The Black Keys of Satan

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If there is such a thing as specific principles to work with or access Satan then there are certainly a set of keys. The reality is, that if you have not had a paranormal experience and met with any of the dark forces that inhabit other planes, you have no reason to believe in them, and thusly your logical mind does not experience the crack that such visitations bring, your mind and perception of reality stay intact, and act as a shield or seal against such visitations. When you Have had such a visitation, it is impossible to deny, because being paranormal, the unsettling inability to provide logical explanation leaves you in a state of knowing there is Something more than what we know, and yet having to endure the day to day necessity to deny it to live in a certain world.  This line, this kind of experience is what separates the Theistic believer in Satanic forces as deities, energies, demons, devils, entities that manifest on our plane of perception through various incarnations, veils, soft spots in the world where such denizens slip through and confront us – and the believer in Satanic forces who sees the paradigm of Satanism as culturally metaphorical, as a set of values, a way of living, as an apologist, as an application of rationale and reason, logic and intelligence; a dismissal of ghosts/goblins as antiquated or tricks of the mind; other variations are virtually endless but they do not involve the change of effect from visitations. The term blood-curdling is over-used but it is very apt. To come face to face with One of THEM, and that includes satanic entities, entirely alters one’s ability to discount them. Thusly, Visitation, is the first Key. Whether you believe Satan is a real force that haunts, hunts, possesses, works evil and kills as a literal demon changes everything. I have not seen Satan. I have seen only dark forces and spectres that may or may not be part of or associated with Him; a handful of times over the course of my life; and felt the terror that curdles the blood, witnessed the suspension of physics that accompanies such visitations and passed through the aftermath of having to deal with them. It is to defend something that the majority of people have not experienced and have no reason to believe exists who have not felt what you have felt.

Orientation would be the second key. Satan has been taken to mean many different things. These are all malleable and artificial human-oriented speculations that aim to grasp, shape and control forces that are very poor philosophic descriptors manufactured by the smugness of self-assured intellect. You don’t forget the emotion of Bliss or Terror, the most potent experiences of those words when you have felt Them and next to those feelings that get wired into your blood any words fail to express the power of such a feeling so frightening that it can turn your life on its head and cause you to see things very differently ever after. The classical resistance against Religion as fools who believe in a sky-man for instance is not so easily dismissed; the descriptions of demons given are just that; descriptions; flat, symbolic teasers that are pretty but hollow, they do nothing to prepare one for Them who come unexpectedly and in a way no book predicts. It is relatively easy to adopt any given orientation of Satanism and to do as one will using human terms and values to make their way through the world for whatever aim may be in accordance with ones Vyrd. But when you have been Visited, you must then reassess the plastic nature of many of these human edifices in the face of what do you do now with your life if there are Things that are real? Might there be more of them, more powerful ones of them, and even, despite all intellectual scoffing, a God or Satan or Worse at the end of your life? The stories that abound of such entities, of planes and of hell, seem figmentary, scare-mongering, antiquated and any other number of descriptions to dismiss them logically, but you cannot be sure after visitations which often have the effect of causing one to seriously assess the orientation of their life and their place.

The Third Key then, is Invitation. It is impossible to put these experiences out of the head – they are called supernatural because they override the natural, and leave an indelible question mark on perception and leave a hole in the seal of logical safety. One can either try to deny the uncomfortable evidence of Them and try to bury the memory as an embarassing trick of the mind, daily heaping more of the normal and sedate upon such memories in the hope of forgetting them entirely or unconvincingly explain them away – an art doomed to fail and go on to live to a ripe old age with the dagger of Them every now and then in a quiet moment forcing its way back into the mind, raising such terrifying memories from the dead, through dreams or daydreams, to haunt one until and at death. Or one can seek to know Them, as horrifying as it might be to repeat the experience, to push for more of what is generally a very little of their presence, of their mark, and strive to identify and open the Gates to THEM, to walk where few walk, and risk losing everything to get Closer. Closer to all that man fears, and has striven to forget. Closer to whatever causes that paralyzing shock that can change your entire life’s direction and annihilate thousands of carefully tended networked beliefs in an instant, closer to the force older than evil and yet the source of it all. The occult makes little sense before such Visitations. It really does. What comes now is the Invitation to THEM – in as many forms as it can be imagined, to re-open at our will and not theirs, if indeed at all possible, the Gates that allow them In. Now begins the real work, of trying to identify the real magical means to open portals and the language they speak to communicate. Is it torture, sexual depravity, murder, symbolism, pain, suffering, time, location, intent, emotional experience, synchronistic coincidence, a specific magical partner, a mindset, certain shapes or tools, nighttime, evil, trance, incantations, dances, musical instruments, certain notes or drugs? What, opens THEIR Portals? What language do they speak? Do they speak in entire experiences? Do they speak to us through dreams? Now begins the task of the real occult work, with the undeniable drive that They are There, and the trial to access them with the hope that we can communicate and not simply be star-fucked.

A Fourth Key would constitute Dedication. Genuine Dedication comes not from a desire to Know but from being Known, from a Visitation that interferes with the ability to be distracted by Maybe. Maybe they’re real, maybe I imagined it. Genuine dedication arises from the terrifying energetic shock from visitation that leaves no doubt that They are. And from this, there can be no denial that what They are is everything worth seeking, a power worth laying ones life down for as a sacrifice in the face of that sovereign awakening as to our place and relevance, our paper knowledge and ignorant bliss which pales in the face of what these things Are, and that they Are. They are the reason for Religion, for Morality, for Sanity. They are the reason for the shield that is God. It goes without saying that Satan is capable of a great deal more than such visitations, and if there is a Devil, a king of these Things, no-one could meet THEM. Just as theory and experience are separate worlds of their own, I have not found any grimoire that accurately describes these Visitations or evokes them. Filled with detritus about controlling Them, ordering Them about, and giving imaginative descriptions of these Demons – almost none mention the emotional rape and turbulence they bring to the soul which does not know how much it relied on inherited reality until it is shattered. There are shallow warnings in such books at best, even the strongest of admonitions about messing with these forces are inadequate. Nothing would be strong enough to act as an appropriate warning to stay away from summoning/calling/inviting Them in. Because until they are present, it remains surreal, safe, and a game. It seems unlikely to get Closer to these Things, the Fear is impenetrable. And to do so seems like it can only end badly. But that is the power of the Dark Forces, of THEM, and we, seek to fall deeper into it.



[The feeling of Visitation almost assures us we cannot, but our humanity persists in asking the question Can We?

Or is it necessary to be more like Them? If we become Inhuman, then, Can We?

 And that is what the Temple of THEM aims to find out.]

God’s Are Not Dead : [Myths Bitches] (Full)

Take it as read that any serious problem with believing in Myths lies in the sneaky suspicion or firm accusation that the incredible accounts within them are a) fables, allegories, parables  b) political machinations c) impossible due to our knowledge of physics, history, reality d) fabricated e) based on some true but now garbled re-telling  f) feature Gods.  But taking any three at random (and taking three is no accident, since ancient times, triplicates of action or event have been a staple of Myth and has filtered down into the common numerator of examples given) such as the Odyssey, Maui and the Sun, and the Trojan Horse we can find equivalents for all of them the personal spheres of daily activity; long journeys fraught with dangerous tricks and traps, extraordinary strength and ability required to overcome insurmountable obstacles, or being deceived and letting something in as a gift only to have it revealed as anything but. For any Myth there is a comparable personal equivalent. The nature and power of Myth is understood as something we choose to adopt, rather than something that adopts us. And that is a fundamental difference.

This article will examine several aspects of Myth and reassert that it has retained power and dominance over our lives despite a contemporary more to regard them as antiquated stories intended for a time long ago.

I speak not for the benefit of the LHP, as the magazine this article was originally written for (In2theFire) intended, but the NHP, the No-Hand Path, a denomination that THEM represent through magical socialism. The LHP may seem limitless, but it denotes boundaries in being Left; places it claims it will not go, like conformity, mundanity, the Herd,  – whatever they may be, the Left opposes itself to the Right and nothing is understood without engaging with all forms. For me, it is a necessity to look at everything as useful, to develop a 361 degree understanding, and whilst they may seem old and irrelevant in these apparently enlightened rational times for the reasons given in the opening passage above, No sorcerers of any path will walk their journey without being assailed by Myths.

