The Black Keys of Satan

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If there is such a thing as specific principles to work with or access Satan then there are certainly a set of keys. The reality is, that if you have not had a paranormal experience and met with any of the dark forces that inhabit other planes, you have no reason to believe in them, and thusly your logical mind does not experience the crack that such visitations bring, your mind and perception of reality stay intact, and act as a shield or seal against such visitations. When you Have had such a visitation, it is impossible to deny, because being paranormal, the unsettling inability to provide logical explanation leaves you in a state of knowing there is Something more than what we know, and yet having to endure the day to day necessity to deny it to live in a certain world.  This line, this kind of experience is what separates the Theistic believer in Satanic forces as deities, energies, demons, devils, entities that manifest on our plane of perception through various incarnations, veils, soft spots in the world where such denizens slip through and confront us – and the believer in Satanic forces who sees the paradigm of Satanism as culturally metaphorical, as a set of values, a way of living, as an apologist, as an application of rationale and reason, logic and intelligence; a dismissal of ghosts/goblins as antiquated or tricks of the mind; other variations are virtually endless but they do not involve the change of effect from visitations. The term blood-curdling is over-used but it is very apt. To come face to face with One of THEM, and that includes satanic entities, entirely alters one’s ability to discount them. Thusly, Visitation, is the first Key. Whether you believe Satan is a real force that haunts, hunts, possesses, works evil and kills as a literal demon changes everything. I have not seen Satan. I have seen only dark forces and spectres that may or may not be part of or associated with Him; a handful of times over the course of my life; and felt the terror that curdles the blood, witnessed the suspension of physics that accompanies such visitations and passed through the aftermath of having to deal with them. It is to defend something that the majority of people have not experienced and have no reason to believe exists who have not felt what you have felt.

Orientation would be the second key. Satan has been taken to mean many different things. These are all malleable and artificial human-oriented speculations that aim to grasp, shape and control forces that are very poor philosophic descriptors manufactured by the smugness of self-assured intellect. You don’t forget the emotion of Bliss or Terror, the most potent experiences of those words when you have felt Them and next to those feelings that get wired into your blood any words fail to express the power of such a feeling so frightening that it can turn your life on its head and cause you to see things very differently ever after. The classical resistance against Religion as fools who believe in a sky-man for instance is not so easily dismissed; the descriptions of demons given are just that; descriptions; flat, symbolic teasers that are pretty but hollow, they do nothing to prepare one for Them who come unexpectedly and in a way no book predicts. It is relatively easy to adopt any given orientation of Satanism and to do as one will using human terms and values to make their way through the world for whatever aim may be in accordance with ones Vyrd. But when you have been Visited, you must then reassess the plastic nature of many of these human edifices in the face of what do you do now with your life if there are Things that are real? Might there be more of them, more powerful ones of them, and even, despite all intellectual scoffing, a God or Satan or Worse at the end of your life? The stories that abound of such entities, of planes and of hell, seem figmentary, scare-mongering, antiquated and any other number of descriptions to dismiss them logically, but you cannot be sure after visitations which often have the effect of causing one to seriously assess the orientation of their life and their place.

The Third Key then, is Invitation. It is impossible to put these experiences out of the head – they are called supernatural because they override the natural, and leave an indelible question mark on perception and leave a hole in the seal of logical safety. One can either try to deny the uncomfortable evidence of Them and try to bury the memory as an embarassing trick of the mind, daily heaping more of the normal and sedate upon such memories in the hope of forgetting them entirely or unconvincingly explain them away – an art doomed to fail and go on to live to a ripe old age with the dagger of Them every now and then in a quiet moment forcing its way back into the mind, raising such terrifying memories from the dead, through dreams or daydreams, to haunt one until and at death. Or one can seek to know Them, as horrifying as it might be to repeat the experience, to push for more of what is generally a very little of their presence, of their mark, and strive to identify and open the Gates to THEM, to walk where few walk, and risk losing everything to get Closer. Closer to all that man fears, and has striven to forget. Closer to whatever causes that paralyzing shock that can change your entire life’s direction and annihilate thousands of carefully tended networked beliefs in an instant, closer to the force older than evil and yet the source of it all. The occult makes little sense before such Visitations. It really does. What comes now is the Invitation to THEM – in as many forms as it can be imagined, to re-open at our will and not theirs, if indeed at all possible, the Gates that allow them In. Now begins the real work, of trying to identify the real magical means to open portals and the language they speak to communicate. Is it torture, sexual depravity, murder, symbolism, pain, suffering, time, location, intent, emotional experience, synchronistic coincidence, a specific magical partner, a mindset, certain shapes or tools, nighttime, evil, trance, incantations, dances, musical instruments, certain notes or drugs? What, opens THEIR Portals? What language do they speak? Do they speak in entire experiences? Do they speak to us through dreams? Now begins the task of the real occult work, with the undeniable drive that They are There, and the trial to access them with the hope that we can communicate and not simply be star-fucked.

