The Cold Facts of Form & Manipulation (3)

The Cold Facts of Form and Manipulation: III

1. The Form of the Magi below the Abyss IS diametrically opposed to the Form of the Sinister.

1.1 The Form of the Magi after the Abyss is seen to utilize identical energetic leys/currents/memes as the Sinister. The two forms now swim interchangeable.

1.2 What then is the inherent difference between the Magi and the Sinister?

1.3 When apprehended in the context of ‘Form’ the inherent differences are different pending the Time and Culture and Individual Terminology.

1.4 When apprehended in the context of ’Dialectic’ the inherent differences are unified and expressed below the Abyss via the ‘Narrative’ Appeal of Leaders.

2. Narrative is racially, spiritually, intellectually, magically, historically etc defined by Pre-time Events. Pre-Time events are events that have their roots in the past, well before the birth of an Individual and are generally never created from Original inspiration.

2.1 Pre-Time Events are taken/drawn from tradition, culture, heritage, legend, story-telling, and myth. Such Events are featured and referred to in holy books and guides with the express intention to help offer guidance to an individual/group/culture/civilization and function as a Weltanschauung or World View of Order amid what is invariably referred to as an approximate of the Chaos and Confusion of the World.

2.2 Pre-Time Events are always based on a pre-nirvana or pre-paradise [I.e. Atlantis] that is enshrined in a “Golden Age” from which Humanity as a whole has fallen from and must attempt to return to by living a certain way and upholding certain values.

2.3 Some of these Events prefigure a race of Gods that existed before Men. As a man of ‘modern’ consciousness I do not doubt that Men interpreted Gods from what they saw. As a magician I do not doubt that there were Gods. A large majority of these Gods were atavistic/animalistic/monster type entities. Only when proto-humanity became more aware of its own humanoid form did such Gods begin to take on an appearance more like men.

2.4 It is inevitably a previous Form that is lived by an Individual and previous forms on which they base their way of living. Partly due to the communal system of peers, parents, authorities or state for instance, the individual builds a strong relationship with Forms tied to and rooted in the Past – especially, Pre-Time Events. Although at the time these Forms are learnt, they may seem to be rooted in the Present from the individuals point of view.

3. The Origin of Narrative appears to have arisen of its own accord – yet we may deduce that it occurred between the inception of Original Chaos – and the faculties of Interpretation that led to the rudiments of the early Matrix that led to symbols/idols and group worship of a Form.

3.1 The current personal embodiment of the Magian wishes the ability for these kind of observations to be forgotten so they may maintain their Status Quo in stasis.

3.2 The Sinister wish these observations to be considered with the full gravity they deserve as they speak of the undercurrents of what is really there before our eyes, viz. Geometry, and reduces the overwhelming diversity and glamour of the world into the context of Forms. This reduction divests the Magian of the protection of an impossibly complex network of things to be considered in any contemplation and places them in a simple context of biological/cerebral evolution, effectively stripping semantics down to the bone and removing the labyrinth of magical mystique that hides their own Origin in much the same way a magic trick is revealed to the magician’s audience.

3.3 From the evidence of the manner in which we can observe today: that the fetus forms in the womb, the brains and synapses knit together, the bones solidify and the teeth, nails and hair begin to sprout, and the passage of an infant from a helpless baby into a wobbly toddler with stilted speech into a relatively articulate adult human being THEM believe that there is strong evidence for mans foundation in a system of biological evolution. Yet makes no assumptions as to the state of Life or existence of non-human entities prior to the Original Act of Staring into the Abyss.

3.4 The behaviour of certain men is what has come to be defined as the Magian, from all the evidence of biology/anthropology afforded to us today, arose, after, the Original Chaos. It is unlikely that the concept of ‘Magi’ on which many modern day practitioners gleefully project their Shadow – were born with a malevolent streak to control. The Magian utility of Form to control could not have eventuated at least until Physical Violence was discovered: Chance let a being perform some unique display that engendered the awe/fear of others: or some means of communication was devised and made more sophisticated over time to share Interpretation.: and enjoyment was derived from the Abuse of these. The early Sinisterion logically evolved side by side with what would become the Magian and probably differed from them only in their opinion as regarded the direction of the Narrative gleaned from this abuse.

4. THEM hold – the Essence of the condition understood as “the Sinister” existed before men.

4.1 THEM hold – the Essence of what is understood as “Satan” / that current of Original Chaos of which “Satan” is only a recent extension, existed before Form and prior to Men as an antediluvian Sacred Geometry.

4.2 The Abyss came First. Second, the Sinister. Third, the Magian. I.e. Shock and Awe and the Staring into the Abyss. The development of a human being and its interaction with the world. The interpretation of the world.

4.3 The rudimentary forms of the Magian and the Sinister co-evolved late in the Interpretations of Humanity in a continuous struggle to Express. What is Expressed changed then and changes endlessly as it does today for Man is not conscious of what he is trying to Express and relies on the convenience of the Matrix and its catalogue of Pre-Time Events to define that Expression. And to re-define the Expression. And helplessly, in all efforts to re-define the Expression, ad infinitum.

4.4 Without knowing Why, Man Expresses. These Expressions are bound up in available Forms, in politics, in religion, in pre-time events and traditions that pre-ceded that person. Any source of the origin of the need that incites the need for Expression remains an esoteric enigma – buried under hundreds of thousands of years of forgetting the Original Chaos via the constraints of that Chaos in an artificial Matrix of interpretations.

5. ‘Satanism’, as practiced by the Order, hosts a deliberate system of erosion of fundamental ’dogmas’ that thrive in the Matrix and hold together many of its structures. THEM believe that this species of Satanism in particular is key to Remembering. The Sinister Tradition records adversarial memes that do not seek to act within and with the permission of the Matrix, but from outside looking in on the Matrix. Their systematic study of the formation of the forms in the Matrix and the Acausal as a means of placing thousands of these forms into one simple time-based context of an Aeon, triggers a ghostly Remembrance of the Original Chaos beneath the Illusion.

5.1 The atavistic/primal Memory of the Original Chaos and thus the Condition of Man and the questions that should be asked to get closer to it separate the Sinister from the Magian. The Sinister/Satan could be better understood if a thorough curiosity were extended into the development of man using the existing evidence and working backwards, without going so far as to contemplate any unobservable events such as the Big Bang Theory or the magical mystical point-blank of Creationism but to contemplate the proper Event in Time that logically suggests Us.

5.2 The Magian does not seek to reduce the clutter of the Matrix but to add to it – they are a species characteristically ruled by Fear. They strive to Forget.

5.3 The Sinisterion strives to Remember. To understand what is being Expressed both by and beneath the Illusions in which they find themselves surrounded.

5.4 The Magian are “The Closers” – the Sinisterion are “The Openers”.

6. What is culturally/aeonically/cosmically etc ‘correct’ is at its Essence a matter of personal contemplation and a will to re-power Pre-Time Events. What is culturally/aeonically/cosmically ‘correct’ etc is at its Appearance a matter of Pre-Time Events.

6.1 The truths revealed in the Abyss are impossible to reconcile with the truths adhered to below it.

6.2 It is both right and madness to ‘Remember‘.

6.3 Remember.

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