The Cold Facts of Form & Manipulation (2)


1. The majority of human beings are ruled by Fear and Laziness.

1.2 Laziness is enshrined in the least necessary force required to achieve an aim or intent.

1.3 Fear is enshrined in the lack of strength to do more than the bare minimum. To resist the instinctual impetus to rise above the pathetic standard set by one’s society for oneself or recognize one’s inherent Choice to obey that standard stems from one’s cowardice, ignorance, or fear.

1.4 If the Magi of the East ever possessed the power to psychologically/magically enslave people neither of these two terms would have been understood as being the name of the ‘mechanism’ or coercing force behind this enslavement. What occurred of necessity to enslave a race or populace was the human-tradition of Force by Physical Submission whether by massive Wars or individual or group Violence, thus was the world sorted into leaders and followers.

2. Aside from Physical Enforcement however, there no doubt grew an awareness of and development of the early science of persuasion/manipulation that involved Appealing to one Mass in order to assemble a Form large or powerful enough in mind, spirit and body to achieve the enslavement of another Mass of People.

2.1 The Magi, if they ever existed, would not have known what psychology was, or perhaps even used the term Magic. There is, despite the frantic and intellectual wishful thinking of scholars, almost no connexion to these people, their world, or their consciousness that relates to modern day people, their world, and their consciousness. The only connexion that exists is that these beings although termed ‘human’ were termed something else well before Latin terms became popular through Science – shared a roughly similar biological shape to modern day human-beings and perhaps, similar biological drives.

2.2 The Original Magi, are long dead. It is their ideas that have lived on. And the very same special effects that they are remembered for via the Bible are carried out today with almost no-one the wiser. It is still, for instance, common to enshrine some individual with a perceived aura of power and prestige by the mere bringing together of already influential people who are then seen taking said individual under their wing. And it is still common for a similar enshrinement to happen in an invisible, underground manner. This leads to an instant elevation of status by proxy. Thus did the Wise Men or three ’Magi’ help make of Jesus a holy man and emperor. Thus did the Roman Army help make of Caesar a powerful leader of Rome. Thus did The Thule-Gelleschaft make of Adolf Hitler the Fuhrer of Nazi Germany.

2.3 The fixation on the personal [and thus aeonically irrelevant except as examples of a type of energetic manifestation] names, achievements, influences of an energetic manifestation in physical persons, physical lodges, deliberate movements, such as ‘the Magi’ or ‘White Lodge’ is to apprehend the appearance and not the essence.

2.4 The Appearance/Form/Myth of a “Magi” is sealed with the Western Ethos – remembered because of their role in the Bible – a Form that has now existed for thousands of years. Hence, by a combination of chance and deliberate enforcement, has their myth, by proxy of being associated with the Bible, remained intact and living and, invested with far more importance than is right or deserved. The ‘Magi’ are in Essence, just one mostly irrelevant example of the means to effect deliberate Change in a society. This is nothing new, and nothing magical, but it is and always has been an extremely effective method of controlling the Matrix. It is a practice that has been enshrined today no differently than it was thousands of years ago in the predecessors of the practice of which the Magi was one example in the Neo-Conservative methodology of the American New World Order.

3. All Mutinies, Coups, Revolutions, Dissents, Wars, Peace Marches, Demonstrations, Rallies, Groups, rely on the coercement of others over to one’s side. If one has the benefit of already having those on their side who lead and influence large numbers of important or tactically important persons, so much the better.

3.1 Modern Celebritism is based on exactly these basic principles. Powerful Media persons take some talentless hopeful and turn them into a ’Star’ overnight via the co-operation of the Music Industry, the Marketing Machines, Tabloid and Magazine Moguls, and the Merchandizing Industry in a joint collaboration that appeals to each of their interests to grow their influence and make money off a cashed-up susceptible [insert stupid] populace. This collaboration has been recently termed ‘Croneyism’ and means the behavioural habit of looking out for or showing preferential treatment of one’s close colleagues at the expense of all outsiders. There is nothing mystical or magical about this: it is as old as the first demonstration of greed [and how many have you seen in the last few days let alone the last 100,000 years?] and appeals to the base human desire, to ’own stuff’.