A Fourth Key would constitute Dedication. Genuine Dedication comes not from a desire to Know but from being Known, from a Visitation that interferes with the ability to be distracted by Maybe. Maybe they’re real, maybe I imagined it. Genuine dedication arises from the terrifying energetic shock from visitation that leaves no doubt that They are. And from this, there can be no denial that what They are is everything worth seeking, a power worth laying ones life down for as a sacrifice in the face of that sovereign awakening as to our place and relevance, our paper knowledge and ignorant bliss which pales in the face of what these things Are, and that they Are. They are the reason for Religion, for Morality, for Sanity. They are the reason for the shield that is God. It goes without saying that Satan is capable of a great deal more than such visitations, and if there is a Devil, a king of these Things, no-one could meet THEM. Just as theory and experience are separate worlds of their own, I have not found any grimoire that accurately describes these Visitations or evokes them. Filled with detritus about controlling Them, ordering Them about, and giving imaginative descriptions of these Demons – almost none mention the emotional rape and turbulence they bring to the soul which does not know how much it relied on inherited reality until it is shattered. There are shallow warnings in such books at best, even the strongest of admonitions about messing with these forces are inadequate. Nothing would be strong enough to act as an appropriate warning to stay away from summoning/calling/inviting Them in. Because until they are present, it remains surreal, safe, and a game. It seems unlikely to get Closer to these Things, the Fear is impenetrable. And to do so seems like it can only end badly. But that is the power of the Dark Forces, of THEM, and we, seek to fall deeper into it.



[The feeling of Visitation almost assures us we cannot, but our humanity persists in asking the question Can We?

Or is it necessary to be more like Them? If we become Inhuman, then, Can We?

 And that is what the Temple of THEM aims to find out.]

Narrative Magic or Oromancy: An Introduction

Unlike the basis for External, Internal, Aeonic, Sexual magicks – the basis for Narrative magick lacks a solid foundation for explaining its method – being still in the stages of active development, experiment and enquiry by the Temple of THEM. However, some of the theory behind this approach can be divulged, if only in brief at this point in time.

 Narrative Magick deals with the building blocks utilized not just by the ONA but the entire Empire of the Magian and all humanity for that matter in the way of Form, and explores the theory and context as to why Form is responsible for the tremendous power, influence, and domination it has over humanity via a warped tradition of perception and interpretation.

 It being no secret that THEM view the presence of the Order of Nine Angles, its Septenary Way and the manuscripts that populate it as a unitary form of Grand Black Magic designed to infiltrate the collective consciousness and cause it to aid the will of Anton Long – this Introduction touches more deeply on how such forms collectively act in the service of a higher magic of human ingenuity by crafting a story or mythos of narrative magic for others to follow and champion – thereby generating fanatical devotion and increasing the number of characters involved in the mythos’s narrative, nurturing others to live out that narrative via the props provided, and use such narrative to create subtle and overt changes in the Matrix. Such changes can culminate in the creation of one form of the fabled Diamond Body.

 “Narrative magick” or “Oramancy” as coined by the Temple, pertains to an acknowledgement, and interest, in the existence (persistence) of a story-like quality inherent in a single or multiple set of forms that is partly conscious and partly unconscious and possesses the power to affect human beings directly.

 The conscious aspect of narrative magic exists in the continuum of a particular set of forms forming a suitable platform or stage upon which certain archetypal resonances can be comfortably projected by an individual or group, and a reciprocal projection received.

 That is not to say that an individual will necessarily be conscious that s/he is being utilized as part of a magickal story (that is not necessary), but rather that because of the power invested in forms collectively by the human race, the necessary conditions created for a being to want to invest time and energy in being a part of the ‘story’ being presented (narrated) can be made ‘visible’, not only to the individual, but to the collective. The conscious aspect works on the adage – “if you build it – THEY will come.”

 The unconscious aspect of narrative magick is rather more mysterious and a rational analysis can be said to be most difficult if not largely impossible due to inaccessibility to the collective unconscious psyche. However – it is a fact – that stories and mythos – play an extremely vital role in the perception and reaction of humanity. Few stories have motivated humanity more than those of creation – the Eddas, the Baghadvita, the Koran, the Bible, for instance are strong examples of narrative magic that seek to provide direction and a moral compass, a praxis and a weltanschauung for humanity. These and many other examples of Creation and End Time stories have survived, some for thousands of years, through the living of their Narrative by hundreds of generations of avid listeners and worshippers caught up in the power of their respective Mythos.

 Even today, more than two thousand years later – the Mythos of Buddha, of Mohammed, of Jesus, lives on in the hearts and minds of billions of believers, motivated by the Word that compels them live their life for such a reason, in such a way. No one can refute the tremendous power of religion nor its little brother politics – a younger and less archaic form of narrative – but one which has demonstrated it too has tremendous power to manipulate the lives of people and to use that power to cement forms into being or smash them out of existence, time and time again.

 To bring us closer to home we spoke of the Mythos of the Illuminati in Oto Anorha #31 being a chance occurrence that propelled a humble gesture in the throes of sulphur in the 1700’s into the annals of history as the single most powerful expression to describe the ultimate collective sinister conspiracy. The human imagination is a wondrous thing, a dangerous thing, but a wondrous thing all the same. Again even closer to our current era we can cite the Order of Nine Angles, a British Satanic organization that has brilliantly recreated the wave of speculation, paranoia, and wild theory reminiscent of the Illuminati – a wave that has gathered momentum for fifty years and has broken on many shores of the world. For all their actual power, reach, wisdom, and truth, whether Religion, Politics, Secret Organizations, or a Garage Sale – without others adding to the story, without others ‘reading’ or being absorbed by the Mythos/Forms being unfolded – the Mythos fades into obscurity. There are countless examples of attempts to start secret societies that have failed because of a lack of the Mythos being picked up and carried away on the lips as reputation.

 Jung – believes that the rise to individual power is reciprocal – in that the collective must desire the individual to assume the role as an individual separate from the collective for such a relationship to work. To encourage this relationship artificially where resistance is met usually involves propaganda and the persuasion of the people.

