Secrets of Holochrist

This temple article deconstructs Holochrist. If you have not read it – reading this may injure your experience with it.

The cover features the faked second coming of Christ as a hologram and the secretive security installation Pine Gap located at 1000 Hatt Rd, NT, Australia. Holochrist (H) was written (in 2013) to explore the means to interrupt the Magian Narrative. The most common theme in movies today is the overarching ideal of a saviour or that all can be saved, or saved at the last-minute by a miracle. Not so in H. There is also a laborious building of individual characters in story-telling, whereby in real life what happens is less humano-centric and bounces of people far and wide that have no connection to one another and this was explored as a means to tell a story through dis-connected characters who rarely got time to develop as it was not about them. The original artwork for H was to be a naked Jesus being strangled by four arms on a cross, dripping semen onto crystalline plates below in front of which a cloaked figure smashed porcelain masks of the Popes face underfoot. A black sun rose from behind and a row of tall-hatted Catholic Imperators lined either side. The image was half-drawn by an artist working on Threshold but when we revealed what the full image was, she refused to draw it, thinking of the damage to her career. So what we had kept for Threshold (and many edits were made) instead of Holochrist was again put out to pasture. (This is my own gudeline sketch)


But in witnessing the rise in technological advancements, the air under the feet of the Superpower that was in dire need of an enemy that was not localized (Their need to have an enemy that can become anyone/anything has been building, from witches, to slaves, to communists, to terrorists it has gotten larger and wide-scoped – and we suspect, leads to an announcement of extraterrestrial aliens, the ultimate scapegoat) – and the unusual increase of sightings of strange phenomena led THEM to suspect some form of staged alien presence might become part of the Narrative, much further down the track when our generation has succumbed to old age, the current generation have been trained with the new tech, and the new generation is disconnected from the seeds being planted now, in what would be their past.  Following this, they might also try to fake a second coming of Christ, and here is where Holochrist aimed to jump in and suggest the idea before they might  to ruin the surprise element if it exists or might exist. It also dealt with a variety of other things: in itself holding one of THEM’s more important texts on the concept of White and Black Time.

Chapter 2.

The absolute cowardice of the Pope is exalted, and a saviour is found wanting. This book was written to try and break the normal patterns of behaviour and narrative that stories follow in as many ways as possible. The underlying subtext is intended to be Satanic.

In the words of the late Andrew Chumbley – ‘mistake not this book for the words on its pages.’

——————- S Y N O P S I S

Area 1 – Lake Orion Blue

A large highly-technological fortress underground the Navajo desert (ala Pine Gap) where developmental psi-weapons are housed; Lake Orion Blue is the innocuous name of a classified facility where a holographic projector constructed to fake the second coming of Christ is held. The projector utilizes a special matter-densifier that excites and heats atoms that will cause a corporeal Christ-like Image to descend from the sky just outside of New York and walk upon water prior to delivering a short instruction to his children. The projector is programmed to self-initiate during a a rare celestial phenomenon of a combined meteor shower and a complete solar eclipse when the earth is plunged into blackness. Our character makes his way through a number of security protocols to where the weapon is being tested and engages in a discussion of HAARP and Star Wars with the head weapon tester. During the end of the discussion we discover that Lake Orion Blue is so well insulated from outside communications that our character has no idea the Lake entrance has been sealed following the weapon being tested three hours ago triggering the Christian believers of America into a nation-wide incendiary armageddon. Around the Messiah a massive crowd stumbles and pushes staring in awe and as it begins to speak, they fall into complete silence. The opening message is simple:

My Children. God is Here.”

Chapter 2 – Repent.

New York, Tokyo, Paris, Sydney, Moscow and other major cities across the globe are plunged into chaotic disarray as their citizens are spellbound by the messages being uttered by the Christ-like figure. Vatican city is swamped with millions – thousands are crushed underfoot and mashed against the awesome gates of the City – straining and buckling under the pressure of the massive mob swell all hurrying toward the tolling bells of the St Paul Cathedral said to be rung only to announce the second coming of Christ. Across the nation of America miracles are seen – hundreds of thousands of flashes of Angels, Cherubs, Saints, the Virgin Mary, Lights Rays and Beautiful visions appear on the land and in the sky turning the pious into rabid foaming pulpits and town criers are thick on the streets reciting the gospels. Reporters shelter in buildings, under bridges, or strain their vocal chords shouting over the top of a deafening cacophony of cited religious scripture.

