A Shift in Balance

In an almost historic turnabout – Cardinal George Pell, currently residing at the Vatican, and the third most senior member of its clergy, has been formally charged with historical child sex offenses relating to numerous abuses during his time as a ward of Ballarat Church including personal involvement in Sexual Assault of Minors.  Those who suffered under this dark umbrella of hush-ups numbered in the dozens, many of whom went on to kill themselves or endure a ruined life due to the abuse which has left Ballarat with a dark history that has never been formally acknowledged by the Church – and even sought to punish the victims even more for speaking out.  Pell is likely to be charged for engaging in sexual assault of minors, and knowingly neglecting to prevent these abuses even after they were reported to him on many occasions and for covering up the allegations and protecting those reported. It is not difficult to surmise that this protection led to his being appointed by the Catholic Church to such a senior position.

Once, and largely still, untouchable by the Law or held accountable for its disgusting legacy of child abuse, rape, humiliation and the utter shredding of human decency, trust and worth – it is a grim pleasantry to see at least one of these monsters pulled down from their pedestal. May this trend continue, unravel the thousands of dirty threads that form its tapestry and the Papacy exposed, dismantled and disintegrated once and for all. May their scourge of the human race come to an end in our time.



Secrets of Holochrist

This temple article deconstructs Holochrist. If you have not read it – reading this may injure your experience with it.

The cover features the faked second coming of Christ as a hologram and the secretive security installation Pine Gap located at 1000 Hatt Rd, NT, Australia. Holochrist (H) was written (in 2013) to explore the means to interrupt the Magian Narrative. The most common theme in movies today is the overarching ideal of a saviour or that all can be saved, or saved at the last-minute by a miracle. Not so in H. There is also a laborious building of individual characters in story-telling, whereby in real life what happens is less humano-centric and bounces of people far and wide that have no connection to one another and this was explored as a means to tell a story through dis-connected characters who rarely got time to develop as it was not about them. The original artwork for H was to be a naked Jesus being strangled by four arms on a cross, dripping semen onto crystalline plates below in front of which a cloaked figure smashed porcelain masks of the Popes face underfoot. A black sun rose from behind and a row of tall-hatted Catholic Imperators lined either side. The image was half-drawn by an artist working on Threshold but when we revealed what the full image was, she refused to draw it, thinking of the damage to her career. So what we had kept for Threshold (and many edits were made) instead of Holochrist was again put out to pasture. (This is my own gudeline sketch)


But in witnessing the rise in technological advancements, the air under the feet of the Superpower that was in dire need of an enemy that was not localized (Their need to have an enemy that can become anyone/anything has been building, from witches, to slaves, to communists, to terrorists it has gotten larger and wide-scoped – and we suspect, leads to an announcement of extraterrestrial aliens, the ultimate scapegoat) – and the unusual increase of sightings of strange phenomena led THEM to suspect some form of staged alien presence might become part of the Narrative, much further down the track when our generation has succumbed to old age, the current generation have been trained with the new tech, and the new generation is disconnected from the seeds being planted now, in what would be their past.  Following this, they might also try to fake a second coming of Christ, and here is where Holochrist aimed to jump in and suggest the idea before they might  to ruin the surprise element if it exists or might exist. It also dealt with a variety of other things: in itself holding one of THEM’s more important texts on the concept of White and Black Time.

Chapter 2.


The absolute cowardice of the Pope is exalted, and a saviour is found wanting. This book was written to try and break the normal patterns of behaviour and narrative that stories follow in as many ways as possible. The underlying subtext is intended to be Satanic.

In the words of the late Andrew Chumbley – ‘mistake not this book for the words on its pages.’

——————- S Y N O P S I S

Area 1 – Lake Orion Blue

A large highly-technological fortress underground the Navajo desert (ala Pine Gap) where developmental psi-weapons are housed; Lake Orion Blue is the innocuous name of a classified facility where a holographic projector constructed to fake the second coming of Christ is held. The projector utilizes a special matter-densifier that excites and heats atoms that will cause a corporeal Christ-like Image to descend from the sky just outside of New York and walk upon water prior to delivering a short instruction to his children. The projector is programmed to self-initiate during a a rare celestial phenomenon of a combined meteor shower and a complete solar eclipse when the earth is plunged into blackness. Our character makes his way through a number of security protocols to where the weapon is being tested and engages in a discussion of HAARP and Star Wars with the head weapon tester. During the end of the discussion we discover that Lake Orion Blue is so well insulated from outside communications that our character has no idea the Lake entrance has been sealed following the weapon being tested three hours ago triggering the Christian believers of America into a nation-wide incendiary armageddon. Around the Messiah a massive crowd stumbles and pushes staring in awe and as it begins to speak, they fall into complete silence. The opening message is simple:

My Children. God is Here.”

Chapter 2 – Repent.

New York, Tokyo, Paris, Sydney, Moscow and other major cities across the globe are plunged into chaotic disarray as their citizens are spellbound by the messages being uttered by the Christ-like figure. Vatican city is swamped with millions – thousands are crushed underfoot and mashed against the awesome gates of the City – straining and buckling under the pressure of the massive mob swell all hurrying toward the tolling bells of the St Paul Cathedral said to be rung only to announce the second coming of Christ. Across the nation of America miracles are seen – hundreds of thousands of flashes of Angels, Cherubs, Saints, the Virgin Mary, Lights Rays and Beautiful visions appear on the land and in the sky turning the pious into rabid foaming pulpits and town criers are thick on the streets reciting the gospels. Reporters shelter in buildings, under bridges, or strain their vocal chords shouting over the top of a deafening cacophony of cited religious scripture.

[Later as the visions change from beautiful to dark and terrifyingly disturbing the reporters will be set upon and torn to pieces…]

Chapter 3 – Reality Sucks

Our character stands transfixed by the tv reports on a wall of televisions showing reports of the world-wide-net internet crashing, the streets awash with the blood and trampled carcasses of hundreds of thousands of victims of the rampaging, terrified human mass as the holographic visions of creatures and angels unleash the fantasy psychosis of hundreds more thousands of religious fanatics and zealots. In a mass migration, Christian Americans begin to move toward New York to see Christ; causing bridges to collapse under the sheer weight of transport, when those are all destroyed, the rivers are filled with the thrashing frenzy of wide-eyed swimmers. Petrol shortages and the tsunami of looting and purchase of food sparks off horrific acts of violence in some, humantarianism in others. Sectarians like the KKK organize buses trucks tractors for the mecca; each sect mobilizing their own and anyone else in earshot with the wild shouts of their group beliefs. They join efforts with the army and national guard, offering weapons to US soldiers. Elsewhere gangs and police wage open warfare with AK47’s, and other illegally stockpiled weapons saved for when the shit hits the fan. Others stand where they first saw the image of Christ on the Tv, rendered paralyzed from the shock, easy targets for parasites and social scum. Across the globe airways are jammed, planes grounded from the weight of passengers, terminals in absolute chaos. The three million units of the US army are called home, ordered to abandon their stations and get to America –special transports and air craft carriers organized to carry them home are manned with machine guns, gas, electrical and psi weaponry – previously believed not to exist. Robotic sentries identify the soldiers by eye scan leading to the gruesome death of not a few – while other robots are set up on the roads using red light tech to act as sentries but quickly run out of the thousand rounds of ammunition supplied for them as the human cavalcades march upon them determined to get to one of the heavily guarded transports. Pulse weapons that cause blinding pain lay low those who get too near; burst the eardrums of those who refuse to retreat. Helicopters smash into one another in fiery explosions and screaming black smoke as the skies fill with giant Chinooks and Black Hawks racing to army bases both public and secret to extract army personnel. Daring raids are made by opportunists on Fort Knox, World Banks, the National Mint.

Chapter 4 – Invitriol.

Herein the holo-christ (a man bathed in a brilliant light) has become shielded by an artificial crater of prostrate worshippers two miles thick. A potentially lethal but invisible psychic pain barrier 100m around the Christ-figure prevents anyone from getting too close. The attempts of Priests and Clergy to address the Messiah are drowned out by the deafening roar of the prayers of the enormous crowd; cracking the concrete on which they stand from the immense volume. In the sky above helicopters, jets, even hangliders, circle. Only one voice can be clearly heard; that of the holo-messiah whose messages speak of belief, of faith, of love and of God’s Will. God’s Work. God’s Word. God’s Way. Outraged and vocal skeptics across the nation swing from a rope, are torn to pieces, bludgeoned to death, screamed at and crushed by furious mobs surging upon them, burned on pyres, or stoned to death. Reports of Libraries being set on fire and books other than the bible being torn to pieces and destroyed come in. Pagans and Goths dressed in black and adorned with occult symbols are chased, beaten, and murdered in droves by raging zealots. Around the Nation parts of America descend into chaos. Prisons are stormed by huge Christian mobs screaming for the death sentence of pedophiles, rapists, killers demanding they be brought out to face justice. Some prison guards lock the prisoners in their cells, barricade the prison gates and fire against the mobs, others rush their former prison colleagues and hasten to hand the prison and prisoners over to the mercilesness of the surging crowds. Isolated pockets of psychic disruption due to visions and sightings of incredible creatures erupt nation-wide – police can only stand idly by while the sea of harmless cases babble past.

Messiah speaks on – while our character open-mouthed stares at the screen. Behind him a group of scientists and project engineers lose all complacency and giggle and point at the outcome of the weapon like schoolchildren, alternately gasping with shock and disbelief at the depths and diversity, horror and incredulous destruction as the United States implodes. This is all began with computer games says one of the Scientists. Aliens were the prototype that prepared the way. We got it to the stage where you couldn’t tell if something was computer generated or real – 78 percent of Americans believed that the President gave them a speech from the white house lawn in September of 2012 – but that wasn’t the president. That was us.

Chapter 5 – Endymion

[The name of a missile] The mass migration of Christian believers continues to build while all manner of shit goes down. To convince the believers and the skeptics, the holo-christ performs miracles. On the tail of blocking out the sun with its arrival – The second miracle is a rain of blood centralized around the messiah for some miles using the matter-densifier [or a HAARP type wepaon?] to create the sensation and texture of wetness, the ‘blood’ contains a specialized-weaponized hallucinogen – including truth serum and lsd. [The potent chemical has been pumped through the water supplies of most major cities.]

Following Saturation of some 2 million of the gathered Americans the holochrist indicates that the time of a great war is near.

The holochrist indicates that those who are pure will go with God – those who are impure, with the Devil. He gives a speech exhorting the gathered believers to go forth and cleanse the Devil from America.

[The speech is translated by all gathered, privately, psychically – in their own language. It is the unique effect and nullity of experience with anything prior to them of these and other such terrifying technologies employed in the holochrist that convince others of the genuineness of the Coming.]

We find out later that the world is divided into two technologically-based time zones by those behind Lake Orion Blue; Black Time and White Time. White Time is characterized by an artificially restricted level of technology available for the use of the general global populace – wherein the populace is led to believe it is moving through time at the same speed as everyone else with technological progression marking the advance. Black Time is the secret gap between White Time technology where superlative advances and developments in technology by the military, security ops, and secret black operations such as the ‘We Trust’ [In Gold We Trust] clandestinely develop weapons and technologies light-years [some 40 years ahead] ahead of generally available tech. According to a character to be developed later on, a conspiracy guru perhaps – this discrepancy is referred to as ‘The Veil’ and explains the sightings and technology of UFO’s – while the Second Coming hologram may finally explain the reason for the UFO’s themselves. A party to the We Trust explains how the Vatican supplied the US with a wealth of documentation and records kept for centuries* in their secret archives of known and supressed inventors, alchemists, such as Da Vinci – enabling extraordinary leaps forward in the development of the microwave, microchip, fibre optics, cd’s, and other frightening weapons conceived by some of the greatest and illumined minds of the human race.

*[in many cases the writings, cuneiform, metalwork, inventions, are thousands of years old from civilizations long wiped off the maps and kept dark in human history. It is from the wake of suppressing knowledge of the existence of certain technologies and inventions, knowledge and advanced technology many times amplified in sophistication in comparison to the present day that the necessity for White Time emerged. The brilliance of what had come before would forever be shrouded by the keepers of Light; who kept guard over the release of anything that could significantly illumine humanity. An artificial world history giving the impression that we had evolved slowly from clumsy simians into the species we are today ingrained an artificial sense of time and our connection it with it. But for aeons the Movers have kept Time’s edge from us – forcing us back from the wonders unveiled by its march and chained to the darkness of illusions.]

The holo-christ, speaks of Judgement and Final Days as it was written by those scribes to whom God spoke. The ingrained ethos of Christian America reaches its highest deepest psychic fantasy, for some an ecstasy too much to handle sanely; standing before them on water, the product of their dreams, their prayers, their reason for two thousand years of tradition and faith; is Christ. After again telling them that a Great War is coming he urges them to “conceal themselves from the wrath of God” – to hide under the ground and to await his Voice.

[Return to scientists who wrote the messages [or perhaps subtle suggestion of two soldiers performing some seemingly banal duty but l arming Endemyion in the prelude to total nuclear annihilation]; and who speaks of the grants given fifteen years earlier to all American families following a nuclear scare with Indonesia wherein four armed submarines surfaced 4 miles from Manhattan in a bid to force the US to lift its trading embargoes on Indonesia put in place because of its naval attack on Australia. The grant was for families across america to build fallout shelters in the event of a nuclear war. Many millions, fearful of the memory of the threat of nuclear war, did just that. Survivalist camps opened in record numbers, guns ran out of stock for the first time in American history since the civil war due to the immense stockpiles people amassed, and a special law exempting farms ‘Cashes Law’ [named after the USS Cash which was destroyed defending America from the Indonesian submarines] from tax was passed through Congress. ]

To canalize the energies of the captive and zealous audience – the flashes of Angels, Saints, and the Virgin Mary intensify, new creatures, twisted, dark and terrifying are seen joining them; Demons, Hateful Spirits, Two-headed Dragons, and shambling Abominations. The secret surreal fears of hundreds of thousands of people, the result of robotic neurophones ingested via staple foods, and designed to seek out and implant themselves in amongst the neural transmitters where they intercept electrical impulses, and send the data to a centralized logging system; manifest on Earth; the single-most disturbing hurtful terrifying images extracted from the vault of the collective unconscious are given shape and flesh. The psi-terrors help force people underground.

12 hours after giving this message the United States of America launches the entire arsenal of its Nuclear Weapons with a primary section of the total aimed at China. The noise of tearing sky fills the skulls of those unlucky enough to still be outside with blood as fragile eardrums explode from the decibel level of 50,000 nuclear rockets, bombs, and ICBM’s simultaneously launching from their respective secret bases as the Military throws off its hood and reveals the hideous array of glittering secrets it has amassed. Television, Radio, Satellites, are for the most part knocked out or completely obliterated. All those underground who survive the terrific noise know of the War is the immensely violent shaking of the surrounding earth and rock as the Developed Nations of the World retaliate. The destruction is vast and final, the earth shudders for a full 78 hours as humanity bombs itself into oblivion. The dying scream of Earth goes unnoticed by the Universe.

Chapter 6 – Catharsis

Eight days later.

A character has managed to survive the holocaust but is not in fact a Christian or believer in the holochrist. He is keeping a secret journal of the events and pretending to be one of “The Faithful” to stay alive. He reads a bible daily to acquaint himself with the tools needed to carry on his façade and avoid detection.

The surviving Christian factions “The Faithful” have forged their own laws and way of life in their new underground prisons. Very much strictly biblical based and to the word of the Bible to the letter, life is draconian and ruled by Arch Deacons and a new Inquisition. Those who break the law suffer stone-age tortures and execution as given in the Bible and those who are excommunicated from the Faithful are forced out into the holocaust of fallout and radiation above ground. In the wake of total destruction being cast out from the protection of the underground shelters means certain death.

Perhaps this particular faction of the Faithful are based underground in New York and have begun excavating some of the tunnels in the belief that the subway tunnels lie near by, wherein they hope to find food trapped in the vending machines and underground shops. The first of the faithful to emerge into the subway are horrified to discover the true extent of human desperation when they stumble across the remains of eaten bodies. [Later it will become apparent that roving gangs of cannibals (and even people appearing sweet and in need of shelter and help such as a mother and her little girl have become cannibals) are stalking the ruined city drinking blood from those they can find who are too weak to fend them off. For the insane ferocity of the nation-wide raging inferno has evaporated much of America’s water. Even the water-levels of the world have dropped, which our characters may see if they venture to the beach or bay and see the oceans devastated, blue oily blackened and charred water that resembles coal. Many coast lines will be devoid of water and a significant walk out onto the smoking glassy fused rock (once sand) is necessary to get anywhere near the remaining water. But first the glass must cool, much of it is molten.

In his journal, he writes ‘The shaking has finally stopped. Some of my teeth have cracked from clenching them so hard while the world shook. Now the screaming of the bombs is gone – its eerily silent. I don’t know what has happened up above but from the sound of it the Devil was here. I can only assume that like me, others have survived, but if the rest of the world has been destroyed; if America has achieved its goal and won – what happens now? Where can what remains of humanity possibly go from here?


Chapter 7 –

Our character lives underground with the Faithful for the next eight years in ‘Paradise’ and witnesses many cruel punishments meted out by the ultra-puritan Faithful.

  1. he befriends someone who informs him of other groups outside ‘Paradise’ whose laws are not so draconian (grass is greener) and makes a daring escape with them to join the new group.

  2. suspicion falls upon him as time passes and he makes plans to escape either out into the holocaust or into the subway. He is captured in the midst of a daring escape and cast out into the holocaust where he dies?

Chapter 8

The story continues through the character of one of the Inquisitors?

The holo-christ sends messages to the underground factions mobilizing them for a war against any survivors from the Middle East and then onward into the area of China. Govt discussion ensures about the futility of the US trying to take China and the rest of the World with limited army supplies and men, and the overwhelming odds of the billion or so soldiers stationed in China alone makes wining a war of attrition impossible. Maybe intelligence has been received indicating China was making a move to declare war and this was the final solution. The US proceeds to equal the playing field by annihilating the difference – making sure they keep a large and ultra-patriotic section of their population underground and out of the way of the holocaust until such time they can return to the surface and scour the earth for survivors and resources. Return to Lake Orion Blue periodically to see the govt’s agenda unfolding. A character in LOB tries to stop the project but discovers that everyone in LOB was born there, indoctrinated into the organization and its beliefs – a mirror of the ultra-patriots comprised of the Faithful.

[Alternate: a military person ultimately opposed to what was going on and smuggled radiation suits, vehicles, and other equipment to others in respective shelters. Maybe he has the technology to interfere with the frequency of the holochrist and transmit a separate frequency of his own – thus reaching some of the members of the underground bases. Thus there would be a secondary war, a moral war, fought between the survivors of the Holocaust – despite the best efforts and the best technology ever conceived human nature runs its course of divergence of opinion, regardless.

[Some of the synopsis was followed – the end sections were abandoned in favour of making Holochrist a device/artifact more than a story-telling book]

[There is also a cross-over from an Insight Role as Krist Hollow – aka Hollow Krist that feeds into the story behind this form, a particularly difficult role for its aim but nontheless completed and evolved from and into.]

Mvimaedivm Black – #Exc.230

+O+ From the Egyptian thread: +O+ 2012

A magical current becomes dangerous when one is personally engaged therewith. It gives power to one but it demands one’s energy in exchange, so when one decides to deviate from the current one is involved in, one may expect a certain resistance on the part of that current. I do agree with you, RA, as regards the 9 angles, but as regards the Illuminates of Thanateros neither you, nor Owy have sworn any personal word of loyalty to their pact – of course, their egregore guards their stuff but the magical harm it could render to you, couldn’t be the same as that you could expect from the 9 angles therewith you have been personally involved or engaged. 

+O+ Agreed – I only give an example of a magical attack I have experienced – yet the O9’s current has been far more treacherous to my health and sanity given how attached I have been to it. My Work continues and my loyalty remains but to that which I originally swore fealty – to THEM – and not to human forces and cults who claim to own them. +O+

These matters are neither to be overestimated, nor underestimated. Moreover, the egregore of a group consisting of treacherous and untrustworthy individuals couldn’t be of great power though it could harm. 

+O+ The key tenets of this group are deviations from the O9’s egregore especially re-designed in the face of bad experiences with the O9’s current, present or expected over the course of decades of involvement. These include the elements of Sinister Solidarity, Empathy, Sympathy, Synchronicity and the Sinister – and herewith is meant the Sinister as it is in all its forms not merely the narrow bridges of Long extended from his Ivory Tower.

Despite screaming it was not til it was blue in the face, the O9 became dogmatic; a mirror-image of the Church with a Maniac High Priest, slavish Acolytes bullied into submission with the promise of secrets dangled on a stick or a selection of reprobates seeking license for depravity with the promotion of predatory practices against everyone from children to the elderly… to its own kind. Yet it, my, our journey with O9 has highlighted a great many important factors that have shaped this Temple and its attitude and direction, toward each other, toward others, toward the Work.

Of course – this is only my opinion based on how I see it. We do differ, from the forerunners of Satanism and from the contemporary styles, temples, groups and orders through hard work and diligence we have been able to cohere a space for our Selves that is conducive to free trade of ideas and conversation but without internecine struggles. I believe this, is possible, due to our group formation, and that by who makes up the Temple we have managed to avoid hubris this far by being there for each other to talk sense, discuss options, talk freely, remind, reflect or steer one another away from the rocks.

Rocks such as power going to ones head, internal strife, schisms, personal tragedy, mistrust, making war, losing our way, forgetting where we came from, arrogance, anger, fear, betrayal amid a sea of others have been so far successfully navigated around to keep this Temple intact. It has attained and kept an integrity about itself for the way it conducts it affairs internally and externally and has garnered support across the globe from many corners and its written works have spread far and wide. This is not just from all our hard work on Ourselves and our desire to reach beyond the traditional way of being human and going about our business as Undividuals – but perhaps a reward for doing a will of the Cosmos. By listening to the Forces of THEM we have been riding a wave of synchronicity where our experiments and explorations are leading us further out into the deep black sea of the Unknown – where we can magically submerge our individual lives into the aether, into the abyss, and deep into the consciousness of a great number of people as we Change things. We began/begin with ourselves and for that THEY seem grateful – more willing to impart their secrets and the genius geometry of the world. That we also have a limited charter of time to be the Temple of THEM is deliberate – 24 years from now we should bow out gracefully and let the Temple such as it was dissolve – for its form is temporary, whiles its voice endures forever, to be resurrected as others Remember in their lifetimes that connexion we have begun to rebuild a bridge too. 24 years from now we will look back on our achievements perhaps as the young illuminati I have on occasion envisioned; I will be 58.

There are things we simply cannot force; things beyond our control until we attain certain positions or powers; but we needn’t exhaust ourselves and our lives trying to make some New World Order of Sorcery happen; we are voices of the a-causal – it speaks through us and to us; and if it is meant to be; synchronicity will show us the way. What really matters is that, plainly put, we are good to each other and rise together. The O9 drawls on about Sinister honour but has it practiced it? No. It has systematically driven away all of its friends and those who cared for it or contributed to it with its hostile arrogance and rudeness. The Temple of THEM may have sprung from the O9 but it was more a reaction than a reflexion; twisting free since its inception, for while sometimes the bad example is a good example; there was and is more to all of us that binds us than our mere shared background in that cult. There is honour here – there is integrity – and there is a flowing with what is and a respectful presencing and intuition of what is supposed to be.

Magically – We each have our own speciality – whether form, magic, sorcery; whatever it may be we are true to our Wyrds; we all have a rare integrity and loyalty that brought us together because there was no-one else like us. And now we share a Home, and the Great Work. And while things do change, tragedies strike, entropy stalks, shit happens – no-one can take away what we’ve already done to halt the slide of thousands of people into magian mediocrity with our works, our advice and our presence.

Our group is small but we are enough. We are perhaps Enough precisely because our group is small. But we are THEM, and we are a force to be reckoned with. Let us proceed one day, one month, one year at a time, forward. +O+

On the other hand, order never has a total control over chaos – otherwise life could be impossible. The resistance of any magical current one has been involved with and decided to deviate from, is what tempers one’s will on the Left Hand Path, since the LHP is the very individual path after all. Those who write rules thereon should know that they are just trying to impose their own will on the others. If they prove strong enough to succeed in this, that’s okay, but they should never forget that sooner or later they may meet their match and get outplayed, and very often that will be some fool who cares little about their great power and wisdom. That’s the meaning of the Fool in the Tarot.

+O+ Merely by understanding such occult lessons exist and prevail we may seek to avoid the embarassment of repeating them – there appear to be very few people who actively consciously understand these laws unto themselves and the consequences of certain actions such as the destructive entrance of hubris. Most occult groups had a leader who separated themselves from the other, who ceased to listen to advice, and whose concerns were not a bridge to the conscious and unconscious to make sense thereof of the secret archetypal journey and the inner workings of the psychology, shadow, animus and forms of the world – but to sit on a throne of gold ruling within a demented psychosis, silencing advisors, opposition and themselves and leading to a less than dignified collapse.

We can only devise so many safeguards, and intuit so many possibly bad or tragic moves to make in our chess game; but I think we are doing very well six years in, with a solid foundation built and a reputation achieved. These are both hard things to create from nothing – Oto Anorha #28 was full of wishes and stressed the difficulty of making something new – but I believe such wishful even grandiose statements have been vindicated. +O+

As for the magical defence of this present issue of the Temple of Them, it’s a matter worthy to be discussed by all. I could say certain things which concern my own interests in this present issue of THEM , and if it happens that they coincide with those of other members, that would be the best. I’m aware of the fact that everybody is different and unique, as it should be, but on the other hand, I’m interested in the resemblances and similarities rather than in the differences which, as I said, are a fact, and should be a fact. 

+O+ I should like to continue pushing the formation of the Black Glyph Society and achieve an independant wealth or at least a stable income resource for each member of THEM. I think finance is not to be underestimated in our aims. +O+

Do you know the story about the eagle, the crab, and the pike who tried to draw a cart – each one in its own unique way? Of course, magic is expected to do the impossible. I’m just sharing certain thoughts and ideas. The last one of my current thoughts I would like to share without intending to be offensive to anybody here, is that I tend to be sceptical concerning the real magical efficiency of any group whose members are under their 30-ties, however intelligent they might be. There is a biological matrix which is extremely difficult to be overcome by ambitions to prove oneself only. And this concerns more the males rather than the females.

+O+ You possess that view because you have the priveledge of so much hindsight, a panorama of time and experience some of us, myself included have only achieved smaller windows into; it is singularly amazing to me to look back on my writing when I was 12, 21, 28 and today and see the vast differences in style, verbosity, grammar, ideology, conception, content, topic, passion, intensity, colour, emotion – with writings in the style of shakespeare, serial killer, playwright, poet, sceptic, believer, author, and god knows how many thousands of pages and hundreds of drawings – and yet in all of it I still spy a kernal of my Self – sometimes hidden, but enduring all, beneath the surface;- some wise old man mentality or old spirit peeking through the stupid, the naive, the child, the convictions with a knowing smile – waiting to be Me, today. And no doubt waiting to be Me, tomorrow. 10, 20, 30 years from now I suspect he will still be there, and waiting for me to catch up. Yet what is magic? If it is the ability to change events – the Temple of THEM was nothing a few years ago – not by name or nature – and now its works and words, ideas and advice are scattered across the globe in 50+ publications, and hundreds of manuscripts, posts and people. We are known and respected and our current, so different from others, has delighted and entranced many people – taught them a thing or two also – and all this, with mere forms, names, titles, pictures, words from a computer or two, carefully managed and nurtured into the Temple of THEM today – for not a few, a real place of real power. This took time, lots of it, and the assistance of many people under 30, including myself – and, yet, Ush, now 33, only now do I feel I have the experience to really write from an advantageous or experienced position. I never meant to write so many books – and I wrote them pretty young – there are things I see in those books and texts now I would dearly love to change or update – that I didn’t see before. But they have to stay the way they are – they’re snapshots of the way it was, or seemed to be. So – I both agree with you, and somewhat disagree with you on the under 30’s thing. I’m not offended by what you said – I merely think we all fought to be here, and a lot of people over 30 are as useless as any under 30. Its our individual characters that have brought us here and shaped this Temple – whether we be young or old – age shall not weary us. +O+

Now about the ideas I would like to share: About the linear historical time – the farer from the so called zero year wherein the birth of the Nazarene is supposed to have taken place, the better. That’s why my research is back to the historic Bronze Age when humanity was still free from the Magian plague. However, the premises for this fall of humanity into the Magian Aeon were present still in the end of the Bronze Age and the beginning of the Iron Age around the 1000 BCE. To say it with the terms of the Sorcery of Them, this historic passage marked the collective shift of the focus of awareness from the heart to the head. Of course, I don’t view this shift as some fall from the ideal but it was a risky shift which caused a certain disbalance when the connexion with THEM was lost, and this lose of balance was what gave rise to the subhuman Magian Aeon. 


I said the farer from the conventional zero historic year (when the CE – the common era, or the vulgar era, or the christian era began), the better, but it means as farer in the past as in the future. We look for THEM from the future as well. Now it’s 2012 CE when the Magianism isn’t the same as it was in 1012 CE when the Dark Age in Europe was in full progress, but now it tends to unify all its forms into a global system. We are looking for some alternative by thinking about new archetypes. 

+O+ The Alpha-Cynic has well and truly emerged into the world as predicted – but its in its nice infancy, prior to the next stages which are more dangerous and where people try to outdo each other in the level of absurdity… that won’t be a fun time at all… +O+

That’s nice but we are also to try simultaneously connect the non-Magian past with the non-Magian future. 

+O+ I think this could be done with our Tarot – revive Sumerian images and such, use Non-semitic imagery and ideology, winding it into a contemporary restoration of certain ideas and heresies long forgotten or destroyed – second coming of Osiris for instance… the Great Flood of Sumer that the Ark stole… cards that help people Remember and tie ancient archetypes to new ones, skipping out the period of Magian Empire and Aeon concepts altogether… +O+

What happened 2012 BCE before that zero historic point of human fall? It was the time of the Sumerian Empire of Ur III dynasty – the first and the last time when that civilization was unified, as well as the time of the Egyptian XI dynasty which unified Egypt into the Middle Kingdom. A lunar and a solar dynasty ruled the most developed civilizations of the world of that time. It was the time of deified rulers while still alive. But were these rulers really of THEM, or just willing to be of THEM to the extent of forgeting their biologic mortality? Who knew anything about biology then? Hadn’t they another knowledge of the things of life, which was still the knowledge of the heart, something the today’s scholars cannot perceive? When we see that distant epoch some 4024 years back from now through the eyes of scholars we see nothing else than greedy for power megalomaniac rulers as materialistic as the present ones but with divine pretences in addition. That’s not the correct approach for sorcerers, that’s a magically incorrect approach. 

If we are to understand were these rulers really of THEM we are to identify with them personally, not with their subordinate people as the scholars unconsciously do. For example, the materialist Marxist scholars have always been interested in how the people’s stomachs felt then, rather than in what the rulers’s hearts felt then. They search for social iniquity only in order to prove the necessity of the social entropy called communism. The bourgeois scholars don’t go much farer except to count for the individual factor – again from the present rational and consumerist point of view projected onto the past with some count for “belief systems” as well. Even the mere historic factology arranged by such people is to be questioned and re-thought since they offer the facts in the way their conditioned rationality demands. The atheist science needs to promulgate the idea that the monotheism was a higher concept than the polytheism in order to justify its own existence. And its existence is necessary not to serve any human progress except to better the systems of control and the weapons for mass killing – a tendency that started in the Iron Age yet.

We are searching for traces of THEM in the past as we are searching for signals of THEM from the future. We are interested in knowing and manipulating the archetypes of the collective unconscious to say it psychologically. We have seen that from Crowley till nowadays the contemporary Western approach to magic changes its forms only. The concepts even vary for better as far as the LHP is concerned but the world stays generally unchanged. Everything could be reduced to psychology only and the rest is a question of visualization mainly. 

