An Analysis of Frequency: Pt 1

An Analysis of Frequency: Pt1

There is an overall geometry in the frequency of writing that indicates something altogether different from what their strings of sentences have attempted to assemble. Writing is not linear, or one-directional and despite itself and what its writer intends it to convey, there are other currents implicit in writing that are invisible, esoteric, within, that from the nature of its assembly, divulge other information about the writer on subliminal levels.  That is to say that writing is layered. It has an esoteric counterpart during which a writer attempts to gain something from the audience the writing is directed at: viz. a specific attempt at the seduction of other minds is made via dressing up motives in various pleasing modes of language. And it has an exoteric mainstream that operates on shared meanings and logic.

Ego – The Source of Dialect

If we write the sentence: “I am a writer”: then we are making suppositions: we are causing things to exist: in presupposing “I” exists, we are making a statement that claims a separation: and in this case that a separation exists between a personal existence and the existence of others. In supposing “I”, we inadvertently draw a line in the philosophical sand that cannot help but suppose “You”, “Mine”, “Yours”, “Ours” etc.  And, there is a clear cut motive in presupposing an “I” – will to power. With each word used in language to communicate, a supposition is made that cannot help but suppose other things: loosely termed, these are the inherent “opposites” that arise from the paradox of Unity. i.e. if we suppose “Space” – we must suppose something that is separate from Space – we must suppose “Matter”. And so on. In communication, every word is a separation point: it is a supposition, a supposing of something that is separate from something else: i.e. a division. This is a useful observation, because language is the main tool of the Ego. The act of division in language is a constant element that echoes the motives of the Ego. I.e. the Ego has a vested interest in maintaining a specific geometric matrix, and wills to power deliberate separations between things to maintain its psychopathic homeostasis. We can identify the role of the Ego in language by appreciating a simple fact: all language is based on supposition. If we examine language for what it really is, in essence, each word is an existential question mark: a symbol with no inherent meaning. The prime phenomenon with an interest in separation from the whole: is the ego. Hence it is ego that is responsible for the development of language: as a means of will to power.

Thus, there appear repetitions or similar modes of separation by the act of division in writing; Separations that lead to a desired homogenization of words [symbols] that is the aim of the ego to reduce the world to and feed it by establishing personal affirmations in what it writes. Thus, the way in which a writer attempts to control/harmonize the world and tame it with words, cannot help but reveal a reflection of the writers ego and expose the keys with which it feels harmony; i.e. its geometry.

I should think that most people do not invest too much conscious thought in the accepted notions of language with words that tie others together: is, at, from, to, etc. these are habitual structures necessary to homogenize language so that it may be understood: -so that it may be “language”. That is to say it would be spurious and optimistic to think one could divulge anything from the placing of the word “at” or “was” – but something can certainly be ascertained from the placing [and frequency of placing] of the word “I”.

Human Centred Geometry Vs Life Centred Geometry:

Before I go any further let me make two very clear distinctions in geometry.

There is the micro world of human-centred geometry and there is the macro world of life-centred geometry. I call it a micro world because it subsists of infinitesimal degrees of separation, of breaking things into divisions using semantics and abstractions. It is made vastly complex by the sheer number of divisions made and the worship that is given to each division by acts of further dissection, followed by classification and categorization for validity or invalidity [pending the type of psyches interacting] with the whole process treated as real, important, and self-evident; that is to say, Homocentric. It mostly takes form in communication by speech and/or writing, and exists on the plane of trivial human concerns: and the creation/regurgitation of suppositions to create further trivial human concerns so that the cycle may continually repeat itself. This mode of geometry is the sustaining mode of the Matrix.

Secondly, there is the Life-Centred mode of geometry. Here, Abstractions are not treated as real except for the passage they give through the Matrix. That is, language is accepted as a necessary, if cumbersome, mode of communication in Life: but communication is not centred about the millions of division of abstractions: rather all those human divisions are grouped into one category as “Division”: creating the corresponding supposition, “Life” which supposes division to be artificial. While the former tends to centre all its divisions about itself, and focus on its own importance: Life-centred geometry is devoid of obsession of the human. It is a simple, direct use of language [and other means] that rejects the deification of human edifice and appropriately perceives them as merely present as one mode on a sliding scale of many. An overt lack of homo-centrism is immediately noticeable in text: and in my opinion indicates a psyche possessed of a more realistic perception of its species: a weaker domination by the ego over the total psyche due to decreased interest in self-importance. Thus it is not only word by word that the ego is revealed geometrically, but by its specific repeating assertions of its world-view and the ideas presented and dealt with that come through in the text. A life-centred text refrains from referring to the writer at all – except perhaps when the writer wishes to demonstrate human humility and assert their unimportance as a species. However, this is not to be mistaken with the writer that is morbidly self-obsessed with denigrating the human race and their own existence as a human being, i.e. the “Goth”. For such is still an obsession with human self-importance, albeit through rabid anti-establishment of importance.