Since Myths are immortal, and sovereign, they are synonymous with a form of Gods. What are Gods but characters used in stories to describe forces greater than us and the battle for their Sovereignty;  Gods we are expected to draw example from, to wage our own in their names?  Gods as we understand them are not only personifications or abstractions of humanoid or monster but can take the form of entire cycles of experience. (Qv. The Book of Absu)

The outward disagreement between Theism and Theistic, of Real Irrational Deities or Abstract Rational Demons has not impacted the existence of Gods – their appearance to degrees including somewhat and entirely, maybe, but not their existence. The typical battle between forces of good and evil, right or wrong waged across the planet by the minute through debates between humans over the triviality of truth is one of the key aspects enshrined in Myths throughout their revelations of human behaviour, comedy, tragedy, and folly of timeless interactions through Archetype. Such battles to prove or disprove anything, which we engage in daily, only cements the reality of the forces that Myth denotes; namely of forces that fill us with a pressing need to be right, or with Lust, with Hubris, with Love, with Arrogance, or Delusion, to champion something over something else and in due course to be exposed to Irony, Correction, and/or play a part in the micro-story in such a way that we cannot help but imitate the archetypes and character interactions of old.

Whilst an often harmless exercise for humans to need to have their say, this ‘need’ is at root the same force that has driven humanity to its bloodiest wars or to share in co-operative triumphs. Such a force has no perfect name, but thousands, for we all call Myth a different name, assign another’s reality as misinformed or insanity. In the end it makes no difference to its potency. These forces seize us and whip us around like raindrops in a greater storm fired by the need to be heard, or to champion our Gods above theirs. No less explosively, connivingly or strategically than the figures in Myth, and almost always in the same footsteps, repeating the same interplay of human emotions and actions, events and dreams – and our involvement is the seed of a cosmic Unfolding. It may be that we find out that we were wrong/right, or that our actions led to the mis/fortune of another, or that our actions/words had some impact further down the chain on how the story turned out and how it turned out for them and for us. Giving rise to such feelings as regret, satisfaction, tragedy or irony. In the daily course of our lives we are called to act as Gods, to watch from a Mount Olympus as a Zeus, all the goings on below in the mortal world – we know what is going to happen, we can see the outcome, but the poor mortals below are compelled to act out their roles, unwittingly or consciously, their fates determined by the paths they have chosen. And as Zeus all we can do is watch it unfold. It may be others whom are the poor mortals, or it may be actions and momentums of our own that we can only hopelessly watch play out their role. For all our power to act, there are forces bigger than us, forces of love, hate, revenge, learning that we dare not get in the way of, and often, cannot get in the way of.

Myth acts upon all of us nonetheless, in this way or in others, compelling us into roles with other Mythic characters, creatures, beasts and charmed or destined meetings – it seizes our person and forces us to dance in accord with some unknown song, to which others, uncontrollably respond, feeding the mad currents of the story and swept away down the formidable torrent of archetype unable to stop the repetition of human foible. It seizes us without our consent, involves us in its plays, and often without our appreciation that this forcing of our hand into adopting specific shapes for its own purposes, is one of many forces that all humanity are bound to experience. And like the same sun all of humanity have ever seen, it is immutably an inheritance that myth is immortalized as a commonality to all human beings – among many, many others.

In short: We cannot escape Myth and we cannot transcend them, we are Myths bitches. Even the very art of escape of figures who thought themselves smarter than the Gods that bound them is enshrined in Myth, as hubris, such as through the Greek Myths of Prometheus, Ariadne, Sisyphus, whose arrogance or natural talent that rivalled the gods was met with cruel retribution. And so it is for any man that thinks himself a God, easy to overreach and fall, to try and trick the gods, for death takes all and as the ego swells, often before time. There are Myths that tell stories of those who worshipped the gods, ignored the gods, fooled the gods, refused to believe in the gods, challenged the gods, turned their back on the gods, betrayed the gods, killed the gods, created the gods. And these stories are repeated by human beings aeon after aeon, acting in the way they do, as the characters in these ancient verses.

It is apparent to see that for all their age, the stories remain the same from culture to culture, some with more animals and miracles than others, but the blueprints are virtually identical. Heroes, Monsters, Villains, Magic, Trials, Overcomings, Deception, Learning, Explainations for Phenomena, Tragedy and so on. There was a time during the early days of Sumeria when its myths were veined with Gods and Humans on equal footing working together in Harmony.  This is the only civilization in which this footing is found. At an indeterminate time in History, the fundamental relationship between Gods and Humans in Myth was changed; they were divided and set at each other’s throats. This is most clearly evident and accessible in the Eden Mythos of Christianity and the Fall of Angels which is followed by the Fall of Man but occurs much earlier in History with its foundations in a virulent form of dualism. Hereon, Gods became external to us, exalted above us, and in many cases hostile or indifferent to us. Our creation became the impetus for war, and competition between the Gods and Humans began to rage throughout Myth. The introduction of a more potent division between Mankind and Gods via the development of morality, some say through influence by Zoroastrianism and its emphasis on Good and Ill assimilated by the Persians and Medes who were in a position to spread the change widely through pre-Judaism is one of many pressure points where the tide of equality between Men and Gods began to turn.

Yet no less in the stories of the Sumerian Enuma Elish which are among the oldest that have been recorded, were the same forces at play of Battles of Will, Force, Spirit, Vice and Virtue, Tragedy and Comedy, the Petty and the Divine, Injustice and the Ironic actions of others – part of a larger story, as in the Greek, Egyptian, Aztec, Australian etc. Though thousands of miles in space apart, sometimes thousands of years divided, the configurations of humanity’s stories span these vast gaps and dominate even today our daily lives because the forces they describe/preserve were not restricted to those ancient climes, they moved through time, with us, and continue to dominate us. The schism that has developed with the unconscious knowing and being privy to and part of the reality of these acting forces that Myth describes, and modern insistence that denies them, has caused neuroticism that has seen us forget why these things are called Living Stories and to ignore Powers that are right in front of our face. To ignore them at our peril – for it is stories and their archetypes that move all things human.

The stories told, whether a short fireside tale or an epic odyssey may be outlandish, may cause us to shake our heads in disbelief that such things could ever be taken as real, to suspend our notions and knowledge of physics, or give us cause to think that there was a time long ago when people were different, somehow less developed intellectually than we are, and that they believed and even saw Giants, Demons, Gods who appeared to them, haunted them, who were visible and real either through ignorance or suggestion by savvy leaders, witchdoctors and the like. Or invite us to speculate that they were in some sense taken for a ride by their own gullibility or lack of experience, lack of context or education. That in all cases, there is a rational explanation for the creation of these Myths. And there isn’t. There is certainly no evidence of a single reason for their creation or to know the extent of the belief invested in them, to the point imagination manifested demons, and even if so, to know if those imaginations were on equal par with that mythic figure, the real or venerated figuratively.

Myths are as power or as dangerous an entity as any violent or insane demon that might possess a host, or as vitriolic and explosive as the holiest of adorations for a monotheistic God. They tug at who we are, and bind us into place as knots in a rich tapestry that hypnotises us and takes over, we find ourselves steeped in all manner of stories and wonder how we got into them, what happened that led us to become something we became, or marvel at the memories we have of stories long past which we retell again and again like a mantra. ‘I deserve this’. ‘God loves me’.

But Myths, even as synonymous with Gods, are pointers. They are remnants of the terrifying spectral forces that own us, signposts littered throughout time that allow us to know we are being lead, and an entirely different manner of Them altogether. A taste. For if I had not experienced the utter terror of the Others without their human interpretation, and come face to face with those Others, I should not be so utterly obsessed with worshipping this Temple to THEM. They would be as abstractions, figments, ghosts and goblins in the shadows. But They are not. I digress.

It is not difficult to re-tell any Myth and substitute modern conveniences, names and places without so much as ripple in the pond; and it is because the wrapping, the messengers, like the other-worldly power of dreams to conspire new and endless ways to say the same thing, are just that, they are Forms, they are Wrapping, stepping stones or handholds that relate to us, translating the alien reality of the Phyrm (The World matrix) into a language that we can grasp as individuals and as groups, viz. stories which give rise to an understanding and relationship to the Land, its resources, it’s terrible powers, regeneration, rebirth, life, death and all of these other forces that, whether we believe in Gods/Myths of any kind persist and play out day after day in taking possession of us to enact Archetypes, or ask us to believe in Gods above, below, or within.