In fact there is no safe organic methodology in magic except the individual luck when applying it practically. Despite of all the smart theories the keys to emotionality which does all magic remain inaccessible. However, Constantin Stanislavski who made of acting a living science has given a method which may prove more adequate for the sorcerers than the occult approach. This method is “me in the given conditions”. If one pretends to be a magician, one shouldn’t lack the imagination to put oneself in any given conditions, i.e. to give oneself certain conditions wherein to react by one’s own emotionality. One’s own emotionality in the given conditions of the role is the key to acting, not by pretending to be someone else. The given conditions of a role, however, are not to be visualized, they are to be lived, so imagination doesn’t equal visualization. 

+O+ That is how I create the images in Archetypia… it is very difficult, which is why there are only a few…. and how I mimick things. I’d like to know more about Stanislavksis method but I already have a mountain of texts I’m still reading through… so more is probably not a good idea. Anyway, I leave the floor to others to relate how they see THEM taking shape, their vision or hopes and dreams for this group, or predicting obstacles it might face. +O+

There is many a magician who pretend to be someone else during their rituals. Their all energy is wasted while pretending, with a poor effect in the end despite of their precise performance. In fact there is no response from their emotionality. Either they haven’t been themselves in their given conditions by pretending to be someone else during their ritual, or their very ritual hasn’t provided “the given conditions” of the role they wanted to play. (When I’m saying “ritual” it doesn’t necessarily means “ceremony”. A ritual could be each non-mundane act – in fact, each act dedicated to magic is non-mundane, and thus a ritual. )

Since this thread is dedicated to the Egyptian studies I will continue with Stanislavski’s method of “me in the given conditions” but in the context of the Heliopolis cosmogony…

Oto Anorha Magazine: Issues 28-34

The internal magazine of the Temple of THEM surfaced with its first public issue #28 in 2008. A new edition was published each year for six years closing with OA’s last public edition (Issue #34). The name was taken as a clandestine play on words, a dedication (to) my Grand Mistress, (Anorha).

Download the 6 Public Issues of Oto Anorha



As the idle doorways crusted shut from cultural disuse open and the knowing floods in – as experiences merge and coalesce and butterflies of gnosis alight upon the soul – an overwhelming sadness takes hold.

It is not an ordinary sorrow, but a rending of all things sacred: a triumphant reductionist declaration (folly) that nothing matters and so too my actions shall spit in the face of consequence, tempered, in the first instant. But the ecstasy fades as life endures, as all shapes churn by, harrowing black sails of might and monster, nodding nothing to the observer, no arms to greet, no destination to speak of – hollow.

Some wanderers are stopped by a change of heart, some by their own subconscious, by their guilt, by their enemies, by time, by death, by the many Leviathan.

To endure that sadness is to walk through a veil of tears in the garb of the Fool. The Beast behind the Lantern.

Repetition of the greatest trick and the subterfuge of a thief, intent on stealing back his stolen smile from gods voyeurs…

Abyss, I come for ye, and they know not. 2 2026



The Hidden Kept Hidden

The Dark Gods

I should begin first in this address of the subject to stipulate that this interpretation of the subject has no connectivity with other traditions or renditions in fiction. Instead this is a conjecture on a lateral interpretation and utilization of the medium as a methodology of self focus for introspection and as a directive medium for exploitation. Where in other instances I find it necessary to limit and quantify varied interpretations here I am saying what is from another conception as opposed to actually discontinuing interpretation. This is one aspect of what the Dark Gods can be leaving many more venues open.

That said, let us continue.

Understanding the Dark Gods

A common place of confusion in addressing the Dark Gods is quite simply the word ‘dark’. Utilization of this phrase is often found within paradigms as an aesthetic expression or as a connotation of a sinister appellation to innate powers found within nature or the individual. Very little is often conferred to said personages beyond this scope. My utilization of the word is not far divergent from the above excepting that I also address said powers in such a way as an expression of the innate hidden nature of their being.

Man is intrinsically a creature of the day. He exists within the seen and within the perceived succumbing to inactivity and rest during the nocturnal. In this way then that which is masked by darkness is metaphorically that which is hidden, or otherwise referenced as ‘occult’. To confer the title of dark to any subject is to infer a lack of common understanding as well as subject the reference to the mental manipulation of man’s visual creativity. Within the dark, within the hidden, there reside creatures and fissures of horror. Conquering the night is analogous to conquest of the hidden or the subjugation of fear through the overcoming of unseen adversity.

The Dark Gods are the things within ourselves that are often hidden because we do not want to see their faces. This thing we call a conscience, this construct rendered by society and contractual agreement in being a part of it, locks them away. Morality in and of itself is not a ‘bad’ thing. Morals are necessary if we look at them as proclivities of the individual and based on personal understanding for maintaining life within what conditions are determined as being desirous. That is living with something closer to honor though, having an established code and mandate towards action. The conscience is an alien thing and has no real place within us.

The conscience is a secondary thought process that inspires guilt or rejection of happenings. It’s hindsight with cultural ramifications. It in no way inhibits behavior or stops the individual from participating in acts that could be called ‘bad’ rather it subjugates the individual later with the burden of wrongness. Feeling wrong about something after it is done though doesn’t take it back. As an influence to right action as a medium this presence could only plausibly be successful after a life of poor choosing that would invariably burn it out.

In the end we have these notions of character that are not really of ourselves but rather constructs given to us through our lives. They are rules by which the game of life should be played identifying direction and locations along with some notion of rewards and punishments. This game has a rather small board though and it is being played on a very large table. When we look off to a side and see something of interest we are given a sting by this conscience that remembers always the rules. It is the table that is the world of the Dark Gods. They are within the casual existence and support it, but they also are outside of it representing the ‘other’ aspects of ourselves and our existence.

The Dark Gads are the things inside ourselves that we deny because we have been told they are wrong. They are the desires we have, the cravings we long for, and the drives we stifle. Having an alien construct tell us that they are wrong and give us pain in recognizing them does not remove them from our being. They will always be there in hiding, and more then capable of terrifying.

What must first be understood about this is that they are not wrong, because they are of us. They are natural and part of our being. Nothing that is of us can be ‘wrong’ in and of itself. Nature does not make mistakes. It may create in a way that we may see as failure, but it will also destroy and bury in time these matters. Only our insufficient conception of the everything is what shows us ‘failure’. This is a failure of our grasp of the aeonic or significantly long term, a modality our reason often has no capacity for.

What must be understood second is that this does not mean action. Knowing your desire and gorging yourself to satiety are two different things. Restraint and control are two words often expressed in one as ‘willpower’. Nothing is wrong in wanting; it only becomes a burden and a hindrance to our becoming through acquisition. Our desires must be channeled through our authentic morality, our ‘honor’ component and reason before being manifest within our lives. This still gives a great deal of rein on the individual in pursuit of the hideous, but honestly it is the same always before or after this statement.

Action will always be of the individual. Rules only have meaning and or consequence in regards to groups. Think of a child at play with a ball merely seeking entertainment. Now imagine two children still having only one ball. They make a game then so that one ball can sustain the two in entertainment and begin in crafting rules of play. For one there was prerogative and freedom, for two there is now limit and stricture. This is unavoidable on the exterior. Inside though there is only one voice and one being, inside we are as the child and our desires are both the ball and its use.

In seeking to know self one must know all of self. It is possible to render focus on any one aspect as it as one may see fit, but in seeking to control the whole knowing only a fraction makes it impossible. Communicating with the Dark Gods allows us to see the entirety of our being and grants us greater control while also allowing us to tap into the power of their origin within the individual. Addressing them and integrating them into the entirety removes the blockage within self that others have constructed and that we maintain. This maintenance draws on us, we hold up a burden that isn’t even ours. Ridding ourselves of it brings us back to something of our true state, our natural state, leaving us simply as potential.

When we have entered into communication with the Dark Gods we will begin to know them. In knowing them we will find ourselves in reality beginning to know ourselves. They are therefore only reference devices or abstractions to origin. Their faces and what names we give them will eventually cease to have meaning as they are integrated back into the whole. When we find ourselves closer to our natural state we will have no need for this manner of tools and deceptions.

The Dark Gods now though are hidden within us. It is because of that that we must call them gods and give them names. It is because of this that we must construct languages of symbols and ceremony to allow us to communicate with them. We must remember always though in our intimacy with them that this strategy is merely a bridge that brings us back to the beginning. Our love for them and our adoration is the masked longing for our completed self and the jealousy of their freedom of being.

+O+ 2011

+O+ The Temple of Them +O+

From 2006 to the present day, the Australian Temple of THEM has been and remains an active nexion of the Sinister.

THEM surfaced with the aim of providing a means with which to make conscious and smash the cubic prison of forms/words/concepts that encloses us via the crystallization and stagnancy of the failings of the intellect, the function of the ego and the shortcomings of humanities traditional means of perception, knowledge and understanding.

Through the various tendrils/approaches of sorcery of THEMs members, using a range of alchemical/narrative/ritual/Earth-based sorceries, we have striven to study and reveal the Angles beneath Form by attempting to collapse the (geometric/neo-metric) forms that comprise the magical incantations and trickery of the Magi. This is a notoriously difficult achievement and yet it is the first step – a prelude to a new sorcery based method of discovery being earthed by Us.

The Temple of THEM seeks to make others Remember the occult war in which we are engaged; restore a life-centred geometry over a human centred one; and to study and reveal the forces of the ancient dark ones in relation to our journey as humanity.

THEM seek to destabilize blind faith and reliance in morality, duality, credulity and to tear apart the sinews of form to reveal the gleaming bones beneath exposing the lies for what they are.

THEM seeks to undermine the Chrono-spatial and geo-spatial assertions manifested by the cult of Yahweh that intrinsically controls perception; to weaken the foundations of the supporting ideas and the pillars of automatic presumption that reinforce the perceptions of modern reality; and to deconstruct the labyrinth of forms also known as the matrix to free ourselves from the tyranny of the Magi tradition in order that the right penetrating questions regarding existence may arise outside of the distortion into the which this world has and is being plunged.

Via the Black Glyph Society THEM endorse or fund sinister related projects and resources many of which were once found freely here on the Internet but have slowly been withdrawn as THEM redirects its tentacles toward new horizons. Assorted texts, grimoires and materials can be ordered from THEMs online catalogue while they last. Having established a solid foundation of critical anlysis and enquiry via the development of our heuristic methodology over the last decade – presently archived texts and books preserve an approach of our work has now come to a temporary close having culminated in the soon to be published in a tributary boxed set of our best and key written works entitled “THRESHOLD: Black Magic & Shattered Geometry” very soon to be published by the excellent team of Fall of Man.

~ ~ ~

Having now attained the first of our primary goals; THEM have established a suitable reputation and foundation from which to implement the next stage of a strategic long-term aim. The Temple is presently engaged in an in-depth research of World Mythos from Pre-History to Present Day such as the distortion that occurred from original texts/current/ideas held/possessed by ancient cultures such as Sumer and their distortion and syncretization by Semite forces/sources that lead to the distorted cult of Yahweh/YHVH seizing power.

With its roots in Traditional Satanic practices as promulgated by the Order – THEM personifies the Way in its curious dissolution of external contradictions through its depth of understanding of forms and forces as they are or appear to be to reveal the essence of the Matrix of All.

THEM also seek to cohere and solidify the varied dark nexions of the Order and their family wherever possible as a proud sector of the Kollective – extending respect to those who earn or deserve it, irrespective of creed.

The Mythos of the Order is still held by us to be the best of the existing systems for Satanic practice – yet we encourage and work with forms of every and all description to extract the blood of life from all of them.

Branching out over the course of six years to autonomously reflect our own unique collection of views and approaches reflecting a huge range of diversity within a huge range of fields including Sorcery and the Sinister – Our work involving the research and increased understanding of the origins of the myths, stories and form from which the great cultures and religions of the world have drawn and distorted what was through our study by literature, travel, sorcery, requires and welcome others destined to be One of THEM to the fold. Whether they be scholars, magicians, historians, translators, or simply attuned to the matters with which THEM concerns itself;- we are searching for those with skills, resources and an appropriate attitude to work with us.

So long as you are dedicated to the same quest to unearth the true nature of the dark gods/ancient ones [and the very secrets of the mythos, mind and self] by untangling the occult distortions made popular – with the ultimate aim of providing an antidote against the Magi – we welcome your application to our private forum by those interested in joining us in our research and “trans-satanic” endeavours.

The inner face-to-face Temple of THEM is closed to outsiders and relies heavily on forces of intution and synchronicity to find and invite those interested in joining us. However, dedicated individuals who are willing to take a vow of loyalty and respect to the Temple and its members; who possess a certain command of the self; who understand our Work intuitively; or who show the discipline, determination, maturity, resourcefulness, self-propulsion and integrity requisite of our Temple’s members – may find the doors opened to this Temple.

In short – the Members of THEM choose themselves.

If the Fire burns within you – the Temple of THEM may be your Home.

It’s up to you to prove it.

[See the ‘Join Us’ section for more details.]






WHO, or WHAT, is Satan?

WHO or WHAT is Satan? +O+

According to THEM

Let us say for arguments sake, that, Satan, by whatever name he took be it Lucifer, Shaitan etc – was an Angel that existed as the Bible says He did.

A problem with the accounts of Satan, of Satan’s character, of Satan’s aims and the nature of His works – that I see – is that, those who tell us, of Satan – I.e. the Church – have committed every act that Satan is supposed to be governable over. I.e. His works are those that break the commandments; while Vatican City is an inglorious example of a False Idol. Of “Thou Shalt Not Kill”; there are untold Wars in the Lord’s name, the Crusades, The Inquisition. Of the Sins – Wickedness, Deception, Vainglory, Pride, Sloth, Gluttony, Envy, Avarice, Anger, Hatred, Cruelty, Evil – so many examples within the annals of the History of the Church.

So one might say – the moral corruption characteristic of Satan has infiltrated even the highest echelons of the Ecclesial Clergy. An accusation to which the Christians tend to answer by telling us Satan is more powerful than Men know. He can creep into the hearts and minds even of the pure – such is his power – and it is only in truly serving God that one overcomes temptation – and that is why Man must continue to struggle against Evil, in himself and in others. [Our reply to this chestnut was given in “Insynsian” (OA#28)]

For those who believed in Satan’s tremendous powers to corrupt – this argument would in effect excuse some of the responsibility of the actions of those members of the Church who sinned that Satan was too powerful for them to resist. In effect this meant they could not control themselves and did the terrible things they did under the command of a higher power. But now, now, they are repentant and seek to prostrate themselves before God to beg forgiveness and try to live Right, in his Name, His Glory. Etc.

Perhaps, over time, the people and generations who suffered directly from the Evil acts of Satan as perpetrated by the Clergy (and of course, others) tended to collectively take an increasingly dim view of this explanation of the Scapegoat for ‘getting away with murder’. And perhaps part of the essential spirit of what has come to be called the LHp, is the feeling that to diffuse some responsibility is to pretty much refuse all responsibility.

I’m not entirely sure how to go about finding out if ‘memes’ are created by large scale collective psychical events or the repetition of one – but perhaps a meme was built on the back of the unavenged emotions of grief and sadness at this Scapegoating, which, the Church setting the example as the Ruling Power, would doubtless have been copied as the example filtered down to an extent of the civilian populace. (Hence – the expansion of the rule and jurisdiction, appearance and power of the Devil led to the burning of “Witches”, as one small instance.)

But most of what I know of Satan – essentially comes from the Bible. The people that govern that book, guard that book – are, to my eyes, culpable of all and more of the ills they attribute to Satan. And so – I wonder about the truth of what they say, I question, I doubt, I lose faith. This version of Satan as an Angel – it could make sense if Satan is endowed the power to corrupt even the most Holy. In which case – Satan is an invisible force active in the world that perpetrates great acts of Deception and utmost Evil.

However – I digress.

In the recently posted Manuscripts ‘The Theory of the Beast II’ and to some extent ‘Ethereal Discourses’ – the fragility and fallibility of piecing together the enigmas of our existence – lie in tatters due to the irreversible damage and loss of the majority of evidence that might contradict the status quo as we know it.

One further point to add to this total appreciation of how much our consciousness is missing when it makes its assumptions based only the evidence left – is the evidence that is given to us in surviving Art. Prior to the Renaissance – the Art of humanity was not prone to be captured in what we now call ‘correct perspective’. Some of this can be seen in the wonderful medieval art. Animals, Landscapes, Buildings, for instance might be placed in the foreground but some distant object slightly overlapped that object – such as the moon – confusing the distance and perspective of all the objects. So the question remains – if we draw now what we see based on our perception – did they draw then what they saw – based on theirs? And if in sight there was such a separation of difference in perception from ours – what else might they have perceived that we did not? Did they hear differently, too? Certainly music recovered from the medieval manuscripts is markedly different to anything we know or appreciate. What link do we have visually or spatially that tie us to theirs?

When I see in documentaries the absolute opulence and artistry of the previous centuries, the gold-gild, the gold leafing, the ornate and impossibly detailed pillars and furniture’s– the likes of which are so valuable precisely because they are from an alien era which we shall in all probability never reproduce or even come close having lost so many secrets of masonry, building, architecture, joining, fitting, carving, sculpting, metallurgy, ad infinitum – but moreover having changed in consciousness and perhaps not imbued with the drive to live that way anymore – I wonder at these ghosts of our past and the way in which some of them lived. I cannot get inside the heads of these ghosts – I cannot understand why such opulence was desired nor fathom the processes by which it was achieved. The artistry in such rooms seems as though it has been there forever.

The world should have appeared rather differently if a link between our art and our perception, and their art and their perception is anything to go by.

How can we know a previous state of consciousness didn’t actually see Satan as concretely as you see what is real to you? Moreover, since we cannot get back to that state of consciousness, only surmise that it has changed from then to now from the evidence left behind, the 2 dimensions of bas relief of the Egyptians for instance were once the only dimensions in art. Height and Width. Depth did not come along until much longer for they too had a different consciousness, different limits to their perception.

If – and I’m not necessarily concluding it was – their consciousness was in fact different as perception in surviving appears to indicate – perhaps they could see Satan – and perhaps because of our perception – we see him differently – or, don’t see Him at all.

The Golden Bough” by George Frazer was a masterpiece, a real triumph of a latter-day journalist. From it – for it is quoted often – several other bright chaps seem to have pieced together the theory that monsters, gods and other creatures were (and still are) externally projected (i.e. by modern primitives) so that the landscape itself is alive with gods. If the Bough is anything to go by – for a very long time, a certain amount of people if not most believed the Sun, Sky, Moon, Sea, Mountains, and other wondrous keys of nature to be living (and terrifying) Gods. Then, such Gods became more localized. Trees, rocks, stones, rivers, and other smaller scale natural elements came to each have their own god or deity. Later on, objects such as bones both human and animal – fetishes, fur, sticks, stones, and even smaller natural objects came to be imbued with the same – or at least – part of the power of a greater god. Hence Sympathy and a connection between an object and a higher power came into play, i.e. sympathetic magic.

Superstition came to see events and certain social faux pas as the work of devils of the Devil Himself – and so the external projections became increasingly diffused into life around us – and superstition, even now, continues to prevail as a force believed to be malevolent by some – (though for quite a few, its now just a bit of fun to pretend such things are so.) Then of course the same scholars who informed us of this externalization process inspired other scholars to write on the Internalization of such Gods and Deities and Demons, citing Psychology as one of the sturdier of these spiritual materializations. Wherein, our Demons and Devils, our Angels and Saints were perceived to have not been Real – for there was, given our perception, no possible way no evidence for such things to exist, that they were fanciful conjurations over an overactive mind, an underdeveloped sense of consciousness – or as they came to popularly be called: metaphors. Just as the events cited in the Bible are transmuted from a living testament of divine happenings to mere ‘parables’ in modern day (C. 1979-2009) – the demons and spirits of the modern primitive are explained in certain academic circles via an under-development of the consciousness in stasis that projects its psychical demons and desires and wants and needs outwardly – and onto/into objects, people, events, places… thus giving rise to a world truly possessed of terrifying sorceries, witch doctors and ghosts.

Those even more cynical have cited our own ‘civilized’ ghosts as neuroses, habits, impulses, OCD, ADD, the unconscious, the ego, the ID, the censor, the shadow, the animus, the anima, the Self…

Those even more cynical (or perhaps realistic) have then cited the imaginary containers that issue these insights: the psyche, the mind, the soul, time, space, memory, age, form, reality, etc are all just abstracts…

Some who have taken LSD, or Mushrooms (me included) or Peyote, Mescaline, even Ecstasy have claimed to have pierced the veil: a veil that taking such drugs, so prominently makes apparent – showing us the impossibly vast distinction between what we’d call a normal state, and the severe difference, of Being in an Altered State. Wherein, what we call normal – becomes something of a paradox – wherein normal comes to be understood as one state, one state of many, many possible states. And wherein, for some, drugs become dangerous to their health because they don’t have the capacity to accept this multiplicity – drummed into them as it is, the unified perception of the world as one, explained, definitive way of being. And for some others, drugs become just one gateway to explore the multiplicity that, I can say exists because of my experience of differentiation between my previously isolated knowing of only a normal state with the expansion drugs gave me; but wherein such knowing may not exist for others who have not attempted to try them. But in such states – many things are possible – including understanding just how different consciousness can be, just how markedly separate from a previous consciousness it can become – and with such knowledge am I awoken, indeed alert, to the possibility of different consciousnesses, not just within me, but within the history of the human race.

Now – in Theory of the Beast – I relate just one possible idea for the Origin of Satan. And did so deliberately to connect an Ancient Satan with a Modern Perception. Viz. Psychology. This Theory gives a discourse on the fallout of the (accepted by modern perception) ‘schism’ that split unconscious man and conscious man, apart; the leap that threw us from caveman, to modern man. Satan in this light is seen as a by-product of this schism, both real (for those who thought him real) and figurative (for those who think him not real) – but the link that makes Satan real or figurative – i.e. people – was emphasized only in terms of how people as a collective influenced Satan’s historical change.

Somewhere along the line – from one presumably early point of view – Satan changed from an Angel – into a Devil. Somewhere, further down the line – Satan changed from a Wily Man who visited Fields into a Goat-Hoofed, Horn-Bearing, Tail-Equipped, Bearded Monster – then, of course, somewhere else again – A Dragon. Then, Satan lost his body, and became an Evil Force that possessed and manipulated humanity – then, he became a Diabolical Ruler of the Underworld Hell – and even later on, A Symbol of Intelligence, A Set of Values – and even later still he is stripped of his name and becomes simply the concept of Evil – divorced both from his body and his spirit.

But then, this sort of thing hasn’t exactly been Chronological or neatly progressed – it appears to have gone back and forth depending on who was speaking of him, and why.

(*A side note by one of THEM: In almost no instance is Satan is ever referred to as a Woman. Perhaps a prejudice that no woman should ever have such power.)

What changes Satan’s shape? Is it you? Is it me? Or is it the parameters of our consciousness that decides Satan’s appearance, or decides if indeed he appears at all?

Or, does Satan, who, even in all these forms, and who was as real to each of those who sought to imprison/manifest (all depends on your point of view) him, and as real as his current form is to you – change outside and irrespective of our consciousness? Is his form bound by our consciousness – limited in how it appears in accordance with our state of Being, our particular dimensional bias – or is this dimensional bias restricting what we can know of his limitlessness?

Whether you believe in Him as The Black Flame, Ahriman, Ba’al, Lucifer, as one of his many other associated names and titles and entities, or an entirely individual view – makes no difference to the objective fact that Satan, whatever he is or does, cannot be objectively known. He can only be experienced via a filter, which filter affects perception – and all that we know of Satan – has come down through such filters. Satan has largely survived through books. And, all that we know of Satan now, continues to come through filters – even when we seek to know Him directly when we commune.

In ‘Theory of the Beast II’ I listed some of the in-built prejudices the human being has in relation to the perception of his total environment; memory, dimensional perception, cultural bias, etc. but beside the many varieties of these there are so many other variables, arguments, approaches, beliefs attributed to Satan that it has been very difficult to isolate any one, unified definition of what, or who, Satan is. Now – why people persist in presencing His Archetype in so many ways, in so many countries, at so many times is a mystery to me. But THAT they persist is not. I can see even from the evidence available in modern times of Satanism – clearly, that even though people may not agree on the particulars – they all agree that Satan has a certain ‘something’. In one particular terminology, such an agreement to use Satan, and the continuing pool of people even in this cynical age utilizing him for many different purposes – means Satan is still a numinous symbol.

Asked recently if Satan was still relevant today, (Qv. “Satan: A Numinous Symbol in the 21st Century”) I gave the following parable:

If you take two Satanic Bibles, strip the cover off one, replace it with a New Testament cover – then place the books on a table and ask someone to choose the Satanic Bible, which one will they choose?

They will choose the one marked with the words and symbols deemed appropriate to Satan.

The connotations of the Symbolism of Satan(ism) are still highly charged with numinous power – a draw – a hypnotism – even if they are not fully liminally comprehensible by those drawn to them, Satan remains a symbol infused with meaning – even if that meaning is not clear. That both books are actually Satanic Bibles but they reach for the one that is marked thusly – says something profound about the perception of the human being.

Likewise – if you take two Bibles, strip the cover off one and replace it with the Satanic Bible, then ask them to reach for the Bible – they will repeat the action. The Sign – the Symbol – the wrapping paper that is the essence of form – still has power, still has sway, still manipulates feelings, associations…

How the Symbol of Satan is used is up to those wielding it – but there is no question that the causal life of Satan and not so much what it represents, or is interpreted to represent, but THAT it represents, that it is still very much alive, (numinous) and still highly relevant. It will remain relevant until it can no longer represent that certain ‘something’ which takes on such grave and deeper meaning in opposition to the world and its domination by ‘something else’.

The names and attributes we assign to these something’s have changed and will always change – because they are interchangeable. The essence of War between Satan and Christ can just as easily be replaced with Good and Evil, Black and White, Christians and Pagans, Mormons and Episcopalians, Cathars and Bogomils, Serbians and Bosnians, The Americans and the Middle East, Fascism or Communism – or any other outwardly diametrically opposed set of forms played off against the other to make one the champion, and the other something to be championed. And have been, and continue to be. Thus Satan is seen by THEM and ONA not as one half of a total – but as just one external form or numinous symbol which represents one half of a commonly perceived interchange – and which form/archetype represents a diametric opposition to the climate in which we find ourselves oppressed – namely the Archaic Judeo-Christian permeation.

In Rebellion, in Defiance, in Heresy, in Championing, in Martyrdom, in Anarchy, in Chaos, in Vindex – in a symbol that shows the way out of the dark – lies the example set down so long ago for the way out of the restrictive, stuffy, oppressive, totalitarian, ego-maniacal, spiritually dis-connected, body/women/gay hating, simplistic, archaic, hypocritical, prejudiced, blind, slavish, existence that is the sickness of the Magian.

And when we find our way out of the dark that encloses us into the worldview the Church* (but more expressly, the Magian) would like us to have – for then we may be even more easily controlled) then Satan may cease to mean something, may cease to be a numinous symbol… but until the pressures that twist and warp the world and those that live in it relent – Satan will continue to be the shining light, the light bearer that represents the means for Enlightenment, in this particular paradigm at this particular time.

*The Church and its factions represent only part of a certain worldview, which has become much more widespread, influencing every sphere in life and thus ceased to be contained within the clergies of the Church. Thus it is that the term Magian encompasses this spread of its influence into these other Spheres.

To someone who asks why Satan is not mentioned much in Order texts – it should be understood that only the authors can answer why certain things do or do not appear in Order texts. THEM are not the source of the Order – they are. And whilst we share a symbiosis – we can’t answer such questions on the Order’s behalf – but then, while we understand what you mean by a lack of Satan – we also perceive Satan in a similar way to the Order.

There are a number of documents that mention in considerable detail the Order’s apprehensions of him – but if his name is absent for many of the mss – it is because the mss represent his ethos. They view Satan as less a topic to be categorized – and more as a suffusion of a particular way of looking at the world – which world is possessed by forms. Of which – Satan and Christ are the two most prominently etched in the Western consciousness, and of which – both Pagan and Christian values emanate the most strongly throughout all its spheres, heavily influencing and restricting our lives to a certain Ethos – A Duality. The two forms of Satan and Christ are inextricably interlaced and polemically represented (even if they are both so flexible they can be used to express an identical characteristic) – remnants living and ancient that say something very profound about our psyche, our formation – but both of them, even in their massive entirety and scope, only the dancing puppets of something infinitely more.

People have a very hard time getting beyond bouncing back and forth between the two forms of Christ and Satan. They are deeply influenced by both, and yet largely oblivious to the control these forms (and forms in general) have, and the power they have had to permeate every sphere* of humanity to its core.

*From Mvimaedivm II – “It is a well-known fact that the Church is an institution in and of society. It operates via a chain of command and through a worldwide network of bureaucratic institutions over which it possesses powerful influence and control in the decision making process. In a metaphorical sense, the Hydras heads are symbolic of the institutions of the Church whose founding of such institutions has enabled the government of phenomenal influence over all spheres of Life including; Law, Economics, Finance, Property, Estate, Production, Trade, Government, Social Stratification, Military, Warfare, Police, Media, Politics, Religion and even taken for granted concepts such as Time and Space. On a more intimate and personal level, the Hydra also has powerful influence over Social Interaction and Norms, the idea of Good and Evil/Right and Wrong, Morality, Sexuality, Spirituality, Death, Birth and the rituals in between that we call Life.”

Satan was taken out of his Christian context as an opposing side by the Order and used instead as a symbol of avenging power with an ethos that strives not to replace god in name – but above and beyond even that – to destroy and discredit such a pale and simple dichotomy of forms – to reflect what can actually be observed in life when such forms are stripped away – usually by experience.

The Order then, understand that Satan has numinous power and reflects a certain ‘something’ which is in opposition to a certain ‘something else’. They manipulate the power these something’s hold over people to influence and manipulate esoteric, psychic and magical changes in consciousness so that others will slip out of the Dichotomist noose altogether – by using the numinous power of ‘Satan’ as a vehicle. Once done individually via the Seven-Fold Way – the individual can then try to help the collective do the same (i.e. Via THEM).

But not just to do that –
but to understand the immaterial nature of these forms and that they CHANGE, and are always changing and as they change illicit corresponding effects and meanings on those they hold in thrall. Change the Symbol – Change the World.

And, owing to the understanding of Satan expressed by the Order/THEM – i.e. that he is a numinous symbol both real and figurative – and given all the evidence we have amassed on the limitations of perception, of comprehension, of ever knowing objectively what Satan is, indeed of knowing what anything is, and that each member of the Order/THEM and the World-Wide Sinisterion differ – since each must experience what Satan represents for themselves – take Life into their Own hands – how do we distill millions of intricately woven tapestries into one solitary thread? What can really be definitively said of his characteristics, of his history, of his appearance, his age, his works, or even his name when we believe so differently from others, not only on his nature – but also on the quality of human interpretation and understanding of not just him, but everything? Far better to turn our attention to the receptor that filters, processes, and manifests Satan – the human being. And so Satan exists on every level, no level, some levels, and which if any, according to more powerful principles and apprehensions of understanding, necessity, perception and need that are only seem so very complex – because they are so simple and so different from the obscurations of the Magian.

But even this lengthy explanation only services a certain level from just one point of view – the rabbit hole is deep. And, judging by all appearances and evidence – infinitely so. And so – we end this manuscript by asking what many probably thought (or hoped) we would provide an answer to.

Who or What, is Satan?

(Wherein we believe asking the question is the answer itself.)


Answer to the Riddle

[Additional clarification supplied to those of good standing within the Temple.]

In the past (and some argue, the Present) it was an act of Heresy to presume to take Authority into one’s own hands to think for/teach oneself.

In asking the question, who or what, is anything, let alone who or what is Satan – one expressed the defiant archetype attributed to Satan; the chaotic/anarchic energy that sought to interrupt the totalitarian doctrine of the Church. One began to ask questions in lieu of accepting given answers.

Triad: Inexorable Simplicity


An Insight into Inexorable Simplicity.

22 DEC 2012

I suppose it was the next logical step. From the paradigms of the Warrior, through Sorcerer, to a sudden profound connexion and desire to connect with the innate forces of THEM through farming and plants.

I have grown up around those who were always in their gardens; watched my mother transform our backyard into a vegetable extravaganza and recall the clink of her spade or the piles of weeds sitting on the driveway as a boy. But it never occurred to me to involve myself, I took no interest in gardening whatsoever until this latest stage of my life and the most recent.