Reform and Revolution

Another level of maturity of the psyche can be revealed by breaking down a writer’s text into categories of energy to give a Temple member a useful depth sounding of the potential of a client – almost like cutting down a tree to reveal its many rings of growth can determine its age.

Sinister and Magian writing are easily recognizable as modes with different currents or frequencies. But if a person were to try to learn to intuit this difference they might require a guide of the signs that emanate not only a sinister or Magian text, but the period of time that has elapsed since the writer separated from the Matrix. For although it can be relatively easy to create a temporary separation from the Matrix, it goes without saying that it is vastly harder to force a permanent one. A writer who has been closely associated with others of the Sinisterion for an extended period of time may at first glance resemble in action and speech, a genuine one of THEM. It would be convenient to have some kind of constant marker that separates the long-time sinister writer from the brief deceitfully occult ego who is experiencing a minor sinister high.

The extent to which a writer has separated from control by their ego, or the “recency” of their self-extraction from the mode of the Magian, could perhaps be determined by marked signatures of the longevity of a sinister life, i.e. by the practical and realistic applications a sinister writer uses vs the brash and immediate need for change possessed by the exuberant black magician still wound up in the role of immediate power. One correlation is that writings from long-sustained sinisterion will be marked by original concepts and concepts that take a long time to implement: including demonstration of such a plan’s implementation. That is, the long-term Satanist will be gradual in energy expenditure and be concerned with “Reform” and the use of edifices already in place against themselves. The brash magician however, who has only recently or temporarily separated from the Magian current, will make use of traditional concepts and be concerned with revolution and the hasty destruction of edifices to be replaced with grand visions of satanic architecture: their plans tend to fall down however when they are unable to exercise wisdom in their implementation and lacking a clear understanding of the obstacles, refer back to the traditional rhetoric of concepts and goals that have been presented to them, i.e. “we need the creation of a new type of satanic individual”. They may cease writing out of frustration because their ideas are not being accepted as genius. A recent separation is marked by the energies of “Revolution”.

To discern and crystallize a person’s intentions is beneficial in relation to our work; and one mode in which to undertake analysis is in the spirit that communication below the Abyss is mostly linguistic spell-craft and thus loaded. Frequency analysis is an especially useful avenue to pursue where writing attempts to deceive the reader as to the nature of the ego writing it – where writing may have all the hallmarks of authenticity and maturity but is in essence, a cleverly written spell. In such a case, being able to discern a life-centred mode and a human-centred mode can help unearth the truth because in the latter for instance, the ego cannot help but continually refer to itself: whereby the easiest method of determining if glamour is involved is to outwait the glamour and make a comparison over time of many of the writer’s letters .

Who Hears The Spheres?

Life/Human Centred Geometry is a useful major distinction. Another is the difference between Sinister and Magian energies, analogous to sound-waves/emissions that resonate harmoniously or clash dischordantly. Although all persons hear and appreciate music differently: the esoteric frequencies of the Sinister and Magian types are so fundamentally different and diametrically opposed: as to physically hurt the ears and brain and intellectually attack and harm the party who is subjected to listen to the others music.

After separation from the Matrix: this musical/frequential difference is acute. Where the Magian hears harmony the Sinisterion will hear din. Where the Sinisterion hears the Spheres, the Magian will hear Nothing. And this is true of language too – for language is a form of magical vibration that is aesthetically suited to its species. It is not an exoteric Hz or Mhz frequency of cycles that exists to define this musical separation: although it well may be discovered some constant is present some day: the Sinister and Magian organism do not operate on different cycles of frequency in terms of physical sound. We share the same limits of our nexion as identical biological organisms. But we do use sound differently. We expend it differently. We have opposed goals and perceive separate universes. One is human centred and one is life centred. This difference of perception causes an opposing taste in what is harmonious, and because the difference in perceptions is so vast, the Magian sound is largely noisy, self-absorbed, ugly and vulgar to us.

