+O+ 2011

+O+ The Temple of Them +O+

From 2006 to the present day, the Australian Temple of THEM has been and remains an active nexion of the Sinister.

THEM surfaced with the aim of providing a means with which to make conscious and smash the cubic prison of forms/words/concepts that encloses us via the crystallization and stagnancy of the failings of the intellect, the function of the ego and the shortcomings of humanities traditional means of perception, knowledge and understanding.

Through the various tendrils/approaches of sorcery of THEMs members, using a range of alchemical/narrative/ritual/Earth-based sorceries, we have striven to study and reveal the Angles beneath Form by attempting to collapse the (geometric/neo-metric) forms that comprise the magical incantations and trickery of the Magi. This is a notoriously difficult achievement and yet it is the first step – a prelude to a new sorcery based method of discovery being earthed by Us.

The Temple of THEM seeks to make others Remember the occult war in which we are engaged; restore a life-centred geometry over a human centred one; and to study and reveal the forces of the ancient dark ones in relation to our journey as humanity.

THEM seek to destabilize blind faith and reliance in morality, duality, credulity and to tear apart the sinews of form to reveal the gleaming bones beneath exposing the lies for what they are.

THEM seeks to undermine the Chrono-spatial and geo-spatial assertions manifested by the cult of Yahweh that intrinsically controls perception; to weaken the foundations of the supporting ideas and the pillars of automatic presumption that reinforce the perceptions of modern reality; and to deconstruct the labyrinth of forms also known as the matrix to free ourselves from the tyranny of the Magi tradition in order that the right penetrating questions regarding existence may arise outside of the distortion into the which this world has and is being plunged.

Via the Black Glyph Society THEM endorse or fund sinister related projects and resources many of which were once found freely here on the Internet but have slowly been withdrawn as THEM redirects its tentacles toward new horizons. Assorted texts, grimoires and materials can be ordered from THEMs online catalogue while they last. Having established a solid foundation of critical anlysis and enquiry via the development of our heuristic methodology over the last decade – presently archived texts and books preserve an approach of our work has now come to a temporary close having culminated in the soon to be published in a tributary boxed set of our best and key written works entitled “THRESHOLD: Black Magic & Shattered Geometry” very soon to be published by the excellent team of Fall of Man.

~ ~ ~

Having now attained the first of our primary goals; THEM have established a suitable reputation and foundation from which to implement the next stage of a strategic long-term aim. The Temple is presently engaged in an in-depth research of World Mythos from Pre-History to Present Day such as the distortion that occurred from original texts/current/ideas held/possessed by ancient cultures such as Sumer and their distortion and syncretization by Semite forces/sources that lead to the distorted cult of Yahweh/YHVH seizing power.

With its roots in Traditional Satanic practices as promulgated by the Order – THEM personifies the Way in its curious dissolution of external contradictions through its depth of understanding of forms and forces as they are or appear to be to reveal the essence of the Matrix of All.

THEM also seek to cohere and solidify the varied dark nexions of the Order and their family wherever possible as a proud sector of the Kollective – extending respect to those who earn or deserve it, irrespective of creed.

The Mythos of the Order is still held by us to be the best of the existing systems for Satanic practice – yet we encourage and work with forms of every and all description to extract the blood of life from all of them.

Branching out over the course of six years to autonomously reflect our own unique collection of views and approaches reflecting a huge range of diversity within a huge range of fields including Sorcery and the Sinister – Our work involving the research and increased understanding of the origins of the myths, stories and form from which the great cultures and religions of the world have drawn and distorted what was through our study by literature, travel, sorcery, requires and welcome others destined to be One of THEM to the fold. Whether they be scholars, magicians, historians, translators, or simply attuned to the matters with which THEM concerns itself;- we are searching for those with skills, resources and an appropriate attitude to work with us.

So long as you are dedicated to the same quest to unearth the true nature of the dark gods/ancient ones [and the very secrets of the mythos, mind and self] by untangling the occult distortions made popular – with the ultimate aim of providing an antidote against the Magi – we welcome your application to our private forum by those interested in joining us in our research and “trans-satanic” endeavours.

The inner face-to-face Temple of THEM is closed to outsiders and relies heavily on forces of intution and synchronicity to find and invite those interested in joining us. However, dedicated individuals who are willing to take a vow of loyalty and respect to the Temple and its members; who possess a certain command of the self; who understand our Work intuitively; or who show the discipline, determination, maturity, resourcefulness, self-propulsion and integrity requisite of our Temple’s members – may find the doors opened to this Temple.

In short – the Members of THEM choose themselves.

If the Fire burns within you – the Temple of THEM may be your Home.

It’s up to you to prove it.

[See the ‘Join Us’ section for more details.]






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