Cold Facts of Form & Manipulation (1)


1. In 2007 it is estimated that those who sustain a roof over their head, are able to feed and clothe themselves and have the luxury of spare change in their wallet or purse make up the luckiest, richest 8% of the global population.

1.1 Basic amenities such as clean drinking water, hot water, a flushing toilet; for instance, or an infrastructure in place that ensures timely removal of rubbish, accurate charge for electricity, water or gas bills, or a competent police force that serve and protect – largely free of corruption, are almost unheard of in some 60% of the world’s countries.

1.2 In Psychology/Criminology it is held that for the Serial Killer to have the time to commit murder they must have first satisfied the basic needs of food, water and shelter. Only after satisfying these important primary drives can extraneous luxuries of habit such as time to hunt for victims, stalking, etc be made and other activities explored or pursued.

1.3 The ability to sit down and write is only afforded from a secure environment that satisfies these important primary drives. Adolf Hitler was able to write ‘Mein Kampf’ whilst imprisoned because he was regularly fed, given water, and sheltered from the elements. His basic survival drives were taken care of allowing him to free up time to think and write that might otherwise have been taken up thinking about how hungry he was, trying to stay alive by eating whatever he could find, extract or somehow filter water and trying to find somewhere safe and warm to shelter or hide. Likewise, Anne Frank, was able to write her diary because her basic needs for food, water and shelter were met – ensuring her survival and the security to write.

2. Thus, because the average writer must first satisfy these drives, and satisfying these three drives is only achieved on a consistent basis by perhaps the top ten percent of the world’s population bracket – writing is a luxury. Owning a computer, a typewriter, paper, pen, or other material possessions used to write places the writer even higher in the bracket; that of being wealthy enough to be able to afford them or live in a country where these materials are legal and accessible.

2.1 This does not apply in all cases however, the Marquis De Sade for instance, was denied any writing implements whatsoever after reports of his literature being smuggled out of prison were received. And although all his furniture and possessions were removed from his cell he devised novel ways to continue to write – including using his own blood for ink and his finger for pen, and even used his own excrement. Nevertheless – without being fed, watered, [at least intermittently] or sheltered he would not have had the luxury of time to think about or pursue his writing.

2.2 Writers are thus, in comparison to the majority of the world’s inhabitants, a creature afforded rare luxury. The fact that a writer has the time to sit down and write a text indicates that an environment is available to them that allows them to satisfy the three basic drives so they may write.

2.3 Anton LaVey was clearly able to satisfy the three basic urges and pen the Satanic Bible. DM was also clearly able to satisfy the three same urges in order to write the voluminous material belonging to the Order. And I, also required these three urges satisfied to afford me the security to write out these points.

3. If writing is not a decadence then at the very least it is a luxury restricted to the very few able to afford it. The Internet, the access to which is grossly taken for granted, is populated solely by the verse of a decadent upper echelon comprising the lucky 8% of the world’s inhabitants.

3.1 Of that verse, most is written by fed, watered, clothed and sheltered individuals able to have a hot shower, drink clean water, and dribble out the garbled nonsense and noise that such security affords them.

3.2 There are some individuals who do not waste the potential of the Internet to reach others or emit the written word – however the majority of useful thoughtful content hosted on the Internet is dominated by classical literature written well before the rise of the computer and the technological age.

3.3 Some writers are consciously aware of and grateful for their fortunate circumstances, realizing that writing is a luxury that comes to less than 75% of the worlds population. As a result they take great care with the emission of their words; resisting the modern decadent preoccupation of dribbling shit like an unchanged baby.

4. These writers are extremely rare.

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