 The failure of varied temples and orders, even in my short lifetime with the occult of eighteen years, appears to be regularly due to the collective resistance of an idea that is presented out of time, that is, asynchronously with the needs of the collective psyche at that moment of collective development. The make or break elements of a successful formation appear to rely on such key characteristics as synchronicity, solidarity, proximity, and a message congruous with Time. If one is able to tap into the collective messages being given by the unconscious collective psyche – to discern the particular push being given from beneath or beyond, by deduction – one can theoretically ride that wave – provided one is in sync with it, and does not attempt to subvert the natural process. This synchronicity with what THEM refer to as the Acausal Voice, does not suit many forms – for the propensity of humans seeking control via form and mythos does not usually function on altruism selflessness or a desire to presence the will of the cosmos – and the collective unconscious is its own law and its own physis working independently of the consciousness. As dreaming shows us – the messages of the collective psyche are mostly in contradiction to the current psychic conscious state of humanity and are as hard to swallow as they are to hear.

 Narrative magick involves an individual assessment insofar as it is possible to assess such a scope, of the preset and emerging signs of the individual and collective psyche on a national scale – using such means as the appearance of the architecture, the disposition or attitude, level of perception, level of technology, economic, social and racial factors, political climate, and to a great extent, media.

 For today, it is media and the forms of technology that carry the media – (behold the information age!) – that are the equivalent of the oral storytellers of myth and magic and story and for that role they receive worship and adoration for the fire-side tales they weave. And because such stories still derive from the collective unconscious – pushing through in archetypal resonances and archetypes, dreams, visions, and forms – they form patterns in a synchronous fashion expressing a similar archetypal message in any variety of forms.

 This form of magick also utilizes a derivative of the ancient belief in the micro-cosmos and macro-cosmos being reflections of and in the other – though not to such an extent that the two are believed to represent a mirror-image. It could also be called a type of sympathetic magic, akin to as above so below, wherein creating a certain alchemical change within the individual naturally has an effect on the outer world, with the potential for a knock-on effect and the re-effecting of the individual.

 It was believed that the ONA, in challenging the Tos/Cos and other contemporary Satanic groups at the time, were setting up an alternate and Sinister mythos, deliberately and consciously – see for instance the 1970-80 “Book of Wyrd” – wherein this legendary relic was consciously devised to be a ‘teaser’ or a lure on behalf of the ONA Mythos to draw interest, intrigue and talk. This great example of a form being used in an act of narrative magick would lead to a divergent strain of Satanism that made conscious – not just for the few who traditionally/historically tried to deceive the masses with lies, omissions, half-truths, fantastic stories etc to create their deceptions – but for the masses, the possibility of creating a deliberate mythos, and the possibility that a deliberate mythos has been created out of thin air.

 This intriguing development would be hinted at again and again in ONA mss, but it was through the work of THEM that it was finally revealed clearly without mystification to a much wider and eventually attentive audience. While others argued over whether certain aspects of the Order were real or invention – and some concluded rightly that the validity of the Tradition was unique and lay outside of classical measures such as real-time existence – THEM went further and broke down its observations of the tremendous power the ONA had seized in its deliberate creation of a Mythos. We set about studying its forms in general and Form in particular. This was around 2003.

 The experimental stages of the Temple (GBA-A) proved two things conclusively:

 a) That it was entirely possible to replicate the power and prestige of the ONA via media and propaganda alone, but

 b) That a Mythos could not be written/weaved and sustained by conscious intention and imagination alone – there had to be other elements involved such as deliberate communion with the unconscious, alchemical work, and the participation of the magical workees within such a Mythos in a real-life way. One could not fake insight, nor did insight come in its natural and unexpected fashion of clarity without direct involvement in living a certain way. Without that insight – without that connexion to the unconscious world psyche – the forms generated were pale and hollow.

 A direct connexion to the collective psyche is necessary for the imbuing of forms with the numinous pull – the desire in others to want to manifest them – that so characterizes the ONA’s work.

 However – another important aspect of Narrative magick – is to ‘control the story’ or to capture the idea in dramatic theatrical terms – ‘direct the actors’ within the play. Form plays a crucial part in this, for if one is trying to introduce the means to re-direct a current presenting itself in the here and now; it is not always enough to present a good argument for ones case. It is considered a general rule that while people are clinically unpredictable, when they communicate via various forms of media they do try to be logical – and logic quickly draws a circle around the contents to be logicized in order to form their train of thoughts. Because of this habit – people generally restrict their discussion to the relevant topic using the content provided as cues for what is appropriate – and ‘stick to the subject’ – as it were. However, Time, and the status quo of all that it encompasses, is often at odds with new ideas, and new ideas often go by the wayside due to lack of interest and especially – a lack of involvement by others in those ideas (relating back to the necessity of others to be captured by form for it to live). It is especially true that it merely takes one or two other people to express interest in something and others will naturally follow – first out of curiosity – and secondly out of habit. However someone taking an interest does not guarantee the lifespan of an idea – a forms life requires constant nurturing until it reaches a critical mass.

 It can also be a matter of frustration that the ‘right questions’ are not being asked that would lead to a certain collective viewpoint being achieved by the group – this is most often the case when someone is trying to present something ahead of, or, out of time, with the current era and its particular set(s) of noetic characteristics. In such cases, an individual conducting narrative magick can provide that interest themselves by creating a second or even multiple anonymous personas to engage in discussing the topic, thus raising two walls or forms at the opposite ends of the idea, trapping or restricting the topic and the circle around which others will draw their logic in their attempt to join in -to the relevant narrative. With the creation of enough ‘closed circuits’ – or people manipulated into talking about a form – it can reach critical mass – by which is meant the point where less and less of one’s own narrative magick is required to keep the form afloat and functional – but the form continues to perpetually replicate.