However, while the human-centred mode cannot encompass the life-centred one, the life-centred mode Can and does encompass the human-centred mode: that is to say, homo-centrism does not acknowledge anything but its own species : whereas a life-centred mode acknowledges the human-mode but does not extend human importance out of proportion: it is not egoic and egoism is an element that defines the human-mode because the ego is the aspect in humanity that loves to extend things out of proportion.

Receptive Frequency: The Low Vibration of Propaganda

If one writes a poem in English, then we may expect most to be able to appreciate it and derive subjective experience from reading it. If one writes in another language not common to the majority of ones expected readers, then we can expect fewer people to be able to comprehend and appreciate it unless they are familiar with and understand the language of transcription.  If a writing is penned that deliberately uses code, or obscure symbolism and wording, then the number of people who can approach an understanding or appreciation of the material from what is written, is greatly diminished. However, many grimoire are written in such a manner and although the text is indecipherable to most, remain attractive as works of art. It is not on the textual level that the work is appreciated, but on the basis of its geometry and artistic flair. Without being able to read what is written the viewer [for he cannot be a reader if he cannot read the text] must be content to appreciate the text as an esoteric object.

However, a symbol cannot replace a communication – a symbol is inert – and open to interpretation unless it has been Associated with the text/message by transference [a subject to be covered shortly] over time. So, because writing is primarily a means of communication and has an aim in being written, it consists of reciprocal translation and understanding on the textual level. The degree of access that writing enables for its audience ranges from the lucid to the obscure. And the scale of free/restricted access to the communication by an audience between these degrees represents another type of Frequency: the “Receptive Frequency”. Like a radio transmission RF can be restricted to a certain channel or area or broadcast right across the network. A coded message is highly restricted in its RF. A public speech is not. The RF used corresponds to its numeracy: that is, its content is relative to the intended size of the audience that can understand it. The degree of RF is a signature frequency in all writings that may leave clues at to who the writer generally targets and also offers the key frequency that should be used to reply to them for the most effective communication.

There is an underlying principle in this phenomenon of corresponding universality. Propaganda, as Hitler understood, must be simple and direct if it is to influence the masses: meaning the ability to affect the many divergent types of person and psyche with all the miasma of classes, races, sex, age, education, background with a similar and unified message … and for this to occur the wording used must be simple, direct, and universally recognizable. One of the ways to make a text universally recognizable is to use words of an Optimum Frequency. Young Children’s books for example are written using Optimum Frequency.

Optimum Frequency:

(The Way to a Man’s Heart is through his Inherent Stupidity)

The majority of people have a vocabulary of approximately 44,000 words. A two year old may have a vocabulary of perhaps a few hundred or a few thousand.  Despite the considerable numeric difference in each, in both vocabularies there will be words common to both. Yes. No. Mine. That.  [This is an extreme example: I cannot generalise the use of words by a two year old with a corresponding comprehension of their use until much older and concept laden.]

However, both a two year old and a 40 year old are likely to say ‘What’, ‘Yes’ or ‘Please’ far more often than they would say “Geriatric, Predispose, or Athlete”. That is to say, that What, Yes and Please are far more Frequently used words in communication than the latter three. [Yes] or indication of some affirmative notion, [No] or the indication of some Negative notion are intrinsic to language. They are used far more frequently than other words and are more likely to be recognized regardless of race, sex, age, class or background. There are probably a few thousand of these key words that are used with greater Frequency than other words, and I will term these the “Optimum Frequency” or OF range.

By using words from the OF range, propaganda is likely to be understood by a vast and divergent number of groups. Consider the following:

1) Ask not what your country can do for you: but what you can do for your country.

2) Economic expansion requires subservience by the people to the Nation in its time of dire need.

The first slogan operates on OF, these are words likely to be understood by a great many people for they are all simplistic and frequently used in every day vocabulary. The second slogan is not so universal despite being a relatively similar statement, because its frequency is out of the OF range: subservience, expansion, dire are not common words or used anywhere near often as the words of the OF in the first line.

But it is not merely the OF that operates here. It is also the Optimum Frequency of Concepts too. That is to say that the concept of giving up ones individuality to serve a greater common good is also a frequently utilized concept by the majority of people. It is practiced in families, in school, at work, and in almost every other social situation where a person shows restraint over their individual desire to maintain social norms. It is relatively easy to appeal to people by using concepts they already understand and use on a very frequent basis: and, greater good, is a common concept. In the case of the first slogan there is also a pre-existing indoctrination in the practice of Pride within the people of the American Nation to support the ideal of “Country”.