Love being a prime example of such a Force. Anyone who has fallen in or out of Love knows its insurmountable power, to cause us to Love someone or something forbidden or unattainable or culturally taboo makes no difference to that force; it operates without our consent and chains us to that Love, and like a drug it hurts when we don’t feed it, when we try to go against it. And That is the type of omnipotent power such creature as Myths was developed from; it is of the same pool of soul-stopping intensities that Myths relate; struggle, war, strife, tyranny, suffering, triumph, resilience, change, sorrow, absurdity, cycles, archetypes. Chess pieces moved to some mad scheme we think we understand, or control, only to be rudely awakened by the deftness of Myth to take us by surprise.

A high percentage of music is dedicated to this Force, of Love, which takes us from shallow to shining eyed mad men and women, seized with lust, passion, giggles, joy and a timeless bond – and also to the dark side of Love which tears us apart, creates confusion, hurt, pain, suffering, agony, heartbreak. There is no pain like a broken heart and the timeless mourning of lost love or sickly fawning of new love is a power that has endured aeons.

There are a great many forces greater than us, and early humanity recognized and enshrined these in the Myths. The struggle to rationalize the perception of Gods seems to be required to somehow legitimize them, as anything other than what they are. But I will not try very hard to legitimize them, because they are legitimate to me.

We may imagine the world of ancient times in which these myths arose as very different from the one we know littered with electric bulbs and street lighting, even set apart from older times when devices such as the torch or lantern were available – and a very dark time ruled by darkness the majority of the time. Where darkness was an enemy, the shroud that hid bandits, murderers, dangers, drops, death. Where walled cities and small townships fearful of prowling animals and men prevailed. What were benign landscapes by day would have transformed at night, shadows play tricks especially in the moonlight, but more so in the utter darkness where wo/man is at their weakest, his eyesight ill-developed for a world lacking light, and the daily construction by the sun of the edges, boundaries, dangers and risk cues that daylight brings. In darkness the senses would have had to rely on sound, fearful of every mad screech or creature thumping or crashing through the undergrowth with little fear of men, and who may in fact be a very cleverly disguised enemy. There is every reason to suspect that in such a climate, the imagination ran wild. On the other hand, the Sun, Moon, Stars, Sea, Rain, Clouds, Space, Mountains, Storms, Fire, Death, Life, – Natural Phenomena need no mysticism, they are as wildly in need of explanation today as they were then – thank God for science.

The Gods are not Dead. Where Gods are dead in the modern mentality as entities that watch us, favour us, or made us, other Gods have arisen, for this is an inescapable aspect of these supra-personal forces, they are older, larger and set in motion a thousand myths precisely because they were understood to be Sovereign over man.  There is no less danger in ignoring Gods above than ignoring Gods below – whether people are given reason to deny the existence of external Gods for lack of proof, for adoption of modern sensibilities, for the need to separate themselves from superstition, to assimilate into their culture, to hail intellect and critical thinking over a sense of primitive savagery; or to repress dreams, their desires, their secrets, to think they can slow or stop Time, or rise above hubris, or avoid misfortune; the Old World remains mired in this false escape we have told ourselves exists by telling ourselves over and over that the Gods of old were for others, for a time long ago, for tribes that dance around fires and have not yet attained the cultured understanding of the world that we the civilized world, have.  No matter who we are, or what we believe, we are mastered by forces that control, direct and use us without our consent.

Myths are elastic, with great capacity for superimposition. Choose a Myth. Substitute its characters for people you know that fit them. Change the places, the time, the location to those you recognize, as has been done many times with the classical drama Romeo and Juliet. Or consider one of your own stories, and that parts of you, or separate actions you did, repeated its own miniature scale myth. Maybe you let someone into your life who seemed for all the world a gift, and once in, they attacked you, made war against you, got in through your carefully guarded citadel through deception and guise.  It’s happened to most of us, as it did in the story of the Trojan Horse. Virtually any myth involves a set of universal characteristics or characters that we can fill on the intimate, personal or wider scale by people we know, or things we have done or found ourselves engaging in either after the fact or during, surprised, disappointed, angered at our betrayal of ourselves and somehow wandering far astray from who we thought we were, lulled by some story that took over.  The relics are interchangeable because long ago Myth identified the placeholders. In one modern re-telling via a zombie who retains his faculty to think (and eventually talk) like a human and falls in love with a young female survivor.  The ability to recognize in Myth something greater something more pagan than ancient foolishness or parable is to recognize the timeless power of archetype and the power that understanding them can bring to the Sorcerer.

Exploring, Adopting in part or Living Myths opens the door into the realization of forces that dominate human existence and our relationship with nature that these Myths have immortalized to be retold again and again – because they are as alive today as they were thousands of years ago. Recognizing and extracting the underlying reference to these powers, these “forces of and among THEM” is to open the gate to the Abyss, for they run through all of us, tyrannize the life and bearing of every human being who is at the helm or mercy of some story or another that has changed greatly in appearance but little in esoteric potency.

Sorcerer – We are Myth’s bitches. With that knowledge comes the power to move among them or bring them to actuality for magical gain by identifying and filling the placeholders. Embrace this undying inheritance. It did not develop by chance as a fashion.


Lovecraft: Father of the Temple of THEM


Howard Phillips “H. P.” Lovecraft (August 20, 1890 – March 15, 1937) was an American author who achieved posthumous fame through his influential works of horror fiction. Virtually unknown and only published in pulp magazines before he died in poverty, he is now regarded as one of the most significant 20th-century authors in his genre.

From the upcoming Sinister Dialogues: “Any power reputation or wizardry that the Temple of THEM induce stems from the expressions that Lovecraft gave to the world and set in motion. Our very name, our descriptions of Tendrils, Tentacles, Forces from Outer Space and Inner Space, Dark Entities Soveriegn Above Us, The Themonomicon, Angles, Weird Geometry, Strange Dimensions, Starry Rents, Ancient Gods; its all there. You get a sense of it through Ryan’s drawings and through the Thrasz, through the love of Black Magic and Illuminatism, through the types of rites to ancient forces employed and the lexicon of unique terms used to describe the world in a very different fashion. We are a living continuation of things that Lovecraft set in motion, we are his Shoggoths, his Yog-Sotthoth and Azagthoth. If Carl Jung is the mother of our current, then Lovecraft is the father of THEM. As to whether we are ‘just’ original storytellers or provide a gateway to mysteries uncharted will also have to be evaluated by our visitors and no doubt each will differ in opinion. I think THEM have always been quintessentially Lovecraftian and acknowledging this after wandering the wasteland searching for our roots in awkward places can only solidify its edifice as a true work of art. Everything about Ryan’s illustrations and bearing screams Lovecraft. His literary/esoteric cultus the Temple of THEM is a direct descendant of the bloodline of thought and feeling that Lovecraft etched into being. Lovingly and loyally continued. Albeit in some fucking weird ways.”



oa33 mythmaker

THRALL. A sketch from Tendril. See this project realized – Support THEM.

Symbolism: Mythmaker refers to an archetype of storytellers. The image presents the gates of Auschwitz surrounded by other fairytale creatures including a Unicorn and a representation of the adage ‘Pigs may fly’. Mythmaker does not necessarily refute the occurrence of the Holocaust in Germany but is a comment on propaganda and those who make it. Underneath the cartoon rabbit is a list of no less than 80 countries which America has attacked, invaded, or interfered with politically and militarily since 1900.  Mythmaker reminds us to be careful of believing in Forms, particularly those that claim to be representative of Truth, for neither the Nazis nor the Jews were impartial in their retelling of events.  Moreover, the extreme emphasis on these mystical events pulls focus and skews the reality of Violence from all sides and the myriad other holocausts carried out by those who trumpet these claims. As another adage relates “There is their side of the story, our side of the story, and the Truth”.

The THEMONOMICON [ June 12th ]




Jun 20th 2014 ev. Revised thumbnail with new pages.

thThemonomicon 20 Jun


June 12th 2014 ev. Here, in a border using a stained-glass motif on one of its pages, I overlapped the page onto a crystalline texture. Note the first image on the left and the flat unfinished look. Using dodge to follow the top curve of each oval gives the appearance of refracted light. Using burn to follow the bottom curve of each oval gives the gem the necessary shadow to compliment the light but also allows the mid-point between the dodge and burn to  give the gem a semblance of clarity, texture and thus depth.

June 10th 2014 ev. Several experimental  prototype scripts for the Themonomicon… ported to useable font.  

Elderese by the Temple of THEM

Themerian Glyphic by the Temple of THEM

Themerian Krist'h by the Temple of THEM



June 8th 2014 ev. Every dark arcane grimoire needs its own crawling runic script. There are a number of these around, which I’ll also feature at a later date to give the creators some exposure – but here are some sketches of one I am now developing  specially for the Themonomicon( so I need not step on any copyrights) – surprisingly enough, called, “Themerian”. If I can find funding to buy a cheap font program – I will eventually port it to a useable font. It will need a lot of work though to get to my finished concept – these are just the foundations.