The new form – presents an alternate choice, a divergence from the norm – at least for a while where most forms are concerned – but if taking its cues from the collective unconscious – it is possible that a form could arise that has all the power and duration of a thermodynamic explosion. And by this is meant the possibility for great and wondrous leaps in perception, understanding and wisdom on a collective level – but also the terrifying raw power of the unconscious to be mishandled, misunderstood, and incinerate those attempting to usurp it.

 The Temple of THEM cannot with any sagacity predict the outcome of its main and many side-experiments with the collective psyche on the collective mass – this is unmapped and dangerous territory, especially since with our arising, such an approach to magick may become ‘popular’ with others trying to emulate us in some fashion or another (as humans are wont to do) – and a large number of people performing similar experimentation has the potential to wreak terrific collective and individual psychic harm. [–“Whose Word is Chaos”-]

 (This is another reason why the Temple has only a thirty year charter.)

 As stated – the known aim of the Temple of THEM is to give Australia a significant Sinister History. It is moot to argue for the power of the word or of one individual to affect a nation. I could cite a hundred examples throughout history of men and women who have made a significant difference to the world through lone action or inaction (fate is fickle!). But I choose to cite Veronica Guerin, the famous Irish reporter who was shot to death on the Naas road in Dublin for her attempts to expose those saturating Ireland with heroin in the 1990’s. Veronica was the only woman (read person) brave enough to stand up to the dealers, even after she was savagely beaten, shot and threatened – she continued to doggedly pursue leads and publish inflammatory articles in the paper in her quest to save the kids of Ireland from the heroin epidemic – all the while knowing in her heart it was only a matter of time before she was to suffer the consequences of her exposes. Her writing and her death galvanized the entire country to oust the dealers from Ireland and form new anti-drug legislation. Keep in mind that it was only in 1996 that the first Irishman went into a witness protection program – prior to that, i.e. dating from the very birth of Ireland; you were on your own. The Irish are a hard people.

 Lastly, the conditions for narrative magic appear to require a period of implementation, execution, and narration spanning more than a decade, and at least thirty years (why this number is relevant will be discussed at a later time) – placing the category somewhere between the level of discipline required of an Internal Adept and the Aeonic Magic of a Magus. This is not unnatural – The Sinister is not, for any of THEM, a choice, but a calling. What we are attempting to do is beyond the scope and patience of more than half of the dilettantes we have met that expressed any interest in Satanism – and like Myatt we are loyal to an Acausal Voice and an Aeonic Vision.

 Through the infectious telling of a story, are others inspired to perform External, Internal and Aeonic magic. Through the contagion of archetypes are others inspired to give their lives for a cause, wage wars in the name of justice or war, kill to honour and glorify a god, observe customs thousands of years old. Through the power of mythos – does the world run its course – a course affected directly by the choice of Mythos available…

Rite of Regurgitating Choronzon

The majority of the time – the mind acts to censor or restrict its immediate desires and impulses either by filtering them down into more socially acceptable alternatives or by learning deferred gratification. The unleashing of the Beast inside of us is historically attributable to the most abominate and horrific releases and actions of the human race – limited only by the already diverse and terrifying realm of imagination – with the exception of dark veins not yet tapped.

Some of this is detailed in Theory of the Beast, and some of the nature of evil and its energetic habit of dropping out of itself (just like the energetic behaviour of Absurdity or Chaos) is detailed in Intelligent Evil (Oto Anorha #32) in order to supersede the tension of opposites and come back over its previous incarnation with unexpected vengeance in an entirely new strain of abomination that leaves us frozen, breathless and afraid.

Choronzon is reputed to be an extremely dangerous arch-demon of the abyss – a force that dwells on the sickening trash and psychic waste spewed forth by the deluge of forms and human imaginings and day to day viciousness of its inner beast that moves in the shadows occasionally sprinting forth with its teeth bared to cause us to become atavistic and permit various degrees of atrocity. Crowley claimed to have summoned C with a friend in a famously recorded testimony wherein his friend tried to destroy/kill Crowley through possession.

Whilst one aspect of THEM is the alpha-cynic and that cynicism characterizes much of our writing – it should be pointed out that our cynicism acts as a filter to extract the refuse that attaches itself to the occult and to distil the truths beneath the lies. In short, we believe we are not alone and that there are any number of ignorant walls we maintain for our own protection to keep them out or keep them under control. There are ways to tear down these walls.

This includes a dangerous psychological rite that one can use to access the Beast directly and evoke the Devil’s energy in an uncontrolled and frightening fashion. Like many magical rites, it is simple – and acts by putting pressure on a few key variables. We originally called it the “Black Book of Satan” /but have re-termed it the Rite of RC (Regurgitating Choronzon) to prevent confusion between it and the publication by the ONA of the same name.

Appreciably, many people require great and difficult instructions, hard to get ingredients, days of kneeling before altars and so on. Maybe they feel they need to work up to it – or maybe that misunderstand just how close the Devil really is to the surface of all of us. [Heresy and the Heart of Darkness]. The following rite is ‘experimental’ – but something can be said that no-one has ever felt comfortable showing us or revealing their exact results or working grimoire. Embarrassment, illegality, taboo, shame, fear, reputation, and so on are all very powerful censors – and there is a good reason they exist.