It was mentioned earlier that the packaged text of a slogan could be transferred over into a symbol by means of transference and association. The Nazis for instance were able to replace the effect elicited from the use of party slogans into an effect elicited simply by showing the party symbol: the Swastika. The swastika was invested with the meanings of conscious textual slogans by continually appearing alongside such slogans, until transference was made and people began to group the messages of the slogans with the symbol until the slogans were no longer necessary and the swastika operated alone as a subliminal symbol of Optimum Frequency. This is why Flags are used: as subliminal associations to incite Nationalism and worship of the idea of State and Nation and Country. I.e. control.

In the case of the American Nation, an appeal to Nationalism is triggered by the presence of the American Flag: The Star-Spangled banner. Recalling the experiment of Pavlov’s dogs, Pavlov demonstrated that transference could be made from the original control to an extant source by teaching dogs to slobber whenever they heard a bell.

Closely allied with the American Flag; a President: a personage who transforms the esoteric into the exoteric and gives us a human link to that piece of cloth that subconsciously controls us. By the power of optimum frequency we come to associate the President with the flag, and the flag with the President: if our associations become mixed: the two cease to retain their separate identities and we become brain-washed. This is does not hold true for all Americans however. Many Americans think their President dangerously imbecile – [at the time of writing, George W. Bush] and brain-washing usually occurs over people with weak minds or wills or who are already conditioned to idolize Nationalism. Others see a link between “America” and “God”: and it is probably this link that operates with the lowest vibration of Optimum Frequency. As a priest can become a direct link with God, charged with special powers to pass on the divine word, so too can (and is) “America” be subliminally associated with “God”.

Other symbols used to trigger certain conditioned responses, are the Statue of Liberty, to the ideal of “Freedom”.  But contra to this, an appeal to trigger “Peace” can be made by a Swastika or footage of a Nazi Rally or Hitler speaking. Forget someone mentioning the atrocities of the Americans during war, if a Swastika is shown, the context is already decided and the response automatic.

Because America has taken the reins of control from Hitler and meta-morphed the ideas of his many surrounding geniuses, writers, and architects into esoteric currents that invisibly co-erce rather than be actively seen: the initiated are now seeing the utilization of many of Hitlers propaganda techniques in altered and truly magical forms.

In winning the 2nd World War under their ideals of “Peace, Freedom and God”, America was able to confiscate what can only be called “Mind-Control Techniques” used by Germany for its own use and demonize the same use of such techniques by the Third Reich. A linear conception of History emerged that forever determined the Nazis the bad guys, the Americans the good guys, reminiscent of the Catholic Church and its YHVH/Lucifer mode. People are conditioned to speak of Hitler in hushed tones, in disgust, in fear, or solemn reverence for such Evil. We are taught to hate, fear, and be mortally afraid of forgetting such a thing as the holocaust. We are reminded of the brutality, the ferocious and viciousness of the Nazi party, with documentary after documentary showing the ovens at Auschwitz. It is said: lest we forget. It is effective programming. Although the “Voice of Authority” openly treats adults as children unable to discern the world and its events for themselves, human beings gladly open themselves up to this mental conditioning accepting the basic divide of enemy/conqueror. Subliminal Association made with the symbol of the Swastika is easily determined in all Western countries. Simply wearing one incites the conditioned response.

What has been covered so far? Text can be transformed into a symbol. A Symbol can become an effective trigger the presence of which demands obedience to an unsaid word. The next layer is Emotion: for a Symbol is used to elicit specific emotional responses.

The real operant power in Optimum Frequency is not the Swastika. It is Anxiety. And it should be noted that although it is impossible to control what emotion people will feel when presented with the trigger – the context of the trigger allows for a wide range of emotions to fall within acceptable valid responses because they all stem from the anxiety brought forth by low vibrations of Magian Frequency – that is to say, anxiety has been induced by Magian design and hence the corresponding energy arising from the human vessels is a Magian Current. [Humans are very similar to cauldrons/vessels: pour the ingredients in, mix, and let it cook. Or, crystals/glyphs that can be made to chant/vibrate certain frequencies that are ‘ex-pressed’ in emotion/speech etc.

