in recording one’s Dreams can assist as a distraction regarding the ominous discomfort of this task.


It is one thing to survive on little in a secluded area with no contact with anyone for three months. It is quite another to be thrown into the modern environment in which one is insolvably attached and adapt to survive in it. Taking only a small amount of cash and the clothes one is wearing – travel to the inner city and survive on one’s wits and ingenuity for a fortnight. The practice teaches that the world will not crumble just because one’s comfort zone is taken away nor will the aspirant. This process requires the tenacity and adaptability of the human form in an environment more likely to be encountered in day-to-day life. It is also an extremely transformative process teaching one what is Really necessary to live [which is very little] and teaches one volumes about oneself. Though one may travel during the two weeks they may not return home or seek assistance from friends. Self-Sufficiency is paramount.


Obtain a Black Belt in an effective chosen Martial Art. The art of Training/Honing one’s physical endurance and countenance to counterbalance [and protect] one’s mental energies and will in a practical sense. Instills the Warriorship and necessary skills to practically implement [when needed] acts of physical destruction, awe and fear.

The necessity of being able to incapacitate an opponent quickly in order to move onto the next one in what is absolutely certain to be an attack by a group in today’s climate – cannot be emphasized enough.


It has been decided that the alchemical processes for these two spheres are best revealed after attainment of the Mars Sphere on a private, oral basis.

These alchemical processes should not be viewed as processes that will move one onward from one energy to another or as instantly providing some level of power or influence over that Sphere – but they do represent current understanding by members of THEM as to what these processes are supposed to do and why. Thus these processes are representative of an experience with a distillation of that particular energy and in accord with black magical principles capable of inducing extreme and permanent change. However, these processes and others like them are examples of arts deeply entwined within a way of living explicated in our other MSS and practiced in each of our lives.

The reason for our resistance in committing to laying down some type of path is two-fold: a) We are primarily a Temple of Change teaching others how to be Changelings and Change itself – and despite convenient epithets used to generalize individuals into abstract groups; “face to face” it is understood that for each individual – methods of inducing Change differ and those are more often than not decided silently by an aspirant via a private synthesis of our way meeting their way. b) Laying down such processes can become dogmatic: without prior initiation into the ways of THEM such methods can be seen as the essence of our Way not the illusions of a Sinister Matrix that they actually are.

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