The shock to the system of the RC Rite can be extraordinary and highly and permanently disturbing. It can and generally does open gates you cannot close without serious complications – and meeting the content that writhes in the Pit is often forgotten or dismissed because the ego so carefully blocks out the horrific throng that assails consciousness, most of the time. A certain desensitization has occurred that rites like the Black Mass help to highlight in regards to the power of our minds to really truly fuck us and make us cower in the corner strangled by our shadows – nightmares still have this power but they are often unwilled and arrive of their own volition. The RC Rite allows a conscious effort into this murky abyss with no protection except that which the individual may have developed through their long-worked for measure against psychic calamity or spiritual destruction.

1) Obtain for yourself a blank book with no less than 30 pages.

2) On the floor, outside or inside, draw/set up a broken pentagram. Also known as the Acausal pentagram it does not have a finished protective circle and the lines of the ‘gram are interrupted at points. See below. The pentagram is envisioned as having a black energy erupting from the centre with its tendrils obscuring the lines of the ‘gram and breaking the protective circle.

3) Light a white candle and place at each point of the acausal pentagram. Burn your choice of incense.

4) Sit outside the acausal pentagram and meditate for a maximum of 3 minutes until you are relaxed. Say ’I call on the forces of darkness and the powers of THEM. Fill ME, Guide ME, Show ME.’

5) Enter the acausal pentagram with your book and a pen.

6) Sit in the centre. Say ‘I open the Gates and I Remember.’

7) Blow out one of the candles and say ‘I need no protection, and I abandon myself to you. Fill ME, Guide ME, Show ME.’

You will shortly begin to write, without restraint, without order, without question: the darkest, cruellest, sickest, evillest things you can think of, with the express intention of fuelling them upon themselves to see how sick you are capable of. You must write until you either Disturb yourself and see the sudden sense in your psychic censors and protection from the Devil come rushing in and abandon the rite altogether. And to abandon the rite remove and destroy all ritual items used. Be sure to first Complete the pentagram before you rub it out/remove it.

Or, plumb the depths of your horrific imagination and cruelty to expose a side of your self your better judgement keeps hidden. The aim here is to deliberately try and disturb yourself to such an extent you break the locks on your defenses and let the Devil in – and suggested means are acts that involve terrible travesties using emotional attachments to loved ones. Once you break those locks – you cannot unbreak them. Severe psychological disturbance and suicidal verges have been reported before by initiates undertaking this rite and complete resignation from the Sinister is not uncommon after performing this rite. If you are ready:

8 . Take a few deep breaths. Open your book and begin writing.

We Remember The Temple, The TEMPLE OF THEM!



[Closing an acausal pentagram does not guarantee something did not come through that doesn’t want to leave. You’re warned.]

9) When you have had enough, stop. Read the book you have written, once to imprint it. When you are finished – Close the book. Take a few deep breaths. Say ‘I have been shown and not looked away. I am ready to be shown more. But not tonight/today.’

10) Now, very importantly: leave the circle and Destroy the book. Burn it or take time to tear it into the tiniest pieces you can so as to be unreadable. There are two very good reasons for this; 1) so no-one else can see how fucked up you can be, charge you for breaking any laws, and get frightened by your Beast (which they will) as the book has the potential to destroy your familial and friendly constructs and relationships very quickly -but more particularly so you cannot return to read them. 2) the second one you may discover for yourself, but the hint is in the name of the Rite.

11) Blow out the remaining candles. FINISH the broken pentagram before you rub it out/remove it. break the candles, and the chalk/material used to make the ‘gram and dispose of all ritual items including remainders of the book.

(12) Optional: Alcohol loosens inhibitions – a glass of wine or enough to get one tipsy without preventing one from writing legibly can increase the hatred and uncontrolled passion of this rite considerably. There are many other variations to increase the energy – these will not be mentioned here but they involve violence and/or sexual activity or any imaginative combination as per Black Mass considerations. Music is also an option – wherein THEM suggest the YUGGOTHIC CHOIR.

Ordeal of the 9th Moon: Manifesting the Animae



 Arguably one of the hardest challenges of the Sinister Path is locating a magically empathic partner with which to work upon the Path with. No detail is given in Naos as to how one finds a magical partner to undertake the Sinister Path with – an omission which has led to many an exasperated magician. The Temple of THEM fills this notorious gap by presenting one particular type of ritual Sorcery that worked to bring about the manifestation of the Anima in flesh for the author via an ancient method of the magicians. The basic premise of the sorcery at hand is in the power of Word/Wyrd and using the gathering and release of sexual tension to entice the Cosmos (via the vehicle of the Dark Ones) to manifest Her/Him after enough sexual energy has been stored to cause a significant disturbance to the flow of the Cosmic tides of Sex and Death. A tattered scrap of this ancient method of honour remains enshrined in the heavily bastardized magian adage – ‘you can achieve anything if you believe in yourself’.

According to a Tradition of Sorcery – the keys to summoning the Dark Ones are Sex and Death. Sex and Death, are tides of energy that if sufficiently stored up, can allow brief, or even permanent escape from the Cosmic Being, or in ONA terminology, from one’s Destiny/Wyrd – allowing one to implement their own.

The Cosmic Being is like a vortex that seeks to devour the energy of each human being and draw them and their energy back into its Unity. Sex and Death are its breathing pattern of inhalation/exhalation. Perceived this way, the Cosmic Being is the force that magicians must try to escape from in order to become Immortal, or Acausal.