It is a fact that I have always been awed and worshipful of nature – drawn to it as if it were some Other – its forces are humbling, its majesty unmatched. But I used to drive past people in my car and see them sweeping the pavement, and I would think to myself – what on earth is the point. Don’t they have anything better to do? And yet – now I am like them, lovingly tending and landscaping my property to produce a bountiful harvest of fresh fruit and vegetables. Like the electric guitar, mathematics or composing music, the green world of gardening has always seemed beyond my ken;- previously I suppose I had no need for it. And yet, it is as though something has drawn me back to this great love and peter pannishness of mine for Earth and nature – as if something else in my spirituality had exhausted the need for forms and structures words and ideas and found a place of comfort in amongst the chaotic insurgence of plant life which will not be stopped – never be stopped – and which will dominate the dustiest sand bowl, the air on the thinnest mountain, survive even on the cusp of volcanic rock, or thrive beneath the tremendous depths of the sea.

Few things are as sexual as plants (as possessed of numinous drive to Be), as powerfully insistent, as beautiful, sublime or joyous to tend. As I have been brought to them through an exhaustion of my previous interests I have found them to have a language of their own – a sublime perfection and a life that seems so alien and magical I ask myself how I did not see it all so much sooner. They don’t have voices in the traditional sense, they don’t hold long conversations on satanic tactics and strategy, they are not friends or associates, they do not require catalogues of information – they are simple and yet so very complex it delights me that I do not understand them. They are devoid of humanity and its problems, its plagues, its issues – they are some Other species which I have lost contact with subsumed in a modern world that denudes me of the need to Remember them, their purpose, gifts, importance, life.

I am trying though. Economically there is pressure to turn to these arts of growing things to offset the rising prices of everything with its army of sprays and pesticides. If things are going to change, it does not require the brute force of warriors, or the subtle manipulations of the sorcerer, or the empathy with the land wrought from living of it of the Farmer but all three. How to teach this third skill if I am not at all attuned to this way of life? Despite having absolutely no interest in caring for the gardens, tending the rockeries, weeding the dirt – and faced with a desperately overgrown property tangled with five years of neglect as I forged my writing career and let my role as Ra online consume me – I have already learned so much.

I have come to understand how much change I can make to the landscape about me – perhaps more than I ever did as a Warrior that could use violence and war to brings something to its knees, or as a Sorcerer who drew down the forces of THEM and created a magical order of Undividuals who could transcend forms causing change in the way many people thought about all manner of things – a ripple effect that has since travelled well across the world touching thousands allowing me to appreciate so much about the power of one and the connectivity of all. But this carpet of wild and weird, diverse and unique entities living all round me, under me, above me, growing at its own speed, its own rules, with its own unknown directives – atomic, chemical, organic, textural, floral, brilliance suddenly entices me toward it like never before, and I have spent months now speaking to others, reading books – but more than ever before, and so unusual for me as I love to calculate, control, intellectually grasp all the things I learn or study – down on my knees in the dirt, observing, experimenting, watchful – hopeful – watering plants, digging out weeds, planting seeds, hoeing, shovelling, pruning, tending.

So many of my fellow THEM had been involved with plants (Qv. Them’s private group “The Otherland” was one such place where discussions were heavily focused on entheogenic use of plants.) concerning themselves with seeking out, growing or identifying substances that grew wild – from mushrooms to ergot, datura to cannibis.- speaking often of different plants and trees, shrubs and flowers with medicinal or chemical properties and I stood on the outside, stranger to a world I did not understand, watching the foreign exchanges and marvelling even then at the camaraderie and the passion and warmth between the speakers as they traded information. But I stood always on the threshold – I could remark on drugs, on my experiences with them but when it came to any sort of experience with plants I was a foreigner. I realize now that I was an inert participant in some secret world that has dominated the speech of humanity from before time – an ageless exchange of information about these awesome things that I have so often taken for granted or ignored. It was not just an information trade on a handful of objects, catalogued to provide some effect or another – but an entire paradigm, a perceptual moving with the world that these speakers possessed or sought to possess. A closeness to the Earth that I had admittedly (unwittingly) watered down with rhetoric in my deluge of monologues about the necessity of this without knowing that there was a vast absence of this peace I feel now, from my life. It was driving home the same point I have made again and again in vain about apprehending forces as they are – and separating them from the forms that carry them. It is not possible to speak from experience if one is anchored to a computer writing about the same experiences. Though building an illuminati (or creating the seeds for one) required it these many years past – I can now write about new experiences, because I have freed myself from my online role.

With my extraction from the online nexus as Ra**, I took on a job as a landscaper to get back out into the sunshine and begin building back up my muscles which had grown soft and somewhat pale from years furiously tapping away at a keyboard building the mythos, membership and legacy of the Temple of THEM.

As I laboured alone in a field, the sun warming my skin at my new job and I exerted myself to clear a space to plant trees – thoughts pervaded my mind of political slogans proffering the importance of work, of capitalism, of capital, of paganism, of the blood and sweat of farmers immemorial growing and producing almost everything I eat – and the ancient importance of the harvests and the common sentiment that if the crop failed it was often the difference between life or death. What I was doing in this field was one of the oldest human endeavours – one of the reasons why Gods came to be and held such sway and why it was so crucial the people believe their gods satisfied and appeased through sacrifices and offerings. I thought about the pagan rebirth symbolism of the tree, of the egg. The rich connexions of these simple acts to the wider world. And slowly, as I dug out the tufts of thick-strapped grass – my world was widening.

From humble understanding (experience) that I would not break or die if I lifted some rocks, pulled out some grass, or dug some holes I began to set my own house in order – working day after day clearing weeds and scrub, trimming overgrown trees and shrubs, clearing tangled paths and choked gardens – not consciously I think – but drawn somehow closer, inexorably to the empathy I am now developing with the land – Remembering in a whole new way a new facet of things that had been lost to me.

In many ways it was realizing that I could in fact do gardening;- could barrow, pull weeds, plant trees, dig trenches, fix things and was not as completely useless at green-thumbing as I had previously felt that made something in me click. Out in the field ripping out tundra grass in the hot sun to clear space as a volunteer seemed to burn something away in my then present mindset – it was the simpler physical exertion, the fact that no thinking was required, no long tracts, persuasions or arguments to get a point across, explore one, or explain something that made the experience profoundly different. It was all so simple, so straight-forward, and it was euphorically rewarding. It was as if all the tendrilled monsters with snapping jaws biting into my clarity of mind and stirred up my brain keeping it restless, cluttered, tangled, overwrought, divided – that devoured my thoughts, taking a ceaseless barrage of turns clamping their raging fangs, then another, and another deep into my attention and focus and tearing me away from the world to occupy my role as the online Ryan Anschauung suddenly lost their long-established potency.

It was like a weight had been lifted and I suddenly went deeper, understood more, achieved a new empathy with this process, this transformation – a blind scribe suddenly visceral witness to a pulsing cthonic alchemy.

I was starting to get it – I was since a few years previous beginning to notice the seasons, watching and noting the changes in the plants and trees – noting the change in weather, the colour changes in the leaves or the trees dropping them in heaps. I had written many years ago about a Walk I had where these things were prominent, these perceptions starting to intensify – but they have never felt as strong as they do now, nor did I act as practically on the feelings as I do now. My comments were genuinely felt but often stopped at being musings.

(Time has never been something I have been well connected to – even meticulous as I am in my writings I often get dates especially earlier years mixed up or wrong through lack of memory and no ability to accurately recall the chronology of many events. See Diary of a DevilworshippeR II for my explanation – laying the blame squarely at the feet of my alcoholism and a dozen or more fights where I took damage to my skull. Time is as a construct entirely ‘take it or leave it for me’ – I feel Time is something others run on/by.)

This time, in my early thirties, I was becoming aware of the other lives around me that were not mine – a life-centred expansion of all of those living beings dotted around me with a force unrivalled that kept them appearing, struggling to sprout, surviving incredible odds and growing anywhere, any time, slowly reclaiming cleared spaces with inexorable persistence whenever I did not sustain my human influences over their processes. The seasons have taken on a new (or should that be old?) pivotal role, re-engaging me with the land as part of it and firing some ancient or forgotten memory of knowing how to do all this. I struggled at first and still now with more advanced concepts and ambitions to change my landscape around me, to work with it, to grow things on it – but in a short time I have transformed not only my backyard but myself. I feel somehow more free, dis-connected from the intellectual wiring of the role of Ra online dealing with administration and offering guidance in dry written words – I feel like I am now turning with the earth, rotating with the seasons, setting my course by the stars. Though I am only a young man and it seems silly to speak as if I have some knowledge of age being only merely 33 years old – my experiences with the External Adept/Internal Adept Rites and within the Temple of THEM had shown me the multiplicitousness of Time and how it could pass as many streams simultaneously – and through many powerful insights experiencing this, occupy and flow seamlessly in such a way that to explain it automatically suggests a paradox. Or to say it another way -I feel that I feel Change much more strongly and more connected to it as it does, than ever before.

The weather, the winds, rains, heat, cold, have all taken on a more immediate level of notice to me. I am new to this yet – and my first crop is yet to die and allow me take seeds and prepare the ground for the next season, but the excitement I feel is tangible over such a thing as remembering (learning) how to grow vegetables and actually doing it. I feel like a piece of me, of my ability, of my memetic heritage is being recalled… and, I did not know it was missing.

From empty sandy dry (what I thought was very poor sandy rocky soil in which nothing could ever grow) I watched in amazement as one of the thirty silverbeet plants I sowed with my son suddenly sprouted from the ground weeks after I’d thought all hope was lost. Spurred on by this unexpected superbeet thriving beyond all expectations in what I thought was a dusty useless patch of dirt in which only weeds and grass could thrive, I saw that I had made a judgement that simply did not stand up to the facts. I realized that all I had done was put the seeds in the ground – nature had done the rest. Whatever I had thought would happen, whatever assumptions had been floating around in my head that I told myself the soil was no good, that the seeds had died, that nothing will ever grow in here – were irrelevant noise. And whilst some might hate that idea, I welcomed it like an old friend. The seeds had not grown as expected. And I had only one plant out of an expected (arrogantly! Lol) thirty – I felt a childish delight when I noticed it had survived and watched over it, watering and weeding. I remained bemused by the salient fact that all I had done was put the seeds in the ground – nature had done the rest. By All the Gods I love Nature… (Sometimes forget I Am nature.)

As the weeks passed the plant grew stronger and shot higher and higher until it was a running joke among us that the plant should be trying to reach the height of the small tree beside it, mistakenly thinking that it was its mother and that was the height it should be. I did not pay overly much attention as I was concentrating on ripping out grass with a foggy indistinct sense (intuition…) that this clearing of the overgrown yard would lead somewhere if I just kept at it. But every now and then would check on it and was again and again surprised at the way it grew, the things it did, the way it was all unfolding.

And it grew larger until we began to then joke it would top the fence. Or that it was mounting an effort to become Me – and that we’d come out and it would be wearing my clothes and sporting a shaved head and we’d have to beat it to death to stop it from replacing me. I spoke with my mother who said she’d never seen such a tall silverbeet (Which was until recently over 2m) and that I should keep the seeds as they would be the foundation for a superb crop next year. Extraordinary things happen with fairly steady frequency in my life. Not all of them favourable or good – but very strong forces of synchronicities govern my life.

*Often it drives me mad – but I have infinite PATIENCE and yet none at all. Plants have taught me more than humans have about the inexorable passage of time and the patience of involving myself with something that cares nothing for my perception of time but does its own things, as and when.

As it grew I kept at the yard, bit by bit making a dent in the terrible mess it had become. The silverbeet continued to grow until it was even taller than the fence, and just over my height. It has now started to die and I will be taking the seeds off it when it browns for next year and for friends. Impressed by the fact that “I grew” this giant plant in what was obviously excellent soil for it I began slowly clearing other patches and putting in more seeds. As my cleared and prepared gardens beds began to replace and outnumber the weed-strewn areas of the yard I began advancing more and more using weed killer to control grass verges, kill off weedlings growing through the pavement and regain some control over the state of it all. I read the backs of the seed packets for tips on where best to plant the seeds and followed advice where given from Owy on how to make it all work. I largely have my wife, mother, brother and his wife to thank for enabling me to get to grips with how to plant a garden – how often to water, how to keep pests off them, how easy it was to just take them out the ground from somewhere and move them, how certain plants could only be planted at certain times of year – how sun, shadow and wet were integral aspects to assisting them to prosper and answers to other questions I’d have never thought to ask.

And as I did more – old inklings, memories, feelings about what to do – snatches of things I’d seen, overheard, read, learned, been told began to occasionally filter through and I sometimes moved as if an old hand at it– just knowing what was right as if the skills of my ancestors who lived off the land were emerging through my being, somehow remembered through millions of years of repetition and coding and some ineffable hidden connection to them and the tens of thousands of years people had been doing all of this. And when I began to take an interest in my families gardens looking at how they had done things, admiring their layouts, skills and choices it was as if a whole new world opened up – a magical passionate wonderland on which each spoke of with joy and beamed with pride as they shared tips or offered cuttings.

Where has this simple but powerful joy been for me? Honestly – I think I forgot it. Its that simple. Because I never had the life or death pressure to remember it. I’d gotten so used to all these others doing everything for me – so much so that it didn’t enter my head that there could be such importance for such skills until this late in my life. But I need to Remember – and I am Remembering, every day, more and more. Enough to plant a dozen Spring-based vegetables which are now bursting over the sides of the garden and about to explode forth loads of fresh vegetables; enough to keep them pest- and snail free with the organic aid of just chilli and garlic spray and not pesticides, to stake tomato plants and set up sticks with coloured strings to keep birds off, enough to transplant some zuchini plants which weren’t getting enough sun to somewhere better by just digging them out of the ground and watering them into their new homes with seaweed water to help the roots survive the shock of being moved; enough to add little touches of personality to the garden to humanize the fences and borders that demarcate our human presence in respectful symbiosis.

That it feels so right, so synchronous to be doing this over-rides my thoughts or intellectual noise that dominates any other activities I engage in – the din of the internal chatter has begun quietening to whispers just like it did when I was drawing down my chi in meditation or exerting massive physical effort that made my muscles burn and scream in Ninjitsu training and all those voices that cluttered my brain, arranging themselves as priorities, as things I must do, no longer keep me awake, driving me mad like the mad arab al azhared. Its not always nice to have trained myself to see things from so many dozens of different ways each in intricate detail. Sometimes I drink a few beers just to dull the roar of all that information chattering around in my head and take the edge of my incisive epiphanies which are as frequent as they are randomly worth writing down or absurd nonsense spilling over the sides.

But – I am driving differently now – powered on some new energy, or moving on some new ley line – relaxed by knowledge of some simpler energy, the inevitable collapse of all through inexorable flux, a man wheeling through space without friction – without doubt, without playing over every conversation had or that I might have in my head, robbing me of sleep as my brain ticks over fevered and unable to rest – planning and plotting every possible outcome to control the outcome, calculating emotional responses or strategic initiatives – no. No. For the first time in my life it is quiet in my head. I owe nothing to no-one, I have no waiting emails ready to drag me back into a web of words pulling me away from the Complex Simple under a deluge of yet more endless articulation… No.

For the first time it is quiet in my head. Like a time so long ago I achieved No-stance through the Dark Lily – cutting any emerging thought to pieces with the continual visualization of a black spinning vortex of shredding blades and shut my brain down for the day so that no thoughts consciously entered my presence of mind. (Giving me the mother of wicked migraines in the evening that followed.) But this time there is no effort to not think. And the thoughts are not urging, they are not insistent, they are not demanding, or jumbled, or trying to pour through all at once. They are the thoughts of a calmed man, who believes he understands what actually matters amidst all the things that cry out for our time and attention – all the distractions stripped, who is at peace with who he is, what he has done, might yet do in this world and has all the time he needs to do it. He no longer wrestles with his ego pulling him one way, his ideal me pulling him in another – pulling them apart so that he can never meet his own self-image. No. Tranquility from Storms.

If I could (but perhaps I should not) express what it is I feel that makes this new interest so fulfilling I suppose I would have to say I enjoy the extreme non-humanity of it all – of truly deeply working with, being a participant of the forces of THEM, propagating plants, digging my hands in the earth, sweating and exerting energy in the labour of working to understand, expand, advance my knowledge of this world that I have newly re-discovered a profound passion for;- though I find myself many months after my departure feeling that insistent urge that has always been inside me to write down my experiences and these changes of my journey – I find it difficult to imagine that I will ever be the same man that I was even some months ago, things have snapped, fundamentally changed, priorities re-ordered and even in some cases erased.

There is for me something utterly magical in observing and working with these things. They are the products of the forces I have sworn my life’s interest to. Yes, no doubt it could all be explained in technical terms what is happening and why each process is taking place, what prevents it, slow its, or speeds it up – but for once and again – new – to me, I find myself enjoying my ignorance and the slow process of just learning through patient and continued involvement with them. And yet, why, where does it all come from, why? No matter what may be called magic or that I have called magic before – it is the purest delight to be witness (or not fast enough to witness) the incredible changes of these organisms living their lives through the cycles they travel and the surest definition of magic I know. For a guy who has spent a decade furiously ripping the fabric of all things into threads and then even smaller pieces (As a friend once said “questioning even the question of the question’s question”) in a frenzy of it says something I think that I am more than content to just let plants and flowers Be without asking too many questions about how or why.

Changing someone’s biophysicality through altering their perception is a tremendous feeling (especially the boost to the ego that you might have been responsible for changing someones life, actions or bearing) but losing myself, relinquishing control to work among natural plants is the greatest release I have had for a very long time. I am very used to balancing everything on a very serious tightrope, desperate to keep all the balls in the air, juggling like a madman terrified my creations would not grow or not grow the way I wanted them to. I can do very little to interfere with plants worlds – I cannot control the force(s) that propel them into Being, I have no say over whether they live or die, how fast they grow or the changes they go through. I am a passive observer, sometimes participant, and it feels so good just to be amongst them without a rigourous intellectual catalogue or detailed schematas of the science of plants. I do not feel the usual demonic need to manipulate and turn things my way through excessive study of the subject, conversations or the use of forms. I can speak with the plants in an empathic language. But it is simple and pure unlike human discussions which tangle themselves endlessly getting only more deeply mired in their own sense of importance or writing a volume in an answer only to have it come out I was desperately misunderstood. It is so emancipating not to be holding strings trying to yolk the sun. I was doing That for so long.

It is the fact that plants have their own rules that keeps me on bended knee and resisting the impulse to strip the brave new world of its secrets by plastering my brain with textbooks, facts and figures as I would any other subject to strip them off their mystery and look into the soul of the matter with a violent eye.

For instance. I watched the peas grow from a few straggly seedlings into a bushy mass of curls. I patiently got up at dawns light in the darkness to give them water before the sun came up (risking the water heating up and the droplets burning their leaves). I carefully weeded them and watched as they grew bigger and more tangled – patiently waiting to see the peas form themselves being incredibly curious to see the manner in which they would. I was enthralled to see after what seemed like a long time flowers finally begin to appear and thought to myself – this is so awesome, pods cant be far away now, I will look at the plants every day and watch them come through.

But two days of unanticipated heavy rain temporarily kept me inside. When I finally emerged after the rain had subsided, I was astonished to see fully grown pods several inches long. I wondered in amazement how so much could grow so fast, almost overnight, and chuckled that despite watching them like an eagle for just this very event to take place – I had missed it happen by a matter of a day or so. Reading this back as I edit, I can see how it sounds like I am in Love with plants. It’s not the love of giving anal sex or hardcore high quality drugs, the anticipation of some longed for event to arrive, a fast drive with extremely loud music blaring or the silky enamourment of a partner whom you cannot live without – and its not entirely the right way to word it – but it is true, I am in love with THEM, with all their forces, powerfully expressed through one of the more sublime forms through which they presence themselves in plants. I have seen so much evidence for THEM in all my explorations but with the collapse of old affections a purer (or perhaps just different) object has arisen from the cluttered desert littered with the husks of forms I have been consumed by and then consumed.

I love that plants are so full of surprises. I never know what I am going to see when I crouch down to tend my small crops now.

At the time of writing, I have dug approximately 4 garden beds and am growing zuchinni, potatoes, tomatoes, peas, beans, strawberries, watermelon and radishes. I have planted seeds of flowers given to me by friends that I liked the look of to fill gaps around the yard and as experiments;- putting them in different places to see if they will grow or what. I will be delighted to see what has decided to grow and where;- its fun. I have bought and am using a compost bin to create rich nutrient mulch for my plants in the coming year – and have plans to dig even more gardens.

I still feel a little out of my depth as Summer comes in and I consider how the current plants will die off and how I will gather the seeds and keep them for next year just like a farmer, might, meanwhile preparing the soil for those vegetables and plants I can grow only in Autumn, Winter.

My vision (drifting direction) is to gain the competence growing crops necessary to feed my family all four seasons of the year and reduce our dependancy on supermarkets for them. As is natural to me I wonder how far I can go to produce what I need. To the point where I may some day soon be able to grow and harvest my own wheat, corn, even sugar – maybe even learn how to make rope from flax, create medicines, grow psychoactive substances or gain a more comprehensive understanding of how to use plants in the huge number of ways they are used – but which I have no experience duplicating by myself. Maybe such workings will enable me the understanding with the land to harness its resources in a way I have only ever dreamed of idly – perhaps I will chance upon or develop the know-how to create electricity, use water, wind, sun powered batteries or some means of generating free sustainable heat, light – as so long ago was done countless times through necessity (no doubt remembered and forgotten many many times) but are skills that have long been neglected in a world saturated by pharmaceuticals, automotive industries and multi-national ‘food’ growers who are doing seriously terrible shit to the genetic make-up of foods. Its all merchandise that robs us of that same Necessity to Remember how to do so many things. From small beginnings I have transformed my overgrown, messy, tangled sprawl of yard into a (not too) neatly manicured food-producing vista.

And as I return to I suppose what is working with the land, appreciating it all, learning how it grows, changes – I sense that like a house of tumbling cards, the connexions of the greater environ will come into focus as part of the greater empathy such as the night skies, the wheeling of the stars, And I will be moving with them, moving to their clocks in symbiosis as best as I can.

As so often happens with a lifestyle change it reorients everything, the way you do things, the way you see things – things you only notice as the changes you implement take hold… the importance of solstice/equinox for farming, ingenious solutions for sustaining the environ, maybe even turning my attentions as I grow more confident with livestock, butchering animals for meat, or keeping chickens for eggs.

Whilst not perhaps as glamorous as martial arts, or black magic, without such skills as being able to grow food, farm the land, raise or keep livestock, it is difficult to imagine how any real sustainable practical change can happen for any group of people with any set of beliefs who cannot repeat thousands of years of performing them and which form the very heart of any tribe or society that wishes to be independent or at the very least tries to be independent which presents many challenges in our modern world. When I was getting my black belt I though Martial Arts was the quintessential practice people needed to adopt widely to participate in a violent insurrection of the State. When I was a Sorcerer I believe that people needed to adopt a practice of questioning all forms and recognizing the forms as only a part of forces that powered them – that all forms were at their centre mirages that controlled us through our attachment and weakness to them. Now that I am gardening with an eye to becoming a Farmer it is only natural to assume that I believe these skills are in danger of being learned too late, never learned, and their role in independence underestimated. Food, Water, Oil, Air. These forces can be spelled with just 15 letters but the omnipresent and unquestioned power with which they are used as leverage to manipulate and control individuals to Nations, property, wealth, money, LIFE – is unquestionable. I once believed we had to attack the concept of Time, Space, Morality, and break within us the programming of these concepts because they are used to standardize and control – but all the intellectual well-wishing, political right or might, rhetoric or argument on paper or screen comes to naught without the ability to grow your own food and work with the land. Without such skills, no matter how forceful or persuasive the call to arms – nothing changes while we are forced or too complacent to rely on the system managing all our food, water, resource needs. Magical Socialists included.

I’d like to think my arrangement of the appearance of the garden and yard is where my influence mostly ends – just because there are so few things humans do not seek to control, and to hold onto that feeling of my irrelevance. Its not only good for people to feel there are things they cannot control (another facet important to the concept of THEM) it is absolutely essential. And even though I am ostensibly a bystander – I feel it impossible not to interfere as I grow these plants to produce food, tending and pruning, weeding and watering.

Perhaps that is just mild and intellectual (over)-reactionism by my ego pretending it doesn’t want to have a say in shaping this wonderful world or using it– the most beautiful harmonious unchained world of plants… but I will never restrain, harness or understand that force that brings plants up from the ground at all – for my own humanistic devices, warping and wooing something, some gain or benefit from this world for me. But I will never stop being in awe of the unrivalled power and persistence by which they ceaselessly do.

Of course, when I write, I still have that child-like fascination characteristic of Ryan Anschauung – something tells me I will be compelled to Understand them in my classical sense, eventually.

Some day soon I will be able to teach or at least encourage others how to grow their own food – but more than that – to begin to re-learn how to live off the land, with that land – and to learn from others how they do it, how it can be done best or better – to restore that dearth of empathy with our green friends I had no idea I was missing but which is now so apparent. There are plenty of Warriors, plenty of Sorcerers, plenty of Farmers – but few are all three and few have a life based on the Sinister and can use those titles as a platform to focus on learning and becoming competent in the skillset of each as an accomplished, skilled, motivated and sinister Undividual.

I wonder how I ever did without this feeling – this simple joy in the forces of THEM. I felt it before the presence of plants and trees, blood and soil, the cycles of time and life and seasons – but they were now that I think back sensations of proximity or intermingled existence with the worlds phenomena on a superficial level however close those feelings felt. This feeling I have now through my experiences in growing plants in my yard to harvest food hammers home the disparity between learning about something by reading about it or doing it for a little while half-assed and living a form – letting it take over you and your direction so you become a Ninja, or a Sorcerer, or a Writer, or an Artist, or a Farmer.

No. What I thought I were feelings of sublime connection to THEM before didn’t move me like this, those confused notions of feeling close to THEM through exposure to nature pale in memory to these. Those connections were something ethereal, abstracts – I glanced at with an appropriate amount of awe before moving on distracted by the next thing. Dark Gods, Aliens, Twisted, Grotesque, Evil, Sinister – quintessentially human interpretations of forces that are far more powerfully encapsulated in the living world of plants – nevermind gods and demons. We worship Monsanto, Xanax, Woolworths, 1411 with equal fervour than our ancestors did their harvest gods. And we shall see who is Really Unholy when they are faced with the removal of food and water and who (will) venerate those who supply them in the same manner as latter day Gods.

If we are to restore the three castes of the Warriors, Sorcerers and Farmers I suggest we must each Know each of THEM. I speak of a single person who can do all three – who can command all of these roles in the one person – powerful in physicality and commanding strength through being comfortable with the phenomena of gravity and physics / A Mage who can co-erce forms into being that perform alchemical reactions causing change in events and persons that would not otherwise be – from a stranger to the course of decades and perhaps as a holograph of momentums conjured in the lifetime of the Adept – even aeons in after-effects. And a revival of learning to live with the land, grow our own food, sustain our enclaves with or without the help or permission of the system.

**The reasons for my departure were hinted at in the essays in the Oto Anorha #33 but were largely to save my relationship with my most beloved Owy – a relationship which had taken a prolonged severe test and almost entirely destructive trials in my fevered desire to change the world – neglecting all else around me which suffered whilst the Temple grew. So much energy did I pour into the Temple and building, researching, teaching, speaking, that there was only the barest reserves left for my beautiful wife and my life outside of Ryan. With thanks to whatever Gods may be responsible for the experience, through a devastating break down of relations the inevitable course my myopic fanaticism had left in its wake tore us apart. Near to disintegration we were together able to force the necessary changes need for our family to survive (returning it to the centre of my attention) before it was too late.

A massive paradigm shift / life choice had to take place if Owy and I were to endure as a couple.

It was not a decision I took long to make. Nothing means more to me on this earth than my wife – 4 letters that do not adequately express the thousand army role she is in and as my life – not THEM, not my phantom Ryan Anschauung, not even Me. And so, here we are. Where we should be.

Things will though – never be the same as they were. I have no inward drive to be the man I was or occupy a role as a teacher. I record these notes with no knowledge of when they will ever be shared and no desire to re-engage with the world I knew of electronic texts and the struggle to impart insight through conversation with others. I want only what I have now – my true “Temple to THEM”.

Free: The Bitter Irony of Satanism

FREE: The Bitter Irony of Satanism

I have established beyond doubt that I do not work well with others. Behind my literary achievements and physical explorations on the LHP, lies a road of crumbling citadels where what could have been can never be all because of how destructive I prove to be to any form.

I worked with the Temple of Hel – but I proved too disruptive.

I worked with Ixaxaar – but proved too disruptive to them.

I worked with Integral Tradition Publishing – briefly – before I proved too disruptive for them.

I tried to gain admission into the IOT – that bastion of chaos whose motto is ‘Nothing is Forbidden, Everything is Permitted’ but they refused me entry on the grounds that I was a Satanist from the Order.

I tried to work with the Tempel ov Blood whose war-cries of Disruption, Infiltration, and Destruction – aptly applied – served only to poison relations between us forever more. Choronzon fall on your knees.

I tried to work with the MLO – but proved too disruptive for them too.

I tried to make my own way with Mvimaedivm, the Black Glyph Society, and the Temple of THEM: But I proved too disruptive and destructive even to myself.

Anton Long once said to me in a reply to my query of my forms clashing with those of the then fledgling WSA: “There is no conflict, only the appearance of conflict”

Yet, I’ve even proved too disruptive for that which so many honour as the Father of Diversity, that group which has made its name on calling for the practice of such activities and complains that the Magian seeks to silence its voice has tried to silence mine. Shugara get behind thee.

In all these groups there are rampant cries or support for others to practice disruption, anarchy, chaos, destruction, acausality, go beyond good and evil, be evil, the sinister, indulge in deception, be a hard man, a new species, go beyond the veils, and bring down the forms that obscure; the roar of propaganda forms a deafening cacophony.

But there is noticable irony in the fact that my energy proved -too- disruptive for all of them and all of my many past employers, friends, associates and so many things I have ever tried to do.

Dawned, the insight of this dynamic and the understanding that leads me to believe that forms do not and can not represent the energies that they seek to define and control.

And that when people claim to desire the presence of certain energies – and those energies present themselves – it turns out they actually meant something else…

Which – is what I’ve been trying to warn those asking for them of, all along. So many groups have urged me to go out and wreak unearthly destruction, rain death and disaster down upon the world and its inhabitants – and I have, rampaged, for years – but when I finally get to their door, the fuckers act surprised to see me!

Has no-one else ever noticed that the cries of war are heavily laden with demands of obedience, control, loyalty, honour, family? That it’s okay to be sent to destroy and strive to be unlimited in power as befitting of a dark master – so long as we don’t destroy those who set us on the path? “Bring Chaos!” many of them demanded of me – “hey wait, not actual chaos!”, they all whispered.sooner or later.

I was surprised to hear more than one seasoned extremist ask me throughout my sojourn to not publish this or that, or subtly suggest that I keep my ideas to myself lest they prove too revealing – too disruptive.

For the longest time – I’ve feared my power and the compulsion to Be Myself.

The fear of escaping free to Be made me controllable and allowed me to be persuaded to channel my energies into certain forms. I changed myself to fit containers – fit expectations and imposed limits on what I was and what I was capable of to suit others.

I once pained over my destructive energy; watched it burn castles and drawbridges with its raging inferno; felt guilt for what I was and what I did. I anguished and lamented at my own nature to destroy everything it touched.

I’m free now though. Free.

I have now Chosen not to be ashamed of my destructive power; to finally embrace My power and revel in the fullness of My nuclear intensity and My will to power. I now see what I didn’t see. What they all saw, and feared. Me, Free.

A Spiritual Orphan of the LHP.

Whatever that means.

Fading to Grey

FADING (to Grey)


On the subject of old age I can be no authority – being only 30 years old – I have yet to experience those phases of consciousness I have watched assume themselves in the countenance of others in my life. Mysterious these phases – some which I have already passed through as I have grown and passed through various rites of passage – others of which I am only just beginning to feel the emergence of.

