Divine Joy

Divine Joy

I – Evolution

Today, when the human baby is born, for some time it is blind and for a year or more remains completely dependant on others for its survival. In such a helpless state, how did the first of its kind survive long enough to give birth? Perhaps we are descendants of the monkeys, but how does this solve the original dilemma? The monkey too is helpless at birth. What is the logical sequence of events that preceded us?

Logically: unless there was a species capable of caring for a human infant at least long enough to survive to procreate; a species that was somehow not helpless at birth and able to nurture its own growth and independent being (Are there any examples of this in nature?) it is practical to consider the intervention of intelligent design. What genus of animals abandons their young immediately after birth? And could such a genus have helped raise the first human such as wolves, bears, tigers and other animals have been documented doing? Or, are we deluded and ignorant of a much different past? Are we descendants of another race?

With Evolution: the causal procession is often assumed a case of which came first: the Chicken or the Egg. It’s a lazy paradox. Nature spawns creatures that are tested against it. The equivalent of guinea pigs; slowly tailored to suit and thrive in their unique environmental conditions. Perhaps the first chicken (a result of cross-breeding) was simply dropped in a sac to the ground as a “freak” of nature, (how arrogant to assume what is normal!) and the hard encasement of the “Egg” developed as a result of repeated impact and damage to the sac. One theory held by THEM is of an interlacing level of organisms organization, where each individual has as a by-product of its existence a separate role as part of a greater whole via the collective forming another form – i.e. individual ants forming a swarm or army that moves as one unit. Armies of ants then forming a colony, many colonies an eco-system and so on. To survive; the organisms subjected to impact would over time develop protection at the micro-level of their structure and this is likely to have a knock-on effect that sustains the larger collective form too. This would mean the egg developed well after the proto-chicken. The paradox only emerges when we assume that the “first chicken” was actually a “chicken” too.

It seems no less far-fetched to believe that an Acausal intrusion gives life to life, than it is to believe a God has done so.

II – The Great Chaos

The first words of the Christian God are: Let there be light. It is a revelation on two fronts; 1) that there was darkness prior to God, and 2) that there was reason for the light.

When the first of our kind was born; we must assume that somehow it survived long enough to procreate. What hideous terror must have assailed the first infant of our kind; what alien and primeval sensations, what noises and smells, what uncontrollable and original/pristine encounters with this dimension must have been the first experiences of that infant. We have considered how the first infant may have survived. Let us be optimistic and think on the experiences of the first men. The Sun, the Moon, the Sea, the Mountains and the Forests; must have truly overawed the first men. And not merely the visionary sensations but those of sound, smell, touch, pain. With no words, no language, no comparison for what they saw: no comfort of control over the colours, lights, and fury of the old world; it must have been the original act of Staring into the Abyss. So absolutely frightening was this experience that men were forced to understand what they saw in order to survive it. The Great Chaos was too much for first man; as a baby screams in distress at its birth today; so too would primeval man as an infant have been absolutely awed by the experience of suddenly being alive; with no-one to comfort or soothe.

I reason that this first experience of men was captured genetically in the early stages of the formation of memory and experience of the psyche and is at the very root of our nature as the human species as the first repression; a repression necessary to enable men to rise up and control the horrors of their surroundings by giving names and meanings (eventually) to things that shared space with them. This repression of Original Chaos is the ghost at the core of memory that drives all human beings to invent the Matrix: as a means to cover the Abyss with meaning to control it. If we had or could not, we should have perished with fear and would not have become the Human Race.

Chaos defines us, and that is why the idea of God(s) resonates hypnotically within the human psyche; that is why “let there be light” are the first words of God; because they are the first act of man.

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