Once conditioned to react emotively upon seeing the Swastika [and by transference most German iconography of WW2] we are the unwitting victims of a mind-control technique that is very powerful and pending its transmission, long-lasting. Since the Third Reich has been demonized constantly for the last 60-70 years, we can expect that control to be ingrained within most of Western peoples.

Just briefly: when the human being becomes anxious it affects the Central Nervous System to send messages of alarm to the Automatic Nervous system and brings on our ancient fight-or-flight response which activates some responses and inhibits others. This “Sympathetic” response includes the release of adrenalin to get us pumped and mobilized. If we stayed in the Sympathetic mode, the nervous system would suffer a break-down from the stress imposed upon our organism: so it has a built-in counter measure called the Para-sympathetic that kicks in once the emergency is over to return the body’s responses to normal.  Magic, Psychology, Mind-Control, or whatever you want to call it – is performed by Governmental Agencies etc by tricking/manipulating the systematic responses of the body to occur by artificial means.

Anxiety causes stress. Stress causes an imbalance in the body/psyche – which then prompts the body/psyche to activate a curative remedy. The American form of magic is, like the Nazis before them, slow-hypnosis based. If you can condition the human being to react to one symbol with stress, you can also cause the human being to find relief with another. It is a simple matter of transference. (And just a side note for the aspirant: you can feel mind-control too – if you feel nothing for the holocaust while others weep and protest but feel compelled to remain quiet or join in – that compulsion to act in accordance with others, is the result of mind-control, which is effectively, body-control.)

The Fundamentals of Mind/Body Control

Now we will look at the underlying mode that is inherent in this style of Magian magic, that is to say, extract the Ethos from it and take a look at some of the methods of subliminal mind control exercised within it.

If reeling in horror and disbelief at the atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis, we are vulnerable to mind-control because of the anxiety it creates. Just as a child seeks the answer to 1 + ? = 2: We instinctively seek to restore the imbalance created by counteracting that anxiety. But our natural counteraction response can be hijacked by an artificial one: forced to occur only when a specific symbol is presented. And those supplying the enemy symbol also supply the hero symbol.  The hero symbol is the secondary association, the yin to the yang so typical of Magian magic. It is the rainbow from God, the promise that the Holocaust will never happen again so long as you support x. x triggers relief, comfort, it is the curative symbol to the anxiety incited by the Swastika, a programming narrative that there is something out there that will protect us from ever experiencing such horrors ourselves, some crusader that aims to put a stop to such atrocity ever happening again. The most oft-used curative symbol is the American Flag.

Whenever we see the nastiness of the Germans you can be sure footage of the Americans fighting their way through to save our souls will not be far away. Whatever symbol or regime is portrayed as the enemy, will create by its division a symbol or regime that is good. Institutions such as the Media are crucial to continuing this programming. It’s been said before but evil is banal: people will keep doing what their doing, unaware or uncaring of the consequences just to keep their job, their ambitions, their sense of progression in life, of the matrix, intact. Unfortunately, the media are expected to separate news into two distinct categories: which is why the Media promulgates a society paralysed with fear and saturate the world with coverage of violence, instability and supposed chaos: a society on the brink of collapse it seems, every night at seven. That is to say they depress us with fear and anxiety, consolidate us with trivium, unite us with sport [particularly in Australia] and then show us a fluffy kitten to give us a quick hit of serotonin. This formula, subliminal, and repeated several times a day, conditions the brain to develop addiction. So what we are dealing with is not merely indoctrination on a verbal level, it is an actual current or mode of hypnosis that works by dual-association and is a continuous vibration in all Magian transmissions.  Tele-vision begs the question: whose/what vision? And how can we be conditioned so symmetrically when we seem divergent as a species? Are we really divergent? I look around me and I see mediocrity: the same tired re-hashing of someone else original creation: presumably it is different: but it is not: it’s not even a permutation: it takes the song, art, media nowhere new.

Media operates on the lowest Frequency too: OF. Its hardly rocket science to make the observation that the Magian messages are effective because of their similarity, frequency of appearance, proximity and the associations that are grouped together repetitively to make the same appeals of Peace, Freedom and God while ensuring, Control, Control, Control – on an almost deafening basis.

Are there ways to reveal this current for the lay-man? Maybe the curious could try taping the news with the sound off and write down what they think the stories are about. Then re-watch the news with the sound on and see how closely they matched up. Or, turn all the colour and contrast down so that they can only hear the news and write down what they think the story would be showing them visually. Restore the settings, and watch the bulletin. They may notice that without the verbal or audio context to “inform” them of what is happening that their ability to discern Media is greatly diminished. The large discrepancy between what the brain expects to see and hear and the context that the media puts the stories into that could help distinguish the distortion created by framing images within context/narrative.