But this MS is not about the ones I have passed through – but about my feelings and apprehensions of old age.

Young – the World and all its possibilities are open to me. Virile, mobile and strong I can do almost anything I set my mind to including defend myself and exude that Satanic aggression that bears others out of my way or warns that I’m ready to do Anything to survive an encounter. Life clings to me.

Neatly seated in the Contemporary of my age I am comfortably placed in the go-between of many mediums and the reflection of the values they contain – and the control they exert when used as badges of identity.

I have a good knowledge of many older but still popular metal bands whilst keeping a (ever more cynical) eye on the new stuff coming up through the ranks… My tastes range from Indie to Metal to Rock, Rap, Pop and Techno and no matter which crowd I find myself in – I can keep a conversation that compares the music of my past, Pink Floyd, Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, RATM, Pantera, Led Zeppelin etc, with the music of today, afloat. I am connected even in some small way to the myriad of names, their associated reputations, famous works and specific languages of my time. But I frown if you mention Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley or Charles Miller.

I am aware of several world wars by name and documentary only – the mammoth feat of landing on the moon is currently a passé topic – the pyramids still stand – and the Middle East is at war. Intense changes in technology and the marketing ethos and reach of capitalism have transformed the world via laissez faire (free trade) and plunged it into a drastic global economic crisis. The topic of the Environment and ’Global Warming’ is beginning to dominate the discussions of politicians and religions as uncertain climate changes loom and are becoming a major concern for all who speak and plan for the future.

Moreover – the remarkable invention of the Playstation – which invention is also now passé in conversation unless suffixed by a 3 or even 4 – and which invention revolutionized the recreational habits of billions, and even changed the format of the unconscious to deliver dreams as though one were playing a game – even this marvel that replaced the 1980’s C64 and Atari with a quantum leap is already giving way to the technology of unbelievably powerful phones and technologies whose acronyms and applications baffle even me at 30 yet which will no doubt be relics by the time I am 35.

How much stranger are these things to someone older than me?

Even at 30 and I find myself tut-tutting and spitting distasteful remarks about ‘music these days’. And I am consciously realizing and beginning to wonder on that connection between myself and my present state of age – and the elderly citizens of the world – who – also felt the same balance between the past and the present when they were 30 as it crept on toward the future – that I currently do.

I feel that connection which the people I view as elderly now – back then – had then. Whom had exactly the same categorical knowledge of the music of their day, and could rattle off a similar and vast list of names of popular or contemporary artists – and who at my age also had an integrated empathy with their modern scene – were up with the Times – the Ethos of their Present Era.

Why are we the young and the aged – so different? Why does age demarcate us and our place in the world so steeply, so sharply, so unforgivably?

The innate rootedness I feel to the world comes from my familiarity with it. With the names of familiar streets, people, issues, celebrities, practices, customs, traditions, and social mores.

But as time passes – this rootedness fades. As it faded for them – the now elderly – the icons, the symbols, the people, the songs and sounds and places that took place and lived out their temporary causal (and then contemporary) existences in full during their youth – will fade for me too.

The sense of being In Time, at one with Time and ones place in it – irrevocably slips away as ones roots are eroded/replaced/defaced.

As time passes – my family members will pass on – one by one – severing my primary links to familiarity and thus the pinions that anchor me and my origin to the earth will be no more. My mother – the bearer of me may die – and thus will I lose that link, that love that brought me forth. My father may die – and thus the two creators of me will be forever extinguished.

The friends I have will probably always change – but eventually they will pass on and I will, if I can, be required to make new ones. But with every passing moment the stock from which I choose them – who share the Time I live in – who will remember the Time I lived in – gets smaller.

The locations in which I have roots to my present – the shops I visit, the places I meet people, the vehicles I use, the clothes I wear, the ambitions I have, perhaps even the name of my country – will become the past; eroded by time and progress.

The houses in which I lived will come to be possessed by new owners, new fashions, new energies – new lives. The foods I like, the brands I become accustomed to, the pastimes I enjoy will slowly change – making way for new and avante garde pleasures, leisures and treasures.

The television shows, the icons, the celebrities, faces of friends and family that made up so many of my casual discussions will slowly slip away as they are replaced by new and unfamiliar ones – and the time from which I drew so much of my character, my culture, my personal conduct with its associated values and ethos will come to be no more.

As I get older the bands I enjoy, the bands that influenced me and brought me together with others who shared similar tastes will break up and/or be replaced with a new sound to which my generation cannot relate nor enjoy. The songs and the energies that marked special memories in my life will become ghosts of the machine.

And as I get older and connections to a familiar world are uprooted one by one – it will become harder and harder for me to find someone who remembers those days – to share my memories and who can remind me of my youth.

The liberty to have conversations with my loved ones about their past, my past and our past – and the ability to reminisce with those connections about family or friendly joys, times of laughter and sadness – will fade and those conversations that remind me of me, of my place in the world – of what I did and what I have done, and who I was and who I was connected to will be closed off forever.

The familiarity I enjoyed with my body and my mind too – will begin to ebb away as the flesh breaks down, as the sinews and muscles get leaner and more fragile, as the passion and drive begins to dwindle for one-sided ambition and begins to realize the inevitability of getting older.

What I knew as the world – which was once and for a long time only myself – will become complicated as my independence gradually leaves me and I will be forced to acknowledge the necessity of co-dependence, charity, humility, dignity – be required to depend on others for my survival.

Even the basic fundamental senses, Sound, Sight, Smell, Touch will all undergo rapid changes, leaving what I knew, in the shadows, only to be replaced with alien and unwieldy technologies, fashions, and icons that reflect the needs, wants and times of the younger generation. A generation I must endure the foibles and f***-ups of – watch make mistakes they could avoid if only a little wisdom were sent their way – and hope that the unruly violence, harshness and dis-connectedness they show with My generation gives way through experience and empathy to an understanding that sadly – tragically – I know – can only, if ever it does, come with the passing of time and the passage of age.

If it does not – then one of life’s sharpest and most unforgiving insights is achieved.

At some point my ability to walk freely of my own accord, hurry through crowds to get to where I’m going, breathe deeply without coughing, climb rockfaces without so much as a thought as to injury due to fragile bones or other ailments, swim bays or dive underwater, and generally exert my body in any given way I desire – without so much as a second thought as to the possibility of being unable to do what I want it to – will decrease.

My ability to instill respect and fear from groups of men as I walk past alone now in my youth, ready to fight (but preferring to ignore), will diminish. As my flesh weakens and decent values succumb to the strength and world-view of the young – filled with the emptiness that has been the fallout of the spiritual and soulful crises and laments of the last hundred years – which crises have gone unavenged, unappeased, unredeemed – I will be ever less able to protect myself from the indignity of those who my generation would view cowards and bullies, f***wits and scum – and those of their generation might view as heroes, icons and the norm.

If Alzheimers or Osteoporosis, Cancer or Asthma settle into me – my memory, my lungs, my eyesight, my basic motor functions will gradually fall into impair. My experiences of the World shall be limited even further.

In all probability – I shall be like so many of those whom I talked to in the Nursing Home in which I worked for six months. Lonely, isolated, faced with a strange landscape that bears no resemblance to anything I grew up with or know and be dolefully aware of the loss of my roots to the world in which I aged. Estranged from the Present and cast off from society not just physically but spiritually.

Although the humour of sharp-witted old ladies sparkles with life in such places – the cheeky mischievious glint in the eyes of old men who remember wistfully their misspent youths; a great sadness, longing and mournful yearn pervades such homes – the whisper of doubt, of regret, of confusion as to the meaning of life and whether they suffused theirs with enough.

And as I watch the elderly pass me in the street – I sense a deep and mournful sadness – a regret for the passing of life and the encroaching time to make peace with this cryptic struggle we all endure without ever knowing why. A sadness even in their laughter is tempered with an often indomitable tenacity, the toughness that comes with so much experience and a long endured connection to the vagaries and passage of change.

I can feel their longing, their loneliness – and the terrifying fullness and awareness of the thread of continuity of their lives and its profound connectivity to Me.

And – when I hear in the news of them being picked on, targeted, abused, raped, killed – and I do hear of it – hear always of the defenseless and harmless being tragically chosen for the learning curve of this connection; I wonder at the tragic nature of age and why it is set out that the young cannot have empathy with the old until the young are old and the old are gone.

Why can they not see and recognize the connection I see.

But perhaps that’s just it, perhaps they do recognize the connection. Perhaps they unconsciously sense and fear that connection – attack that connection – because they don’t want to be connected.

But they are, and always will be, and only when they get older – will they really understand what it is to be old – just as I hope to understand what it is to be young.


Ethereal Discourses


Opiate666: “You’re wrong – Firstly, it’s spelled “Azazel” not “Azazael” – and secondly, Azazel was of the rank Seraphim, not Cherubim.”

Syco82: “Okay smart guy – well first of all “Azazael” is the same thing as “Azazel” – and secondly it clearly states in the Encyclopedia of Angels that all Angels with the prefix “Az” were of the rank Cherubim.”

OneofTHEM: “Interesting sounding discussion. What are you guys arguing about?”

Opiate666 “ We’re not arguing – I’m merely informing Syco that his information is wrong and that Azazel, was of the rank Seraphim not Cherubim – and if only he’d take more time to research his Demonology he’d come to the same conclusion.”

Syco82: “Yeah right – and I’m ‘merely informing’ “jerk-off” here that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Even the Bible says Azazel/Azazael was among the Seraphim who joined Lucifer and was thrown out of Heaven for insubordination following the storming of Hell and so was “chained in an obscure part of the desert to await the final Day of Judgment.”

Opiate666 “Whatever.”

OneofTHEM: “So firstly, you’re arguing over the spelling of the name? And secondly – you’re arguing over the fact that neither of you will agree with the other one about the rank of Azazael?”

Opiate666/Syco82: “Yep.”

OneofTHEM: “You’re arguing about a very old name…”

Opiate666/Syco82: “Yep.”

OneofTHEM: “And there is every possibility that the name recorded had more than one spelling as it passed through thousands of translators over thousands of years… What makes either of you so sure of your information that you believe the other is wrong?”

Syco82: “The Bible and the Encyclopaedia record both the name “Azazael” and “Azazel” and neither makes a differentiation that the two names are two separate angels. Azazel is mentioned in dozens of biblical and occult texts as a Seraphim.”

Opiate666: “For Christ-sakes – He’s a Cherubim! Where in the Bible does it say that he’s a Seraphim, where? Because in Revelations (chapter x verse x) it clearly states that he’s of the rank Cherubim. Go and look it up! I’ll wait right here for you.”

OneofTHEM: “So this hostility the two of you are building – is based on a difference of opinion over the rank of a creature that both of you are referring to/relying on second-hand sources in the first place to even know about – to even be present as something for argument?”

Opiate666: “I know what I know.”

OneofTHEM “Mm, and what you know is that you are right and she is wrong?”

Opiate666 “Yep.”

OneofTHEM: “Aside from the nonsense of spitting out defensive empty rhetoric of “I know what I know” do either of you know much about the development of Language?”

Syco82: “lol. I know a little.”

Opiate666 “Screw you.”

OneofTHEM: “Well then you’d agree that the language and words you use – they’re very old – you both agree on that yes?”

Opiate666/Syco82: “Yes.”

OneofTHEM: “ In my black magical studies I’ve gathered the idea that the reason English is so difficult for others to learn is because it draws from a wide variety of other languages; French, German, Italian, and all manner of other cultures that contributed to various words taken into our language. Almost all of the words used in our terminology for cooking, for instance – boil, fry, sauté, sauce, bake, etc are derived from the French. However – what also seems to be the case is that the English language was itself derived from Latin.”

Opiate666 “Yeah that’s true.”

Syco82 “I’ve heard that too.”

OneofTHEM: “Latin was derived by a similar process of taking from all other languages – however – there was a major difference in Latin cum English and other languages – a difference that still stands today after hundreds, maybe thousands of years. Being the official language of the Church it contained the ethos of that ancient tyrant. That is to say – that just as the Christians believed in only one God and wiped out all who opposed their Holy Word and Divine Belief – attempting to standardize Religion and Suppress Alternate (“Diabolical/Heretical”) Thought. They did the same thing with Language. They took all manner of words from many of the languages of the world and turned them into one language – Latin. That is why the later English language contains so many smatterings of other cultures.”

Opiate666: “No shit?”

Syco82: “Is that true?”

OneofTHEM: “It gets better. Because Latin contains so many different meanings from so many different languages – it is very difficult for English words to express what the original word meant from that culture. Reverse translation of Latin into its root languages is very difficult – and there is often a by-line by authors of translated books that remarks on the lack of an equivalent English words for the original meaning. One word from Latin can mean more than a dozen things. Whilst one word from English can only mean one – at best two things. We call these ‘freaks’ “ambiguities” because we think they venture so far from clear meaning that they are disruptive or even absurd – such is the continuing influential power of the ancient Church’s ethos that its lives through us and through our language which is again – the prodigal son of Latin and an attempt to standardize/suppress culture.”

Syco82 ” That’s fascinating – but what does it have to do with Azazael being a Seraphim?”

Opiate666 “Cherubim!”

OneofTHEM “Well, aside from the arrogance that the English language unconsciously imparts to us when we use it – though in order to use it we can’t help but be arrogant – that is an implicit part of the meme in the language – a remembrance of its core origin, etc. And which arrogance causes both of you to argue over something neither of you have any hope of proving either to each other and only yourselves (as was the righteous attitude of the Church Fathers). You don’t seem to be aware of the vagaries that words embody and both seem to believe to the nth degree that both or at least one of your sources of information is true, and that the name of this Angel somehow survived uncorrupted through the passages of time. You’ve both read the Deofel Quintet have you not?

Opiate666 “ ONA stuff – yeah I read it, didn’t think it was too bad if a bit dated”

Syco82 “I thought they were good.”

OneofTHEM: Well, the Quintet is a fairly modern text. Over the years, it has been copied out from the original texts by hand – which texts are only about 30 years old, (circa 1980?) probably no more than a dozen times by people who sought to keep it’s memory and vehicle alive in the Sinister Tradition. When our Temple got around to finding them in 2006 the original quality of the texts had suffered greatly. There were hundreds of missing words such as ‘him/her’ ‘it/as’ – dozens of awful misspellings, sentences that didn’t make any sense, and even my Order lamented the changes to the Latin that had occurred in ‘Copula Cum Demonae’ (not part of the DQ, but also literature that had suffered damage) as much of the original meaning was lost from the various translatory efforts over the years. The point here being – that this information, like information in the game ‘Chinese Whispers’ (which can change a chosen sentence dramatically in the space of a few minutes) had changed considerably (and to its detriment) as it was copied and re-copied out – losing much of its intended meaning and instruction even over only the space of 30-40 years. THEM – who’ve been reading, and practicing the expressions of the Order for a decade, lovingly repaired the English parts of the texts to the best of our considerable ability – but it took an expert to repair the Latin.”

Opiate666: “What’s your point?”

Syco82: “Yeah I want to know too.”

OneofTHEM: “Well – if the Deofel Quintet’s original meaning and instruction can suffer so greatly in such a short amount of time even though it was preserved ‘religiously’ with as much care as could be afforded to a sacred item: and that since copying/translating is a trait and ability peculiar only to human beings, which human beings are ‘only human’ – my curiosity lies in why is it you think the information that survives for you to read, is accurate enough to swear by as the truth?

As an Occultist, there is a great difference between the actuality of standing in your room within a pentagram with all 6 senses operating: allowing you to feel the folds of the cloak draped over your arms, the gravity pulling the cloth down – the warm carpet or cold floorboards under your feet, the tension or slack of your various muscles – the sight of the objects familiar to you and the comfort or alarm they bring – the adrenaline and serotonin coursing through your body – the audio and idiosyncracy of the sound, inflection, pitch, treble and bass of your voice as its finds the words, speaks them, intones them, chants in its particular way playing on your particular vocal strengths, suffering from its vocal weakenesses that inspire you to fill in those short-comings with intensity and extra effort – filling your nostrils with the smells that permeate the room, the incense, the material of your cloak if new or itself incensesd, your own sweat or perfumes – the infusing nuance of ocular fuzziness and particular sharpness of the shadows as they play out via the position and intensity of your light sources – or whether there was candle heat or lamplight. You alone know how wet or dry your mouth was – whether your hair was tied up and added pressure to the back of your skull, or hung lose and draped over your shoulders tickling your chest – the memories that flashed through your mind and the times those memories belonged to – searching for links to make sense of this act – alive with visions of previous ritual failures or future successes and the nature of both – for instance. But – when you attempt to communicate this Experience to someone else – how far do you go? How much of it can you remember, let alone capture in its entirety? How detailed do you get? How much of the actual experience can you relate to someone else? Or do you only give the barest sketch – that you had this and that tool, drew this or that symbol, stood in such a way, said such a thing, felt a few things, saw a few things, laughed or banished and completed a successful ritual? Yet – this record you make – what is it in comparison to what Really happened for you, to you, with you, around you? How much do you lose when you write it down? How much do you think you would lose if someone else wrote it down for you? Or if five years later, someone else copied out your texts without the diligence and care you took originally to record the experience? Maybe they were tired, hurried, bored, wanted to change or omit parts of the record to suit themselves? So far removed from the actuality of the Occult Experience is the written word – that all that generally survives are those things we are trained by our culture to consider important to retain – things influenced by our culture and ethos – namely a brief annotation of those things we see (for the visual sense is the most highly prized in the West – hence the power of ‘Witness’), and those things we think or feel – usually kept to a brief minimum. What is largely recorded is the ritual itself – that we were in it – that we did this or that – with the intent to do such and such. In short – in writing down the Occult we maintain the dry dusty pathology of the Clergy whose interest is not so much with Life – but in how life should and will appear.”

Opiate666: “Go on.”

Syco82: “Yes go on – what does this have to do with Azazael?”

OneofTHEM: “Well – the same thing as happened with the Deofel Quintet no doubt happened to the Bible – only a thousand times more. And remember – there is only one Deofel Quintet – there are dozens of versions of the Bible, both ecclesiastical and sanctioned by various Religious authorities and those of the secular brands. I am attempting to illustrate to you the weakness inherent in all records made by humans and that absolute reliance on them as being preserved intact or even approximate to the original occult or even world event is dubious at best, naïve at least.”

Opiate666: “I don’t like being called naïve- but you’ve got a point.”

Syco82 : “…”

OneofTHEM: Just as language is a very limited interpretation of the experiences in life – capturing only the fable, myth or barest key points of what happened – thus stripping the numinous from life and imprisoning the idea or interpretation of the original moment in an inaccurate jail of words; Words in their turn do the same – and strip and change and omit aspects of the original experience – handed down as they are over thousands of years from cultures so remote we cannot even fathom them. And if you accept words without any thought running underneath your usage of them as to how they came about – then you can well be excused for creating arguments out of sheer ignorance when there is ambiguity in words that you insist should not be there. Generally – people operate with the tools they inherit (adults especially – children are less prone but eventually have that questioning drive deadened in them) without too much thought as to where they come from or what process constituted the creation of those tools. So they use those tools blindly and place absolute faith that the version of the tool they find themselves with – is the best, most accurate, and up to date version of that tool.

The Bible might be a very different story had it been found with the Dead Sea Scrolls or the omitted Books of Mary Magdelene; World History has been shown to be changed countless times – because World History relies on accepted facts – that is how something becomes a fact: it must be accepted as one. But if the History of the World is captured inaccurately because someone believes (or imposes) that all the evidence points to one conclusion – the evidence to the contrary (when found and if accepted) will cause that version of History to be found incomplete and thus wrong. To this end – people will have believed a completely false version of History as true for as long as it takes for the evidence to the contrary to be found. History is an extremely fragile creature and because we have this maddening shortcoming to presume we now know what really happened (an assumption based on the evidence available at the time) and it is imposed as accepted fact – then we develop this nonsense idea that the name of an Angel can be known with certainty, further that if this can be so, that the existence of Angels –fallen or otherwise – can be known, and that because it can – that someone else’s version of History is wrong.

Opiate666/Syco82: “It’s the best we have though – we use arguments logically to work out the truth”

OneofTHEM: “Truth? Well maybe for you – or maybe for a minute something might be the truth – be the accepted fact – but for how long? The great fear of the answer to that question was what spurred the Church to destroy anything that would change its own perception of History – and in doing so – it admitted to altering World History in its favour – forever denying the World the evidence to the contrary it needed to bring itself out of the Dark Age the Church plunged the World into it with its destruction of other cultures, other truths, other actualities. Now my attempt here is to weaken the arrogant absolutism both of you hold over your ‘version of the truth’ by showing how fragile not only yours are, but how fragile the concept of truth itself is – and that furthermore, since so much has been lost over the millennia that the truth may never be known because it has been covered up, changed, destroyed, re-interpreted, interpreted badly/wrongly or with malice, political or religious bias. That you rely and even believe in the actuality of either of these names as representing some knowledge magically impervious to the ravages of time and human caprice is a testament to the power of the Ethos of the Church to cause you to continue as living expressions of their energies thousands of years after their deaths.”

Opiate666: “So we can’t rely on anything is that what you’re saying?”

Syco82: “Yeah sounds like you’re saying all communication is dodgy bullshit that can’t be trusted?”

OneofTHEM: “Well if you’ve been prompted to question your absolute beliefs enough to ask that then at least there is hope that you won’t return to the same argument. And I have more to say on the communication thing in a minute. But first – do you know the word Vampire?”

Opiate666/Syco82 “Yes.”

OneofTHEM: “There are all manner of theories regarding the origin of these things. But the interesting part for me is the origin of the name. On occasion I’ve seen it spelt ‘Vampyre’ or ‘Wamphyre’. That it can be spelled with a ‘W’ illustrates a good point that as the name is taken from language to language its spelling changes. Thus the contention between you over ‘ae’ and ‘e’ could come to naught if you understand that the spelling of words changes again and again. It’s been said that Vindex, the Destroyer, should properly be spelled with a ‘W’. i.e. be “Windex”. But people are loathe to believe that the Avenger of the Order shares his name with a popular window cleaner. So again you see the omission of certain possible facts for the sake of political or religious bias. But changes to words are not limited to one letter. A while ago I heard that the origin of the word ‘Vampire’ was actually from the word ‘Oupire’ (I’m sorry, I forget in which language) – and that this word came from the word ‘Overseer’. The anecdote relates that the Overseers were the equivalent of Town mayors and had the last  say over the towns in which they resided, garnering great popularity and power amongst their townfolk. All major decisions went through the town Overseer. When the Christians came to spread their Word by fire and sword they found that the resistance of the Overseers to their Gospel would encourage the townsfolk to balk at the religious suggestion. And so the Church realized that they would need to do something about the Overseers. In response they circulated horrific stories about the Overseer in question being a creature of the night who preyed upon the villagers and committed atrocious and unholy acts – of being an ‘Oupire’. Being highly superstitious (and spurred on by the finding of some carefully positioned atrocities) the villagers turned on the Overseer and deposed of him. In this way the Church then took control of the town and imposed their religious law with an iron fist. This nonsense continued because it was effective. As the legend changed through hands and cultures as a political tool, it was not restricted to Overseers – like Witches, the epithet could be applied to anyone. Thus was the ‘Vampire’ born.”

Opiate666: “That’s cool!”

Syco82: “It’s a very cool theory but how do you know this?”

OneofTHEM: “Ah, well that’s just it. What I know – lives on a very temporary shelf of certainty – and has an indeterminate shelf-life. Anything could upset it. If a book of antiquity were unearthed tomorrow and signed by God himself that said “Azazel” sat on the right-hand side of God – what would my theories mean then? What would yours? We do the best we can with the knowledge we have available to us. But Knowledge is not just a matter of categorical slotting. Knowledge can only ever be a study of how knowledge is formed – not what it constitutes. What does it matter if Azazyl was of the Power of Thrones or the Devil Himself? More accurately – How does it matter? To whom does it matter, and if you – what part of you? As for how I know this – I already answered you. But as to why I think like this – approach from the outside – I am one of THEM. I’ve watched people butt heads like this my whole life and never understood why. As a young man I was unable to communicate what I saw. Now I am afforded the luxury of expressing my evidence to the contrary.“

Opiate666 ” What do you mean what part of me?”

Syco82 “Yeah I was interested in that bit too?”

OneofTHEM “The way in which you understand how knowledge is formed has a direct result on your application of it. Opiate here seems to think that insisting someone else is wrong repeatedly is enough to validate his knowledge. Syco – you appear not to think to closely about the vagaries of records kept in books nor the deeper processes that underlie their creation and preservation – and so you believe and trust the records to be preserved truths. And so both of you – based on the way in which you understand knowledge to be formed – bang your heads together ceaselessly trying to form Knowledge by trying to impart to the other your own understanding and method for validating Knowledge. Yet neither of you realize or appear to take into account in your own thought processes that you are limited in your knowledge, and that knowledge itself has been limited to you.”

Opiate666: “I don’t get it.”

Syco82: “I do!”

OneofTHEM: “Then I’m done here. ISS.”

End Discourse.

Eccar Vartis


There are some, still superstitious animals, bound in an ancient spell placed long long ago upon the brow of the primal savage who believe in the Soul – in the breath of life given to them, by the God Almighty, in his original shape before Man knew Him. Today, even today, after millennia, it is still an ingrained custom to fear the loss, of the Soul – and to hasten its return to the body with a blessing following any violent exhalation that threatens the departure of the breath. There are some, still superstitious animals, who, by way of veils, have the kind bliss and blindness of God’s protection and who do not see Them or They.

They say, in some circles of black magic practitioners that the consciousness and the incessant chatter of the intellect harbours a godly protection from the Elements, a natural shield from the other worlds. Metaphysically – they say it is the particular intensity of the mental Hz vibrating above 110 via the momentous clatter of the mind that ceaselessly spews forth idle banter, fantasy, form that prevents the threshold into other worlds from being crossed. LSD, Psylocibin, Severe Trauma, Extraordinary Shock or Horror can dislodge this natural protection, placing the internal chatter into a severe catatonic state, silencing the organic motor of the thoughts and effectively shutting down the protective generator. Silencing of the mind allows things beyond the rational control exercised by the mind to seep in – anyone with any significant time spent in Solitary confinement in prison, or has experienced the void of sensory deprivation will attest to the proximity that silence brings one closer – as if pulled through a wet wall – to God. Or to the Devil. And other Things.

There are some, through charity of oblivion, who never get this close, and keep every possible thing – every argument, every rehearsal, every doubt, fear, fantasy, dream, analysis, object, name – between them, and this wall. This is the stance of the rational fortress – which dare not let go of its babble, of its tower of Babylon, its knowledge, its books, its endless torrents of forms and geometry. We do not believe in Angels – there are no angels. And there is a Him.

Eccar Vartis is a pact with the Devil. Regardless of the ritual form it takes, the secrets are the same in any ley geometry where only very little is required to perform the transfer. So go ahead, ask Satan for his gifts. All you need is your soul.

Dressed for Lust, Orgasm, and smear your juices upon a fresh pomegranate.

Add your spit. your blood.

Before a banner of our Eye,

Say word for word, the following.

My name is ——– “

Tonight, I abandon all that I was given”

“He opens the Gates through Me”

Into this place I invite all that I fear”

And all that has forever been feared”

All that I have not seen, all that I do not know, all that is hidden from me”

Into those that dwell here, the Devil”

Into those that dwell here, the Lost”

Into those that dwell here, Death and Destruction”

Bind – through my knot, of Seed, Saliva and Salvation my Word”

And through my Word my Flesh”

And through my Flesh my Soul – My I, my Am”

In forfeit take that most precious to me”

In fiat provide that most desired by me”

My name is ———“

I Remember THEM”

THEY forever Remember me”

Take me from this place if I should forget”

It is done and cannot be undone”

The Pomegranate is to be taken at the nearest opportunity to a place of great height or a place of enduring darknes where you must cast it – or some other place, you cannot possibly reach it without extraordinary effort. Do, not, cheat. Into the sea off a cliff, down a well, into a forest or buried in the deepest hole you are able to will yourself to dig.

That is all.


The Dynamism of Insight

Some Notes on the Dynamism of Insight

I learned it well and once before that the Initiate knows when to move on from the Insight Role. I have given a chronological order of some insight roles but they are not all here. There was also in the interim my role as an Author since having never been particular good at getting my writing into any sort of format and lazy about it I eventually founded the Black Glyph Society and co-founded the Temple of THEM both of which proved successful extension of my will. Some other roles are too private or incriminating to share. My anonymity gives me some leeway in being open and honest about my path but it is not a get out of jail free card.

I should also make clear, that whilst the chronology of insight roles given here follows a linear order, and is to the best of my knowledge the most accurate order – these roles did overlap on occasion – but it was a long time ago and I cannot be of any further assistance sorting them. If I were asked about any one of them I could provide more information on all my insights, experiences, what I learned, and so on – but I cannot be sure of the exact order because of the overlap. In all these roles I lived the culture, adopted the ways of speaking, living, acting to the best of my ability. For before most of this, I was just intellectual and theoretical in my thinking. But following my dynamic extensive sets of Insight Roles I began to fill out my shape, my place, my aura and my first-hand knowledge of things not as they were said to be, but as they were.


Through my adoption and impression of the Orders strict rules of fitness I found the impetus to quit smoking and gave up cigarettes and marijuana. When I say that the ONA gave me strength – I really mean purpose. I could have done these things without the Order, being always possessed of a steely determination to make things happen – but for no other reason than to make them happen on some personal scale with no sense of where I was going or why I was doing them – I.e. with no master plan. My life had been about taking down the Christian Empire, even well before I encountered the Order. But somewhere along the line I became a bit lost, indulged in sex, drugs, drink and heavy metal searching for greater meaning to my life and become rather despondent about finding it. Around this time I had been since 18, a raging drunk renowned for being able to drink copious amounts of alcohol day after day in rabid binges. My consumption of alcohol nearly killed me dozens of times some of which experiences I have detailed in my first diary of a devilworshipper. But after discovering the Order I began to change shape becoming far more aggressive, centred and ambitious. I began to see that there was more to life, a purpose beyond the immediate indulgence of things and a path, a succession of attainments – and it appealed greatly.

I had been writing quite a lot, reading everything I could find, diligently by the Order and anything on anyone they suggested to have been their influence or to whom they were reactionary. I had gotten skinny, malnourished and weak spending all that time in my room creating the Naos Tarot. So, having been looking into insight roles I began one that would challenge me greatly. I joined a gym for two years using it excessively. My aim was to get fit and ready to undertake the 7FW‘s harder challenges. At least every second day, working my body as hard as I could until it refused to work anymore; I downed protein shakes and was eating steaks and sandwiches for every other meal. I wanted to push it as far as I could but I didnt really understand how the body worked that you couldnt do that – and Andy often turned me away when I turned up the next day saying I had to let my body rest. Sometimes I listened to him, sometimes I didn’t. I learned about Lactic Acid pretty quickly. To counteract this [Is it apparent by now that I’m always looking for way to cheat natural forces?] I looked into soft martial arts and stretching exercises. I opted not to do Yoga – and chose to begin practicing a soft art called Ba Dua Jin. It was an impressive art and I was surprised to experience Chi and deep meditation through it – physical experiences that overtook my rational mind and showed me a new world of biology. I practiced Ba Du Jin with the intention to start Chi Kung – but it was required to do BDJ for at least a year before attempting Chi Kung. Always one with reverence for Eastern philosophies and martial arts I wisely listened. BDJ helped me overcome lactic acid build-up and to achieve deep states of relaxation as well as strengthen my muscles. Back at the gym, I avoided steroids though they were available through various channels, wanting to do it on my own. Following some of the instructions from my mentor Sath who remarked that using the gym was a good physical step for me but was only building my ego-armour making my ego hyper-sensitive and overly muscular – I decided she was right, I was getting big and also more aggressive, but to what avail? I needed to exercise the right muscles, the fighting muscles to go with my fighting mind. A few months after being at the gym, and having taken the step of seeing a naturopath who gave me Reneel to cleanse my liver, which had been severely harmed by alchohol – my instructor Andy informed me the cloud in my eyes was gone.

