Mvimaedivm Black – #Exc.230

+O+ From the Egyptian thread: +O+ 2012

A magical current becomes dangerous when one is personally engaged therewith. It gives power to one but it demands one’s energy in exchange, so when one decides to deviate from the current one is involved in, one may expect a certain resistance on the part of that current. I do agree with you, RA, as regards the 9 angles, but as regards the Illuminates of Thanateros neither you, nor Owy have sworn any personal word of loyalty to their pact – of course, their egregore guards their stuff but the magical harm it could render to you, couldn’t be the same as that you could expect from the 9 angles therewith you have been personally involved or engaged. 

+O+ Agreed – I only give an example of a magical attack I have experienced – yet the O9’s current has been far more treacherous to my health and sanity given how attached I have been to it. My Work continues and my loyalty remains but to that which I originally swore fealty – to THEM – and not to human forces and cults who claim to own them. +O+

These matters are neither to be overestimated, nor underestimated. Moreover, the egregore of a group consisting of treacherous and untrustworthy individuals couldn’t be of great power though it could harm. 

+O+ The key tenets of this group are deviations from the O9’s egregore especially re-designed in the face of bad experiences with the O9’s current, present or expected over the course of decades of involvement. These include the elements of Sinister Solidarity, Empathy, Sympathy, Synchronicity and the Sinister – and herewith is meant the Sinister as it is in all its forms not merely the narrow bridges of Long extended from his Ivory Tower.

Despite screaming it was not til it was blue in the face, the O9 became dogmatic; a mirror-image of the Church with a Maniac High Priest, slavish Acolytes bullied into submission with the promise of secrets dangled on a stick or a selection of reprobates seeking license for depravity with the promotion of predatory practices against everyone from children to the elderly… to its own kind. Yet it, my, our journey with O9 has highlighted a great many important factors that have shaped this Temple and its attitude and direction, toward each other, toward others, toward the Work.

Of course – this is only my opinion based on how I see it. We do differ, from the forerunners of Satanism and from the contemporary styles, temples, groups and orders through hard work and diligence we have been able to cohere a space for our Selves that is conducive to free trade of ideas and conversation but without internecine struggles. I believe this, is possible, due to our group formation, and that by who makes up the Temple we have managed to avoid hubris this far by being there for each other to talk sense, discuss options, talk freely, remind, reflect or steer one another away from the rocks.

Rocks such as power going to ones head, internal strife, schisms, personal tragedy, mistrust, making war, losing our way, forgetting where we came from, arrogance, anger, fear, betrayal amid a sea of others have been so far successfully navigated around to keep this Temple intact. It has attained and kept an integrity about itself for the way it conducts it affairs internally and externally and has garnered support across the globe from many corners and its written works have spread far and wide. This is not just from all our hard work on Ourselves and our desire to reach beyond the traditional way of being human and going about our business as Undividuals – but perhaps a reward for doing a will of the Cosmos. By listening to the Forces of THEM we have been riding a wave of synchronicity where our experiments and explorations are leading us further out into the deep black sea of the Unknown – where we can magically submerge our individual lives into the aether, into the abyss, and deep into the consciousness of a great number of people as we Change things. We began/begin with ourselves and for that THEY seem grateful – more willing to impart their secrets and the genius geometry of the world. That we also have a limited charter of time to be the Temple of THEM is deliberate – 24 years from now we should bow out gracefully and let the Temple such as it was dissolve – for its form is temporary, whiles its voice endures forever, to be resurrected as others Remember in their lifetimes that connexion we have begun to rebuild a bridge too. 24 years from now we will look back on our achievements perhaps as the young illuminati I have on occasion envisioned; I will be 58.

There are things we simply cannot force; things beyond our control until we attain certain positions or powers; but we needn’t exhaust ourselves and our lives trying to make some New World Order of Sorcery happen; we are voices of the a-causal – it speaks through us and to us; and if it is meant to be; synchronicity will show us the way. What really matters is that, plainly put, we are good to each other and rise together. The O9 drawls on about Sinister honour but has it practiced it? No. It has systematically driven away all of its friends and those who cared for it or contributed to it with its hostile arrogance and rudeness. The Temple of THEM may have sprung from the O9 but it was more a reaction than a reflexion; twisting free since its inception, for while sometimes the bad example is a good example; there was and is more to all of us that binds us than our mere shared background in that cult. There is honour here – there is integrity – and there is a flowing with what is and a respectful presencing and intuition of what is supposed to be.

Magically – We each have our own speciality – whether form, magic, sorcery; whatever it may be we are true to our Wyrds; we all have a rare integrity and loyalty that brought us together because there was no-one else like us. And now we share a Home, and the Great Work. And while things do change, tragedies strike, entropy stalks, shit happens – no-one can take away what we’ve already done to halt the slide of thousands of people into magian mediocrity with our works, our advice and our presence.