The causal acts of Sex/Death release the stored energy of an individual back into the collective. The way to free oneself from that Unity is to abstain from sex. Or rather, to abstain from orgasm, while still generating sexual energy, either by masturbation, or sex without ejaculation. This lingering threshold of stored sexual energy tempts or lures the Cosmic Being to try to take it from us. Because of this, the magician can bargain with the Cosmic Being for certain favours to be bestowed [a vow] before they will give up that energy. In this way – the Dark Ones can be enticed to manifest in the presence of a magician by the lure of sexual energy generated before orgasm – or the co-mingling of the pre-sexual liquids of the female, and the pre-cum of the male – and kept manifest by the repeated generation of this most powerful elixir. This limpid ‘juice’ is believed to be one of the most powerful elixirs in magical practice, perhaps even more so than the red elixir of the beheaded opfer.

Our Anima wants to manifest. We feel its power every time we fall in Love or experience Lust. Our Anima is then projected onto another human being and we come to see that human shell as imbued with that projection – seeing and thinking of that shell as the very living breathing fantasy of our Anima in the flesh, although this process is often unconscious and beyond our control. When our alchemical growth is altered as we grow psychically, the Anima undergoes changes too, and we may come to see that the person we are with, no longer fits us or the ideal of our anima. We then retract it from them, with the consequence that we fall out of love. This is very important to understand in attempting the Ordeal of the Ninth Moon – and in determining a psychic vampire from the Anima. The Anima is an organic projection that falls on to people and causes us to perceive them as Hir. A Psychic Vampire, is someone who resembles Hir, but whom instead drains our energy as an emissary of the Cosmic Being that aims to return us to the void i.e. experience causal Death. For we are genetically driven to procreate (have Sex) and then die.


Arc I

The Ordeal begins by the act of giving your Word before your Wyrd (or swearing a vow to the Dark Ones) that you will control your sexuality for a period of time. In this case – nine months. The vow not to indulge in any sexual activity outside the context of magick means that you will use masturbation only in a ritual context – for invocation and evocation only. If a male – one may begin by drawing a pentagram with an erect cock –

The phallus being the natural wand of the male magickian it should be used accordingly.

If female – one may begin by drawing a pentagram with a finger greased with the liquids of the vagina.* Thus is the visualization energized and brought to life.

* The Ordeal of the Ninth Moon is primarily designed for males – see “The Quest of the LHP” not out of any intended predilection or chauvinism but because the mysteries of the female aspects remain shrouded and could only be divulged by direct exploration and experiment by each Sorceress. Here the female reader is prompted to look into what Jung has to say about the Anima/Animus wherein he even proposed there being multiple Anima’s within the feminine psyche. After all, what is the Anima/Animus, if not the sum of all that one lacks, the sum of all one’s deficits, a non-being which paradoxically starts to have a real existence, to sharpen one’s libido and define one’s value system?

You could promise the Dark One that you would sacrifice your sperm to It only when mingled with female sexual liquids – which is precisely what It wants. So It may even be persuaded to help you in hunting your game.

When evoking the Dark Ones the phallus should be considered itself a magickal wand and the vagina the very sigil of the Dark Ones.

Herein the specific method is a matter of taste but one approach is to masturbate (switch on the wand in the case of the male) whilst invoking the Dark One that one wishes to commune with –i.e. Baphomet.

Try to sustain a prolonged plateau of excitement holding back the urges to ejaculate. The prolonged plateau of excitement while concentrating on the sigil assures an energy field for the Dark One to manifest. The longer that plateau – the better.

Ejaculation is not recommended except as an extreme form of sacrifice and only provided the goddess has already manifested and demanded it. Ejaculate only if the Dark One has manifested and demanded your orgasm.

Note that it is possible to experience orgasm of a dulled sort without spilling one’s semen – but any full ejaculation without express demand by the Dark Ones will put one back at square one, day one, of the Nine Months.

If called to release – give yourself totally to the experience and Dark One. Relax and dissolve in the vision beyond.

The Ninth Moon Ordeal is difficult – and may require many attempts to stay committed to the full course of such a masochistic vow. An unexpected or spontaneous orgasm some months in despite ones best efforts is not unheard of. The strength and integrity of one’s Word/Wyrd is absolutely crucial to the Ordeal. One should beware lest the Ordeal become a Sisyphean one of pushing a rock up a hill only to have it roll down again.


Arc II

A subtler but no less risky alternative of the Ordeal of the Ninth Moon is to practice ritual masturbation without ejaculating during the waning of the Moon and to abstain from any such indulgence during the waxing of the Moon.

During its waxing, the Moon should charge and fill (for a man) the testicles with more sperm/energy. One could also practice only “pointing at Anima Mia with ones magickal wand” which means to evoke the vision of your Anima using your imagination and let your magickal wand point at Hir without touching it by hand. The energy accumulated in and by the wand should then be distributed on the whole body’s skin.

The same technique of distributing energy over the whole body should be used during the masturbatory phase of the waning Moon – the hand should stop rubbing the wand for a while lest the excitement lead to ejaculation. During this time a considerable quantity of energy should flow through the eyes which should be focused on the sigil of the appropriate Dark One(s).

Again – it’s a dangerous and mad practice, but that is the Dark Side of the Force and we seek to master It.


Into the Mouth of Madness

What Crowley knew as Aiwaz what Jung knew as Philemon, we know as THEM. Ritual Magic is a by-product, a dance around the true fire one should be seeking but masks with their ignorance and fear of what the fire represents – the incest wish.