My second Insight Role was a Skinhead role during which I deliberately adopted the ethos and geometric shape of a rabid racist. I learned about the power of perceived authority, hypocrisy, bigotry, the illegitimate stance of many political groups as a cover for justification of violence and the economics that overpowers it all … I used to think race was some all powerful mode by which people segregated themselves – but it turned out that it was economics that was far more powerful. Economics brought supposed races at war together in truces; economics existed and found a way to flourish inside any system; economics over-ruled any abstract division of race, honour, power; Nations were founded and broken in its operations. I learned to judge each person individually, by their character, not their colour. You could do so much more with economics than you ever could with race – which is why Some Jews were tolerated or escaped the Nazi’s culling as business partners despite the outward machismo and political machines against them in any positions of power. Just as one instance. But I’d later learn that ‘character’ was a fragile constant too. This is recorded in my Second diary of a DevilworshippR.

Following this role, I felt I needed a role that moved beyond this exhausting temperament to one of tolerance. And so I chose to take my place in a Nursing Home as a cleaner for a third role. My insights recorded for this are on death, depression, isolation, but also indomitable human spirit and the necessity of laughter for all human souls and captured in Fading. I will admit that during this time whilst painting, I grew restless and painted satanic symbols on the walls before painting them over. But I generally grew into my role to such a degree it was hard to leave. Whilst contemplating the Home I decided to test my mettle for now I had seen that it was a mere matter of wearing the right face, clothes and actions to fit in anywhere and be seen as that which you were actually not. I was on the road to illustrating for myself that it was impossible to screen someone out if they adopted the forms, the currents, the attitude, the philosophy your organization demanded. I began to understand how the Cold War tactics of espionage must have worked, how spies infiltrated the most secure installations. They just relied on appearance.

So I applied for a job at the ABS as my fourth role now detailed in my account on the L316 Nexion; where I also overheard a conversation concerning the application process of entry into ASIO the Australian Security Intelligence Office. It seemed to be merely a matter of ticking the right boxes in psychological tests, and just enough of the wrong ones so you didnt appear “normal” or too smart to fall for the trap.

During my role with the ABS I learned that the supposed ‘paranoia’ I had harboured but never been able to prove was to some extent justified now. There were other people watching us civilians – recording our movements and so on for various authorities, mapping details on satellite maps. We used GNAF, Geographic National Address Finder which does not show detail of physical objects, but is a scaled back secure version used by the Transport Authority that can show property lines, roads, addresses etc. It can also show whatever installation or location, you type in – including unrecorded military, and government installations that do not appear on public maps, etc. In regards to filling out the census, only the military and the government seemed exempt from providing details. In regards to the Census it is officially compulsory and those who do not comply are ticked off on a list of reasons for not doing so – including political, religious or just hate the government. Resolution is attempted but a fine issued in the event of non-cooperation. If you write your details in red pen the ICR software cannot read it because it operates using infrared – making your form likely to be one of the 1-2 million transcribed by hand. However, one crucial matter not made public is that whilst compulsory, there are two sectors of Census data; the first is the most important and the only legally compulsory section people must complete; their name, their address, their gender, and how many people are living in the address. This is all that is required. The rest of the more personal details are suggested to be compulsory but are actually not – this forms the second sector comprising the rest of the census document but the ABS keeps this a secret in order, as it does many other operations, to ensure public compliance and trust in gaining personal information. This information was all kept, originally in warehouses with boxes of paper – but fires decimated paper records resulting in a loss of records from a certain period onward, so records are now held electronically. This personal Information is given to the Transport Authority for them to make plans concerning structural integrity, infrastructure, public transport needs, additional water pipes and so on – but is also supplied to other firms my superior was not willing to comment on. This insight role was an eye-opener – since I processed a number of individuals whose profession was surveillance and listening to conversations, it is only natural that there follows a step upward from this position of surveillance and mapping where the technology is more powerful, more revealing, and more comprehensive. After sitting at a desk for months, in an office working 13 hour days, I was feeling I was helping the Magi control and dominate people by mapping their co-ordinates; though I balanced this by allowing anyone who referred to themselves as a Satanist to escape certain measures of scrutiny we were required to point out or mark a box for. But the incompetence got to me – they would spend an hour telling us how to code something and then ten minutes after doing it, we’d be called in for a new meeting to explain changes. This continued ad infinitum. There were other considerations as well – largely my impressions that I was helping the Government as a cog to grease the wheels. To some extent you had to in order to be there long enough to observe what was going on – but after sitting at a desk so long I’d lost a lot of muscle, motivation, ambition and physical fitness – I required a more active challenge to counteract my last.

[I should point out, that my views toward destruction/disruption of the government or of architecture, etc. are no longer as unevenly destructive as they used to be. Through psychology, sociology and economics I have a more balanced understanding of the role of Government bodies, what they do and the alternative; such as how people behave as a mass/collective without such measures in place. I am infinitely sceptical of traditional methods of motivation such as race, us and them, and other appeals to act for this or that reason; since forms are no longer all that I calculate but also the many levels of human behaviour, habit, tradition, culture, and so on that make people act a certain way without being able to solve problems, differently. That said, I am one of the few top percentage of the world able to write, read, speak freely, share my thoughts, and not have to worry overly much about war, famine, disease, corruption or poverty. I am beyond lucky and privileged to be in that position merely by being born where I have been. I have come to see, that such things above and many more are all complex issues – which are beyond my understanding or power to change – tied up not just in surface goings on but in the deep labyrinths of the individual human mind and their experiences, economics, environment and personal relationship with their psyche. The juggernaut of humanity is never as simple as forms encapsulate it to be – and I am ever wary of the written word which has a natural geometry for enclosing such complexities in simplistic formats and closed loops, as is the nature of language and grammar inclined to do, which is in part a deceptive suggestion what is written about can be closed the same way. This may seem at odds with the outward statements of the Order – and it probably is – but the outward statements of the Order serve a purpose, for a time, until such time, the outward statements, serve a new purpose.]

Following my leaving of the ABS who tried to convince me to stay more because I was doing a good job than from any personal attachment – I had taken up an interest in Ninjutsu. It began with the sighting of fliers and casual reading. Then I found a Dojo.

Following 4 years at Ninjitsu and 1 year at Muay Thai I applied for the Army.

My Army role did not eventuate though I passed all the tests and so on, there was an 11 month wait, doing medicals and just waiting for my placement to be processed. The fire went out inside during this wait and I abandoned pursuing this role in favour of another.

It was during the last 3 years that with all that I had learned I had fashioned myself in such a way that Terrorism and Culling suggested themselves to me as natural extensions of all that had come before. I was now in such a position as I was trained to kill somebody and had become good enough to get a job pretty much anywhere. But my Wyrd has not been to blow things up or deal out justice to thugs [in the strict sense that I kill them]. What is my Wyrd? Well, It seems that I do not yet know – and have been merely following my intuition along the path to where it lies. Still – I am only 32 and as I understand it my age has a direct bearing and impact on my approach to life and therefore my understanding – just as I look back now and see more about my life at 18 than I did at 18 – maybe I will understand my Wyrd when I am older then, maybe around 40-45, or maybe not. Either way, ad accumulum inifinitum – I will be continuing to follow my intuition, feeling my way through the dark, and recognizing the silent unmoving patches of occasional stagnancy when I am not sure about what I am doing for what they really are; signs of progress, signs of life.


What is Dynamism? Dynamism, to me, is knowing what you need going to one extreme and then the other, and then going in a new direction altogether. Its about commitment not to one role, but to an ongoing procession of learning, using one role to power the next in an intermeshed learning that never stops – and always challenges the conscious geometry of the ego, shaking its stultifications and assumptions, conclusions and prejudices loose. There was nothing random about my choice of roles they were chosen to build upon one another, complimenting or contradicting the role before. I didnt always have foresight into my next role but I knew when to move on and somehow where to move on to based on what I needed to grow, on what the role I was in had uncovered for me, what was shown to me to be my weakness in or fear of, illustrated to me how little I didnt know or suggested areas where I could use more light. And when the light began to dawn the divisions began to collapse; words began to drain themselves of power; and forms began turning transparent.

I will say – that my vitriolic ultra-cynicism as well as host of other philosophical and practical, magical and mental considerations ; stopped me from taking two particular roles too far joining or becoming a terrorist faction, and culling. My notes on culling are recorded in Culling: A Contemplation – I had built myself up to the task and stopped short – a wise decision in my mind. I am far from a pacifist – and I hold no illusions about violence to solve problems; in many cases I have solved them with only the threat of violence. Killing is killing – it can be for right, it can be for wrong. But if I don’t agree with the motives for killing, the reason for killing someone, I won’t be doing it just to prove anything to anyone. Do I believe in self-defense, absolutely I do and I’ll go so far as to kill to preserve myself, if I think I have to. But on my terms, when and if, the situation presents itself.

And, my notes and creative suggestions on/for terrorism were recorded in an older WordPress; Dark Planet, that was banned after its content came to the awareness of its moderators heightened by internal activity during a brief clash of forms and figures. I do know some of those suggestions were copied resulting in news – but disruptive news not destructive news. As I look around and hear from people who tell me they saw my work at a fair, or won it as a prize, or it influenced them to do this or that including very dark acts some of which, where possible, I have felt compelled to step in and Stop – I have realized that whilst it may seem as if a world away my writings are disconnected thoughts that I just fire off or put on a blog – there are and have been repercussions to it. I find myself in a position of unexpected responsibility, so I suppose it is lucky for the world that I am not an evil man even as I use evil. [Perhaps against itself.] And perhaps therefore a failure as a Satanist, but somewhat more successful as the shadowy sower of the seeds of one of Them.

It is all too easy to use form against the mind of someone with mere suggestion or what suffices for reason via an elegant or convincing appeal to the senses, emotions or logic. Some of my early thoughts on the power of the Order, as one example close to me that did have the power to cause action through suggestion, are also recorded in my second diary under the Psychology of Satanism. Though the Order has grown much more complex in its outward forms – the inner human tradition of how forms are processed remains essentially the same. There are signs however, I think, that this tradition of perception has been sufficiently assaulted to shake loose some of the time-worn habits of apprehension and comprehension toward a new and more acute, powerful, incisive Sinister derivative – still in a minority but steadily taking hold in the forms of the Magi where it was not able to take root before due to its elitism.

The enduring factor that remains a constant after all these and continuing insight roles is the hypocrisy set up by adherence to a form, hypocrisy of the self and the projection that cannot help but arise to ensnare and limit being through a mode, whatever it may be. In some ways I suppose this begins to tempers the severity of Insight Roles as time goes by or perhaps this temperance just provides the catalyst for an eventual compensatory atomic time bomb…

With insight roles – What I thought would be the case was seldom ever the case in terms of what I encountered, how I felt, what the outcome would result in, all of which afforded me rich, luxurious sensatory experiences and immersion into real world situations which changed my physiology and added immeasurably to my perception, problem solving skills, and empathy with real forces, real people. Rather than sitting home reading a book about such things and agreeing with authors and merely layering my consciousness I sought to contact and commune with my unconscious part of my psyche and the untapped potential of my body by giving it what it needed – Food. I could of course have just agreed that Nazism or racism was this or that – but now I know why – and can explain it – add to it – and chastize those who write about it being this or that for what they leave out or use to imbalance the actuality of it. In terms of inward and outward changes, or of perspective I could not have predicted the experiences, the emotions, the conflicts, the resolutions, the people, the fun, the danger, the strength, the work, the struggle, the determination, the rewards, the sadness, the outcome … much of these experiences were often only understood much later on when the immediacy of the role had subsided and I had time to look back or compare it with a present role.

Form or what I perceive and call Form – is the most powerful modality I have researched the most immediate effective black magic I have encountered. Capable of assuming any shape any person is capable of anything. To cite Joseph Conrad “inside all human beings there beats a heart of darkness” and a maxim to which I hold All human beings are Scorpions.

My Thanks to L316 Nexion for hosting my thoughts.




Temple of THEM.

An Analysis of Frequency: Pt 1

An Analysis of Frequency: Pt1

There is an overall geometry in the frequency of writing that indicates something altogether different from what their strings of sentences have attempted to assemble. Writing is not linear, or one-directional and despite itself and what its writer intends it to convey, there are other currents implicit in writing that are invisible, esoteric, within, that from the nature of its assembly, divulge other information about the writer on subliminal levels.  That is to say that writing is layered. It has an esoteric counterpart during which a writer attempts to gain something from the audience the writing is directed at: viz. a specific attempt at the seduction of other minds is made via dressing up motives in various pleasing modes of language. And it has an exoteric mainstream that operates on shared meanings and logic.

Ego – The Source of Dialect

If we write the sentence: “I am a writer”: then we are making suppositions: we are causing things to exist: in presupposing “I” exists, we are making a statement that claims a separation: and in this case that a separation exists between a personal existence and the existence of others. In supposing “I”, we inadvertently draw a line in the philosophical sand that cannot help but suppose “You”, “Mine”, “Yours”, “Ours” etc.  And, there is a clear cut motive in presupposing an “I” – will to power. With each word used in language to communicate, a supposition is made that cannot help but suppose other things: loosely termed, these are the inherent “opposites” that arise from the paradox of Unity. i.e. if we suppose “Space” – we must suppose something that is separate from Space – we must suppose “Matter”. And so on. In communication, every word is a separation point: it is a supposition, a supposing of something that is separate from something else: i.e. a division. This is a useful observation, because language is the main tool of the Ego. The act of division in language is a constant element that echoes the motives of the Ego. I.e. the Ego has a vested interest in maintaining a specific geometric matrix, and wills to power deliberate separations between things to maintain its psychopathic homeostasis. We can identify the role of the Ego in language by appreciating a simple fact: all language is based on supposition. If we examine language for what it really is, in essence, each word is an existential question mark: a symbol with no inherent meaning. The prime phenomenon with an interest in separation from the whole: is the ego. Hence it is ego that is responsible for the development of language: as a means of will to power.

Thus, there appear repetitions or similar modes of separation by the act of division in writing; Separations that lead to a desired homogenization of words [symbols] that is the aim of the ego to reduce the world to and feed it by establishing personal affirmations in what it writes. Thus, the way in which a writer attempts to control/harmonize the world and tame it with words, cannot help but reveal a reflection of the writers ego and expose the keys with which it feels harmony; i.e. its geometry.

I should think that most people do not invest too much conscious thought in the accepted notions of language with words that tie others together: is, at, from, to, etc. these are habitual structures necessary to homogenize language so that it may be understood: -so that it may be “language”. That is to say it would be spurious and optimistic to think one could divulge anything from the placing of the word “at” or “was” – but something can certainly be ascertained from the placing [and frequency of placing] of the word “I”.

Human Centred Geometry Vs Life Centred Geometry:

Before I go any further let me make two very clear distinctions in geometry.

There is the micro world of human-centred geometry and there is the macro world of life-centred geometry. I call it a micro world because it subsists of infinitesimal degrees of separation, of breaking things into divisions using semantics and abstractions. It is made vastly complex by the sheer number of divisions made and the worship that is given to each division by acts of further dissection, followed by classification and categorization for validity or invalidity [pending the type of psyches interacting] with the whole process treated as real, important, and self-evident; that is to say, Homocentric. It mostly takes form in communication by speech and/or writing, and exists on the plane of trivial human concerns: and the creation/regurgitation of suppositions to create further trivial human concerns so that the cycle may continually repeat itself. This mode of geometry is the sustaining mode of the Matrix.

Secondly, there is the Life-Centred mode of geometry. Here, Abstractions are not treated as real except for the passage they give through the Matrix. That is, language is accepted as a necessary, if cumbersome, mode of communication in Life: but communication is not centred about the millions of division of abstractions: rather all those human divisions are grouped into one category as “Division”: creating the corresponding supposition, “Life” which supposes division to be artificial. While the former tends to centre all its divisions about itself, and focus on its own importance: Life-centred geometry is devoid of obsession of the human. It is a simple, direct use of language [and other means] that rejects the deification of human edifice and appropriately perceives them as merely present as one mode on a sliding scale of many. An overt lack of homo-centrism is immediately noticeable in text: and in my opinion indicates a psyche possessed of a more realistic perception of its species: a weaker domination by the ego over the total psyche due to decreased interest in self-importance. Thus it is not only word by word that the ego is revealed geometrically, but by its specific repeating assertions of its world-view and the ideas presented and dealt with that come through in the text. A life-centred text refrains from referring to the writer at all – except perhaps when the writer wishes to demonstrate human humility and assert their unimportance as a species. However, this is not to be mistaken with the writer that is morbidly self-obsessed with denigrating the human race and their own existence as a human being, i.e. the “Goth”. For such is still an obsession with human self-importance, albeit through rabid anti-establishment of importance.

Reform and Revolution

Another level of maturity of the psyche can be revealed by breaking down a writer’s text into categories of energy to give a Temple member a useful depth sounding of the potential of a client – almost like cutting down a tree to reveal its many rings of growth can determine its age.

Sinister and Magian writing are easily recognizable as modes with different currents or frequencies. But if a person were to try to learn to intuit this difference they might require a guide of the signs that emanate not only a sinister or Magian text, but the period of time that has elapsed since the writer separated from the Matrix. For although it can be relatively easy to create a temporary separation from the Matrix, it goes without saying that it is vastly harder to force a permanent one. A writer who has been closely associated with others of the Sinisterion for an extended period of time may at first glance resemble in action and speech, a genuine one of THEM. It would be convenient to have some kind of constant marker that separates the long-time sinister writer from the brief deceitfully occult ego who is experiencing a minor sinister high.

The extent to which a writer has separated from control by their ego, or the “recency” of their self-extraction from the mode of the Magian, could perhaps be determined by marked signatures of the longevity of a sinister life, i.e. by the practical and realistic applications a sinister writer uses vs the brash and immediate need for change possessed by the exuberant black magician still wound up in the role of immediate power. One correlation is that writings from long-sustained sinisterion will be marked by original concepts and concepts that take a long time to implement: including demonstration of such a plan’s implementation. That is, the long-term Satanist will be gradual in energy expenditure and be concerned with “Reform” and the use of edifices already in place against themselves. The brash magician however, who has only recently or temporarily separated from the Magian current, will make use of traditional concepts and be concerned with revolution and the hasty destruction of edifices to be replaced with grand visions of satanic architecture: their plans tend to fall down however when they are unable to exercise wisdom in their implementation and lacking a clear understanding of the obstacles, refer back to the traditional rhetoric of concepts and goals that have been presented to them, i.e. “we need the creation of a new type of satanic individual”. They may cease writing out of frustration because their ideas are not being accepted as genius. A recent separation is marked by the energies of “Revolution”.

To discern and crystallize a person’s intentions is beneficial in relation to our work; and one mode in which to undertake analysis is in the spirit that communication below the Abyss is mostly linguistic spell-craft and thus loaded. Frequency analysis is an especially useful avenue to pursue where writing attempts to deceive the reader as to the nature of the ego writing it – where writing may have all the hallmarks of authenticity and maturity but is in essence, a cleverly written spell. In such a case, being able to discern a life-centred mode and a human-centred mode can help unearth the truth because in the latter for instance, the ego cannot help but continually refer to itself: whereby the easiest method of determining if glamour is involved is to outwait the glamour and make a comparison over time of many of the writer’s letters .

Who Hears The Spheres?

Life/Human Centred Geometry is a useful major distinction. Another is the difference between Sinister and Magian energies, analogous to sound-waves/emissions that resonate harmoniously or clash dischordantly. Although all persons hear and appreciate music differently: the esoteric frequencies of the Sinister and Magian types are so fundamentally different and diametrically opposed: as to physically hurt the ears and brain and intellectually attack and harm the party who is subjected to listen to the others music.

After separation from the Matrix: this musical/frequential difference is acute. Where the Magian hears harmony the Sinisterion will hear din. Where the Sinisterion hears the Spheres, the Magian will hear Nothing. And this is true of language too – for language is a form of magical vibration that is aesthetically suited to its species. It is not an exoteric Hz or Mhz frequency of cycles that exists to define this musical separation: although it well may be discovered some constant is present some day: the Sinister and Magian organism do not operate on different cycles of frequency in terms of physical sound. We share the same limits of our nexion as identical biological organisms. But we do use sound differently. We expend it differently. We have opposed goals and perceive separate universes. One is human centred and one is life centred. This difference of perception causes an opposing taste in what is harmonious, and because the difference in perceptions is so vast, the Magian sound is largely noisy, self-absorbed, ugly and vulgar to us.

However, while the human-centred mode cannot encompass the life-centred one, the life-centred mode Can and does encompass the human-centred mode: that is to say, homo-centrism does not acknowledge anything but its own species : whereas a life-centred mode acknowledges the human-mode but does not extend human importance out of proportion: it is not egoic and egoism is an element that defines the human-mode because the ego is the aspect in humanity that loves to extend things out of proportion.

Receptive Frequency: The Low Vibration of Propaganda

If one writes a poem in English, then we may expect most to be able to appreciate it and derive subjective experience from reading it. If one writes in another language not common to the majority of ones expected readers, then we can expect fewer people to be able to comprehend and appreciate it unless they are familiar with and understand the language of transcription.  If a writing is penned that deliberately uses code, or obscure symbolism and wording, then the number of people who can approach an understanding or appreciation of the material from what is written, is greatly diminished. However, many grimoire are written in such a manner and although the text is indecipherable to most, remain attractive as works of art. It is not on the textual level that the work is appreciated, but on the basis of its geometry and artistic flair. Without being able to read what is written the viewer [for he cannot be a reader if he cannot read the text] must be content to appreciate the text as an esoteric object.

However, a symbol cannot replace a communication – a symbol is inert – and open to interpretation unless it has been Associated with the text/message by transference [a subject to be covered shortly] over time. So, because writing is primarily a means of communication and has an aim in being written, it consists of reciprocal translation and understanding on the textual level. The degree of access that writing enables for its audience ranges from the lucid to the obscure. And the scale of free/restricted access to the communication by an audience between these degrees represents another type of Frequency: the “Receptive Frequency”. Like a radio transmission RF can be restricted to a certain channel or area or broadcast right across the network. A coded message is highly restricted in its RF. A public speech is not. The RF used corresponds to its numeracy: that is, its content is relative to the intended size of the audience that can understand it. The degree of RF is a signature frequency in all writings that may leave clues at to who the writer generally targets and also offers the key frequency that should be used to reply to them for the most effective communication.

There is an underlying principle in this phenomenon of corresponding universality. Propaganda, as Hitler understood, must be simple and direct if it is to influence the masses: meaning the ability to affect the many divergent types of person and psyche with all the miasma of classes, races, sex, age, education, background with a similar and unified message … and for this to occur the wording used must be simple, direct, and universally recognizable. One of the ways to make a text universally recognizable is to use words of an Optimum Frequency. Young Children’s books for example are written using Optimum Frequency.

Optimum Frequency:

(The Way to a Man’s Heart is through his Inherent Stupidity)

The majority of people have a vocabulary of approximately 44,000 words. A two year old may have a vocabulary of perhaps a few hundred or a few thousand.  Despite the considerable numeric difference in each, in both vocabularies there will be words common to both. Yes. No. Mine. That.  [This is an extreme example: I cannot generalise the use of words by a two year old with a corresponding comprehension of their use until much older and concept laden.]

However, both a two year old and a 40 year old are likely to say ‘What’, ‘Yes’ or ‘Please’ far more often than they would say “Geriatric, Predispose, or Athlete”. That is to say, that What, Yes and Please are far more Frequently used words in communication than the latter three. [Yes] or indication of some affirmative notion, [No] or the indication of some Negative notion are intrinsic to language. They are used far more frequently than other words and are more likely to be recognized regardless of race, sex, age, class or background. There are probably a few thousand of these key words that are used with greater Frequency than other words, and I will term these the “Optimum Frequency” or OF range.

By using words from the OF range, propaganda is likely to be understood by a vast and divergent number of groups. Consider the following:

1) Ask not what your country can do for you: but what you can do for your country.

2) Economic expansion requires subservience by the people to the Nation in its time of dire need.

The first slogan operates on OF, these are words likely to be understood by a great many people for they are all simplistic and frequently used in every day vocabulary. The second slogan is not so universal despite being a relatively similar statement, because its frequency is out of the OF range: subservience, expansion, dire are not common words or used anywhere near often as the words of the OF in the first line.

But it is not merely the OF that operates here. It is also the Optimum Frequency of Concepts too. That is to say that the concept of giving up ones individuality to serve a greater common good is also a frequently utilized concept by the majority of people. It is practiced in families, in school, at work, and in almost every other social situation where a person shows restraint over their individual desire to maintain social norms. It is relatively easy to appeal to people by using concepts they already understand and use on a very frequent basis: and, greater good, is a common concept. In the case of the first slogan there is also a pre-existing indoctrination in the practice of Pride within the people of the American Nation to support the ideal of “Country”.

It was mentioned earlier that the packaged text of a slogan could be transferred over into a symbol by means of transference and association. The Nazis for instance were able to replace the effect elicited from the use of party slogans into an effect elicited simply by showing the party symbol: the Swastika. The swastika was invested with the meanings of conscious textual slogans by continually appearing alongside such slogans, until transference was made and people began to group the messages of the slogans with the symbol until the slogans were no longer necessary and the swastika operated alone as a subliminal symbol of Optimum Frequency. This is why Flags are used: as subliminal associations to incite Nationalism and worship of the idea of State and Nation and Country. I.e. control.

In the case of the American Nation, an appeal to Nationalism is triggered by the presence of the American Flag: The Star-Spangled banner. Recalling the experiment of Pavlov’s dogs, Pavlov demonstrated that transference could be made from the original control to an extant source by teaching dogs to slobber whenever they heard a bell.

Closely allied with the American Flag; a President: a personage who transforms the esoteric into the exoteric and gives us a human link to that piece of cloth that subconsciously controls us. By the power of optimum frequency we come to associate the President with the flag, and the flag with the President: if our associations become mixed: the two cease to retain their separate identities and we become brain-washed. This is does not hold true for all Americans however. Many Americans think their President dangerously imbecile – [at the time of writing, George W. Bush] and brain-washing usually occurs over people with weak minds or wills or who are already conditioned to idolize Nationalism. Others see a link between “America” and “God”: and it is probably this link that operates with the lowest vibration of Optimum Frequency. As a priest can become a direct link with God, charged with special powers to pass on the divine word, so too can (and is) “America” be subliminally associated with “God”.

Other symbols used to trigger certain conditioned responses, are the Statue of Liberty, to the ideal of “Freedom”.  But contra to this, an appeal to trigger “Peace” can be made by a Swastika or footage of a Nazi Rally or Hitler speaking. Forget someone mentioning the atrocities of the Americans during war, if a Swastika is shown, the context is already decided and the response automatic.

Because America has taken the reins of control from Hitler and meta-morphed the ideas of his many surrounding geniuses, writers, and architects into esoteric currents that invisibly co-erce rather than be actively seen: the initiated are now seeing the utilization of many of Hitlers propaganda techniques in altered and truly magical forms.

In winning the 2nd World War under their ideals of “Peace, Freedom and God”, America was able to confiscate what can only be called “Mind-Control Techniques” used by Germany for its own use and demonize the same use of such techniques by the Third Reich. A linear conception of History emerged that forever determined the Nazis the bad guys, the Americans the good guys, reminiscent of the Catholic Church and its YHVH/Lucifer mode. People are conditioned to speak of Hitler in hushed tones, in disgust, in fear, or solemn reverence for such Evil. We are taught to hate, fear, and be mortally afraid of forgetting such a thing as the holocaust. We are reminded of the brutality, the ferocious and viciousness of the Nazi party, with documentary after documentary showing the ovens at Auschwitz. It is said: lest we forget. It is effective programming. Although the “Voice of Authority” openly treats adults as children unable to discern the world and its events for themselves, human beings gladly open themselves up to this mental conditioning accepting the basic divide of enemy/conqueror. Subliminal Association made with the symbol of the Swastika is easily determined in all Western countries. Simply wearing one incites the conditioned response.

What has been covered so far? Text can be transformed into a symbol. A Symbol can become an effective trigger the presence of which demands obedience to an unsaid word. The next layer is Emotion: for a Symbol is used to elicit specific emotional responses.

The real operant power in Optimum Frequency is not the Swastika. It is Anxiety. And it should be noted that although it is impossible to control what emotion people will feel when presented with the trigger – the context of the trigger allows for a wide range of emotions to fall within acceptable valid responses because they all stem from the anxiety brought forth by low vibrations of Magian Frequency – that is to say, anxiety has been induced by Magian design and hence the corresponding energy arising from the human vessels is a Magian Current. [Humans are very similar to cauldrons/vessels: pour the ingredients in, mix, and let it cook. Or, crystals/glyphs that can be made to chant/vibrate certain frequencies that are ‘ex-pressed’ in emotion/speech etc.

Once conditioned to react emotively upon seeing the Swastika [and by transference most German iconography of WW2] we are the unwitting victims of a mind-control technique that is very powerful and pending its transmission, long-lasting. Since the Third Reich has been demonized constantly for the last 60-70 years, we can expect that control to be ingrained within most of Western peoples.

Just briefly: when the human being becomes anxious it affects the Central Nervous System to send messages of alarm to the Automatic Nervous system and brings on our ancient fight-or-flight response which activates some responses and inhibits others. This “Sympathetic” response includes the release of adrenalin to get us pumped and mobilized. If we stayed in the Sympathetic mode, the nervous system would suffer a break-down from the stress imposed upon our organism: so it has a built-in counter measure called the Para-sympathetic that kicks in once the emergency is over to return the body’s responses to normal.  Magic, Psychology, Mind-Control, or whatever you want to call it – is performed by Governmental Agencies etc by tricking/manipulating the systematic responses of the body to occur by artificial means.

Anxiety causes stress. Stress causes an imbalance in the body/psyche – which then prompts the body/psyche to activate a curative remedy. The American form of magic is, like the Nazis before them, slow-hypnosis based. If you can condition the human being to react to one symbol with stress, you can also cause the human being to find relief with another. It is a simple matter of transference. (And just a side note for the aspirant: you can feel mind-control too – if you feel nothing for the holocaust while others weep and protest but feel compelled to remain quiet or join in – that compulsion to act in accordance with others, is the result of mind-control, which is effectively, body-control.)

The Fundamentals of Mind/Body Control

Now we will look at the underlying mode that is inherent in this style of Magian magic, that is to say, extract the Ethos from it and take a look at some of the methods of subliminal mind control exercised within it.

If reeling in horror and disbelief at the atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis, we are vulnerable to mind-control because of the anxiety it creates. Just as a child seeks the answer to 1 + ? = 2: We instinctively seek to restore the imbalance created by counteracting that anxiety. But our natural counteraction response can be hijacked by an artificial one: forced to occur only when a specific symbol is presented. And those supplying the enemy symbol also supply the hero symbol.  The hero symbol is the secondary association, the yin to the yang so typical of Magian magic. It is the rainbow from God, the promise that the Holocaust will never happen again so long as you support x. x triggers relief, comfort, it is the curative symbol to the anxiety incited by the Swastika, a programming narrative that there is something out there that will protect us from ever experiencing such horrors ourselves, some crusader that aims to put a stop to such atrocity ever happening again. The most oft-used curative symbol is the American Flag.

Whenever we see the nastiness of the Germans you can be sure footage of the Americans fighting their way through to save our souls will not be far away. Whatever symbol or regime is portrayed as the enemy, will create by its division a symbol or regime that is good. Institutions such as the Media are crucial to continuing this programming. It’s been said before but evil is banal: people will keep doing what their doing, unaware or uncaring of the consequences just to keep their job, their ambitions, their sense of progression in life, of the matrix, intact. Unfortunately, the media are expected to separate news into two distinct categories: which is why the Media promulgates a society paralysed with fear and saturate the world with coverage of violence, instability and supposed chaos: a society on the brink of collapse it seems, every night at seven. That is to say they depress us with fear and anxiety, consolidate us with trivium, unite us with sport [particularly in Australia] and then show us a fluffy kitten to give us a quick hit of serotonin. This formula, subliminal, and repeated several times a day, conditions the brain to develop addiction. So what we are dealing with is not merely indoctrination on a verbal level, it is an actual current or mode of hypnosis that works by dual-association and is a continuous vibration in all Magian transmissions.  Tele-vision begs the question: whose/what vision? And how can we be conditioned so symmetrically when we seem divergent as a species? Are we really divergent? I look around me and I see mediocrity: the same tired re-hashing of someone else original creation: presumably it is different: but it is not: it’s not even a permutation: it takes the song, art, media nowhere new.