Our group is small but we are enough. We are perhaps Enough precisely because our group is small. But we are THEM, and we are a force to be reckoned with. Let us proceed one day, one month, one year at a time, forward. +O+

On the other hand, order never has a total control over chaos – otherwise life could be impossible. The resistance of any magical current one has been involved with and decided to deviate from, is what tempers one’s will on the Left Hand Path, since the LHP is the very individual path after all. Those who write rules thereon should know that they are just trying to impose their own will on the others. If they prove strong enough to succeed in this, that’s okay, but they should never forget that sooner or later they may meet their match and get outplayed, and very often that will be some fool who cares little about their great power and wisdom. That’s the meaning of the Fool in the Tarot.

+O+ Merely by understanding such occult lessons exist and prevail we may seek to avoid the embarassment of repeating them – there appear to be very few people who actively consciously understand these laws unto themselves and the consequences of certain actions such as the destructive entrance of hubris. Most occult groups had a leader who separated themselves from the other, who ceased to listen to advice, and whose concerns were not a bridge to the conscious and unconscious to make sense thereof of the secret archetypal journey and the inner workings of the psychology, shadow, animus and forms of the world – but to sit on a throne of gold ruling within a demented psychosis, silencing advisors, opposition and themselves and leading to a less than dignified collapse.

We can only devise so many safeguards, and intuit so many possibly bad or tragic moves to make in our chess game; but I think we are doing very well six years in, with a solid foundation built and a reputation achieved. These are both hard things to create from nothing – Oto Anorha #28 was full of wishes and stressed the difficulty of making something new – but I believe such wishful even grandiose statements have been vindicated. +O+

As for the magical defence of this present issue of the Temple of Them, it’s a matter worthy to be discussed by all. I could say certain things which concern my own interests in this present issue of THEM , and if it happens that they coincide with those of other members, that would be the best. I’m aware of the fact that everybody is different and unique, as it should be, but on the other hand, I’m interested in the resemblances and similarities rather than in the differences which, as I said, are a fact, and should be a fact. 

+O+ I should like to continue pushing the formation of the Black Glyph Society and achieve an independant wealth or at least a stable income resource for each member of THEM. I think finance is not to be underestimated in our aims. +O+

Do you know the story about the eagle, the crab, and the pike who tried to draw a cart – each one in its own unique way? Of course, magic is expected to do the impossible. I’m just sharing certain thoughts and ideas. The last one of my current thoughts I would like to share without intending to be offensive to anybody here, is that I tend to be sceptical concerning the real magical efficiency of any group whose members are under their 30-ties, however intelligent they might be. There is a biological matrix which is extremely difficult to be overcome by ambitions to prove oneself only. And this concerns more the males rather than the females.

+O+ You possess that view because you have the priveledge of so much hindsight, a panorama of time and experience some of us, myself included have only achieved smaller windows into; it is singularly amazing to me to look back on my writing when I was 12, 21, 28 and today and see the vast differences in style, verbosity, grammar, ideology, conception, content, topic, passion, intensity, colour, emotion – with writings in the style of shakespeare, serial killer, playwright, poet, sceptic, believer, author, and god knows how many thousands of pages and hundreds of drawings – and yet in all of it I still spy a kernal of my Self – sometimes hidden, but enduring all, beneath the surface;- some wise old man mentality or old spirit peeking through the stupid, the naive, the child, the convictions with a knowing smile – waiting to be Me, today. And no doubt waiting to be Me, tomorrow. 10, 20, 30 years from now I suspect he will still be there, and waiting for me to catch up. Yet what is magic? If it is the ability to change events – the Temple of THEM was nothing a few years ago – not by name or nature – and now its works and words, ideas and advice are scattered across the globe in 50+ publications, and hundreds of manuscripts, posts and people. We are known and respected and our current, so different from others, has delighted and entranced many people – taught them a thing or two also – and all this, with mere forms, names, titles, pictures, words from a computer or two, carefully managed and nurtured into the Temple of THEM today – for not a few, a real place of real power. This took time, lots of it, and the assistance of many people under 30, including myself – and, yet, Ush, now 33, only now do I feel I have the experience to really write from an advantageous or experienced position. I never meant to write so many books – and I wrote them pretty young – there are things I see in those books and texts now I would dearly love to change or update – that I didn’t see before. But they have to stay the way they are – they’re snapshots of the way it was, or seemed to be. So – I both agree with you, and somewhat disagree with you on the under 30’s thing. I’m not offended by what you said – I merely think we all fought to be here, and a lot of people over 30 are as useless as any under 30. Its our individual characters that have brought us here and shaped this Temple – whether we be young or old – age shall not weary us. +O+

Now about the ideas I would like to share: About the linear historical time – the farer from the so called zero year wherein the birth of the Nazarene is supposed to have taken place, the better. That’s why my research is back to the historic Bronze Age when humanity was still free from the Magian plague. However, the premises for this fall of humanity into the Magian Aeon were present still in the end of the Bronze Age and the beginning of the Iron Age around the 1000 BCE. To say it with the terms of the Sorcery of Them, this historic passage marked the collective shift of the focus of awareness from the heart to the head. Of course, I don’t view this shift as some fall from the ideal but it was a risky shift which caused a certain disbalance when the connexion with THEM was lost, and this lose of balance was what gave rise to the subhuman Magian Aeon. 