June 8th 2014 ev. I have now created 75 pages of the Themonomicon. I think of them as works in progress, templates I may go back to once I have finished the bones or skeleton of this 600 page behemoth.

Because the works I have written are archived at the Temple Press, representative of different times, stages and modes of being when they were authored, I have decided to revise the articles one by one to fit more with my contemporary individualosophy. Entirely new sections are being written which has slowed progress artistically but which sections the Themonomicon as an autonomous guide to THEM needs being that it introduces a vast river of new terms concepts and magic unique to the Temple’s sorcery worldview – crossing over from the other book I am writing, pMYRIAD.  Insofar as re-writing the texts goes most texts have been revised so heavily they no longer bear any resemblance to the originals. Since I maintain that these originals contain within them a special code that maps out the historic psychic changes of my work, but are archived here in the WordPress in that original format, I have no fear in radically re-writing the entire corpus as I go to tie the threads together and finally present unreleased material in this unique variation. 

 Getting to grips with creating electronic-based art has been important insofar as producing this project is concerned – since I do not know how I will finally produce or print the book as yet owing to the massive cost of ink alone, the ability to create an e-version of fully illustrated plates is a viable option. In addition, while I originally planned to illustrate the book entirely by hand, I have found that a mixture of the two media has yielded pleasing results. A fear with this project is that as with Tendril, I will lose interest and leave it half-completed and am therefore determined to complete most of it by close of 2014. The fact that I save time by using electronic art makes the greatly distant goal seem a little less distant. Using electronic art also has enabled the utility of nice little aesthetic tricks like the appearance of being able to see through one page to the page beneath – even though this would be impossible in an e-book (pdf) or if printed on demand (unless the books are tampered with after print – still an option).  


Moreover, I am not trying to replicate the Necronomicon – there are others who have done just this and their efforts and pages look simply stunning, with jaw-dropping detail and even full cover leather skins in the vein of the lovecraftian legacy.  I will be writing about these efforts at a later date and showcasing some of the incredible artwork that these individuals have produced but it is easy to forget that in the midst of trying to tap into Lovecraftian energy which easily carries one away artistically and psychologically to strange places and geometry where the impulse to fill the book with beautiful but merely symbolic ‘filler’ is strong – that this is not a Book of the Dead project.  Whereas typically, replications are either, the actual Necronomicon as released by Simon, or beautifully aesthetic fakes where monsters and strange sigils are littered with a crawling script – which ultimately, is for appearance only – the Themonomicon seeks to be both a serious comprehensive behemoth of a tome, that does not use artwork as a compensatory distraction to cover up weak (or no) material but a symbiotic unified visual and verbal assault of sorcery from the Temple with legible magickal texts and psychological/magickal artistry delivering the goods.  I don’t intend to repeat this mammoth task in my lifetime but to finalize my last two decades work in a permanent case both psychologically and symbolically. So while it borrows in homage it is foremost a comprehensive guide to the magick, mythos and methods of the Temple of THEM and will reflect that.

One of the more famous images of the Necronomicon shows eyeballs scrawled in blood with three triangles around them. To illustrate a particular esoteric aspect of our map of consciousness (the Nequeo) required the illustration of an eye. Using GIMP to overlay the transparent eyeball and skull over the Nequeo was a wonderful shortcut as it would have proved extremely difficult and time-consuming to draw. Some pages line up beautifully with the artwork of the Necronomicon weirdly prophesying a serious in-depth aspect of our magickal system. 


E-art allows me to embed imagery into textures such as leather or papyrus, fading symbols or ink  into the fabric for added realism more effectively and more quickly than hand drawing alone. Early pages of the Themonomicon were more sparse, but as I come to grips with various new tools and techniques and settle into this task, I will return to look at them and see if they need some love once the initial 600 (maybe more) pages of the project are down in some illustrated format at least as a first step.




Feb 17th: Experimentation with adorning the potentially lulu released hardcovers with handmade Necronomicon-esque ones. Shown: Initial stage of paper mache template.

themonomicon minipages 3 x

Feb 16th: Experiment with coloured papers, tears, burns, ink stains and blots continues. These preliminary pages may yet undergo change during or after summarizing the project. Symbolic scripts or ciphers have begun to be woven into the fabric of the design as has the (unpainted) artwork of Tendril. 

themonomicon minipages 2 x

Feb 13: With tentacles They come forth…

them mini samples

Feb 10:  More examples. Some existing images have being tweaked. Dried blood has a noticeably sepia-coloured tinge and so the original red ink has been replaced with a darker brown ochre for realism. The level of detail in this project is daunting and the cost of printing just a single copy due to all the graphics and textures still unknown. Reading through each document with painstaking care has required the texts to undergo moderate to drastic changes to polish the bones with opportunity to add extra material and discard the fat . With hundreds of pages to illustrate, decorate,  illuminate this will prove an exceptionally ambitious project.

themonomicon minipages x

Stylized like the Necronomicon with an avid mixture of horror, demons, arcane symbolism, necromancy, talismans, ancient texts and scrolls, madness and insanity scrawled by candlelight and splattered with drops of ink and blood – Our 550-600 page Themonomicon which orders, expands and bridges THEM’s texts into one another is beginning to take shape… 


One of THEM: A Definition

What is One of THEM? It could be that which senses the wrongness of things and tries to right them (selectively) – to Remember and help others remember the past, who we were, who we could have become, the war of the mind we lost, the rise of elements opposed to our destiny – and that which has any kind of shape to do it.

 It could be a human brought forth from impulses desirous of evolution and improving themselves and others wherever they may be, whatever forms they might take, that have this same or similar agenda. There can be no siding with any pure constant, race, creed, attitude, even people of a certain time, – everyone that Earth brings forth with the evolutionary drive could be of any side, any race, any creed, and will arise with as well as after us. Their particular shapes and forms may even work directly against one another. There is more mystery in life than understanding.

 One of THEM doesn’t need to be recognized by THEM to be One – there is just some feeling about them that they represent a different energy to the mainstream modernity. That they present it via the Dexter in all kinds of people and all kinds of different ways, including those that have no idea we exist, or no desire to be recognized as one of us makes no difference – each one is Nature trying different things to be heard. And She will keep trying until she is. We trust in Synchronicity to bring whatever is being brought together, together.

Mind War – Symbolism

Mind War

This is one of the cards from a planned 28 set of new archetypes for a Satanic Tarot called Tendril. The concept relates to an open denouncement of the Catholic Church and in fact entire Nazarene Empire’s hideous practice of pedophilia, a greatly secretive and hushed topic that is rarely discussed or depicted in media, and treats its victims in cruel disregard often refusing to acknowledge their intense suffering and pain. Other concepts displayed here are the stack of thousands of books kept back from History by powers such as the Vatican in an attempt to control the perception we have as a collective of history and the events that shaped it (Qv. “Black Time/White Time” as spoken of in Holochrist). The three abrahamic religions, Islam, Judaism and Christianity are represented as three books melded into one monotheist doctrine that has dominated the minds and hearts of millions across vast periods of time and space, with various cultural icons depicted on the left, and in equal measure, millions of victims of Christian thought are depicted on the right staked and tortured on hills that stretch far off into the horizon – though even this number is a conservative analogy. The AU, or alchemical symbol for Gold on the glass sphere indicates the highest principles of Abrahamism and its three religions, and the idea that no matter what you do for God you will be forgiven – the gold standard of all abrahamic religions that allows them to act like inhuman monsters only to give a weak apology at the end. There is a lot of additional symbolism in this picture – what can you divine from Mind War? 

Magic, Gravity, The Magi and Depression

Related to the Mind War is an ancient theory of the existence of an enshrining protective field or current formed by the geometric arrangement of principle shapes by the Magian Empire. These principles are enshrined in the architecture of the Empire both Exoterically (Shrines, Symbols, Institutions) and Esoterically (Control over Time, Space, Thought) and actively resist change to them through various measures, both rational and irrational – on fronts of Logos and Madness. Some of this architecture takes the form of Protectors of the existence and continuation of God and comprises legions of individuals whose prayers, campaigns, shapes and strategies include magical assaults against those of the Sinisterion, (also referred to as Openers), who would see Christianity’s defiant fight to resist being replaced with an evolutionary advancement of the human race beyond Religions of Monotheism and Insynsian.