[Later as the visions change from beautiful to dark and terrifyingly disturbing the reporters will be set upon and torn to pieces…]

Chapter 3 – Reality Sucks

Our character stands transfixed by the tv reports on a wall of televisions showing reports of the world-wide-net internet crashing, the streets awash with the blood and trampled carcasses of hundreds of thousands of victims of the rampaging, terrified human mass as the holographic visions of creatures and angels unleash the fantasy psychosis of hundreds more thousands of religious fanatics and zealots. In a mass migration, Christian Americans begin to move toward New York to see Christ; causing bridges to collapse under the sheer weight of transport, when those are all destroyed, the rivers are filled with the thrashing frenzy of wide-eyed swimmers. Petrol shortages and the tsunami of looting and purchase of food sparks off horrific acts of violence in some, humantarianism in others. Sectarians like the KKK organize buses trucks tractors for the mecca; each sect mobilizing their own and anyone else in earshot with the wild shouts of their group beliefs. They join efforts with the army and national guard, offering weapons to US soldiers. Elsewhere gangs and police wage open warfare with AK47’s, and other illegally stockpiled weapons saved for when the shit hits the fan. Others stand where they first saw the image of Christ on the Tv, rendered paralyzed from the shock, easy targets for parasites and social scum. Across the globe airways are jammed, planes grounded from the weight of passengers, terminals in absolute chaos. The three million units of the US army are called home, ordered to abandon their stations and get to America –special transports and air craft carriers organized to carry them home are manned with machine guns, gas, electrical and psi weaponry – previously believed not to exist. Robotic sentries identify the soldiers by eye scan leading to the gruesome death of not a few – while other robots are set up on the roads using red light tech to act as sentries but quickly run out of the thousand rounds of ammunition supplied for them as the human cavalcades march upon them determined to get to one of the heavily guarded transports. Pulse weapons that cause blinding pain lay low those who get too near; burst the eardrums of those who refuse to retreat. Helicopters smash into one another in fiery explosions and screaming black smoke as the skies fill with giant Chinooks and Black Hawks racing to army bases both public and secret to extract army personnel. Daring raids are made by opportunists on Fort Knox, World Banks, the National Mint.

Chapter 4 – Invitriol.

Herein the holo-christ (a man bathed in a brilliant light) has become shielded by an artificial crater of prostrate worshippers two miles thick. A potentially lethal but invisible psychic pain barrier 100m around the Christ-figure prevents anyone from getting too close. The attempts of Priests and Clergy to address the Messiah are drowned out by the deafening roar of the prayers of the enormous crowd; cracking the concrete on which they stand from the immense volume. In the sky above helicopters, jets, even hangliders, circle. Only one voice can be clearly heard; that of the holo-messiah whose messages speak of belief, of faith, of love and of God’s Will. God’s Work. God’s Word. God’s Way. Outraged and vocal skeptics across the nation swing from a rope, are torn to pieces, bludgeoned to death, screamed at and crushed by furious mobs surging upon them, burned on pyres, or stoned to death. Reports of Libraries being set on fire and books other than the bible being torn to pieces and destroyed come in. Pagans and Goths dressed in black and adorned with occult symbols are chased, beaten, and murdered in droves by raging zealots. Around the Nation parts of America descend into chaos. Prisons are stormed by huge Christian mobs screaming for the death sentence of pedophiles, rapists, killers demanding they be brought out to face justice. Some prison guards lock the prisoners in their cells, barricade the prison gates and fire against the mobs, others rush their former prison colleagues and hasten to hand the prison and prisoners over to the mercilesness of the surging crowds. Isolated pockets of psychic disruption due to visions and sightings of incredible creatures erupt nation-wide – police can only stand idly by while the sea of harmless cases babble past.

Messiah speaks on – while our character open-mouthed stares at the screen. Behind him a group of scientists and project engineers lose all complacency and giggle and point at the outcome of the weapon like schoolchildren, alternately gasping with shock and disbelief at the depths and diversity, horror and incredulous destruction as the United States implodes. This is all began with computer games says one of the Scientists. Aliens were the prototype that prepared the way. We got it to the stage where you couldn’t tell if something was computer generated or real – 78 percent of Americans believed that the President gave them a speech from the white house lawn in September of 2012 – but that wasn’t the president. That was us.

Chapter 5 – Endymion

[The name of a missile] The mass migration of Christian believers continues to build while all manner of shit goes down. To convince the believers and the skeptics, the holo-christ performs miracles. On the tail of blocking out the sun with its arrival – The second miracle is a rain of blood centralized around the messiah for some miles using the matter-densifier [or a HAARP type wepaon?] to create the sensation and texture of wetness, the ‘blood’ contains a specialized-weaponized hallucinogen – including truth serum and lsd. [The potent chemical has been pumped through the water supplies of most major cities.]