Media operates on the lowest Frequency too: OF. Its hardly rocket science to make the observation that the Magian messages are effective because of their similarity, frequency of appearance, proximity and the associations that are grouped together repetitively to make the same appeals of Peace, Freedom and God while ensuring, Control, Control, Control – on an almost deafening basis.

Are there ways to reveal this current for the lay-man? Maybe the curious could try taping the news with the sound off and write down what they think the stories are about. Then re-watch the news with the sound on and see how closely they matched up. Or, turn all the colour and contrast down so that they can only hear the news and write down what they think the story would be showing them visually. Restore the settings, and watch the bulletin. They may notice that without the verbal or audio context to “inform” them of what is happening that their ability to discern Media is greatly diminished. The large discrepancy between what the brain expects to see and hear and the context that the media puts the stories into that could help distinguish the distortion created by framing images within context/narrative.

The “magic” of television has slowly been forgotten. For instance: there is a special make-up profession that deals with corporate food promotion. For those unfamiliar with the length of time and effort required to make an advertisement let me assure you it can be considerable. If burger chains used actual ice-cream in their ads, by the time lighting, boom, camera, and assorted other henchmen were ready to shoot the scene: the ice-cream would have melted. The schemata that has been programmed in your head the advertising of burger chains of an ice-cream is not the image of a real ice-cream dripping down the sides of the cone but a perfectly still, proud and firm frosty scoop of whipped white vanilla. In actual fact, the ad could not use a real ice-cream because it would not stay perfect, or proud, or frosty. A special food preparation artist creates the semblance of the ice-cream using glazed and painted mashed potato. Potato at room temperature sets firm, can be moulded into any shape, and does not melt. But, when the ad comes racing across the screen, telling you about the delicious frosty vanilla ice-creams available, it places the potato in a context that tricks the mind: and the mind makes the transference between the image of an ice-cream with the schemata in the brain that describes an ice-cream. Yep, looks like an ice-cream, must be ice-cream. It is not. This “magic” is not confined to food: make-up and cosmetics for instance requires obscene amounts of advertising [context] to make it seem less like animal fat or cheap synthetic acids. But it’s not tested on animals you say? Nice one. Where’s your proof: that this multi-national conglomerate that makes billions out of making women feel ugly [anxiety trigger] writes it proudly on their carcinogenic bottle?

Here I have presented my own Magian construct: I inform you of the enemy by appealing to your guilt: the enemy is the cosmetic company that has been accused of animal cruelty and atrocities to create products that paint your face. Note however, most will be happy enough to help me blame the cosmetic company as an enemy rather than acknowledge their own vanity: it’s a projection and protection safety net utilized by the ego. Continuing: if you are caused sufficient anxiety by the thought that you are somehow unwittingly responsible for assisting them do unspeakable things to animals by taking part in supporting them because of your vanity, then you have made a transference from the abstract suppositions I have made, onto yourself: that is to say you are now associating/identifying yourself as involved: thus causing you to feel guilt. I then give you my programmed curative to your anxiety: the possibility of being in possession of the awful truth by acknowledging that you might have been tricked by the cosmetic companies, but if you admit it and get educated on the shadiness of the cosmetic industry you will be a “good” person again. And I should add this is a special trigger, because your anxiety is being relieved in a manner that allows you to think that you were not to blame, just an unwitting pawn. A lot of Magian vibrations aren’t that kind.

For those unaware: that last paragraph: was another one.

It’s all very clever. It’s the simple Magian energy that mobilizes the entire Matrix. It is present in the identical ploy of the Church that created a division between God and the Rest, demonizing an ‘enemies’ tactics and will to power while simultaneously deploying similar tactics in their own means of warfare. The same young Church that rose to power using the God/Devil context to feed off the power of anxiety: The Devil is evil look what the Devil does: now be afraid, controlled and God-Fearing: is the same method used by All institutions. I remind aspirants, that all conscious human beings are scorpions.  Demonizing one ideal allows another to take its place. A genuinely fair and diplomatic ideal would not demonize so vehemently against its previous peer – it would have no desire to put something down in order to raise itself up. You would think that people would eventually get wise to this game, but no. Apparently not.

This major Ethos is a current that runs through all in Time. The OF and OF Concept level present in many writer’s texts takes the form of an element of hero [or something championed] and a zero [or something negated] usually closely spaced or next to each other. It is hoped that by virtue of such a division the ego can elevate itself by de-elevating something else, and subtract by proxy the status in the matrix that comes from feeding off the illusion of the hero. Keeping this in mind: Is the writer associated with the hero, is the writers philosophy the hero, or is there a subliminal intent to connect power to the writer using this mode of duality? Such a current is most vulgarly apparent in the God/Satan Good/Evil schemata. Recalling that there are particular symptoms from a causal nexion or manifested form that is In Time: note that the magical current that has affected America and caused it to use this method does so because it is In Time. Does the writer embody this energy, adhere to this duality, or are they separated from that Ethos, free of it and thus Sinister?

In Sinister Solidarity (ISS)

In Sinister Solidarity

[Dangerous Knowledge to the Uninitiated]

The moment a person is set free from Time; free from living in the Matrix under the thrall of the Ego;- that developed “I” that gives us animation and the illusion of free-will so necessary to feel ‘human’ – is the moment that psychic Security is undermined.

What allows us to have control in life is the feeling that we are Prescient – and for this, an image of who we are needs to develop over time that allows us to fit into the society we live in. At least, this is usually the goal of guardians raising a child for a number of reasons; some of the major are a) socialization is a necessary means of survival; b) there are strong sanctions made against persons who show a marked destructive/creative capacity that is at odds with societies rules: and c) all children are naturally sociopaths and for society to be possible: children must be trained to be subservient for the parents well-being, for the child’s well-being; and well-being means authoritative control.

We spend a lot of time learning about the world around us; and at first we only manage simplistic terms such as a “Rainbow is colourful”. As children we accept this readily enough; but will eventually come to understand that our guardians are fallible and often hypocritical.

When we get older we will be able to comprehend that a rainbow has seven colours; when we get older still that a rainbow is made up of light; and later still that Light is made up of wavelengths; but eventually we will come to understand that all that we have been taught as fact, is valid only if we believe an authority.

When we are told at university that no-one actually knows what light is, realize that our religion doesn’t have the answers we need, or witness the hypocrisy of our guardians- there are corresponding occurrences of fallibility.

Those with children will often be bemused when a child spends a lot of time animating/personificating a teddy bear and pretending it is real and they try to play along with the child’s fantasy. For some time the child will agreeably let the guardian add concepts such as the teddy is walking, the teddy is hiding; but then all of a sudden something as simple as “the teddy is drinking” will cause a solemn response from the child to the effect of “its not a real bear you know”. These innocent unexpected moments of seriousness are signs of the child’s growing powers of reason to test fallibility.  For some children: this is the breakthrough needed to begin becoming autonomous. So it is about this time, that the Ego begins to develop.

Such growth is of course carefully monitored, controlled, steered and guided by, guardians of the Matrix: and in this manner; there tend to be built-in submissions to higher authorities. Be they God, State, Police, Parents, or Ethics. Now, because the Ego is trained early on to work on a Reward/Punishment basis; it finds pleasure/pain in obeying/disobeying certain authorities.

Unless the early Ego is given an experience of the fallibility of authorities that causes a re-think of certain notions about the world held dear; it will be happy enough to live out life under the impressions of the world tutored into it; and, once it has decided its Weltanschauung (world-view) it will begin to solidify notions and schemata for the means of maintaining a set stasis. I.e. it will become hardened and resistant to new ideas, in its bid to control the world from the seat of its new identity, the “I”.  And pending on how fragile the Ego – will even become violent when challenged. Some Ego’s are flexible; and will be able to accommodate one or two drastic changes and can usually bend a little as means of compromise. But very few have the elasticity caused by seeing continued fallibility in authoritative figures and notions during early formation that cause the socialization of the Ego to be improperly executed. We teach socialization by simplistic repetitions; and we are shaped by virtue of simplistic repetition to LIKE a specific and unchangeable world.  When something that is a god to a child is shown to be infallible it is often confusing and a shock to the Ego; it throws things into question and causes a re-examination of ones ideas and a rejection of some of those ideas. It is an uncomfortable moment of insecurity and fear that we suddenly have lost control of our matrix; but for most there is always someone to reassure us of the Validity of that God, or somehow comfort us and this actually coaxes us away from facing that fear and examining what it is. But it can’t always be so. The number of human’s means there will always be anomalies to the equation.

Some, will not be comforted by the explanations of others or soothed by the means of rhetoric; indeed, some will be angry and affronted that they have been tricked into being shaped the way they have by others; to being controlled by laws that previously seemed sacrosanct. And with the fallibility of, for example, seeing police beat innocent bystanders, or hearing of a case of a wrongful imprisonment, they will question such authority and subsequently come to reject the musical lull of the fawners in the Matrix. They will attempt to seriously re-examine their lives, their ideas, who they are, and why they are here. This will often result in a quest.

If such a Quest is heuristic, or Satanic, it will usually involve in-depth examination of all authorities as the Satanist seeks to embody the rebellious archetype of Satan. The type of mind that loses faith in authorities and openly questions/rebels against them – is in the eyes of the World, Sinister in its being. The type of mind that loses faith in authorities will closely scrutinize them and with enough study see right through each of them and understand them for the illusions they are. The vulgar truths that are revealed via such study can incite intense anger and profound indignation as well as a feeling of being lost in an ethereal nightmare.

The illusions of the Matrix are arranged just like a house of cards: the same way we are taught concepts one by one as children; the same way breaking those concepts causes concepts associated with them to fall down. One by one the destruction of each will cause part of the intellectual world to crumble away as though the backdrops of the world were peeled off and a vast network of wire frame were to be seen underneath: viz. the infinity of the Angles.

Such a disturbing/disappointing find often leads to a renouncement of the quest and the path to madness or mediocrity; as in desperation the Ego will fix its gaze on an object in order to cling to its last shred of truth in the Matrix. Without something to cling to, it fears it will lose all control and security and find itself alone, divorced from the convenient reality of others. And if it can let go of the Matrix, it will, in a very frightening, chaotic place with no rules that some call the Unknown and others know as the Abyss.

Such a “dis-covery” if it does not destroy the Ego and render the organism senseless – often experienced as apathy, nihilism, suicide, depression – will if followed in due course strip away Everything that was held dear in the foundation of the Ego. It is thus important to understand this process and work on dream channelling, psychic-exploration, and other means of establishing a true self to fall back on, and BE, when the Ego is eventually dissolved.

A being should expect to have great difficulty in coming to terms with stepping out of the matrix and not being able to go back to believing in the world it knew. The deconstruction of reality leads to a disintegration of the ego and conversations and actions of everyday are all revealed for what they are; dependant on the Matrix. Without the convenience of a surrounding structure the Ego loses it function to act as a psychic safety net that provides the security or comfort of knowing what to do with your Being, what it is Being, or how it should act.

It is for a long time a seemingly permanent separation of one’s existence from the real – and a plunge in the chill dark of the esoteric. It is an intense moment entering the Angles, and it has not been written about by any Mage I have studied or learnt from. One might consider this a separation from God and the aim of Satan himself translated into human terms – But it is only the beginning.

Unless you are willing [and by willing I mean possessed of a demonic dynamic wyrd to truly KNOW – a true Satanist] to keep going further into the Angles; you will have only come half way; and you will feel extreme anguish that there is no foundation that you can trust. You will feel as though you are New, here. The inanity of others who continually refer to aspects of the Matrix that is still real for them will grate on your nerves like nothing you know. Unless you construct an alternate Sinister matrix for the Self to survive in: the horrible things that stalk the Angles will devour you. I don’t just mean the torturous logic, uncertainties, doubts, and fears, inability to explain to your Matrix-entrenched loved ones what is “wrong” with you or wrong with the world – I mean real Demons.

The reason for building a Sinister matrix is the same reason for building the Self: breaking out of the Matrix poses an immediate danger of lack of control over your external form and others perceptions of its constructive function in Society. Adjustment takes time and may put you in a vulnerable state. You face the scrutiny of others and potentially the threat of chemical/physical imprisonment by the State. But the mind and body must be preserved to continue consciously directed growth. The Sinister Matrix is a means of perception that perceives world content as a blank slate, as though it were all black clay over which some have put signposts and tents and coloured flags, and others have built enormous castles and armies of coloured plastic. Much of the clay has been brightly carpeted to cover its dense impenetrable truth, but these illusions and concealments do not fool. Shapes made from this black clay or “matter” visible to the eye are understood to be creations moulded into shape only by the hands and wills of others, and able to be re-shaped by ones own will into another form. Nothing made of the black clay is permanent. We are not absorbed with the signposts and bright flags – that is the realm of illusion and Semantic knowledge. Our quest is with Intuition, of the “Black Clay”.

Once you have peeled away the wall-paper of the Psyche – and all authorities lay slain and dead at your feet, there is only one place that your Quest can lead you; back unto your Self. Annihilation of the intellectual Matrix does not annihilate “you”. The prescience of “You” will be an immediate puzzle under your own constant scrutiny; and for this it is necessary to develop the power to split into different parts of your Psyche. Now you know why. Because this stripping away cannot be understood by those who haven’t undergone it: because you must travel to an Unknown plane according to the specific dissolving elements of your Ego: and because the words, advice of any kind of authority cannot sate you: the Quest of the Left-Hand Path is a Sinister, and Solitary one.

Despite the esoteric frustration you will initially experience when your being reanimates the slain Ego under new control of the Self – the fragility of words, ideas, notions, images, meanings, etc – you will eventually understand these fragments do not form a whole: or if they do, it is a whole that will be entirely dependant on your will: thus do not need to be logically understood but irrationally allowed to whirl about your mind [for this is the source of material for re-creating the Matrix and becoming a God within it] and the more immediate problem of your Being, your body, the life-force that you can feel somewhere in your animation becomes apparent.  Because you have chosen a Satanic Quest: to be like Satan: experiencing the Matrix and the Abyss will not be enough. Knowing what the very heart of the words “Satan” and “God” are and represent at their finest level will not sate you: you will want to know what it is that animates you, what it is that resists against you if not a chair: but a tangle of angles that has thus far been lumped “Matter”. It is a Quest that THEM are still on.

Meanwhile, you will have your feet in two different worlds, one of the Matrix in which you may learn Semantic Knowledge to indulge in your whims as a creative/destructive God, now knowing the secret weaknesses and fragility of all forms. And the other foot in the Abyss, by which you may dissolve your temporary Ego and intellectually modify or alchemically alter to give yourself a type of reason or thought that allows you to change perspective so that you may perform in the Matrix super-human feats of thought and action and override the usually strict encompassing rigidity of the average Ego that says DON’T: because you are no longer bound to obey it: because you are now, “in league with the Devil”.

Divine Joy

Divine Joy

I – Evolution

Today, when the human baby is born, for some time it is blind and for a year or more remains completely dependant on others for its survival. In such a helpless state, how did the first of its kind survive long enough to give birth? Perhaps we are descendants of the monkeys, but how does this solve the original dilemma? The monkey too is helpless at birth. What is the logical sequence of events that preceded us?

Logically: unless there was a species capable of caring for a human infant at least long enough to survive to procreate; a species that was somehow not helpless at birth and able to nurture its own growth and independent being (Are there any examples of this in nature?) it is practical to consider the intervention of intelligent design. What genus of animals abandons their young immediately after birth? And could such a genus have helped raise the first human such as wolves, bears, tigers and other animals have been documented doing? Or, are we deluded and ignorant of a much different past? Are we descendants of another race?

With Evolution: the causal procession is often assumed a case of which came first: the Chicken or the Egg. It’s a lazy paradox. Nature spawns creatures that are tested against it. The equivalent of guinea pigs; slowly tailored to suit and thrive in their unique environmental conditions. Perhaps the first chicken (a result of cross-breeding) was simply dropped in a sac to the ground as a “freak” of nature, (how arrogant to assume what is normal!) and the hard encasement of the “Egg” developed as a result of repeated impact and damage to the sac. One theory held by THEM is of an interlacing level of organisms organization, where each individual has as a by-product of its existence a separate role as part of a greater whole via the collective forming another form – i.e. individual ants forming a swarm or army that moves as one unit. Armies of ants then forming a colony, many colonies an eco-system and so on. To survive; the organisms subjected to impact would over time develop protection at the micro-level of their structure and this is likely to have a knock-on effect that sustains the larger collective form too. This would mean the egg developed well after the proto-chicken. The paradox only emerges when we assume that the “first chicken” was actually a “chicken” too.

It seems no less far-fetched to believe that an Acausal intrusion gives life to life, than it is to believe a God has done so.

II – The Great Chaos

The first words of the Christian God are: Let there be light. It is a revelation on two fronts; 1) that there was darkness prior to God, and 2) that there was reason for the light.

When the first of our kind was born; we must assume that somehow it survived long enough to procreate. What hideous terror must have assailed the first infant of our kind; what alien and primeval sensations, what noises and smells, what uncontrollable and original/pristine encounters with this dimension must have been the first experiences of that infant. We have considered how the first infant may have survived. Let us be optimistic and think on the experiences of the first men. The Sun, the Moon, the Sea, the Mountains and the Forests; must have truly overawed the first men. And not merely the visionary sensations but those of sound, smell, touch, pain. With no words, no language, no comparison for what they saw: no comfort of control over the colours, lights, and fury of the old world; it must have been the original act of Staring into the Abyss. So absolutely frightening was this experience that men were forced to understand what they saw in order to survive it. The Great Chaos was too much for first man; as a baby screams in distress at its birth today; so too would primeval man as an infant have been absolutely awed by the experience of suddenly being alive; with no-one to comfort or soothe.

I reason that this first experience of men was captured genetically in the early stages of the formation of memory and experience of the psyche and is at the very root of our nature as the human species as the first repression; a repression necessary to enable men to rise up and control the horrors of their surroundings by giving names and meanings (eventually) to things that shared space with them. This repression of Original Chaos is the ghost at the core of memory that drives all human beings to invent the Matrix: as a means to cover the Abyss with meaning to control it. If we had or could not, we should have perished with fear and would not have become the Human Race.

Chaos defines us, and that is why the idea of God(s) resonates hypnotically within the human psyche; that is why “let there be light” are the first words of God; because they are the first act of man.

The Theory of the Beast

The Theory of the Beast

In the realm of Black Magic it is often useful to borrow metaphors or terms from sources such as Psychology. I shall now aim to represent a psychological foundation for the ideas I have encountered: but I must impress upon the reader that this theory and the use of its constituents may lie outside of conventional Psychology.  It is important to address this theory now however, for Psychology has its roots in Alchemy, Alchemy is a highly relative notion to THEM because of its emphasis on Change, and part of Alchemical Change involves knowing thyself.  I will give a crash course in Psychological terms and concepts and then relate why I believe suppression of the part of the psyche called the Id, personified and demonized, gave rise to the origin of Satan, to Demons, and to the concept of Evil.

Our minds, when being formed, are protected from psychic harm by a container called the Ego. The ego is a vitally important function of our total Psyche that stores for us the unique, stable set of conditions we each live by, with our actions motivated toward keeping those conditions just right or in ‘homeostasis’. It is also the aspect of us that generates our sense of control and security over our behaviour, thoughts, and environment. When the ego is first formed it is malleable, elastic in its growth and able to take on new ideas and information, but as it reaches maturity it hardens and becomes brittle and resistant to change. For this reason, once set, the beliefs of people are often unchangeable. Entwined as they are with their world-view, the ego’s protective mechanisms, and sense of identity; the beliefs of a person are a hyper-extension of the ego that can sometimes take control over the organism like an autopilot. Ego is the part of us that will fight like a cornered animal to re-assert its view of reality if it is questioned or challenged.

Another function of the ego is to act like a dam holding back a vast lake of water. It acts as a division in our mind that holds back the contents of our animalistic “Sub-conscious” or “Id”. The Id is a separate compartment of the mind that originally dominated our Being. In order to have an individual sense of identity to separate us from our previous animalistic instincts, the ego developed by repressing (blocking out) the subconscious. The content and role of the Id is an on-going matter of speculation; however it is best known for its capacity to act as a psychic waste-land ruled by unknown dimensions; a primeval enigma that contains contents highly disturbing to the logical, rational mind. It is a subliminal pool that contains among other things: our dark secrets, wishes and desires, our irrational urges and impulses expressed without restraint, intense anxieties and repressed memories of fear and pain, the surfacing of which can be extremely dangerous to our fragile well-being. Our ego helps to deceive us about our innate fragility and keep up protective illusions of safety, conformity, normality, control, security and “Reality”. It essentially tries to ignore the Id and takes great pains not to disturb it. Those in the field of Analytical Psychology (Qv. Carl Jung) are painstakingly aware of the care that must be taken when allowing content from the Subconscious of a client to emerge; and Psychopaths and the impulsive/compulsive individual embody examples of the ability of the contents of the unconscious to interfere in sane growth.

As well as guarding against internal pressure the ego also helps us to deal with threats from outer forces we face in our external environment. Because it is subjected to enormous psychological and physiological pressures it is important that its development is properly executed. If the Ego is damaged during crucial stages of its development, it may crack and cause unpredictable leaks of content from the subconscious to occur.  A significant crack can enable a large flow or even a flood of subconscious content into our consciousness allowing what is called ‘the Abyss’ in magickal terms or ‘the Collective Unconsciousness’ in psychological terms, to be released onto what we know as ourselves: the “I “ resulting in madness or severe psychosis. This theory closely parallels our biological evolution.

Before we gained the level of consciousness that allowed us to recognize ourselves as individual thinking beings separate from each other and the rest of the world, in fact before we were “humanity”, proto-man was ruled by base desires and savage primal instincts. At some point in our evolution we were able to suppress our ruling animal instincts long enough for Consciousness to arise. We eventually achieved a state of self-awareness that allowed us to appraise and wonder at our own existence. This unique state of self-awareness is referred to as the ‘I’ in Psychology and has long been regarded as the single-most fascinating achievement of the human organism. But the emergence of the ‘I’ came at a heavy price.  In exchange for Consciousness, we had to forcefully drive our natural, raw instinct of what we were (the Collective Unconscious) back from the fore of our minds and forge a new artificial conscious collective agreement (the Collective Consciousness) on what we wanted to be.

To help do this, over time our species created, and then instilled, Values, Group Obligations and Right Conduct into and onto each other, further suppressing the raw state of our natural being to further the aims of our artificial one – which was a mass social form of indefinitely deferred gratification (having to wait for set conditions to arise before one can gratify ones natural desires). So long as we kept our primal dark forces [The Id] in check, we were able to get along with each other relatively well enough to develop groups and societies – usually ruled by a few, who used fear, violence etc., to enforce Law, Order, and instill conscious conduct.

Over a vast span of time, and as Consciousness spread, the majority of people developed an Ego strong enough to contain the Id indefinitely, or productively released it via outlets of creativity, dance, music, language, symbols, etc. A whole social matrix was built upon the attempts to keep the subconscious out so that our new state of independence could thrive and we began to cloak immediate needs and base desires within respectability and glamour. Such glamour is artifice; all humans contain the Id and all Conscious human beings are scorpions; we learn to conceal our ability to sting but we are capable of being deadly. We also began to give names and labels to things to begin dispelling fear. The more names we created the more complex the world became. Today, there are so many names for things, and so many institutions to perpetuate more names, that we have forgotten its original point as an exercise in control.  Because there are so many concepts and names and ideas that have been layered onto what really Is apparently there [which is geometry] and nameless, there are now millions of illusions that must be broken before a grasp of genuine reality can be achieved. Owing to the hardship required to break free from such illusions most cannot help but be entrapped by the deception of authority and the webs of the matrix.

But, those that made a religion of suppression were ill-prepared for the strength of their new enemy.  The Id or “Beast” could not be tamed and the forces of the subconscious proved powerful beyond their wildest dreams. Although punishment was meted out to those unable to hold back the advancing forces of our primal being as a social admonishment to discourage others from releasing what was imprisoned within; suppression did nothing to sate our desires and urges to behave naturally. While some adopted the new Conscious collective agreement and joined the religion of holding back their impulsive urges, some followed only in part by practicing its release in private (or in public granted certain power); and still others refused (or were incapable) to suppress it at all, continuing to embody our original natural state of being that sought instant gratification.

Out of growing fear of the Beast to undermine our civility and our human-ness, we denied the unknown realm locked away within us that frightened us for its unpredictability, its cruelty and its propensity to erupt from the calmest human being. Such a force threatened to engulf the conscious accomplishments of humanity in chaos and destruction. In time, various Religions and magical tribes came to call signs of activity stemming from the subconscious by unfavourable names.  In effect – A war was declared against the forces of ‘The Great Beast’, the opening psychic shot in a Mind War that would lead to all manner of dark masters/forces Named responsible for the horrors that issued forth from people – various Monsters, Deities, and Gods, and of course, “Satan”, all in a bid to control the subconscious. Other words crept in “Demons”, “Evil”, and so forth that led to wide-spread persecutions to stamp out the Beast. It did not take long for some to realize the power that came from interpreting existence for others… Yet those who suppressed the beast the hardest were often those most afflicted by its insurmountable power.

When the subconscious is kept under lock and key and an option to vent it/express it by ‘exercising the beast’ is denied; the expenditure of energy needed by the ego to hold back subconscious forces grows exponentially. Without outlets, the repressed forces grow stronger by the day until they grow powerful enough to over-run the defenses of the Ego or shatter it completely causing psychosis. They manifest outwardly as unchecked acts of raw desire, often many times stronger than when originally imprisoned, often expressed as acts of sadistic cruelty, murder, torture, brutality, violence, blood-lust, war, passion and rape.  Or they consume the ego with a barrage of irrational emotions and desires that drive the being to fulfill them or take out its frustration at being unable to fulfill them in other, often destructive ways. The Ego can only do so much to hold the subconscious back until it is eventually overwhelmed. The fact that our natural state is one dominated by the Subconscious tends toward its favour in a war of wills. No matter how emphatically the subconscious is repressed; like the metaphor of the stubborn weed, the tendrils of the unconscious will keep returning, writhing forth again and again into the fore of the mind in an endless struggle to choke the host plant into submission.

By forcing our instinct underground we committed ourselves to a life-long struggle against our very nature in order to maintain an artificial existence. The artificial existence can only prosper under certain conditions: the most important of which is suppression of raw unconscious desires. In the eyes of the Artificers, synonymous with the mentality we attribute to the Magi, in our natural, uncontrolled state of being, humans are either; terrifying creatures suffused with a brutal, primal darkness that has been called “Chaos” that are too ferocious to tame; or frightened creatures too timid to work or help create the matrix and further the Artifice. Pending on Environmental and Genetic Factors we might be either – thus we are shaped by the Artifice as soon as possible.

Chaos is representative of the unconscious and is anathema to the Order that the Artificers wish to exist.  One may be reasonably sure that the Artificers were simply those that excelled in disguising the Beast, who over time granted their base desires and ambitions using deception and cunning – forming groups of self-interested individuals that conspired to manifest their Beasts within using the forms and illusions of the Artifice to conceal them. There is ample corresponding evidence within Sociology for this. For example an individual who commits Corporate Fraud which relieves hundreds of people from millions of dollars, homes and savings, is far less likely to be charged and go to jail, than someone who steals a single car. Using the illusions of respectability and the forms of the Artifice – the Beast is concealed. The Artificers support suppression of the Beast in others via religion and politics for example, negotiating with others to defer gratification by reason, cultural norm, money, threat of imprisonment or force – but they do not support it in themselves. They use the subsequent meekness adopted by a populace to rule it. This type of thing has been going on for a long time – and it is known in Satanism as the Great Mind War.  The Great Mind War is a fight between the Magian to assert Artificial Forms based on original fear such a moral good and evil existing in the world over the Sinister understanding of the world as Godless and dominated by Chaos.  This will all be covered in great detail as we progress through the books. However, because they fear Chaos so rabidly, the Artificers have deliberately fostered great ignorance concerning Satanism and created a whole system of occult blinds and myths intended to prevent any real magical Adeptship from arising in an individual that could seriously pose a threat or challenge to their ruling regime. For this reason it was extremely difficult to learn the Traditional practices of genuine Satanism beneath the tame, safe, watered down version that is happily peddled commercially that misdirects and controls the Beast by dictating the terms of its release. And the simple motives are Jealousy and Greed. If everyone released the Beast or mastered its control as well as the Artificers, the Artificers would no longer be powerful. Their power rests on maintaining an unequal distribution of power. If for arguments sake everyone was suddenly as powerful as everyone else: power would become mediocre and ergo, normal. All diversity of forms within the matrix would fail and a utopia created which would also be mediocre.  The Artificers money, assets, lifestyles that set them apart would become commonplace – and were this so, money would become obsolete because there would be no workers willing to work, thus no-one to generate wealth, thus no socio-economic growth, no creativity, no slaves, no masters, and no Artifice. Hence: to be powerful means keeping power from others.  The means to regain the power are within your reach, but you must first understand the scope of what it is you must overcome, how the system of control works, and how you can begin to set about facing yourself in order of break free of the cycles of lies.

Understanding the creation of the Matrix is the first step to regaining control of ones Being, hijacked by the ego. Through practical and thorough magical/alchemical practice or psychic exploration, the contents of the subconscious can be integrated with the Ego to form a Super Consciousness, or Self.

The Cold Facts of Form & Manipulation (3)

The Cold Facts of Form and Manipulation: III

1. The Form of the Magi below the Abyss IS diametrically opposed to the Form of the Sinister.

1.1 The Form of the Magi after the Abyss is seen to utilize identical energetic leys/currents/memes as the Sinister. The two forms now swim interchangeable.

1.2 What then is the inherent difference between the Magi and the Sinister?

1.3 When apprehended in the context of ‘Form’ the inherent differences are different pending the Time and Culture and Individual Terminology.

1.4 When apprehended in the context of ’Dialectic’ the inherent differences are unified and expressed below the Abyss via the ‘Narrative’ Appeal of Leaders.

2. Narrative is racially, spiritually, intellectually, magically, historically etc defined by Pre-time Events. Pre-Time events are events that have their roots in the past, well before the birth of an Individual and are generally never created from Original inspiration.

2.1 Pre-Time Events are taken/drawn from tradition, culture, heritage, legend, story-telling, and myth. Such Events are featured and referred to in holy books and guides with the express intention to help offer guidance to an individual/group/culture/civilization and function as a Weltanschauung or World View of Order amid what is invariably referred to as an approximate of the Chaos and Confusion of the World.

2.2 Pre-Time Events are always based on a pre-nirvana or pre-paradise [I.e. Atlantis] that is enshrined in a “Golden Age” from which Humanity as a whole has fallen from and must attempt to return to by living a certain way and upholding certain values.

2.3 Some of these Events prefigure a race of Gods that existed before Men. As a man of ‘modern’ consciousness I do not doubt that Men interpreted Gods from what they saw. As a magician I do not doubt that there were Gods. A large majority of these Gods were atavistic/animalistic/monster type entities. Only when proto-humanity became more aware of its own humanoid form did such Gods begin to take on an appearance more like men.

2.4 It is inevitably a previous Form that is lived by an Individual and previous forms on which they base their way of living. Partly due to the communal system of peers, parents, authorities or state for instance, the individual builds a strong relationship with Forms tied to and rooted in the Past – especially, Pre-Time Events. Although at the time these Forms are learnt, they may seem to be rooted in the Present from the individuals point of view.

3. The Origin of Narrative appears to have arisen of its own accord – yet we may deduce that it occurred between the inception of Original Chaos – and the faculties of Interpretation that led to the rudiments of the early Matrix that led to symbols/idols and group worship of a Form.

3.1 The current personal embodiment of the Magian wishes the ability for these kind of observations to be forgotten so they may maintain their Status Quo in stasis.