 The Rational Mind is a precious gem but the Irrational Mind is the psychic region that is most sensitive to Magic, both as means to deploy it, and a means to be affected by it. The concept of the Irrational Mind as used here, is a convenient abstract, but for those who believe in Magic, such belief opens up an entirely invisible vista of perception where the intuition of colours, lights, feelings, sensations, dreams and exchanges of energy in interactions with other humans and other forms is a private engagement of constant warfare. Battle ensures daily with preventative measures erected seeking to prevent the extraction or vampirization of energy from oneself or others, and the sorcerer is constantly on guard for vampires and other entities that would drain them of their life-force. This itself takes energy which must come from others sources. For many this is the role of the Sinister, Aether, Acausal, Dark Ones, or THEM, and Nature, where places of power can be sought and found to replenish the sorcerer. [See Places of Power.] These interactions are not just against individuals encountered on a daily basis – but can take place in the Astral during sleep – and also by assaults from far more powerful collective fields such as those words, actions and intentions of those who would openly prevent Change which collectively hold together a particular view of the World that resists attempts to alter it. This enables such prisons as Language, Duality, Morality, Hypocrisy, Insynsian, Egoism to reign as the acting powers in experience of the World and ultimately controls the shapes that will be seen and used during one’s life on Earth. That the Church has denuded many kinds of resistance to it is unquestioned, with all manner of institutions, laws, armed forces, clergy, moral codes enforced and placed to meet head on the voice or presence of any dissenters to the way Life is experienced. At present, the concept of One God is an inevitable and dominating force on the planet, very old and very wise. Whilst laws, forces, etc openly discourage rebellion against the Church, Powerful rhetoric and violence protects Religion and the Religious, THEM wish to speak here of one particular facet of the overall design of the Magian Matrix: Depression.

 Depression, in the face of Experience on Earth, is natural. We feel pain via Empathy. Depression is often not even Personally or Individually centralized – but arises from an overwhelming sensation of the essential geometry of Life feeling terribly wrong but one that cannot be rationalized or explained intellectually – it is an alien feeling, a feeling that seems extraordinarily ancient and yet familiar, but its cause we cannot isolate..

Depression, in science and medicine, has its own explanations.

Magically, however, Depression is none other than the resulting oppressive force of the Magian’s magical network. We are imprisoned by their Time, Space and Language, their Laws, their Beliefs, their God – though humans are shapeless in spirit, we can feel the crafted shapes of the containers into which they have forced us, containers which fit what we are supposed to be, most unnaturally. The Fear of Death, of Sex, of Joy, of Love, of Chaos defines the Magian prison, referred to as The Cylindrical. The key aspect of the Cylinder is the enclosure of the spirit (shapeless) into a particular (shape) and the same prison for all – this is an act of madness.  When we consider that if one does not feel Happy, Joyous, Content all of the time, they are told by society that their is something wrong with them – that Depression, is an illness. We are sent to Doctors to ‘cure it’.  This sense of wrongness happens also when we cannot or refuse to conform – or, even when we try to submit or conform to the Judeo Matrix – there is no achievable way to belong to it and this is part of the reason why Depression is so uncomfortable, because our sensations of the world being horribly wrong or shaped to torture us are not validated or accepted by the key institutions created to prevent such awareness. Because of the concept of Original Sin or Ultimate Sin, humanity can never be good enough for God, never be the right shape, do the right thing, no MATTER what they do or how they contort to fit to this impossible box. In some regards, it is more accurate to call Depression, Compression.


One aspect of the Magi’s essential attitude to Life was encapsulated in the Catherine Wheel, where torturers mangled the bodies of victims and Broke them, on the Wheel.

 In the world of Post-Modern Satanism and the present emphasis of Logos as a lens, It is common to believe that there is no War for your Soul or Mind, and that one is merely being paranoid in believing in armies of ‘white’ magicians (Closers) whose interest is in keeping Satanism and the Sinister from arising and minds from escaping the mental prison, but one need look no further for proof that this paranoia has its own life and energy than the Vatican, which sanctioned a new 100 priest army several years ago specifically to fight the rise in Occultism.

 Just as You are able to create and presence outcomes, effects and change as an Individual with your thoughts, energies, actions – so does the entire legion of principles that combat the tyrannies of Abrahamism loosely assembled under myriad groups of Satanic, Scientific, Spiritual, Technological, and other Anti-Abrahamic currents felt as a solid threatening force to the Empire of the Magi. It haunts them, chides them, insults them – it is not imaginary to them, they can feel it as the encroachment of strange crackling powers trying to infect their brains with tendrilled fingers and Undo the Empire they have erected to control this Aeon in the name of their Monotheistic Figures and Codex. It is why they pray, go to church, resist temptation, tell us what to do, try to restrain the Beast and dictate life from Birth to Death and everything in between. And they feel it, as they feel Everything else, as FEAR.

 On the other hand, the exortations and ferocious dedication they exhibit as a collective in preventing such changes to their Aeon by controlling or destroying individuals, forms and forces that present a threat is a force of will that is intense and powerful. It is so powerful it has become permeate throughout all of Civilization and spread across the planet, annihilating its resistors or assimilating them through guile or force. This force transforms intent into real architecture, real soldiers, real hatred that would see any threat to it, destroyed. It is not merely a psychic feeling but a visual one, their symbols their presence their laws are omnipresent – in essence, such a force of will has physicated itself from intent because of how strong it is and can be felt as a tangible force. This is called ‘Depression’ – an actual crushing of the spirit felt from such forces to make us throw down our arms and admit defeat, to believe we are undone, that nothing can change, that such forces and forms will eternally endure and sends the message that we should stop fighting against it.

 – For most, Depression keeps us in check, the weight of such magic hangs heavy on our spirit and keep us from holding our head and weapons up high. But there are magical counter-measures.

 We have learned that such compression can turn one into a Spring, consciously allowing oneself to be coiled tightly and then using that stored force to rebound with ferocity. There are ways to do this magically, such as descending slowly to the ground with gravity in a spiral and laying still on the floor until a sudden upward momentum forces one upward. Repeated, the force of Gravity becomes a conscious weapon. The urge to just die (the intended result of depression) can be felt most clearly when laying perfectly still at rest. Yet it is there that the force of Life itself, is felt the most strongly too and which will eventually propel one up off the floor to continue living.

 Members of THEM are acutely aware of the feeling of depression – on one hand it is natural result of Empathy but on the other it is felt more strongly the closer one gets to overcoming the Magian energy network. Immediate signs of this are communications being interrupted, and depression.

 When you look at how THEM is branching out and making a lot of connections, flowing without conflict, and not getting lost in what it is doing, it is becoming a potential threat. If this threat is being felt the Magian’s command of the Sinister (which is neutral and can be commanded by any human whatever their morality) then it is natural to begin to feel depressed – this is in itself what make Aeonic magic so hard to continue, the depression, the feeling that things are doomed and cannot get better.

The simultaneous attempt by many LHP to destroy the Ego is THEM believe an old trap – since it is the Ego that causes the upward motion from depression. To lead your enemies to believe destroying the Ego is what will stop the Magi, is an ancient tactic to allow depression to dominate humanity and prevent the coiled energy from being used by a conscious magician. It is, to close off methods to defeat the Magi.  (See Diary of a Devilworshipper Vol 4)

To encourage the Ego and only the Ego is also a powerful incitement that upholds the Magian energy network. 

 If we can spread the ability to Remember the Magical nature of the Magi’s Empire – we can Resist and Reform it.

Next time you feel Depressed – know that it is the Irrational Power of the Magi acting upon you.  Don’t let them control you. Rise up and spit in their faces.

The Death of Touch





Touch in western society is becoming more and more of a social taboo. This concept was first introduced during the middle ages, but soon abandoned by the church as adherence by it’s followers was socially impractical. But the magian realized the enormous power the control of touch and intimacy would have over the common man and bided it’s time until social and economic conditions were better suited.

The repression of intimacy has become a huge tool of the magian since the end of World War II. In this manuscript I aim to touch upon the ways and means in which this is being done, and to suggest ways in which the rule over the body can be broken down.




This is where the start of separation truly began, as families became smaller and more affluent, children and parents for the first time were to occupy separate rooms. Until then most families lived in small houses, and if the children didn’t sleep in the parental bed, then they at least shared very close quarters with their siblings. During this time sex between parents was not something that was a mystery to their children, as they were often moved to one side, while sleeping, of the bed while the parents copulated.

With women starting to move into the work force both during the war, out of necessity,

And then to stay on afterward, out of a sense of empowerment, it was realized that the time for separation was ripe. Household incomes became higher, and families for the first time, spent long hours separated from each other without the feminine matriarch awaiting their return to her bosom.

