Before Reaching the Abyss

Before reaching the Abyss; Always are we one step removed from our inspiration; emulating/copying whom or what we desire but can never truly become. Always there remains a degree of separation; a magical difference in the charge of our nexion and that which creates what we desire.

A convenient model for this lies in the metaphor of a pond. There are those on the outer edge of a ripple caused by the tremors of a stone cast into the waters, and those on the inner; then there are those who cast the stones… a person on the outer ring seeks to be within the inner concentric where the nucleus of the nexion emanates from its source. While the inner concentric seek the same; they are also charged with the task of dispersing the ripple outward.

Let us suppose a room of people are having a conversation and comparing their level of proximity to the Source; The Acausal Voice.

“I designed a new Tarot for the Order” says the first.

“I’ve performed the External Adept Rite AND designed a new Tarot for the Order” says the second.

“I am an Internal Adept and have visited the Heartland of the Order” says the third.

“I was in the Heartland of the Order where I met with members from the Order and undertook the Black Pilgrimage”, says the fourth.

“I am in the Order and tutor others in the Septenary Way” says the fifth.

I am the Grand Master of the Order” says six, “and all of you are under my Will to Power. And only when my consciousness is passed to you, as it was passed to me, can you ever BE what you think is me. I am the carrier of the Wellspring of the Order, the host of its creator and originator; and from my nexion has come your desire to want and have my creation and original essence as your own. My inspiration is un-attributable to another person above me; I am an emulation of Him; an ancient immortal consciousness that will see its inheritor live as I have done. As you can never be my body you can only be my Will; for the only way to get within an inch of what I am is to come unto yourself and channel the source that others desire to emulate.”

Spoke then the Abyss “And He from me; I yet to be named, seen, understood or controlled by the meshes of the mind. I, whose visage is turned into the wheeling cogs of willpower; a will made possible by I alone, and impossible too.”

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