Following Saturation of some 2 million of the gathered Americans the holochrist indicates that the time of a great war is near.

The holochrist indicates that those who are pure will go with God – those who are impure, with the Devil. He gives a speech exhorting the gathered believers to go forth and cleanse the Devil from America.

[The speech is translated by all gathered, privately, psychically – in their own language. It is the unique effect and nullity of experience with anything prior to them of these and other such terrifying technologies employed in the holochrist that convince others of the genuineness of the Coming.]

We find out later that the world is divided into two technologically-based time zones by those behind Lake Orion Blue; Black Time and White Time. White Time is characterized by an artificially restricted level of technology available for the use of the general global populace – wherein the populace is led to believe it is moving through time at the same speed as everyone else with technological progression marking the advance. Black Time is the secret gap between White Time technology where superlative advances and developments in technology by the military, security ops, and secret black operations such as the ‘We Trust’ [In Gold We Trust] clandestinely develop weapons and technologies light-years [some 40 years ahead] ahead of generally available tech. According to a character to be developed later on, a conspiracy guru perhaps – this discrepancy is referred to as ‘The Veil’ and explains the sightings and technology of UFO’s – while the Second Coming hologram may finally explain the reason for the UFO’s themselves. A party to the We Trust explains how the Vatican supplied the US with a wealth of documentation and records kept for centuries* in their secret archives of known and supressed inventors, alchemists, such as Da Vinci – enabling extraordinary leaps forward in the development of the microwave, microchip, fibre optics, cd’s, and other frightening weapons conceived by some of the greatest and illumined minds of the human race.

*[in many cases the writings, cuneiform, metalwork, inventions, are thousands of years old from civilizations long wiped off the maps and kept dark in human history. It is from the wake of suppressing knowledge of the existence of certain technologies and inventions, knowledge and advanced technology many times amplified in sophistication in comparison to the present day that the necessity for White Time emerged. The brilliance of what had come before would forever be shrouded by the keepers of Light; who kept guard over the release of anything that could significantly illumine humanity. An artificial world history giving the impression that we had evolved slowly from clumsy simians into the species we are today ingrained an artificial sense of time and our connection it with it. But for aeons the Movers have kept Time’s edge from us – forcing us back from the wonders unveiled by its march and chained to the darkness of illusions.]

The holo-christ, speaks of Judgement and Final Days as it was written by those scribes to whom God spoke. The ingrained ethos of Christian America reaches its highest deepest psychic fantasy, for some an ecstasy too much to handle sanely; standing before them on water, the product of their dreams, their prayers, their reason for two thousand years of tradition and faith; is Christ. After again telling them that a Great War is coming he urges them to “conceal themselves from the wrath of God” – to hide under the ground and to await his Voice.

[Return to scientists who wrote the messages [or perhaps subtle suggestion of two soldiers performing some seemingly banal duty but l arming Endemyion in the prelude to total nuclear annihilation]; and who speaks of the grants given fifteen years earlier to all American families following a nuclear scare with Indonesia wherein four armed submarines surfaced 4 miles from Manhattan in a bid to force the US to lift its trading embargoes on Indonesia put in place because of its naval attack on Australia. The grant was for families across america to build fallout shelters in the event of a nuclear war. Many millions, fearful of the memory of the threat of nuclear war, did just that. Survivalist camps opened in record numbers, guns ran out of stock for the first time in American history since the civil war due to the immense stockpiles people amassed, and a special law exempting farms ‘Cashes Law’ [named after the USS Cash which was destroyed defending America from the Indonesian submarines] from tax was passed through Congress. ]

To canalize the energies of the captive and zealous audience – the flashes of Angels, Saints, and the Virgin Mary intensify, new creatures, twisted, dark and terrifying are seen joining them; Demons, Hateful Spirits, Two-headed Dragons, and shambling Abominations. The secret surreal fears of hundreds of thousands of people, the result of robotic neurophones ingested via staple foods, and designed to seek out and implant themselves in amongst the neural transmitters where they intercept electrical impulses, and send the data to a centralized logging system; manifest on Earth; the single-most disturbing hurtful terrifying images extracted from the vault of the collective unconscious are given shape and flesh. The psi-terrors help force people underground.

12 hours after giving this message the United States of America launches the entire arsenal of its Nuclear Weapons with a primary section of the total aimed at China. The noise of tearing sky fills the skulls of those unlucky enough to still be outside with blood as fragile eardrums explode from the decibel level of 50,000 nuclear rockets, bombs, and ICBM’s simultaneously launching from their respective secret bases as the Military throws off its hood and reveals the hideous array of glittering secrets it has amassed. Television, Radio, Satellites, are for the most part knocked out or completely obliterated. All those underground who survive the terrific noise know of the War is the immensely violent shaking of the surrounding earth and rock as the Developed Nations of the World retaliate. The destruction is vast and final, the earth shudders for a full 78 hours as humanity bombs itself into oblivion. The dying scream of Earth goes unnoticed by the Universe.