The magian sprang upon this, implying that now a woman could labour for money she was much more important than she was in her role as nurturer of the family. The family unit, where one first learns the beauty of touch and intimacy, was infiltrated and a rapid decline in the ability of humans to properly connect with each other aided the church in holding power at a time when they had almost lost. People, after experiencing the horror and loss of war on such a large scale, were starting to question their fundamental belief in god, and the system that contained it.

This was around the time that the church started openly condemning masturbation en masse. Now that children were in their own rooms, the church preyed on the natural fear of parents that this separation was wrong, turning it back on the child; what was the child doing in bed alone at night? Turning the parents fear of abandonment of their children into a fear that their child was unclean or perverted. Before this separation parents knew full well that their children and themselves enjoyed healthy touch and intimacy between each other, but now that their children had become strangers, and the parents felt guilt for missing the touch of their children, the conditions were ripe to exploit a divide in the very base of society. From this foot hold the magian has gained perhaps it’s greatest influence, repressing the very core of humanity in little more than 50 years.





60s – 70s



The government now realizes the control lack of intimacy gives it over the masses, and consciously assists the church in perpetuating the taboo of touch. Men and women, empty from a decade devoid of intimacy, are the perfect targets for corporations willing to cash in on their dissatisfaction. Women are shown, through advertising, the media’s idea of the perfect woman; as this “perfect woman” seems content when they themselves are not, women begin to believe that if they could reflect this perfect woman then they too could replace what is sorely missing. The church has made it wrong for women to desire sex, which has by now been wrapped up with any form of intimacy or touch, so the loss of this vital connection is rarely discussed by women, and believing that they’re the only ones that feel this way, disconnect further from the women around them and by proxy more with the “perfect woman” in advertising that seems to have all she desires.

Around the same time pornography for males is pushed more into the mainstream. Men are being told that all they desire is sex, not intimacy or children [ the real purpose of sex], that although their urges are ‘ unnatural’ it’s okay for them to shamefully indulge them as long as it’s not with a real woman. Through pornography men are being told that all men are selfish, that their need for intimacy is really just an urge to ‘get off’, and that the only woman with whom he should be intimate with is an unattainable beauty.

Man and Women were being confronted with sexual imagery more than ever before, whilst being told that this so called obsession was the cause of all their misery. Sexual freedom became a sign to health professionals of either drug use or mental illness. Through media the magian had obtained another ally, Doctors.







World War II


The emotional fight for the ‘moral’ and ethical high ground was an important factor for both the allies and the germans all throughout the war effort. While the allies claimed to be fighting to uphold the family along with religious and social freedom, the nationalist socialist party portrayed the family as a production unit for the state. Both sides, in theory, exhalted the importance of the family, but at the same time the very essence of the war effort tore families apart. Men ,( husbands, brothers and sons) were sent off to fight and die, while the women and children were left not only to fend for themselves but also, as the fighting progressed, were required to work in the manufacture of the tools of war. So between the men on the front lines killing fathers and sons from other lands, to the women toiling in factories producing the hardware for their menfolk to kill or be killed with, generations of families were destroyed to be used as cogs in the military- industrial complex . As these facts sunk in, I believe a collective cynicism toward the family unit arose as psychological barrier, a shield for people to hide behind in the face of understanding the true nature of what their ‘war efforts’ had truly cost them.

Thus the trauma of all this has had a huge effect on the interaction between men, women and families ever since. Divided by their individual parts, resentment grew between men and women: men resented ‘women and children’ back home , being told by their leaders that they are what they are fighting, suffering and dying for. That they are to ‘stand up and be men’ to leave their wives and children to fight for the freedom and happiness of the whole country, told that the enemy would destroy the sanctity of the family if not stopped. During the course of their years of fighting, the men would have realized that the enemy were just men of a different nationality, fighting to protect and honour their own wives and children back home. Seeing this would inevitably created a split in a large amount of the fighting men; on one hand wanting to be honoured as being responsible for killing so many families, their country ( and therefore their families ) encouraging them to do so supposedly to save their own families way of life, while at the same time having to devalue all human life and loves the be able to kill, kill, kill. I believe this is where men started to believe the lie that only they were strong enough to understand what needed to be done, that to have a wife and child and home would create some kind of mortal danger, that wanting to be in the arms of a loving family was somehow weak and that in wanting that kind of love was rejecting your fellow man and your manhood.

Women on the other hand were burdened with tremendous amount of guilt during and after the war. They were the weaklings that couldn’t fight but needed to be saved from the enemy. Their hands worked to forge the munitions that killed their menfolk. Still on home soil they missed the comfort and love of their men, they could see just how quickly families could be torn apart by war.  

Theory of the Beast [1]

The Theory of the Beast

In the realm of Black Magic it is often useful to borrow metaphors or terms from sources such as Psychology. I shall now aim to represent a psychological foundation for the ideas I have encountered: but I must impress upon the reader that this theory and the use of its constituents may lie outside of conventional Psychology.  It is important to address this theory now however, for Psychology has its roots in Alchemy, Alchemy is a highly relative notion to THEM because of its emphasis on Change, and part of Alchemical Change involves knowing thyself.  I will give a crash course in Psychological terms and concepts and then relate why I believe suppression of the part of the psyche called the Id, personified and demonized, gave rise to the origin of Satan, to Demons, and to the concept of Evil.

Our minds, when being formed, are protected from psychic harm by a container called the Ego. The ego is a vitally important function of our total Psyche that stores for us the unique, stable set of conditions we each live by, with our actions motivated toward keeping those conditions just right or in ‘homeostasis’. It is also the aspect of us that generates our sense of control and security over our behaviour, thoughts, and environment. When the ego is first formed it is malleable, elastic in its growth and able to take on new ideas and information, but as it reaches maturity it hardens and becomes brittle and resistant to change. For this reason, once set, the beliefs of people are often unchangeable. Entwined as they are with their world-view, the ego’s protective mechanisms, and sense of identity; the beliefs of a person are a hyper-extension of the ego that can sometimes take control over the organism like an autopilot. Ego is the part of us that will fight like a cornered animal to re-assert its view of reality if it is questioned or challenged.

Another function of the ego is to act like a dam holding back a vast lake of water. It acts as a division in our mind that holds back the contents of our animalistic “Sub-conscious” or “Id”. The Id is a separate compartment of the mind that originally dominated our Being. In order to have an individual sense of identity to separate us from our previous animalistic instincts, the ego developed by repressing (blocking out) the subconscious. The content and role of the Id is an on-going matter of speculation; however it is best known for its capacity to act as a psychic waste-land ruled by unknown dimensions; a primeval enigma that contains contents highly disturbing to the logical, rational mind. It is a subliminal pool that contains among other things: our dark secrets, wishes and desires, our irrational urges and impulses expressed without restraint, intense anxieties and repressed memories of fear and pain, the surfacing of which can be extremely dangerous to our fragile well-being. Our ego helps to deceive us about our innate fragility and keep up protective illusions of safety, conformity, normality, control, security and “Reality”. It essentially tries to ignore the Id and takes great pains not to disturb it. Those in the field of Analytical Psychology (Qv. Carl Jung) are painstakingly aware of the care that must be taken when allowing content from the Subconscious of a client to emerge; and Psychopaths and the impulsive/compulsive individual embody examples of the ability of the contents of the unconscious to interfere in sane growth. As well as guarding against internal pressure the ego also helps us to deal with threats from outer forces we face in our external environment. Because it is subjected to enormous psychological and physiological pressures it is important that its development is properly executed. If the Ego is damaged during crucial stages of its development, it may crack and cause unpredictable leaks of content from the subconscious to occur.  A significant crack can enable a large flow or even a flood of subconscious content into our consciousness allowing what is called ‘the Abyss’ in magickal terms or ‘the Collective Unconsciousness’ in psychological terms, to be released onto what we know as ourselves: the “I “ resulting in madness or severe psychosis. This theory closely parallels our biological evolution.

Before we gained the level of consciousness that allowed us to recognize ourselves as individual thinking beings separate from each other and the rest of the world, in fact before we were “humanity”, proto-man was ruled by base desires and savage primal instincts. At some point in our evolution we were able to suppress our ruling animal instincts long enough for Consciousness to arise. We eventually achieved a state of self-awareness that allowed us to appraise and wonder at our own existence. This unique state of self-awareness is referred to as the ‘I’ in Psychology and has long been regarded as the single-most fascinating achievement of the human organism. But the emergence of the ‘I’ came at a heavy price.  In exchange for Consciousness, we had to forcefully drive our natural, raw instinct of what we were (the Collective Unconscious) back from the fore of our minds and forge a new artificial conscious collective agreement (the Collective Consciousness) on what we wanted to be.