One removes that ignorance with the journey inward and by learning the language of the dreams. There is a correlation between the form and intensity of demons, gods and angels as external manifestations and the maturity of the psyche and its particular stage of individuation.

We perceive that there is an externality and an internality – but we do not recognize that what is External is in fact of the origin of what is Internal – and what is Internal is in fact the origin of what is External.
We cannot evolve if we cannot control our projections and learn to speak again with the Gods – with THEM – those suprapersonal forces bastardized now beyond all recognition but always contained within the Gate that some of us are.

How did the Sumerians manage to achieve what they achieved? Through a direct connection with THEM – that Voice that guides, admonishes and is the source of all the greatest genius – the Voice that informed Sumerians how to write, Egyptians how to move impossible weights – but we have long lost, long clouded that Voice.

Our libido’s are mad – all manner of outward flailing saps our time and energy, distracting and diverting us from the treasure within. Where no tools are needed but patience, self-honesty, understanding and psychic integration. Where no wands, no cards, no circles, no words are required but to watch, to listen, to consciously try to bridge the gap between the consciousness
and the underworld.

What is Nuit and Hadit but Jung’s principle of the Libido. What is Ra-Hoor-Khuit but the fabled formula of the philosophers stone all but Jung danced around – came so close – even spoke all the right words and grasped the right actions but Acknowledgement of the Function and Goal of the Libido? Each Sage before us has added a piece gradually making this terrible secret known in
an atmosphere developed by THEM of chaos, horror, decline – the only possible environment where the taboo could be unveiled without severe shock to the conscious psyche – the only possible environment that would desensitize some to the horror and shock of such realization – the only possible environment in which such things could be explored and reveal themselves amid a frenzy
of satanic flailing in a turgid sea of occult masturbation that forced a few from the filthy waters to break through to the Source of THEM.

The HGA or High Guardian Angel is the Keeper, the Guardian of the Threshold. This Temple’s Work so far as consisted not of depth from its insights – but in the daunting, unsatisfying, depressing chore of First, alone before all else, removing the layers and layers of forms and spiderwebbed husks of Egotism and delusion from those who would seek to join us ON it. The
Threshold has many meanings and it occurs many times – but there is only one Authentic Threshold and that is the private journey inward on a raft of dreams and a prepared consciousness toward the Abyss – to venture into that place where the Conscious meets the Unconscious and Individuates.

The Tree of Life is of limited help here – The correlations often drawn between Planet and Task are damaging more than anything else – with neophytes armed with the idea that one must/needs summon a number of demons and will then reach Gnosis when they reach the final sphere Saturn, is ludicrous, a violent distraction, a mis-codification of the Way. That is not work, that is phantasy, it is not a bridge, it is a delusion. No actual work is done without the prolonged aid of the Subconscious and not just over the course of a year, or several years, but at least half a lifetime – age changes perspective and Nothing will bring that earlier than it can arise – hence Sath’s comment that only those over 30 should join THEM.

That one need meet, challenge, integrate the Shadow, Manifest the Animus/A, Overcome the Imago of the Mother/Father, Withdraw Projections, Balance the Ego, Yolk or Free the Will, Adapt, Endure, Struggle, Unite Opposites, See beyond Form, Exhaust Form, Bind Contradictions, Learn, Awaken, Question and finally Know takes a long time and unrelenting effort. The Ego lies but the
subconscious does not. The conscious acknowledgement of what Jung called the Libido and the Incest Wish are Key – conscious and honest communication with the Unconscious is Key – to listen to and learn to divine the meanings of ones dreams, as warnings, guides, statements, or separate them from phantasies, wishes, delusion – to control and compartmentalize the Psyche – That is what makes an Adept.

Only a genuine desire to do the Work will get someone there – the Ego’s of most are egg-shell fragile, lazy, or completely and utterly misguided in what is to be achieved and how. One cannot tack on the wisdom and growth someone else gives them – if they go to this place where THEY Dream unprepared – they can expect only the greatest suffering. The admonishments and devilry of
the subconscious have woken many an apparently immovable physical god screaming and covered in sweat. It’s power cannot be underestimated because it will not let itself be underestimated. All that is has been built on these functions, on the libido, the fuck-lens that obscures us from allotting our energy differently, freely, and the very possession of consciousness and the tendrils of the unconscious that don’t care if we believe in Them. But we MUST BELIEVE in Them because they are of us and not of us – they are the gate to genius or to madness – they are the DARKENED GODS THEMSELVES.

And when we do not understand this – we see them everywhere but within, as ghosts, as demons, as apparitions, visions, spectres – and when we seem them outside, it only means something inside is missing. If we are to build a pyramid of skulls we are to understand the needs of the Builders, to ask it what stones it needs, what we need to do on the other side of the veil in the waking world to feed it, please it, grow it, expand it – for as we do, so too does our consciousness explode outward – and as that changes, our dreams change until we stand physically, mentally, spiritually in the place, the divide that the Temple of THEM, call the Threshold.

Crowley, Long, LaVey they all brought something else, something new, a unique brick to pave the stairway to the stars but they ALL danced around the fire gradually making the flames higher to force this realization into consciousness but Not one of them embraced it and dared to steal it, to stand and endure the heat to burn in it. JUNG, and Only Jung, Knew. One cannot read his work without being  fascinated because he was Right. Because he was Honest – alone among all occult writers or those who would seek to understand and bring knowledge of what he found – only Jung spoke in plain english without standing in circles, whispering to figments of imagination or imagination manifesting as figments, without burning candles and incense and worrying about the rotation of the stars or the sign of the moon… His direct and prolonged study of the deepest, rawest, darkest aspects of the human being afforded him the greatest insight man has ever produced. He alone – KNEW and he Voiced it without veils or dance. He stood directly in the fire and burned. He was an occultist beyond measure but not recognized as such.