3.2 The Sinister wish these observations to be considered with the full gravity they deserve as they speak of the undercurrents of what is really there before our eyes, viz. Geometry, and reduces the overwhelming diversity and glamour of the world into the context of Forms. This reduction divests the Magian of the protection of an impossibly complex network of things to be considered in any contemplation and places them in a simple context of biological/cerebral evolution, effectively stripping semantics down to the bone and removing the labyrinth of magical mystique that hides their own Origin in much the same way a magic trick is revealed to the magician’s audience.

3.3 From the evidence of the manner in which we can observe today: that the fetus forms in the womb, the brains and synapses knit together, the bones solidify and the teeth, nails and hair begin to sprout, and the passage of an infant from a helpless baby into a wobbly toddler with stilted speech into a relatively articulate adult human being THEM believe that there is strong evidence for mans foundation in a system of biological evolution. Yet makes no assumptions as to the state of Life or existence of non-human entities prior to the Original Act of Staring into the Abyss.

3.4 The behaviour of certain men is what has come to be defined as the Magian, from all the evidence of biology/anthropology afforded to us today, arose, after, the Original Chaos. It is unlikely that the concept of ‘Magi’ on which many modern day practitioners gleefully project their Shadow – were born with a malevolent streak to control. The Magian utility of Form to control could not have eventuated at least until Physical Violence was discovered: Chance let a being perform some unique display that engendered the awe/fear of others: or some means of communication was devised and made more sophisticated over time to share Interpretation.: and enjoyment was derived from the Abuse of these. The early Sinisterion logically evolved side by side with what would become the Magian and probably differed from them only in their opinion as regarded the direction of the Narrative gleaned from this abuse.

4. THEM hold – the Essence of the condition understood as “the Sinister” existed before men.

4.1 THEM hold – the Essence of what is understood as “Satan” / that current of Original Chaos of which “Satan” is only a recent extension, existed before Form and prior to Men as an antediluvian Sacred Geometry.

4.2 The Abyss came First. Second, the Sinister. Third, the Magian. I.e. Shock and Awe and the Staring into the Abyss. The development of a human being and its interaction with the world. The interpretation of the world.

4.3 The rudimentary forms of the Magian and the Sinister co-evolved late in the Interpretations of Humanity in a continuous struggle to Express. What is Expressed changed then and changes endlessly as it does today for Man is not conscious of what he is trying to Express and relies on the convenience of the Matrix and its catalogue of Pre-Time Events to define that Expression. And to re-define the Expression. And helplessly, in all efforts to re-define the Expression, ad infinitum.

4.4 Without knowing Why, Man Expresses. These Expressions are bound up in available Forms, in politics, in religion, in pre-time events and traditions that pre-ceded that person. Any source of the origin of the need that incites the need for Expression remains an esoteric enigma – buried under hundreds of thousands of years of forgetting the Original Chaos via the constraints of that Chaos in an artificial Matrix of interpretations.

5. ‘Satanism’, as practiced by the Order, hosts a deliberate system of erosion of fundamental ’dogmas’ that thrive in the Matrix and hold together many of its structures. THEM believe that this species of Satanism in particular is key to Remembering. The Sinister Tradition records adversarial memes that do not seek to act within and with the permission of the Matrix, but from outside looking in on the Matrix. Their systematic study of the formation of the forms in the Matrix and the Acausal as a means of placing thousands of these forms into one simple time-based context of an Aeon, triggers a ghostly Remembrance of the Original Chaos beneath the Illusion.

5.1 The atavistic/primal Memory of the Original Chaos and thus the Condition of Man and the questions that should be asked to get closer to it separate the Sinister from the Magian. The Sinister/Satan could be better understood if a thorough curiosity were extended into the development of man using the existing evidence and working backwards, without going so far as to contemplate any unobservable events such as the Big Bang Theory or the magical mystical point-blank of Creationism but to contemplate the proper Event in Time that logically suggests Us.

5.2 The Magian does not seek to reduce the clutter of the Matrix but to add to it – they are a species characteristically ruled by Fear. They strive to Forget.

5.3 The Sinisterion strives to Remember. To understand what is being Expressed both by and beneath the Illusions in which they find themselves surrounded.

5.4 The Magian are “The Closers” – the Sinisterion are “The Openers”.

6. What is culturally/aeonically/cosmically etc ‘correct’ is at its Essence a matter of personal contemplation and a will to re-power Pre-Time Events. What is culturally/aeonically/cosmically ‘correct’ etc is at its Appearance a matter of Pre-Time Events.

6.1 The truths revealed in the Abyss are impossible to reconcile with the truths adhered to below it.

6.2 It is both right and madness to ‘Remember‘.

6.3 Remember.

The Cold Facts of Form & Manipulation (2)


1. The majority of human beings are ruled by Fear and Laziness.

1.2 Laziness is enshrined in the least necessary force required to achieve an aim or intent.

1.3 Fear is enshrined in the lack of strength to do more than the bare minimum. To resist the instinctual impetus to rise above the pathetic standard set by one’s society for oneself or recognize one’s inherent Choice to obey that standard stems from one’s cowardice, ignorance, or fear.

1.4 If the Magi of the East ever possessed the power to psychologically/magically enslave people neither of these two terms would have been understood as being the name of the ‘mechanism’ or coercing force behind this enslavement. What occurred of necessity to enslave a race or populace was the human-tradition of Force by Physical Submission whether by massive Wars or individual or group Violence, thus was the world sorted into leaders and followers.

2. Aside from Physical Enforcement however, there no doubt grew an awareness of and development of the early science of persuasion/manipulation that involved Appealing to one Mass in order to assemble a Form large or powerful enough in mind, spirit and body to achieve the enslavement of another Mass of People.

2.1 The Magi, if they ever existed, would not have known what psychology was, or perhaps even used the term Magic. There is, despite the frantic and intellectual wishful thinking of scholars, almost no connexion to these people, their world, or their consciousness that relates to modern day people, their world, and their consciousness. The only connexion that exists is that these beings although termed ‘human’ were termed something else well before Latin terms became popular through Science – shared a roughly similar biological shape to modern day human-beings and perhaps, similar biological drives.

2.2 The Original Magi, are long dead. It is their ideas that have lived on. And the very same special effects that they are remembered for via the Bible are carried out today with almost no-one the wiser. It is still, for instance, common to enshrine some individual with a perceived aura of power and prestige by the mere bringing together of already influential people who are then seen taking said individual under their wing. And it is still common for a similar enshrinement to happen in an invisible, underground manner. This leads to an instant elevation of status by proxy. Thus did the Wise Men or three ’Magi’ help make of Jesus a holy man and emperor. Thus did the Roman Army help make of Caesar a powerful leader of Rome. Thus did The Thule-Gelleschaft make of Adolf Hitler the Fuhrer of Nazi Germany.

2.3 The fixation on the personal [and thus aeonically irrelevant except as examples of a type of energetic manifestation] names, achievements, influences of an energetic manifestation in physical persons, physical lodges, deliberate movements, such as ‘the Magi’ or ‘White Lodge’ is to apprehend the appearance and not the essence.

2.4 The Appearance/Form/Myth of a “Magi” is sealed with the Western Ethos – remembered because of their role in the Bible – a Form that has now existed for thousands of years. Hence, by a combination of chance and deliberate enforcement, has their myth, by proxy of being associated with the Bible, remained intact and living and, invested with far more importance than is right or deserved. The ‘Magi’ are in Essence, just one mostly irrelevant example of the means to effect deliberate Change in a society. This is nothing new, and nothing magical, but it is and always has been an extremely effective method of controlling the Matrix. It is a practice that has been enshrined today no differently than it was thousands of years ago in the predecessors of the practice of which the Magi was one example in the Neo-Conservative methodology of the American New World Order.

3. All Mutinies, Coups, Revolutions, Dissents, Wars, Peace Marches, Demonstrations, Rallies, Groups, rely on the coercement of others over to one’s side. If one has the benefit of already having those on their side who lead and influence large numbers of important or tactically important persons, so much the better.

3.1 Modern Celebritism is based on exactly these basic principles. Powerful Media persons take some talentless hopeful and turn them into a ’Star’ overnight via the co-operation of the Music Industry, the Marketing Machines, Tabloid and Magazine Moguls, and the Merchandizing Industry in a joint collaboration that appeals to each of their interests to grow their influence and make money off a cashed-up susceptible [insert stupid] populace. This collaboration has been recently termed ‘Croneyism’ and means the behavioural habit of looking out for or showing preferential treatment of one’s close colleagues at the expense of all outsiders. There is nothing mystical or magical about this: it is as old as the first demonstration of greed [and how many have you seen in the last few days let alone the last 100,000 years?] and appeals to the base human desire, to ’own stuff’.

3.2 This energetic meme of greed, of appealing to others to form a group to fulfil some aim or intent; whether it be a mutiny of the Bounty, or the Ultra-Violence of the Droogs, is the only essence of the Magi. An elaborate deception by thousands of persons over time slowly fostered this meme into a human body; the rumours and rampant speculation of which led to such notions as the ‘Illuminati’, ’White Lodge’ etc. What is rarely understood by aspirants is that it is the artistic/romantic seed of these ideas at the level of rumours that influences some person or other to take it upon themselves to manifest such notions. Thus, in mere suggestion, lies the seed of manifestation. Whilst the energetic meme used by the ‘Magi’ is essentially a neutral magical force: those strong enough to be leaders [All Leaders] have used it and still use it, [IT being ‘Narrative Magic’] to formidable effect. Effect that is interpreted differently pending one’s spiritual division.

3.3 Satanic Mimesis of this meme involves using the meme to create a Sinisterion/Syndicate that eschews laziness and fear. Because the Magian have been so lax in the formulation of other magical applications owing to the astounding success of their prime agent – all structures built and maintained by the Magian are founded on this basic principle illustrated by the Magi and thus conform to an identical geometry at their essence. This has enabled, with the emergence of several black magical weapons previously veiled, the blueprint of the meme to be studied and a solution found to counter the meme involved.

3.4 Just as the Satanist ventures so very far before being tempted sorely to abandon their Quest to be like Satan to go over to the Other side, to God, to the Secret Samahdi and must reject Divinity to return to Earth as a Dark God – using the meme of the Magi to launch an abyssal/aeonic defensive – a structure that mimics those of the Magi must be constructed using intrinsically similar principles but within which writhe conscious tendrils/a twist that re-directs the causal forms created by the meme into Sinister crystallizations.

4. Unless the meme being used to effect a re-orientation/“de-stortion” of Magian control is consciously understood and the ‘de-storters’ self-protected/insulated against the Wyrd/Ethos of the Aeon the meme will be forced to grow in accordance with that Wyrd/Ethos and take the shape/form of a Magian structure.

4.1 Awareness of the vagaries of a meme and its inherent ability and effects and awareness of Aeonics, human vagaries and its historical/memetic record of behaviours is still not enough to insulate a form from Ethos distortion. There must be a supra-personal goal pursued above all individual concerns the implementation of which is designed to strike at the very heart of the Essence of the ’Magi’ and not the appearance – this involves the collaboration of the extraordinary efforts by Undividuals or ’first humans’ to solidify as a cohesive force to combat the meme without being seduced by the meme. There must [at this stage in history] be an aggressive, time-based momentum that appeals to the counter-meme characterized by Satan.

4.2 Seduction by an eventuation of Power would mean that the counter-meme has failed to overcome the distortion and become a distortion itself – and as a Representative of Opposition that would require being headed by Adepts – an incredibly powerful one capable of undermining a great many attempts by the Syndicate to reverse the damage owing to their extensive knowledge of the techniques and modalities of the Black Arts. In this event, those undividuals would become extremely dangerous enemies to the Satanic Syndicate, to the Sinister, and to Change and should be sought out and promptly executed.

4.3 Overcoming Seduction cannot be achieved by a being possessed and driven by a human-centred geometry – geometry that is generally of the personal sphere. Only a life-centred geometrical possession enables the cold detachment necessary to chain the ego to the Undividualized Will of the Satanic Adept.

4.4 The majority of Great Leaders have been seduced by power, inevitably leading to Hubris and their decline.

5. The majority of Great Leaders fell into Hubris either by ignoring the warnings of imminent seduction and excess of power – or did not have the Undividuated support of Five other Satanic Adepts.

5.1 The Enshrinement of Fear and Laziness is the real essence of the Way that has come to be seen as a personalized ‘White Lodge’ or ‘Magian’ distortion comprised of a group of white magical masters acting in conspiracy. Most persons living that Way are, aeonically, as meaningless as those persons who live the meme of the Sinister Tradition which is equated to Wisdom and Striving – for both are superseded by the power of the memes that influence them.

5.2 Part of being an Adept is understanding and accepting these facts as a means to move forward.

Cold Facts of Form & Manipulation (1)


1. In 2007 it is estimated that those who sustain a roof over their head, are able to feed and clothe themselves and have the luxury of spare change in their wallet or purse make up the luckiest, richest 8% of the global population.

1.1 Basic amenities such as clean drinking water, hot water, a flushing toilet; for instance, or an infrastructure in place that ensures timely removal of rubbish, accurate charge for electricity, water or gas bills, or a competent police force that serve and protect – largely free of corruption, are almost unheard of in some 60% of the world’s countries.

1.2 In Psychology/Criminology it is held that for the Serial Killer to have the time to commit murder they must have first satisfied the basic needs of food, water and shelter. Only after satisfying these important primary drives can extraneous luxuries of habit such as time to hunt for victims, stalking, etc be made and other activities explored or pursued.

1.3 The ability to sit down and write is only afforded from a secure environment that satisfies these important primary drives. Adolf Hitler was able to write ‘Mein Kampf’ whilst imprisoned because he was regularly fed, given water, and sheltered from the elements. His basic survival drives were taken care of allowing him to free up time to think and write that might otherwise have been taken up thinking about how hungry he was, trying to stay alive by eating whatever he could find, extract or somehow filter water and trying to find somewhere safe and warm to shelter or hide. Likewise, Anne Frank, was able to write her diary because her basic needs for food, water and shelter were met – ensuring her survival and the security to write.

2. Thus, because the average writer must first satisfy these drives, and satisfying these three drives is only achieved on a consistent basis by perhaps the top ten percent of the world’s population bracket – writing is a luxury. Owning a computer, a typewriter, paper, pen, or other material possessions used to write places the writer even higher in the bracket; that of being wealthy enough to be able to afford them or live in a country where these materials are legal and accessible.

2.1 This does not apply in all cases however, the Marquis De Sade for instance, was denied any writing implements whatsoever after reports of his literature being smuggled out of prison were received. And although all his furniture and possessions were removed from his cell he devised novel ways to continue to write – including using his own blood for ink and his finger for pen, and even used his own excrement. Nevertheless – without being fed, watered, [at least intermittently] or sheltered he would not have had the luxury of time to think about or pursue his writing.

2.2 Writers are thus, in comparison to the majority of the world’s inhabitants, a creature afforded rare luxury. The fact that a writer has the time to sit down and write a text indicates that an environment is available to them that allows them to satisfy the three basic drives so they may write.

2.3 Anton LaVey was clearly able to satisfy the three basic urges and pen the Satanic Bible. DM was also clearly able to satisfy the three same urges in order to write the voluminous material belonging to the Order. And I, also required these three urges satisfied to afford me the security to write out these points.

3. If writing is not a decadence then at the very least it is a luxury restricted to the very few able to afford it. The Internet, the access to which is grossly taken for granted, is populated solely by the verse of a decadent upper echelon comprising the lucky 8% of the world’s inhabitants.

3.1 Of that verse, most is written by fed, watered, clothed and sheltered individuals able to have a hot shower, drink clean water, and dribble out the garbled nonsense and noise that such security affords them.

3.2 There are some individuals who do not waste the potential of the Internet to reach others or emit the written word – however the majority of useful thoughtful content hosted on the Internet is dominated by classical literature written well before the rise of the computer and the technological age.

3.3 Some writers are consciously aware of and grateful for their fortunate circumstances, realizing that writing is a luxury that comes to less than 75% of the worlds population. As a result they take great care with the emission of their words; resisting the modern decadent preoccupation of dribbling shit like an unchanged baby.

4. These writers are extremely rare.

Chrono-Bet: Part II – Causating the Acausal

Chrono-Bet: Part II – Causating the Acausal

1 December, 2010.

The theory that we cannot explain the acausal because the act of explanation is causal – as are all our tools for understanding – and that we (wrongly) impose causal perceptions on the a-causal because we have no and can have no a-causal equivalent.

It is the tradition of people to rely on the intellect, on being able to understand rationally, to limit the unknown to the known and translate perception. It is commonplace to use our intellect to explain things to others or enable things to be explained to us which we do not understand – and natural to make the effort to explain things that cannot be explained. Explanation, however it plays out, is suitable/serviceable for many things, for things in general – but it is not difficult to demonstrate the restraint built into language as a means to communicate, or show that it involves a prejudice of time and space used as the basis for its model of understanding. This model cannot be changed or evolved to explain certain things because of its inherent duality and the present lack of understanding of the power of a duality-driven mindset – moreover the model contains within itself by virtue of its duality a self-regulating gyroscope that causes language to perpetuate duality – and itself like an unchanging fractal that falls into itself forever.

This can be illustrated quite easily by the observation that the order of words has a direct result on the reader (who perceives) – and reacts. How you react is for all intents and purposes random – but that you react is not. We can see that Ideas, as communicated by others are perhaps never simply accepted as a pure communication that passes exactly what the writer had in mind onto paper or screen – they almost always generate conflict – as if the writer is unable to capture an objective statement of truth no matter what words they choose to use, how carefully they phrase them, or how ever many clauses and asterisks and footnotes they may include. Writing, tends to have an automatic effect of causing a reaction rather than a reflection. Caution at this point is advised against imposing a moral conclusion over this fact – my concern is never whether this process is “good” or “bad” but simply to illustrate and prove the existence of the process. By reaction I mean an unconscious pull by the ego to respond to the stimulus received – however it chooses to interpret it, and by reflection I mean a contemplative state of occult and self awareness that recognizes one has reactions but does not automatically obey them as prompted by the ego.

The point of A-causal to Zen is not to provide another phenomena on which to hang ones causal hat, nor provide another point in space to speculate intellectually – however causally titillating the temptation and rewarding/gratifying the poetic associations that flow in tribute – but represents a faint light in the distance of the logos that dawns from time to time in the face of contemplation. It is borne of the struggle to escape language, morality, duality, time and those dead weights we recycle in absurdio when faced with the prospect of something we are told we cannot know. It is the gnosis that jettisons causal spatial suppositions – spurns our doctrine of Cartesian grid unconsciously imposed that orders phenomena to be ‘from’, ‘within’, ‘next to’, ‘outside’, ‘inside’, ‘beyond’ – simplifying the vast into the discrete using tensions that imply the existence of singular autonomous points. Unfortunately, in the desire to share, experience is written down, all too often profaning the mystery because of the means by which its message is carried.

The attempt to try to Know unhinges any knowing precisely because Words – those causal prisoners and jailers – are used to denote occulture. As soon as the word a-causal presents itself it undergoes a transformation, literal and literary. Its presence creates a shadow, an order, and is forcibly slotted into various hierarchies – pushed into and out of place by the law of words that draws some together and pushes other apart – an automatic dichotomy inherent in the supposed freedom of language to express. Viz. express freely – but within the limits of freedom.

In word or form the a-causal comes under verbal law. It becomes a ‘thing’ like all other mundane things, disposable, drained of wonder, drained of authenticity. As is the doctrine of verbal law, the word/sound/form once presenced causally is subject to the laws of form. Its name, used as a key to point toward a wordless door, a silent desert that rebukes understanding – is abused, misunderstood and sullied by clumsy attempts to extrapolate its purity with a barrage of associations and connective verbal tissues. It is thrown into the morass of language, sat next to words it has no sincere desire to be with, and forced to represent our will for it to be the occult secret itself. Causality supposes –this- and –that- to make separations where there are only prejudiced traditions of experiencing the world through the window of the human-centred ego. We cannot imagine what would be without our license to suppose, and it is ironic that our faith in knowledge prevents the evolution of it.

The word a-causal denotes an anti-concept, a sound for a vacuum of meaning outside the framework we conveniently apply. It does not denote a thing, a state, a term, word, or inference available to us through language – it is outside of language, indeed outside of languages ability to relate or even present – and that is precisely the words/sounds point – as a stop sign indicating the city limits of perception.

Like Zen before it, it is subjected to the same problems all words create – no matter what occult (hidden) wisdom they attempt to convey – once a word, immediately a form. Using a frame of reference built with instituted causal tools and prejudices people attach all manner of meaning and explanation to weigh down the sublime. To suppose nothing we must suppose something. How many ways have people tried to show Nothing. When it comes to the acausal people cannot leave well enough alone.

We build up a causal model of something we simply cannot fathom – precisely because we cannot fathom it. Precisely because we have a word like fathom and hate to waste it! We hate the idea that the universe could present something our lofty sentience could not control, we despise her secrets and her mysteries because they make us feel weak, small and powerless. They are anathema to the ego, laughter at our arrogance, vitriol to those proud inner voices to which we entrust our humanity. We hate the unknown – it is a glaring truism in everything we do, in everything we name. We masturbate ourselves over daring thoughts of some untouchable void, orgasm over the fantasy that there is something forbidden, something we cannot attain, some realm or world we cannot master – some escapist dimension on which we can dream in order to forget. But the foreplay does not last – and we fuck ourselves.

We pour down tributes to our ignorance and enshrine our desperate fumbles as wisdom – congratulating ourselves that we managed to fit the word A-causal/Zen into our writing next to other words – to contain it, explain it, attain it – even if only to highlight it by virtue of what we didn’t say by surrounding it with causality as many times as we could. Then, we pat ourselves on the back and move on to imprison the next purity and sublime occult experience that dares to think itself above our causal verbal laws. Its what we’ve always done, its what we’ll always do.

Our reaction to the anti-concept of the A-causal provides deep and humiliating insight into the fragility and mentality of the collective human race and its paralyzing fear of the occult – of the hidden. Of a thing that dares remain truly hidden.

Before Reaching the Abyss

Before reaching the Abyss; Always are we one step removed from our inspiration; emulating/copying whom or what we desire but can never truly become. Always there remains a degree of separation; a magical difference in the charge of our nexion and that which creates what we desire.

A convenient model for this lies in the metaphor of a pond. There are those on the outer edge of a ripple caused by the tremors of a stone cast into the waters, and those on the inner; then there are those who cast the stones… a person on the outer ring seeks to be within the inner concentric where the nucleus of the nexion emanates from its source. While the inner concentric seek the same; they are also charged with the task of dispersing the ripple outward.

Let us suppose a room of people are having a conversation and comparing their level of proximity to the Source; The Acausal Voice.

“I designed a new Tarot for the Order” says the first.

“I’ve performed the External Adept Rite AND designed a new Tarot for the Order” says the second.

“I am an Internal Adept and have visited the Heartland of the Order” says the third.

“I was in the Heartland of the Order where I met with members from the Order and undertook the Black Pilgrimage”, says the fourth.

“I am in the Order and tutor others in the Septenary Way” says the fifth.

I am the Grand Master of the Order” says six, “and all of you are under my Will to Power. And only when my consciousness is passed to you, as it was passed to me, can you ever BE what you think is me. I am the carrier of the Wellspring of the Order, the host of its creator and originator; and from my nexion has come your desire to want and have my creation and original essence as your own. My inspiration is un-attributable to another person above me; I am an emulation of Him; an ancient immortal consciousness that will see its inheritor live as I have done. As you can never be my body you can only be my Will; for the only way to get within an inch of what I am is to come unto yourself and channel the source that others desire to emulate.”

Spoke then the Abyss “And He from me; I yet to be named, seen, understood or controlled by the meshes of the mind. I, whose visage is turned into the wheeling cogs of willpower; a will made possible by I alone, and impossible too.”

Alchemical Distillations of the +O+

Entering its second year: THEM introduced a system of Self-Initiation Requirements to assist aspirants in the transition from other systems of Satanism into our own with the responsibility and manner of execution of such Initiation being wholly placed on the shoulders of the discerning aspirant. Our Initiation Rites are not difficult [indeed only as difficult as someone is willing to make them] but express the intent of our strain of magic to return to Self-Reliance, Self-Honesty and Self-Effort that seems thoroughly lacking in the modern Occultist – wherein the Internet, is partly to blame, for its cultivation and enabling of the habits of laziness and haste.

The problem is endemic. A major part of which is the relatively new speed afforded to people by which to process and share information; in a cyber-void removed from the physical; without due deliberation on what one is saying or what is being said. The other major consideration being that there is an astounding lack of depth or integrity in the studies undertaken by modern magicians into a Form – with characteristic erratic flitting from one form to the next seeking to extract blood as quickly as possible and then move on to the next trend or group that takes one fancy. In short: a supermarket mentality.

The laziness of the modern occultist has reached such a peak that the ability to overcome obstacles, even little ones, has become all too much of an effort. The natural diligence and ingenuity of people to solve problems has faded with the continuing saturation of receiving [and expecting] immediate satisfaction. It seems too hard now to do anything remotely resembling discomfort or hardship even when the nature of that discomfort and hardship is placed squarely within the hands of the Endurer. Because of this laziness; there is now untold groups parroting each other endlessly and aimlessly [many under the umbrella of ‘Satanism’; bickering and grandstanding – without actually doing anything at all to solve the serious problems faced by the Sinisterion. Chief of which – is how to eradicate the Blame Game within human beings to force them to face themselves and grow up.

While the accused offer all manner of excuses, arguments, philosophies to defend their ignorance, undeserved arrogance, and cloak their lack of power within the terminologies of a thousand different systems of thought and occult flavour there is a decided lack of critical thinking in these individuals ably revealed from even a short discussion requiring any real depth of understanding regarding the adoption, practice, context, use, or essence of these forms by the practitioner; whatever form that might be.


The Traditional implementation of Self-Initiation Rites has proved to be a beneficial addition attracting applicants to the Temple with at least some skill, insight, tenacity, determination, ingenuity, and self-honesty regarding their own magical quest: but more importantly those applicants willingness to restore what was lacking acting as resistance against the temporary trends afforded by technology the anonymity of which has turned the practice of the occult into a wading pool of superficiality. Liber 13/13, Oto Anorha, the +o+ Handbook and the nexus Mvimaedivm are some of our attempts to reverse this.

But as Crystallization takes place, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is room for a Path of our own: a tentacle still ethereal and yet to know its way; but nonetheless marked by the alchemical distillation of black magical principles that THEM believe can genuinely open ‘Gates’ within and without.

These principles are nowhere near as well codified as those of our peers and symbiotes the Order are: We lack a Tree of Wyrd on which to hang them or its equivalent: and only loosely believe that there can be one where our current is concerned. We also still strongly believe the Seven-Fold Way to be a thriving living Way of inestimable practical benefit and far from defunct though many deem it dead. THEM are, after all, one expression of what can occur when the Order is understood.

Yet, THEM are not the Order and have their own voice.

Here, using the Sphere methodology, are suggestions of five alchemical processes we believe give rise to particular change in relation to a particular energy:


Borrowing a popular term ‘The Book of Shadows’ THEM believe it important for any aspirant to begin to Know Themselves. The art here is to open a dialogue with the psychic wasteland of the subconscious whereupon one sits down and fills a blank book with one’s most vile, horrific, disgusting, taboo and secret lusts, longings, desires, fantasies – with no restraint. This process not only summons forth the oft-invisible psychic censor for the aspirant to feel for themselves suppressing/resisting the opening of such a channel [the Ego] but is also a vital step in learning the extent of the darkness and shadow that one is capable of thinking and to correspondingly gain insight into what others are capable of thinking. Under NO circumstances should these revelations be shown to anyone: they are as dangerous to share as they can be to unearth. It is strongly advised to write the book in one or a number of settings, destroying each one after it is done. In becoming conscious of the Shadow, we come face to face with the Beast.


Abstain from all intake of White (That is, Refined Sugar oft called “White Sugar” is just “Sugar” is stripped of all inherent nutrients and natural content ) sugar for a minimum of a week, a maximum of a fortnight. Do not binge on it before undertaking this task – large stores of sugar supplies in your blood stream before a severance of intake will serve only to handicap your resolve when the sugar-high or ‘crash’ occurs.

The association between this narcotic substance and mental illness has been proven in a large number of case studies: Diet: being one other way in which the Magian control. You should note, as in the MSS “GMO” that artificial sweeteners, 950, 951 are not allowed as a substitute: nor is sucrose, glucose, fructose, dextrose to be eaten. One will no doubt be extremely surprised to find just how many things sugar is in and how much they are precluded from eating. But I should stress that this sudden depletion of Sugar is an extremely radical change for the body and its withdrawal effects can be extremely dangerous – watch out for suicidal impulses, depression, rage, delirium, etc. The only sugars you may eat, are natural sugars obtained from fruit. Check the content of every processed item you use: if it has sugar, then don’t eat it. Whether you accept these restrictions (or any restrictions to test a theory for yourself) is entirely up to you. However: if you want solid proof of the hypocritical nature of the World’s drug farce or War on Drugs: try this exercise. Sugar is thousands of times stronger and more addictive than Heroin, its withdrawal a hundred times harsher, and it is a ubiquitous, i.e. everywhere, legalized and condoned narcotic with insidious potential.


The aspirant is to study medieval torture devices and history of the Inquisition, including the Inquisitors themselves. And then choose and construct one of these medieval torture devices to be worn for an extended duration. The device should be adjusted so as not to be lethal or potentially lethal but nevertheless to cause distress and/or ecstasy. In the process of experiencing the pleasure and pain principles: personal thresholds and limits are learned with insight into one’s own proclivities: a shock to the system resulting in Insight of a most personal kind and potentially of some assistance in the difficult task of the third sphere.


One is to choose a scientifically/historically established truth that has been accepted as fact and undertake an in-depth study with a view to disproving the truth. Such fields from which one may choose may be to study an item of history from one’s own culture and discern what really went on that lead to that event, a study of the actual reasons for dispute and war between countries, a study of the events that lead to WWII or Vietnam, a counter-hypothesis to scientific hypotheses such as Quantum Theory or Black Holes. What will immediately become apparent in such forays and exploration will be the lack of objective information circulated to contradict the controlling hand of the media and its shadowy editors to omit or converge facts into convenient streams of disinformation. This covering up and re-tooling of history is something that possesses insidious amounts of control over not just the Magian, but to some extent also the ‘Satanist’ – where a collective move to emulate the Al Qaeda network and fundamentalist Islaam to deal in terrorism as a means of opposing the “Amerigian” (American Magian) has resulted from a severe lack of critical thinking and a hasty, early, decision to conform to this new dualism based on the few views presented to them [by Media/and by the Order] without an independent enquiry to assuage the facts for themselves. One may even say that the Order has deliberately helped them dig their own graves of Satanic Failure – though this is likely to be a confusing statement for many. Thus instead of the ‘Thinking Warrior’ of Myatt, we still have the ‘Unthinking Sponge’ of the Magi, of the Jewish Mindset that corrupts what Is, into a two-way vein of “Oppressed” and “Oppressor” using mere distortive special-effects to set up events in such a way as to deceive (easily apparently) those who lack critical thinking or who take the time to really digest their food and understand the World around them and its parade of scorpions. To REMEMBER. It seems to be forgotten on a regular basis, for instance, that the most powerful moguls in Hollywood are Jewish Movie Makers. This was one of the reasons for the content in Mvimaedivm IV regarding the various Holocausts and Genocidal Campaigns committed by Communism and Turkish-Semites in the Balkans – these accounts, contrary to accepted historical facts [or rather, not at all focused on by Western Peoples too busy humming and hawing about the Six Million Myth] are extremely dangerous and have lead to the death of those brave enough to reveal them. Or rather than braveness, Coldness. To understand the sheer level of the control over forms by the Magian – perform this task requirement.


Perform the Black Moon Ordeal and draw to oneself the Anima/Animus. Through Oath – withhold one’s ejaculation in exchange for the Dark One’s presenting the magician with the Anima/Animus. Rooted in ancient traditions of Wyrd and Word to force synchronicity: it is held that the pre-excitation juices of the penis and vagina [esp mixed] are an extremely powerful elixir – and the best means of sustaining an atmosphere in which the Dark Ones can manifest. The process of continual masturbation without orgasm causes sexual projection to turn inward and a clarification of people and energies as they are without the sexual haze discolouring perception to emerge. The difficulty of this task is notorious. Vigorous sports + taking a conscious interest in recording one’s Dreams can assist as a distraction regarding the ominous discomfort of this task.