Chapter 6 – Catharsis

Eight days later.

A character has managed to survive the holocaust but is not in fact a Christian or believer in the holochrist. He is keeping a secret journal of the events and pretending to be one of “The Faithful” to stay alive. He reads a bible daily to acquaint himself with the tools needed to carry on his façade and avoid detection.

The surviving Christian factions “The Faithful” have forged their own laws and way of life in their new underground prisons. Very much strictly biblical based and to the word of the Bible to the letter, life is draconian and ruled by Arch Deacons and a new Inquisition. Those who break the law suffer stone-age tortures and execution as given in the Bible and those who are excommunicated from the Faithful are forced out into the holocaust of fallout and radiation above ground. In the wake of total destruction being cast out from the protection of the underground shelters means certain death.

Perhaps this particular faction of the Faithful are based underground in New York and have begun excavating some of the tunnels in the belief that the subway tunnels lie near by, wherein they hope to find food trapped in the vending machines and underground shops. The first of the faithful to emerge into the subway are horrified to discover the true extent of human desperation when they stumble across the remains of eaten bodies. [Later it will become apparent that roving gangs of cannibals (and even people appearing sweet and in need of shelter and help such as a mother and her little girl have become cannibals) are stalking the ruined city drinking blood from those they can find who are too weak to fend them off. For the insane ferocity of the nation-wide raging inferno has evaporated much of America’s water. Even the water-levels of the world have dropped, which our characters may see if they venture to the beach or bay and see the oceans devastated, blue oily blackened and charred water that resembles coal. Many coast lines will be devoid of water and a significant walk out onto the smoking glassy fused rock (once sand) is necessary to get anywhere near the remaining water. But first the glass must cool, much of it is molten.

In his journal, he writes ‘The shaking has finally stopped. Some of my teeth have cracked from clenching them so hard while the world shook. Now the screaming of the bombs is gone – its eerily silent. I don’t know what has happened up above but from the sound of it the Devil was here. I can only assume that like me, others have survived, but if the rest of the world has been destroyed; if America has achieved its goal and won – what happens now? Where can what remains of humanity possibly go from here?


Chapter 7 –

Our character lives underground with the Faithful for the next eight years in ‘Paradise’ and witnesses many cruel punishments meted out by the ultra-puritan Faithful.

  1. he befriends someone who informs him of other groups outside ‘Paradise’ whose laws are not so draconian (grass is greener) and makes a daring escape with them to join the new group.

  2. suspicion falls upon him as time passes and he makes plans to escape either out into the holocaust or into the subway. He is captured in the midst of a daring escape and cast out into the holocaust where he dies?

Chapter 8

The story continues through the character of one of the Inquisitors?

The holo-christ sends messages to the underground factions mobilizing them for a war against any survivors from the Middle East and then onward into the area of China. Govt discussion ensures about the futility of the US trying to take China and the rest of the World with limited army supplies and men, and the overwhelming odds of the billion or so soldiers stationed in China alone makes wining a war of attrition impossible. Maybe intelligence has been received indicating China was making a move to declare war and this was the final solution. The US proceeds to equal the playing field by annihilating the difference – making sure they keep a large and ultra-patriotic section of their population underground and out of the way of the holocaust until such time they can return to the surface and scour the earth for survivors and resources. Return to Lake Orion Blue periodically to see the govt’s agenda unfolding. A character in LOB tries to stop the project but discovers that everyone in LOB was born there, indoctrinated into the organization and its beliefs – a mirror of the ultra-patriots comprised of the Faithful.

[Alternate: a military person ultimately opposed to what was going on and smuggled radiation suits, vehicles, and other equipment to others in respective shelters. Maybe he has the technology to interfere with the frequency of the holochrist and transmit a separate frequency of his own – thus reaching some of the members of the underground bases. Thus there would be a secondary war, a moral war, fought between the survivors of the Holocaust – despite the best efforts and the best technology ever conceived human nature runs its course of divergence of opinion, regardless.

[Some of the synopsis was followed – the end sections were abandoned in favour of making Holochrist a device/artifact more than a story-telling book]

[There is also a cross-over from an Insight Role as Krist Hollow – aka Hollow Krist that feeds into the story behind this form, a particularly difficult role for its aim but nontheless completed and evolved from and into.]