A Shift in Balance

In an almost historic turnabout – Cardinal George Pell, currently residing at the Vatican, and the third most senior member of its clergy, has been formally charged with historical child sex offenses relating to numerous abuses during his time as a ward of Ballarat Church including personal involvement in Sexual Assault of Minors.  Those who suffered under this dark umbrella of hush-ups numbered in the dozens, many of whom went on to kill themselves or endure a ruined life due to the abuse which has left Ballarat with a dark history that has never been formally acknowledged by the Church – and even sought to punish the victims even more for speaking out.  Pell is likely to be charged for engaging in sexual assault of minors, and knowingly neglecting to prevent these abuses even after they were reported to him on many occasions and for covering up the allegations and protecting those reported. It is not difficult to surmise that this protection led to his being appointed by the Catholic Church to such a senior position.

Once, and largely still, untouchable by the Law or held accountable for its disgusting legacy of child abuse, rape, humiliation and the utter shredding of human decency, trust and worth – it is a grim pleasantry to see at least one of these monsters pulled down from their pedestal. May this trend continue, unravel the thousands of dirty threads that form its tapestry and the Papacy exposed, dismantled and disintegrated once and for all. May their scourge of the human race come to an end in our time.



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