The “magic” of television has slowly been forgotten. For instance: there is a special make-up profession that deals with corporate food promotion. For those unfamiliar with the length of time and effort required to make an advertisement let me assure you it can be considerable. If burger chains used actual ice-cream in their ads, by the time lighting, boom, camera, and assorted other henchmen were ready to shoot the scene: the ice-cream would have melted. The schemata that has been programmed in your head the advertising of burger chains of an ice-cream is not the image of a real ice-cream dripping down the sides of the cone but a perfectly still, proud and firm frosty scoop of whipped white vanilla. In actual fact, the ad could not use a real ice-cream because it would not stay perfect, or proud, or frosty. A special food preparation artist creates the semblance of the ice-cream using glazed and painted mashed potato. Potato at room temperature sets firm, can be moulded into any shape, and does not melt. But, when the ad comes racing across the screen, telling you about the delicious frosty vanilla ice-creams available, it places the potato in a context that tricks the mind: and the mind makes the transference between the image of an ice-cream with the schemata in the brain that describes an ice-cream. Yep, looks like an ice-cream, must be ice-cream. It is not. This “magic” is not confined to food: make-up and cosmetics for instance requires obscene amounts of advertising [context] to make it seem less like animal fat or cheap synthetic acids. But it’s not tested on animals you say? Nice one. Where’s your proof: that this multi-national conglomerate that makes billions out of making women feel ugly [anxiety trigger] writes it proudly on their carcinogenic bottle?

Here I have presented my own Magian construct: I inform you of the enemy by appealing to your guilt: the enemy is the cosmetic company that has been accused of animal cruelty and atrocities to create products that paint your face. Note however, most will be happy enough to help me blame the cosmetic company as an enemy rather than acknowledge their own vanity: it’s a projection and protection safety net utilized by the ego. Continuing: if you are caused sufficient anxiety by the thought that you are somehow unwittingly responsible for assisting them do unspeakable things to animals by taking part in supporting them because of your vanity, then you have made a transference from the abstract suppositions I have made, onto yourself: that is to say you are now associating/identifying yourself as involved: thus causing you to feel guilt. I then give you my programmed curative to your anxiety: the possibility of being in possession of the awful truth by acknowledging that you might have been tricked by the cosmetic companies, but if you admit it and get educated on the shadiness of the cosmetic industry you will be a “good” person again. And I should add this is a special trigger, because your anxiety is being relieved in a manner that allows you to think that you were not to blame, just an unwitting pawn. A lot of Magian vibrations aren’t that kind.

For those unaware: that last paragraph: was another one.

It’s all very clever. It’s the simple Magian energy that mobilizes the entire Matrix. It is present in the identical ploy of the Church that created a division between God and the Rest, demonizing an ‘enemies’ tactics and will to power while simultaneously deploying similar tactics in their own means of warfare. The same young Church that rose to power using the God/Devil context to feed off the power of anxiety: The Devil is evil look what the Devil does: now be afraid, controlled and God-Fearing: is the same method used by All institutions. I remind aspirants, that all conscious human beings are scorpions.  Demonizing one ideal allows another to take its place. A genuinely fair and diplomatic ideal would not demonize so vehemently against its previous peer – it would have no desire to put something down in order to raise itself up. You would think that people would eventually get wise to this game, but no. Apparently not.

This major Ethos is a current that runs through all in Time. The OF and OF Concept level present in many writer’s texts takes the form of an element of hero [or something championed] and a zero [or something negated] usually closely spaced or next to each other. It is hoped that by virtue of such a division the ego can elevate itself by de-elevating something else, and subtract by proxy the status in the matrix that comes from feeding off the illusion of the hero. Keeping this in mind: Is the writer associated with the hero, is the writers philosophy the hero, or is there a subliminal intent to connect power to the writer using this mode of duality? Such a current is most vulgarly apparent in the God/Satan Good/Evil schemata. Recalling that there are particular symptoms from a causal nexion or manifested form that is In Time: note that the magical current that has affected America and caused it to use this method does so because it is In Time. Does the writer embody this energy, adhere to this duality, or are they separated from that Ethos, free of it and thus Sinister?

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