Does this Temple know the language of the Abyss – yes. Have we seen the Threshold – the releasing of the Libido from Childhood – the divide between unconscious and conscious realms in the psyche – yes, we have experienced the symbolism.

The Aeon of Fire Rite

The Aeon of Fire is a highly succinct death incantation modelled after the lengthier death incantation given in the Black Books of Satan written by the ONA. It involves very little speech to be remembered but retains all of the necessary elements for causing death upon ones target(s). The Temple of THEM has used it to great success to separate or destroy its enemies via sympathetic magic. One of the defining features of our magic is its lack of emphasis on aesthetics and its reliance on cold determination – meaning that this rite can be performed provided the intent is present and focused by anyone at anytime whatever they may be wearing, night or day. We use the energies as they are without more than the basic trappings present – and more often than not, completely without. We are deadly confident in our ability to use the connections we have made through our sorcery to speak through Them and do Their Will as Ours.

 For those performing the Aeon of Fire we provide a note on the Intonation: Members of the Temple of THEM do not exhort the Dark Gods to obey us or seek to draw on their favours by wheedling their assistance. We do not Command them or Protect ourselves from them – we entice them through a deep esoteric understanding of the currents of Sex and Death and Terror. We are sinister and self-possessed emanations of the Dark Gods themselves and Our Will is Their Will. We are cold and sure of our magic. One should have no doubt as to the power one has – provided one has a sincere and unbroken connexion with Those who give it. Speak with no fear, no doubt, treat the outcome as the Rite as a given, as a fact – that only requires you to go back through the motions and formalize your intent.

The Rite is given here for Two people; It can be performed solo or with more than two people. Adjust the speaking parts accordingly – the words and who speaks them are arbitrary in comparison to the intent required to be present.


Top Symbol: The Threshold symbol.

Bottom Symbol: The Acausal Pentagram

Both Symbols are used. Practice drawing them beforehand.



The Rite works on the basis of empathic connexion to acausal energies and sympathetic magic. Prior to the Ritual waxen images must be created of the Target(s).

To shape wax, Boil water and add it to a bucket. Skim the wax that forms on the top of the water and begin moulding it into a lump until you have a human body semblance.

The aim is to symbolize as accurately as possible the Targets – use a wax that suits the appropriate skin colour. Shape the dolls accordingly to resemble your target(s). Into the chest/heart region of each, place a drop of your blood, seal it with wax and sketch a pentagram over the heart. This creates an intimate connection to the target.

Lastly, add necessary details to make the figure look like your intended target. Locks of hair, clothing, sketch clothing, jewellery, facial features, hair, etc into the wax to resemble your target as closely as you are able. The more detail you have, photos, personal belongings, physical resemblance – the more likely you are to kill them.

If you are unable to draw effectively or have few or no other materials from the target – create the human shaped figure as best you can and use an alternate method we call Tarotdown. Perform a private reading for your intended victim. Once done, turn over all the cards that bring luck, fortune, health, wealth and replace them with darker cards. THEM use the Naos Tarot for this and substitute the positive cards for any of the cards that visually depict violence, death or chaos – Subverting their Wyrd.

Once you have your figures. You should practice intonation (speaking) and creating wax figures to make them effortless before you perform this Rite. The words of the Rite should be memorized by all participants. The defining feature of THEM is deadly confidence and the will to kill. Once done, you can begin.


The Rite should ideally be performed Outside under a Starry Night Sky in a dirt clearing where the ground can be drawn on with the finger. Do not use anything but natural materials i.e. No paint. Note however: the time of the Rite is irrelevant.


 On the Earth, the Mistress creates the Threshold symbol and this opens a Gate.

 Below the Gate, the Master draws an Acausal pentagram: a Tetrahedron within a starry black chaos that corrupts the boundaries of an inverted pentagram. See fig.1.


Mistress: In the Aeon of Fire, beneath the glittering gaze of the starry Abyss,

We Remember.

Master: In the Spaces between Worlds, where the Bornless and Lucifer wander the Angles,

We Stand – And Remember.

Master: To this Nexion beyond Time and Space, we touch to return, that to be returned,

And Remember!

[The Mistress places the dolls under the plinth of the Gate symbol.]

Mistress: By Our Black Will is the Threshold that seals made thin and the Gate thrown open, Agios!

Mistress: Come forth from the Labyrinth of Angles, Gods of the Crawling Chaos and devour these Burned Stars!

Mistress: We Return these beings to Being. They have no place here,

where we Remember THEM.

The participants stamp the dolls into dust with their feet in a controlled frenzy and throw the pieces outward in any or all directions from the site of the Rite simulating their targets destruction. The Rite does not end with any kind of banishing, or closing of the gate. Once the wax fragments are dispersed the participants simply leave. There is no formal closure of an acausal pentagram only a detached contempt for those cast into it.

An alternative but advanced method to ‘finish’ the rite involves chanting Diabolus of which many examples are available online including variations created using chants recorded by the Temple of THEM.

The Recorded Chant is also available freely online from various sources or as a compilation disc.

The spoken words are available from Codex Saerus – the Black Books of Satan