To help do this, over time our species created, and then instilled, Values, Group Obligations and Right Conduct into and onto each other, further suppressing the raw state of our natural being to further the aims of our artificial one – which was a mass social form of indefinitely deferred gratification (having to wait for set conditions to arise before one can gratify ones natural desires). So long as we kept our primal dark forces [The Id] in check, we were able to get along with each other relatively well enough to develop groups and societies – usually ruled by a few, who used fear, violence etc., to enforce Law, Order, and instill conscious conduct.

Over a vast span of time, and as Consciousness spread, the majority of people developed an Ego strong enough to contain the Id indefinitely, or productively released it via outlets of creativity, dance, music, language, symbols, etc. A whole social matrix was built upon the attempts to keep the subconscious out so that our new state of independence could thrive and we began to cloak immediate needs and base desires within respectability and glamour. Such glamour is artifice; all humans contain the Id and all Conscious human beings are scorpions.] We also began to give names and labels to things to begin dispelling fear. The more names we created the more complex the world became. Today, there are so many names for things, and so many institutions to perpetuate more names, that we have forgotten its original point as an exercise in control.  Because there are so many concepts and names and ideas that have been layered onto what really Is apparently there [which is geometry] and nameless, there are now millions of illusions that must be broken before a grasp of genuine reality can be achieved. Owing to the hardship required to break free from such illusions most cannot help but be entrapped by the deception of authority and the webs of the matrix.

But, those that made a religion of suppression were ill-prepared for the strength of their new enemy.  The Id or “Beast” could not be tamed and the forces of the subconscious proved powerful beyond their wildest dreams. Although punishment was meted out to those unable to hold back the advancing forces of our primal being as a social admonishment to discourage others from releasing what was imprisoned within; suppression did nothing to sate our desires and urges to behave naturally. While some adopted the new Conscious collective agreement and joined the religion of holding back their impulsive urges, some followed only in part by practicing its release in private (or in public granted certain power); and still others refused (or were incapable) to suppress it at all, continuing to embody our original natural state of being that sought instant gratification.

Out of growing fear of the Beast to undermine our civility and our human-ness, we denied the unknown realm locked away within us that frightened us for its unpredictability, its cruelty and its propensity to erupt from the calmest human being. Such a force threatened to engulf the conscious accomplishments of humanity in chaos and destruction. In time, various Religions and magical tribes came to call signs of activity stemming from the subconscious by unfavourable names.  In effect – A war was declared against the forces of ‘The Great Beast’, the opening psychic shot in a Mind War that would lead to all manner of dark masters/forces Named responsible for the horrors that issued forth from people – various Monsters, Deities, and Gods, and of course, “Satan”, all in a bid to control the subconscious. Other words crept in “Demons”, “Evil”, and so forth that led to wide-spread persecutions to stamp out the Beast. It did not take long for some to realize the power that came from interpreting existence for others… Yet those who suppressed the beast the hardest were often those most afflicted by its insurmountable power.

When the subconscious is kept under lock and key and an option to vent it/express it by ‘exercising the beast’ is denied; the expenditure of energy needed by the ego to hold back subconscious forces grows exponentially. Without outlets, the repressed forces grow stronger by the day until they grow powerful enough to over-run the defenses of the Ego or shatter it completely causing psychosis. They manifest outwardly as unchecked acts of raw desire, often many times stronger than when originally imprisoned, often expressed as acts of sadistic cruelty, murder, torture, brutality, violence, blood-lust, war, passion and rape.  Or they consume the ego with a barrage of irrational emotions and desires that drive the being to fulfill them or take out its frustration at being unable to fulfill them in other, often destructive ways. The Ego can only do so much to hold the subconscious back until it is eventually overwhelmed. The fact that our natural state is one dominated by the Subconscious tends toward its favour in a war of wills.

No matter how emphatically the subconscious is repressed; like the metaphor of the stubborn weed, the tendrils of the unconscious will keep returning, writhing forth again and again into the fore of the mind in an endless struggle to choke the host plant into submission.

By forcing our instinct underground we committed ourselves to a life-long struggle against our very nature in order to maintain an artificial existence. The artificial existence can only prosper under certain conditions: the most important of which is suppression of raw unconscious desires. In the eyes of the Artificers (The Magian Illuminati. Qv Book III) in our natural, uncontrolled state of being, humans are either; terrifying creatures suffused with a brutal, primal darkness that has been called “Chaos” that are too ferocious to tame; or frightened creatures too timid to work or help create the matrix and further the Artifice. Pending on Environmental and Genetic Factors we might be either – thus we are shaped by the Artifice as soon as possible.

Chaos is representative of the unconscious and is anathema to the Order that the Artificers wish to exist.  One may be reasonably sure that the Artificers were simply those that excelled in disguising the Beast, who over time granted their base desires and ambitions using deception and cunning – forming groups of self-interested individuals that conspired to manifest their Beasts within using the forms and illusions of the Artifice to conceal them. There is ample corresponding evidence within Sociology for this. For example an individual who commits Corporate Fraud which relieves hundreds of people from millions of dollars, homes and savings, is far less likely to be charged and go to jail, than someone who steals a single car. Using the illusions of respectability and the forms of the Artifice – the Beast is concealed. The Artificers support suppression of the Beast in others via religion and politics for example, negotiating with others to defer gratification by reason, cultural norm, money, threat of imprisonment or force – but they do not support it in themselves. They use the subsequent meekness adopted by a populace to rule it. This type of thing has been going on for a long time – and it is known in Satanism as the Great Mind War.  The Great Mind War is a fight between the Magian to assert Artificial Forms based on original fear such a moral good and evil existing in the world over the Sinister understanding of the world as Godless and dominated by Chaos.  This will all be covered in great detail as we progress through the books. However, because they fear Chaos so rabidly, the Artificers have deliberately fostered great ignorance concerning Satanism and created a whole system of occult blinds and myths intended to prevent any real magical Adeptship from arising in an individual that could seriously pose a threat or challenge to their ruling regime. For this reason it was extremely difficult to learn the Traditional practices of genuine Satanism beneath the tame, safe, watered down version that is happily peddled commercially that misdirects and controls the Beast by dictating the terms of its release. And the simple motives are Jealousy and Greed. If everyone released the Beast or mastered its control as well as the Artificers, the Artificers would no longer be powerful. Their power rests on maintaining an unequal distribution of power. If for arguments sake everyone was suddenly as powerful as everyone else: power would become mediocre and ergo, normal. All diversity of forms within the matrix would fail and a utopia created which would also be mediocre.  The Artificers money, assets, lifestyles that set them apart would become commonplace – and were this so, money would become obsolete because there would be no workers willing to work, thus no-one to generate wealth, thus no socio-economic growth, no creativity, no slaves, no masters, and no Artifice. Hence: to be powerful means keeping power from others.  The means to regain the power are within your reach, but you must first understand the scope of what it is you must overcome, how the system of control works, and how you can begin to set about facing yourself in order of break free of the cycles of lies.

Understanding the creation of the Matrix is the first step to regaining control of ones Being, hijacked by the ego. Through practical and thorough magical/alchemical practice or psychic exploration, the contents of the subconscious can be integrated with the Ego to form a Super Consciousness, or Self.



Planet Caravan

 Some Notes in regard to Nexion:

+O+ Only. 

Having been involved in a Green group in the late 90’s that campaigned against Nuclear Armament, Logging, War, and Rights for Refugee’s in large protests (often in the CBD of Melbourne City or Marysville) I experienced extended period’s of traveling to and from locations in convoys of cars, and time in their home re-made into the equivalent of a commune. Activities at this commune in the outer suburbs of Melbourne included parties to celebrate every full moon, fire twirling, congregating in a massive teepee, a lot of dope smoking, alcohol consumption, spa baths and on occasion promiscuous sex.

Some of the parties occasionally got out of hand and there was one occasion where I was asked to eject a trouble-maker who had punched our resident Native American in the face. Which I did.

I also attended a festival twice called “ConFest” that is still run but has become increasingly commercial over the years. Meat was once banned, rec. drugs were rife, and commercial venues refused entry. Now a Coke van sells refreshments.

What I have learned from these and some other experiences prior to this, is that groups like this, such as hippies, who put on the relaxed face of effortless peace and mungbeans, much like Christians, are not immune to the bitter squabbling and internal politics that arise when almost any group of people assemble under the banner of an ideology.