It is one thing to survive on little in a secluded area with no contact with anyone for three months. It is quite another to be thrown into the modern environment in which one is insolvably attached and adapt to survive in it. Taking only a small amount of cash and the clothes one is wearing – travel to the inner city and survive on one’s wits and ingenuity for a fortnight. The practice teaches that the world will not crumble just because one’s comfort zone is taken away nor will the aspirant. This process requires the tenacity and adaptability of the human form in an environment more likely to be encountered in day-to-day life. It is also an extremely transformative process teaching one what is Really necessary to live [which is very little] and teaches one volumes about oneself. Though one may travel during the two weeks they may not return home or seek assistance from friends. Self-Sufficiency is paramount.


Obtain a Black Belt in an effective chosen Martial Art. The art of Training/Honing one’s physical endurance and countenance to counterbalance [and protect] one’s mental energies and will in a practical sense. Instills the Warriorship and necessary skills to practically implement [when needed] acts of physical destruction, awe and fear.

The necessity of being able to incapacitate an opponent quickly in order to move onto the next one in what is absolutely certain to be an attack by a group in today’s climate – cannot be emphasized enough.


It has been decided that the alchemical processes for these two spheres are best revealed after attainment of the Mars Sphere on a private, oral basis.

These alchemical processes should not be viewed as processes that will move one onward from one energy to another or as instantly providing some level of power or influence over that Sphere – but they do represent current understanding by members of THEM as to what these processes are supposed to do and why. Thus these processes are representative of an experience with a distillation of that particular energy and in accord with black magical principles capable of inducing extreme and permanent change. However, these processes and others like them are examples of arts deeply entwined within a way of living explicated in our other MSS and practiced in each of our lives.

The reason for our resistance in committing to laying down some type of path is two-fold: a) We are primarily a Temple of Change teaching others how to be Changelings and Change itself – and despite convenient epithets used to generalize individuals into abstract groups; “face to face” it is understood that for each individual – methods of inducing Change differ and those are more often than not decided silently by an aspirant via a private synthesis of our way meeting their way. b) Laying down such processes can become dogmatic: without prior initiation into the ways of THEM such methods can be seen as the essence of our Way not the illusions of a Sinister Matrix that they actually are.

An Early Study of the IOT: Liber Null & Psychonaut

An Early Study of the IOT (Illuminates of Thanateros)

(Part I: Liber Null)


One of the things that interests me greatly after a comment made by my priestess – is the odd juxtaposition of Sex and Death. Yes, one can experience sex – but unless one is dead, how does one experience or Know Death? A Sorceress provided the Temple’s Liber SSS with one experience we have arbitrarily named ‘The Descent into Nox’ that contains the principles and echoes of the IOT’s exercises regarding Death. ‘The Descent’ requires standing with one’s arms outstretched above one’s head as high as they will go for a length of time which allows experience of downward force exerted via gravity. Then, after some time, the magician spirals down slowly (clockwise or anti-clockwise both have different effects) until they are lying on the ground at a state of absolute rest. At this point one is said (if one is interested in living more than they are resting) to be able to feel upward force compelling them to rise and resist absolute rest, to get up and not to die. These forces have no name. However, great power is said to reside between the spaces, in a third and sidewards force – symbolized by a hybrid of the Eagle and the Dragon, respectively. Fascinating as this exercise is – it does not allow the experience of Death either.

I’ve not yet studied Austin Spare or the Zos Kia myself so the influences IOT have taken from them will have to wait their turn. I have however had the extreme privilege of introduction and access to the IOT’s ideas and practices via one of our Sorceresses. On this knowledge I shall heavily depend.

The version of Liber Null and Psychonaut that I am reading is dated 1987, and within the introduction claims that the IOT has no hierarchical structure. From my information that was once the case – but is now no longer true. My information is that the IOT has become a corporation of individuals frightened of anyone with actual prowess and who entertain the rich and gullible via a battery of magical pretense without any depth.

My own submission to the IOT some years ago was rejected on the grounds of my admission to an ‘obsession’ with Satan – strangely it seems that despite ‘Nothing is True – All is Permitted’ that particular vice is met with reserve and well, rejected. Moreover I’ve received not a few reports that this seems to be the case for any openly LHP submissions to the IOT. Clearly – excluded by a system of hierarchy.

However, this makes no difference to the quality of the original foundation of the IOT and its ideas, some of which THEM have adopted as part of its hybridization with IOT Sorcery. The technique of Not-Thinking was adopted by THEM through a realization that emphasis on Intellect had and was having its downfalls and was primarily a masculine expression, an early expression of what should follow in the Tradition of Sorcery. Not-Thinking made its appearance in our Manifesto under the manuscript ‘Magic vs Intellect’

[It must be stressed that while THEM speak of things such as the Self, the Acausal, the destruction or taming of the ego – WE are in fact acutely aware that it is the Ego doing all the talking. Thus THEM’s aims to test the pool of the occult for genuine depth are experimental]

I note that Motionlessness, Not-Thinking, Sound Concentration and Image Concentration are common to the two groups but dealt with differently. Not-Thinking plays no part in the ONA’s MSS while Sound and Image Concentration are covered in far greater detail by the Order rather than the IOT. Of special interest is the section on ‘Magical Trances’ which states ‘if an attempt is made to focus on some form of desire, the effect is short-circuited by the lust of result’. This negation of one’s conscious efforts seems to be directly opposed to the ONA’s development of power directed consciously, intellectually, and regardless of what is stated in the former – powerfully. That is to say – a great deal of my magic involves the desire for an outcome and the active manipulation for a higher probability of persons, objects, events, situations to fall into place to bring it about. In this approach I have been consistently successful. Perhaps however, this is why I failed the External Adept Rite. And, I am aware of the possibility of having failed the Satanic Quest without knowing it by some over-development of some attribute or attachment antithetical to learning occult power.

In Metamorphosis the author states that laughter has no opposite. From my point of view his theory is an intriguing one – but then I was not convinced that the other pairs he made were opposites to begin with. How can they be – so I’m wary that herein lies a deliberate seed of form.

The Banishing Ritual is a strange concept. I tend to think the ONA are right in abandoning it – esp where black magick and drawing down acausal energies are involved.

The last time I used Sigils was during 2006 when NL and I played the stargame and sigilized our intents – ONA seems to touch briefly on this and other methods of visualization etc given by the IOT in its Naos Appendix.

Dreaming – is an interesting section. I assume its just an introduction but the author seems to think that lucid dreaming is a ‘bizarre and deadly battle’ to be fought with the “Psychic Censor”. ONA on the other hand tend to refer to dreams only as future happenings or long past memories and seldom as treat them as present modes of prescience. Our thoughts on Dreaming will eventually be expanded on by THEM – but suffice to say Opening the Way to Lucidity is in my experience, easy. I managed to achieve it in two weeks. I’ve written this down in the new DOAD II but there is nothing there that cannot be covered now. All Lucidity requires is that you enquire of your waking self periodically if it is awake or sleeping and check for signs of either – thus programming yourself to ask the same during your sleeping state. Cut out a piece of paper, a diamond worked for me – it’s an odd shape therefore noticeable. And write “Am I dreaming?” on it. Put it somewhere you will pass it regularly and ask yourself each time you see it if you are dreaming. Eventually the diamond popped up in my dream prompting me to ask, am I dreaming whereupon I became Lucid and remained in a stable state of Lucidity until I chose to leave.

I should also point out that due to my experiments I feel that shortly before one descends into sleep there arise the pre-manifestations of imagery that will shortly become full and vivid dream imagery. This stage is similar to the onset of LSD with minutely intricate patterns (so tightly interwoven and detailed as to be unable to be reproduced later on paper) – and generally very brightly coloured. But there is a difference between these colours and those we might see around us during the day. It’s as though because of the blackness of the ‘minds eye’ on which the colours project themselves (or are projected) instead of the medium of white sun or moon light by which we normally see – that they appear greatly enhanced so as to be almost neon in intensity and ‘crashing’ i.e. alternating between millions of black pin-points and pin-points of vibrant colour rapidly. This stage of near-sleep which I have called “Demaphyr” is the stage that I have found it easiest and most amenable to practicing visualization – esp. if one is trying to induce a specific dream content prior to sleep. In this state – I found shapes held their form much longer than earlier stages of forced concentration.

The statement ‘all phenomena must be paired, as the senses are only equipped to perceive differences’ is an interesting concept but I don’t feel it is sustainable. The emphasis on Duality seems like a deliberately weighted counter-point to Chaos/the Void. It seems forced as if to illuminate the importance of the latter more heavily though in another sense it says exactly the same thing that THEM have stated :any form immediately gives rise to its counter-form – however, that statement by us does not infer that a counter-form is a direct opposite, or that a pure counter-form used without alteration is applied.

It also suggests that “the thinking mind is a dualistic thing itself.” …

Kia – seems to be a rough equivalent of the Acausal – the IOT even use the word ‘bifurcation’ which is the first time I have ever seen it outside of a MS of the ONA. They also relate a view using words causal and a-causal. Whatever Kia touches is said to be Kia. The abstract terminology and exhaustive description of Kia used by the IOT seems to be related to the phenomena of an intersection neatly cleaned up by the ONA and termed a Nexion. It was of some intrigue to see that the author had gone to great lengths to illustrate this meeting place just as had tried to illustrate the meeting place in my own way in DOAD 3 with ‘The Simultaneous Pulse’.

It is something of a concern that an occult group reaches to contemporary Scientific discoveries as metaphors for their occult discoveries. As if somehow the ideas (gaining popularity) of Quantum, sub-atomic particles, quarks, “neuro-physiology” etc somehow substantiate those discoveries. The author continually refers to science for support. I read occult passages that refer to science once as a complete sentence, and a second time imagining that the scientific reference wasn’t there. There is a marked difference. There also presides an unconscious need to please and convince Science, calling on the strength of science to assert one’s claims – and then a disdain for scientists being slow to catch up to occult theory… or attraction and repulsion – aka, the telling inconsistent nature of a magical spell woven by a writer to change and re-arrange the appearance of things to suit one as needed.

In the chapter marked Gnosis, the author refers to something I have heard mentioned infrequently – the Death Posture; to achieve an utter negation of thought. I am curious as to why unconsciousness, not breathing, or staring into a mirror with a corpse-like gaze (?) are somehow representative of actual Death. Call me cynical but I’m a firm believer that Death can only be experienced when one dies. As to what occurs – who has ever remained dead and gone through the veil completely and returned to speak of it? Near-death experiences are probably the closest one comes to Death – but they too are not Death.

I see that the practice of continual masturbation without climax that I performed in the Black Moon Ordeal has a name within the IOT: karezza. I find – to my surprise, interest and bemusement – a lot of practices that I try – and assume are unnamed seem to show up synchronously and nicely explained in the records of others magicians.

It’s very rarely commented on but there is definitely something to be said for the demonstrable difference between the spaces of an author’s formal didactic tone –and the informal records made to speak of experiences in a personal tone. The experiences Peter describes are not dissimilar to my own in that fairly mundane experiences in ones youth become the foundation for expounding a theory that makes sure to use them even if it requires amplification and add-ons for the effect; since esoteric experiences like that are generally dull to relate. In this relating of his experiences he informs us of key events that at the time – are always fleeting windows – and that will await years of explanation, codification, and exultation. I.e. Mvimaedivm.

The section on Evocation seems pale in comparison to the ONA’s Dure and Sedue or other MSS on Ceremonial Magick, esp where the Evocation of Dark Gods is almost a completely divergent pronouncement to any of the little demons from grimoires and imagination the IOT offer to summon. I can imagine the czar of the Tempel ov Blood on the other hand may very well have been struck by the passage on Terror when hunting for inspiration and this idea may well have helped characterize their form. Certainly the MSS ‘Heresy’ and ‘Peace Love and Mungbeans’ seem to have remained in favour with the Tempel – both of which were works appealing to terror.

The continual reverence of Tao by the IOT may have been what drove the ONA from their doors, if indeed a partnership was the case. This is a largely impotent concept where Satanism is concerned. Though it should be remembered that the ONA, are more than Satanists – and on some levels of apprehension – they are beyond their appearances and not actually Satanic or Satanists, at all. But I am not suggesting the Order disdain the idea of Tao – on the contrary they exemplify it – how one arrives at Tao and what causes the vaccum from which it becomes apparent however, would probably have caused some dissension between the Order and the Illuminates. What is fascinating however is the details given in “Invocation’ that mirror the exact nature of the Insight Role as a role to be lived demonically and completely immersed in the associated correspondences. The following invocation to a War God is one of those pieces of description that make me recoil in embarassment at the bullshit people put themselves through to get a magical result. I suppose after the burned first incarnation of mvimaedivm all filled with demonology and bizarre directions and exhortations of the same caliber I never found my faith or respect restored in these types of frankly ridiculous rituals. I even had something of a torturous time attempting the magic described in Naos/BBOS of the ONA, such is my resentment at wailing and carrying on at the moon. However, I find the Victorian-style formality of the ONA is far more palatable than any of the IOT exercises archived in our files which seem like short-term excuses to behave strangely. Had I not met the Sorceress I might have thought the IOT a rather odd and deluded bunch – but if the Sorceress has gained even half her power from them – then they deserve my full attention.

The section on Liberation is a curious read – for not that long ago I struggled to pen the same insights regarding the secret of freedom in DOAD II. However, there are some odd things said: “you are free to do anything no mater how extreme – so long as it will not restrict your own or someone else’s future freedom of action”. Well this is just moralistic horseshit in the guise of freedom – something we’ve come to expect from our occult contemporaries and probably where the Sorceress encountered an impassable obstacle. Firstly, how does one define the cut-off point of one’s will on other things and people – is there such a thing? / Secondly, how does one develop the will without exercising it?? / Thirdly, if six magicians are in a room, each with their own will and direction, how do they each exercise it without restricting someone else’s future freedom of action?? And maybe it’s not a room, maybe its six million magicians sharing a large ball of rock. I think this was added because it was fashionable at the time for occult groups to show that while they were meddling with bizarre things on the fringe, they were somehow still responsible.

I think the sections on Heresy and Iconoclasm are well written. Actually I think the entire book is well written – though I disagree with some of its content ~nod~

Regarding Anathemism: Self-Destruction I think, that Peter knows just as I do, that writing books is unusual and tends to serve the fortification of a lie, the lie of one’s freedom magically by whatever arguments one makes against it. The sorcerer without a computer and unheard of is the most likely to attain these pipe-dreams we and others lust after.

But we trudge on hoping that our insights or example (even if it be a bad one) can benefit someone nonetheless. Of course, rather than resign ourselves to that possibility of failure we continue to work toward the goal of escaping our own deceitful occult ego – never really sure.

The section on Augoeides has very strong parallels with the ONA’s concept of Wyrd or Personal Destiny. Very interesting reading. THEM’s adoption of synchronicity comes from very early experiences with a sense of traveling aright in the universe bringing unusual events as if to confirm the path. Later, from a cross between the ONA’s acausal/Satan/Baphomet/Dark Ones and the explainations of the Ancient Practice of Keeping one’s Wyrd by literally Keeping one’s Word (Personal Honour/ISS) our emphasis on Synchronicity intensified even to the extent that I was able to conjure forth my current Mistress by calling on the Dark Ones to manifest my Animus from my will to keep my oath to THEM.

In the section of Divination the author states that ‘highly complex mathematical systems represent decadence of the art [of divination]’. I’m not sure how he reconciles this distaste for decadence with his later elaborate diagrams and mathematical workings regarding Catastrophe Theory.

Interestingly, Catastrophe Theory seems to be something on the minds of the ONA, as does probability theory – apparently, to predict chaotic problems in the extremely fragile nature of Aeonic magic and strategy.

One notes a problem with the IOT’s suggestion that magicians should notice all coincidences is the possibility of engaging in the 23 syndrome.

Now, just as the experience of Death cannot be experienced and only ever guessed at via proffered approximates – the author suggests that “if Kia had willed a different set of limitations it would have incarnated elsewhere”. Suggesting that some other probability would arise if not the current one is a deranged logic. Since things only ever present themselves at the moment they exist what possible proof or precedent is there that things would be otherwise? – other than the mutated borrowing of spurious scientific theories propounded separately from the occult to congeal into one’s theories for convenience and stability in presentation – there is None.

Further down the author goes into his ideas about the Will-power and how oaths and tests merely set up conflicts in the mind. I think that here, too, the ONA is markedly different in its insistence on will-power to achieve success. One of THEM has made some exemplary comments regarding the role of the Will and the approach of the ONA to simply force an overcoming of obstacles by willpower alone resulting in ‘a noisy farting in front of the god one is trying to impress’…

Somewhat disappointing that Peter and I should have had identical gnosis (and virtually identical poems at that! [qv. “Blanket” DOAD III] of the innermost self or soul.

I believe strongly in my magic – it’s not always intellectual and I where its not I often sketch a secret pentagram and whisper isychyros o Baphomet before intending my will. This minimal gesture is all I require with sorcery to achieve an aim. It’s stopped rain, slowed time, fixed the tv, secured a house, won things, protected friends, informed me of danger, and so on. Nevertheless, I’m skeptical of something like a Dark Mirror used to ‘communicate with other Adepts’ esp. of the objective certainty of one staring at it until a pit opens up beneath one. This hides something of an ancient word trick that WE also use. Which is to give a method (usually bizarre) and then supply the suggestion of the outcome to fill any vacuum that arises during or after its performance. I.e. if the magician is expecting a pit to occur from their efforts – they will probably create one. Viz. the 23 syndrome…

Of all the ONA’s (and IOT’s) MSS – the topic that has intrigued me most, but which I’ve not found sufficient explanation on by either group – is the Double/Immortal/Diamond-Body. While I vehemently disagree with the author’s summary of the content of dreaming, Real and Fantasy dreams indeed!, (at least I believe it requires more and patient explanation) if Peter is correct regarding his insights of lucid dreaming requiring the summonation of the hands during lucidity, then following the extremely simple and effective exercise for Lucid Dreaming should reduce the time and experiment required to achieve that state and test for yourself his theories.

I grow a bit tired of the exhortations of ultimate expression, Kia and Anon when a) I’m aware of the bullshit glamour employed by writers and the distinct difference an encounter with the IOT’s ‘Nothing is True – Everything is Permitted’ came out to be. b) a. What seems to occur in a lot of occult groups –and I notice this in THEM too – is that a good or great idea is had, but is then over-talked about. And of course, each additional word couching a simple insight contains the risk of contradiction and destruction. The Alphabet of Desire for instance seems to have arisen from a couple of good pairs Peter made due to insights from his key experiences but then required the pairing and invention of other (often sketchy) “dualities”. Although books like ours were at the time they were written, ‘Synthesises’ – in the very act of writing books one is fooling oneself. Such books, even mvimaedivm are the end stages of an early stage only – however summary, final, or wise they should sound.

The section on Aeons begs the cheeky question. If so many people are focused on the Death of Identity, Spirituality, Superstition, Belief and Ideology coming to Be iconic of this time in history/imperium etc (as are THEM) and Consciously focused on this as an expected desire while focusing the attention of others on the same and thus lusting in a collective for its result to vindicate their prophecy – by IOT’s own admission, isn’t such a prophecy doomed to failure? In fact any teachings by any system, doomed to failure once consciously focused on?

Transubstantiation: frighteningly similar to the MSS of Sruusis and Nuhrasis.

The Chaos-Sphere is also frighteningly similar to the Acausal Pentagram of THEM in which a rent of black void filled with stars flows outwards over the edges and vertices of a broken pentagram. A dimensional rift if you like. These types of synchronicity – realizing that other magicians and systems have encountered or presenced almost identical features of my subjective journey – continue to peak my interest in the idea of a collective human pool of inspiration, be it the acausal, cosmic being, or gods.

This is the only place I have seen the mention (even using the word) Aeonics, outside of ONA MSS. The ideas laid down by each group on Aeonics are very different however even though they use the same name.

An Early Study of the IOT (Part II: Psychonaut)

I think that one of the contentions I have with magic in which one moves about in frenzy or uses tools and incantations is my suspicion (and current conviction) that success in Sorcery can be reached without these means. One instance with which I have experimented is the ability to slow or increase my heartbeat with a mixture of breathing and a concentrated effort to remember (and bring forth – Qv. Grotowski) the emotions and physical symptoms associated with either complete euphoric calm or terror. Having experienced both – it requires only the emotional remembrance (or summoning up) of those states and for one to concentrate on returning to that state of physiology. For example to slow my heart down I recalled my experiences of the calm state experienced from drug trips, from times during which I enjoyed idle relaxation with no responsibilities to attend to, instances of meditation or even the joy and soothing calm of listening to music while going to sleep. Coupled with breathing from the tan tien – this is enough to slow my heart considerably. And I can do this without moving. Likewise, remembering a time of terror, the adrenaline of certain stages of previous fights suffices during which breathing rapidly and recalling the wide-eyes, the panic, the extreme anxiety speeds up my heart. All without moving.

Moreover, social change and a focus on believing human behaviour is predictable to some extent is also something I employ. For instance, when I traveled into the City on a daily basis I began regularly leaving my ticket behind for someone else to use. The gesture proved contagious and now I find myself almost always afforded a ticket by others who have done the same thing up and down the train lines. This then, is the magic to bypass the need for money to buy a train ticket simply by understanding how humans are motivated to do things. In this case, the display of selflessness exhibited by one person is copied because it has defined the situation to be enacted at a train-station when one has a still valid ticket. There are generally no other associations made with this event. Prior to this definition – one either threw their ticket away or kept it out of habit. As the first individual finds a free ticket and experiences elation they may feel obliged to continue the trend and leave the ticket behind at their station stop – they may then go home and tell of this lucky find, esp. if they were occupied at the time with the fact that they had no ticket and were going to be fined if caught – to which someone responds, “that’s a good idea, I’m going to do that next time too”. As the act becomes a trend – the practice develops into something of a secret clique of people anonymously helping each other perhaps out of defiance against the transit system and some level of revenge against its heavy-handed ticket enforcers or just the feeling of doing something good and charitable for someone else. This type of Change – is based on the notion that understanding the criteria required to change an event can change it. There are no magical symbols, no magical words, no magical actions or incantations – only a simple wordless gesture of intent. This is a small example of the social-engineering: THEM have already performed much larger scale successes and this is the tip of the ice-berg.

This procedure/approach to Change is essentially wordless; the act of a wizard of thought and the end result of a finely-tuned reaction developed to short-circuit the often chancy, ineffective, delusory, illusory, occult mumbo-jumbo, qaballa, wicca, grimoires, pacts with demons, rituals of intent and mystical rambling works like Crowley, or inverted Christianity like LaVey. When my Mistress also places her valid ticket alongside my own – it is group magic.

Concerning ‘Levels of Consciousness’ it is interesting to note the level of detail of procedures for attaining various states and what is achieved via their agency by the IOT when compared with the Seven-Fold Way which generally determines a panoramic cosmology and practical way of living with guidelines but does not go into any great detail about how to achieve its presencing – rather the overall goals are set and it is up to the Initiate to discover means and methods for attaining them.

Magical Combat is a fascinating field. We generally don’t talk about it because it’s just something you do or don’t do. What practical purpose is there in making idle threats or in letting the target know you are coming – at least that’s our general view of combat. Very early in the formation of THEM the Sorceresses and I joined forces via the ‘Acausal Voice’ and synchronized our intent to destroy a couple that had proved enemies to one of THEM. We constructed wax effigies in the likeness of the opfers and sigils and photos specifically tailored to destroy them and set about practicing the Death Rite given in the BBOS. This if course proved taxing to our temperaments and attitude to magic – and required significant alterations to the words. Memorizing the Rite was probably the most difficult part – chanting the Dies Irae the easiest. In the end though – the altered BBOS Death Rite was abandoned and the AOF – a distillation of our wordless focus and sychronicity with THEM – devised instead. Although we informed the Sydney Chapter that we had performed the Rite synchronously with them – we were in fact still at the stage of practicing it – making alterations and improving our Chanting. The Sorceress of Sydney performed a number of Rites in the meantime. The result was thus half effective. The couple – whom she had wanted dead for their decadence, split up. It was surmised that as practicing magicians they were aware of the psychic attack and may have split up to prevent the magic designed to end a couple from working. The couple became enemies and remain apart. In this instance THEM employed Ritual magic, symbolism, sigils and sympathy to work its Intent. One wonders what might have happened if we had synchronized out attack as planned. It is one of the aims of THEM to explore this power to a greater extent in future experiments – and to eventually re-examine the Sorcery contained in the Sorcery of Carlos Castenada. We rarely employ this approach however – as our unsaid maxims of Intent or practical actions toward an aim often work without the need for ritualization.

Moreover, sympathetic and sigil magic (Qv. The Star Game) is probably the most used of the traditional magical arts by members of THEM to work its aims. Certainly there is power in its ability to drive enemies from us and have them suffer or bring about synchronous and fortuitous circumstances and events.

It is something of intrigue to us if perchance other LHP groups are aiding us with their magical rituals or perhaps even the opposite for whatever reason that strategy serves. Simply said – THEM are aware of this possibility, from its own Sinisterion, and from the RHP. This is one reason why the causal form of THEM has been given a time frame of thirty years to conclude its experiments (now 28 to go) thus not fighting with entropy indefinitely – though we are equipped (and equipping) to respond to interference in the meantime if necessary.

The IOT makes special mention of the difficulty of magically attacking popular figures. This is a statement that should be put to test.

Of the Rites of Chaos: Catholicism anyone? Exorcism, Extreme Unction – ugh. Invocation to Baphomet worlds apart from that of the ONA. The Initiation Procedures are similar – though the process of Initiation seems to have remained unchanged for a long time in magical history.

The section on Magical Time is interesting. Both the IOT and the ONA scorn astrology and speak of the minimal effect planets have on the human spheres. And both revere the Sun and Moon for their effects.

We know IOT’s “Chemognosis” as “Entheogenics” more or less meaning the purposeful engagement in psychotropic drugs for directed purposes. A number of members are or were privately engaged in exploring these mediums. I’m unsure as to the mushrooms the author’s reference is to: but in Australia there are two kinds of magic mushroom or pscilocybin. One is called the ‘Blue Meanie’ because of the blue colour produced in the stalks once picked – the other is called a ‘Gold-Cap’ and unfortunately resembles about a dozen or more different toadstool and poisonous fungi closely. I have had both types. I will say this: my experiences with magic mushrooms, and LSD although both hallucinogens were very different trips. The mushroom was chthonic, primal, a deeper more submersive trip, while (on later comparison) the LSD lacked a spiritual/magical something… a sense of being artificial and synthetic pervades acid. This entheogenic exploration was something I did during my late teens early twenties. Generally speaking – I later decided it was because I wanted to ‘take the edge off’ my mind and cause some disruption to the endless torrents of intellectual activity it produced. I also took speed thinking it might sharpen my thoughts – though all I ever managed to produce whilst on speed was garbled nonsense and insane ideas – when I wasn’t engaged in the “most meaningful conversations anyone has ever had at any time ever!” type of dialogue with my companions; an effect speed is wont to do. I don’t have any interest in these mediums anymore however – having learned to enjoy and appreciate that intensity of the blade of the keenness of mind. However – I’ve also successfully re-produced the altered state effects of LSD/Mushrooms without using them by engaging my mind in the 23 syndrome (Qv. Prophecy DOAD I). So either/or, really.

Regarding the IOT’s apprehension of Baphomet – it seems to be trying to explain a similar theory put forth in our ‘Theory of the Beast’ though differs markedly in its approach – taking a more spiritually concerned – new age approach of resulting forms that man created without really putting forward a theory on the causative motivations of Mankind from available evidence – which is present and observable every day in the ancient (and very) habits of Mankind at large, both in its limbic responses and its ‘higher’ brain functions. Essentially, although the author has divergent ideas as to what happened and why certain developments were important the ‘Theory of the Beast’ is similar in tone to his own. However the context of Form and Chaos back then, in relation to Form and Chaos now, does not seem to be explicated using memes that can be practically observed here and now in the remnants of human conditioning and behaviour – rather the author leans toward flowery, new-age and romantic philosophies and concepts merely obscuring one form with another – in an effort to explain the Acausal Charge.

Chaos is impossible to visualize’ is a tautology – though it must be admitted that the Acausal of the ONA relies on the same faith in its absence to confirm its presence.

As for questions as to why the Snake is a ubiquitous representation of primal evil forces: logic prevails. If we take evolution as read – what became man eventually encountered something else – some other man or being, possibly what eventually came to be called a ‘snake’. What man perceived of the world and his first meeting with a snake can never be known – a subjective mystery long lost and unrecoverable – but there is no doubt that it, and all of these meetings with first phenomena, left a mark and slowly lead to rudiments of fascination and curiosity and attempts at reproduction to communicate them. Hence the eventuation of Gods, Forms, and of course, War.

What Peter describes as the effects of the Psychic Censor is understood by us to be the evidence of the Mind War – though I don’t think the psychic censor as he describes it exists – the Mind War is the schism between those who remember Chaos and those who desired Form. One wonders – If the psychic censor edits out other realities and options of experience for us – how does it ever become noticed? By its absence?

THEM could be said to be concerned with Magick associated with Chaos, (but not Chaos Magick).

With the essay on Choronzon I do agree. Though: if one posits anything as incomprehensible then one cannot then find other things comprehensible – for that thing that is incomprehensible, unknowable, cannot inform that the other thing is comprehensible. Anything incomprehensible sets a limit on the ‘comprehensible’ that inhibits complete understanding.

An interesting statement is the need for one to conceal their megalomania from themselves and make a passing show of humility because megalomania is being seriously treated by the author as an expression separate from humility / where according to Chaos Magic neither actually exist. It is a constant frustration posing inferences when creating a form since it only takes one to trip the form over. Megalomania may be worth studying given that our will is succeeding and hubris only ever a small distance away where Satanism is concerned. Of course, Peter himself makes a passing show of humility by condemning ‘unexpected cleverness’ (Something that is condemned by the IOT today I am told) and suggests how to get around the false Self – even referring to his own ideas as humble opinion (contrasting the pairing of something ((that wishes to appear)) very small against the previous statement that describes humans as conscious, magical and creative being the most mysterious and incredible thing in the universe – i.e. something very very big). False humility is a tool employed by a lot of writers lest their ego scare off the very creatures they are trying to ensnare. THEM do it too. Yet – the true and evidential force of his will despite how he wishes it to be set up to appear – is undeniable given the fact that he has gone to the trouble, of writing a book. Am I making sense when I say THEM sabotage their own forms, yet?

Of course all of these inconsistencies can be conveniently (in some cases fairly, too) explained on the level that the authors instructions were written in a different time and space – that the inconsistencies are deliberate means of presencing ‘chaos’ – or that the whole system is merely itself a tool to be used accordingly by investing one’s belief in it and empowering it to do what it purports to do – wherein we come back to the 23 syndrome and the affirmation by THEM that whatever the human focuses on – is empowered by the corresponding degree of that gaze. One thing is certain – the infinite escapism and irresponsibility afforded by the concept of ‘chaos’ will allow the IOT to dismiss who they like from their fold under whatever suitable pretext they conjure.

I greatly enjoyed the authors essays on Magical Perspective. I think it is a useful thing to categorize introductions to various other systems and his own thoughts on them have made me consider once again my own motives in relation to his ideas.

Finally, in Catastrophe Theory we find another strange occurrence between the two groups with the ONA also involved in the study of the equivalent of Catastrophe Theory to tighten Aeonic strategies and protect them from unexpected disaster.


Overall – the author certainly provided a rich field for me to sow my arrogance in my refutations – requiring a more than average discourse. I also find repeatedly that both books concepts travel alongside my own apprehensions of the occult and am struck by the similarity of expression and things chosen to express that Peter has: I will be looking further into Chaos Magic in the hope that Peter has expounded some of these ideas in greater detail. But what really stands out is the similarity and disparity of the ideologies between the IOT and ONA – I think that there exists the possibility of a relation: and if not of members then at least of inspiration leading on toward re-expressions of core ideas. But if so – who influenced who?