3.2 This energetic meme of greed, of appealing to others to form a group to fulfil some aim or intent; whether it be a mutiny of the Bounty, or the Ultra-Violence of the Droogs, is the only essence of the Magi. An elaborate deception by thousands of persons over time slowly fostered this meme into a human body; the rumours and rampant speculation of which led to such notions as the ‘Illuminati’, ’White Lodge’ etc. What is rarely understood by aspirants is that it is the artistic/romantic seed of these ideas at the level of rumours that influences some person or other to take it upon themselves to manifest such notions. Thus, in mere suggestion, lies the seed of manifestation. Whilst the energetic meme used by the ‘Magi’ is essentially a neutral magical force: those strong enough to be leaders [All Leaders] have used it and still use it, [IT being ‘Narrative Magic’] to formidable effect. Effect that is interpreted differently pending one’s spiritual division.

3.3 Satanic Mimesis of this meme involves using the meme to create a Sinisterion/Syndicate that eschews laziness and fear. Because the Magian have been so lax in the formulation of other magical applications owing to the astounding success of their prime agent – all structures built and maintained by the Magian are founded on this basic principle illustrated by the Magi and thus conform to an identical geometry at their essence. This has enabled, with the emergence of several black magical weapons previously veiled, the blueprint of the meme to be studied and a solution found to counter the meme involved.

3.4 Just as the Satanist ventures so very far before being tempted sorely to abandon their Quest to be like Satan to go over to the Other side, to God, to the Secret Samahdi and must reject Divinity to return to Earth as a Dark God – using the meme of the Magi to launch an abyssal/aeonic defensive – a structure that mimics those of the Magi must be constructed using intrinsically similar principles but within which writhe conscious tendrils/a twist that re-directs the causal forms created by the meme into Sinister crystallizations.

4. Unless the meme being used to effect a re-orientation/“de-stortion” of Magian control is consciously understood and the ‘de-storters’ self-protected/insulated against the Wyrd/Ethos of the Aeon the meme will be forced to grow in accordance with that Wyrd/Ethos and take the shape/form of a Magian structure.

4.1 Awareness of the vagaries of a meme and its inherent ability and effects and awareness of Aeonics, human vagaries and its historical/memetic record of behaviours is still not enough to insulate a form from Ethos distortion. There must be a supra-personal goal pursued above all individual concerns the implementation of which is designed to strike at the very heart of the Essence of the ’Magi’ and not the appearance – this involves the collaboration of the extraordinary efforts by Undividuals or ’first humans’ to solidify as a cohesive force to combat the meme without being seduced by the meme. There must [at this stage in history] be an aggressive, time-based momentum that appeals to the counter-meme characterized by Satan.

4.2 Seduction by an eventuation of Power would mean that the counter-meme has failed to overcome the distortion and become a distortion itself – and as a Representative of Opposition that would require being headed by Adepts – an incredibly powerful one capable of undermining a great many attempts by the Syndicate to reverse the damage owing to their extensive knowledge of the techniques and modalities of the Black Arts. In this event, those undividuals would become extremely dangerous enemies to the Satanic Syndicate, to the Sinister, and to Change and should be sought out and promptly executed.

4.3 Overcoming Seduction cannot be achieved by a being possessed and driven by a human-centred geometry – geometry that is generally of the personal sphere. Only a life-centred geometrical possession enables the cold detachment necessary to chain the ego to the Undividualized Will of the Satanic Adept.

4.4 The majority of Great Leaders have been seduced by power, inevitably leading to Hubris and their decline.

5. The majority of Great Leaders fell into Hubris either by ignoring the warnings of imminent seduction and excess of power – or did not have the Undividuated support of Five other Satanic Adepts.

5.1 The Enshrinement of Fear and Laziness is the real essence of the Way that has come to be seen as a personalized ‘White Lodge’ or ‘Magian’ distortion comprised of a group of white magical masters acting in conspiracy. Most persons living that Way are, aeonically, as meaningless as those persons who live the meme of the Sinister Tradition which is equated to Wisdom and Striving – for both are superseded by the power of the memes that influence them.

5.2 Part of being an Adept is understanding and accepting these facts as a means to move forward.

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