I said the farer from the conventional zero historic year (when the CE – the common era, or the vulgar era, or the christian era began), the better, but it means as farer in the past as in the future. We look for THEM from the future as well. Now it’s 2012 CE when the Magianism isn’t the same as it was in 1012 CE when the Dark Age in Europe was in full progress, but now it tends to unify all its forms into a global system. We are looking for some alternative by thinking about new archetypes. 

+O+ The Alpha-Cynic has well and truly emerged into the world as predicted – but its in its nice infancy, prior to the next stages which are more dangerous and where people try to outdo each other in the level of absurdity… that won’t be a fun time at all… +O+

That’s nice but we are also to try simultaneously connect the non-Magian past with the non-Magian future. 

+O+ I think this could be done with our Tarot – revive Sumerian images and such, use Non-semitic imagery and ideology, winding it into a contemporary restoration of certain ideas and heresies long forgotten or destroyed – second coming of Osiris for instance… the Great Flood of Sumer that the Ark stole… cards that help people Remember and tie ancient archetypes to new ones, skipping out the period of Magian Empire and Aeon concepts altogether… +O+

What happened 2012 BCE before that zero historic point of human fall? It was the time of the Sumerian Empire of Ur III dynasty – the first and the last time when that civilization was unified, as well as the time of the Egyptian XI dynasty which unified Egypt into the Middle Kingdom. A lunar and a solar dynasty ruled the most developed civilizations of the world of that time. It was the time of deified rulers while still alive. But were these rulers really of THEM, or just willing to be of THEM to the extent of forgeting their biologic mortality? Who knew anything about biology then? Hadn’t they another knowledge of the things of life, which was still the knowledge of the heart, something the today’s scholars cannot perceive? When we see that distant epoch some 4024 years back from now through the eyes of scholars we see nothing else than greedy for power megalomaniac rulers as materialistic as the present ones but with divine pretences in addition. That’s not the correct approach for sorcerers, that’s a magically incorrect approach. 

If we are to understand were these rulers really of THEM we are to identify with them personally, not with their subordinate people as the scholars unconsciously do. For example, the materialist Marxist scholars have always been interested in how the people’s stomachs felt then, rather than in what the rulers’s hearts felt then. They search for social iniquity only in order to prove the necessity of the social entropy called communism. The bourgeois scholars don’t go much farer except to count for the individual factor – again from the present rational and consumerist point of view projected onto the past with some count for “belief systems” as well. Even the mere historic factology arranged by such people is to be questioned and re-thought since they offer the facts in the way their conditioned rationality demands. The atheist science needs to promulgate the idea that the monotheism was a higher concept than the polytheism in order to justify its own existence. And its existence is necessary not to serve any human progress except to better the systems of control and the weapons for mass killing – a tendency that started in the Iron Age yet.

We are searching for traces of THEM in the past as we are searching for signals of THEM from the future. We are interested in knowing and manipulating the archetypes of the collective unconscious to say it psychologically. We have seen that from Crowley till nowadays the contemporary Western approach to magic changes its forms only. The concepts even vary for better as far as the LHP is concerned but the world stays generally unchanged. Everything could be reduced to psychology only and the rest is a question of visualization mainly. 

In fact there is no safe organic methodology in magic except the individual luck when applying it practically. Despite of all the smart theories the keys to emotionality which does all magic remain inaccessible. However, Constantin Stanislavski who made of acting a living science has given a method which may prove more adequate for the sorcerers than the occult approach. This method is “me in the given conditions”. If one pretends to be a magician, one shouldn’t lack the imagination to put oneself in any given conditions, i.e. to give oneself certain conditions wherein to react by one’s own emotionality. One’s own emotionality in the given conditions of the role is the key to acting, not by pretending to be someone else. The given conditions of a role, however, are not to be visualized, they are to be lived, so imagination doesn’t equal visualization. 

+O+ That is how I create the images in Archetypia… it is very difficult, which is why there are only a few…. and how I mimick things. I’d like to know more about Stanislavksis method but I already have a mountain of texts I’m still reading through… so more is probably not a good idea. Anyway, I leave the floor to others to relate how they see THEM taking shape, their vision or hopes and dreams for this group, or predicting obstacles it might face. +O+

There is many a magician who pretend to be someone else during their rituals. Their all energy is wasted while pretending, with a poor effect in the end despite of their precise performance. In fact there is no response from their emotionality. Either they haven’t been themselves in their given conditions by pretending to be someone else during their ritual, or their very ritual hasn’t provided “the given conditions” of the role they wanted to play. (When I’m saying “ritual” it doesn’t necessarily means “ceremony”. A ritual could be each non-mundane act – in fact, each act dedicated to magic is non-mundane, and thus a ritual. )

Since this thread is dedicated to the Egyptian studies I will continue with Stanislavski’s method of “me in the given conditions” but in the context of the Heliopolis cosmogony…

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