There were some great people at the commune, some of which I enjoyed personal relationships with or found friendly, down-to-earth and not full of bullshit. But the entire camp was underpinned by a lot of hostility – mostly by some patrons towards others, a virile grapevine of gossip, and all manner of idiocy bandied around as sound solutions to the problems of the world.

My Alchemist friend Luci once informed me that he’d been speaking with a lady in the garden who wanted to meet a real Satanist. When I went down to talk with her, I noted she was in her 30’s. When I began to inform her of my views ala ONA, she lost her arrogant Wiccan demeanour, and left the party.

The commune was also split into different factions internally, some who wanted to go back to the way things were when it was just the main attendees, some who thought more could or should be done for the Cause, some who felt that there was too much bullshit going on, and some who wanted to do their own thing and screw everyone else. With the high degree of traffic that came in and out there was a plethora of different and sometimes explosive personalities at the full moon parties. Luci and I were some of them.

The point is: I know first-hand what elements the organization of people together brings and am also very familiar with the Rites of the ONA. I have taken these into consideration in my suggestion regarding a mobile blitzkrieg.

Firstly let me emphasize – I don’t picture Nexion romantically as some sort of social group that gets together after magic to chat and spend time, possibly bitching, together. Rather I envision a cold calculating group of professional Satanists that arrive at a certain point ready and prepared for the ritual, draw down the acausal into the landscape and other members, get back in their cars, and leave. I think it is far more sinister for a group to descend upon a location with a pre-determined purpose and to perform a powerful rite using their own energies to participate professionally and coldly without so much as a word exchanged than it is to have a tea-party under the illusion that we’re somehow all meant to get along.

The requirements of the Rite of 9a in ONA’s magic demands a vow of silence of 7 days prior to Performance – this alone will exclude a lot of people without the proper resolve and personal conduct to maintain such severe measures of discipline, from Nexion.

Anonymity can be maintained by masks and silence. Renting cars for the purpose is also a good idea – and some standard satanic security measures put in place, however since I’d rather people not be paranoid about being tailed or followed, it would be necessary that each member be able to fight well enough to be able to knock someone out in the case of unwanted interruptions or aftermath. Initiates would need to be tested to see if they have the skills to defend themselves. Obviously some experience with camping and bushcraft would be useful as would mechanical and geographical knowledge in the case of finding spots to perform the rites, and making sure everyone arrives and everyone leaves without breaking down.

A mastery of Chant and memorization of the Rite’s performed is an absolute requisite – but it hasn’t been decided yet which of the Rites would be performed aside from the 9a one, which requires a lot of work, preparation and solidarity to achieve. In that, I’ve had a semi-active role in acting, and I am sure the Sorceress can provide useful instructions on its performance for a group as she has performed the 9a repeatedly and has a great working knowledge of the Dramatic Arts.

In some cases it may be useful to alter the text of the ONA’s Rites or to perform a completely different rite unique to THEM.

All this will be discussed by myself and other members of THEM and members of Mvimaedivm are welcome to offer up their suggestions or put in for a charter.

 PS. [The name of this Mss is taken from the name of a song by Metal Band, Pantera. The name Planet Caravan is used in the hope that the idea of a cold mobile convoy of people working blitzkriegs of acausal magic around the world might take off as a suitable alternative to an immobile nexion where internal politics of people not familiar with one another or exposed to high traffic volume tend to gather and wreak havoc on a form. As we have said, the idea of issuing Charters for others to raise their own Temple to THEM (A Tendril of THEM) is under consideration.]

Radia Sol: Emanations of the Self




Opening Statements

This manuscript is the amalgam of two ideas. The first idea comes from looking into the various ideas that deal with the personal alchemy of the Magickian as s/he discards the Ego in necessary favour of the Self. The second idea comes from my foray into the fields of Science and Physics to educate myself on the basics that I felt I lacked the knowledge of.

The discarding and transcending of the Ego via ‘alchemical’ processes poses some interesting inferences. That the Ego is not necessarily the ‘be-all and end-all’ of our organisms intellectual and spiritual capacity, and that the emergence of a new species of capacity can be attained by shedding the older ego-based skin of the conscious through the harsh alchemical processes mentioned within alchemical-based texts, is interesting enough. But this alchemical angle seems to be quite satisfactorily covered for the moment and my concern and this manuscript aim to explore another aspect of the Psyche: the metaphysical process that enables the Psyche to shift from Ego to Self.

Amongst most other books that cover the subject of Psyche, from the manner in which the aspects of the Unconscious, Ego and Self are attributed to the Psyche, I get the impression they are represented almost as if they were transient beings. As if the Psyche is inhabited by the three individual entities, and ‘Ego’ for instance, is merely one power in control of the organism at any given time from a choice of three: A triplicate that inhabits the organism as if the organism were a vehicle and one of the three aspects the vehicles current driver. When I found myself wondering if the Psyche could indeed be inhabited by a sort of triplicate life of its own, I began trying to apply scientific principles from an Acausal point of view to work out how these three organisms of the Psyche or ‘Psychanisms’ might function.

The Ego is integrated with, and ingrained as, part of our conscious, sure. Yet, via alchemy, it is metaphysically possible to increase and decrease its degree of domination, and can even be forced to take a backseat to one of the other aspects as the organism gains conscious recognition of its Ego and enables the Psyche to evolve into the Self. This sounds like a relatively simple enough process in theory. However, when I’d personally apprehended the concept of the Psyche and nurtured the ability to recognize which of the three aspects were dominant within the conscious of others around me: it was increasingly clear how difficult it was for an organism to gain primary consciousness of its Ego in order to enable the move to self. Given the elite nature of Satanists, I toyed with the idea that this inability for the Majority to apprehend, recognise and overcome the driver of their organism as the Satanist is able to, was due to two things:

  • The differing degree of mergence of the Acausal with the respective nexions.

  • The presence of an x factor in the respective organism enabling independent recognition of the dominant power currently driving their organism.

I hypothesise that Self emerges from Ego by virtue of the Self becoming Self-Aware. This self-awareness primarily requires the Self to realise it exists. So how does the Self come to recognise itself, and furthermore become the dominant psychanism over the virtually absolute dominance of the Ego in many cases, either naturally or magically? It is reasonable to assume that there exists some sort of trigger for the Self’s awareness, that such triggers prompt the organism into suddenly becoming aware of the Psychanism in current control.

Yet the ‘Psychanisms’ are intangible and, from many points of view inseparable: as much a part of us as we are of it. So how does an organism apprehend them? In part, this is where the Alchemical and Magickal working toward the ability to recognize and separate the Self from the Ego may come in. Yet logically speaking, perhaps the Psychanisms recognise their image and become consciously aware of it in the same way as the organism they inhabit does – by its reflection in a mirror?

Esoterically and Sociologically speaking, if one thinks of the manner in which a child’s unconscious slowly forms into an Ego, one realises a process occurs wherein the organism is unable to see itself except in other people via the visible external interactions and changes it makes. (Added to of course by Environment, Culture et al until personal identity is achieved) One gets the impression that everyone is looking at everyone and everything else simply to see or more precisely, Define, themselves. Since the myth ‘Equality’ and the concept of all people being equal has no standing in my hypothesis, perhaps it is the unequal portioning of charge to some individuals via the different degree of individual mergence with the Acausal that enables certain individuals better recognition and control of their Psychanisms.

Of course, if one views the Self as on the same fundamental mission as the Ego, that is, to see its reflection in other Psychanisms of the same species to reaffirm itself, one can see a distinct major disadvantage in the ratio of Self (rare and highly polished mirrors) to Ego (crass lenses of personal distortion) by which the Self may recognise itself. It is easy to appreciate thus, the rarity of the Self being attained and then kept in power as the dominant Psychanism. Perhaps this vast difference in ratio is the reason for the hermitage of Self-types who seek solace away from the majority, the paradigm of Ego. Nietzsche for example?

Unable to find another Self to reflect itself back to itself, perhaps the Self is forced to seek solace in isolation to try and mirror itself by itself. If this is the case, the ability of the dominant Psyche to grow upon Self-Reflection leads me to surmise that each organism theoretically ‘radiates’ something to be reflected. Beams of psyche like the light of a sun (Radia Sol) perhaps, which it beams out toward the Psyches of other organisms, using them like mirrors or walls to bounce itself or ‘ideas’ off. Including of course, anything else that might serve as a mirror, which can be as simple as a book, or as complex as the incommunicable sensations received by virtue of being affected by the matrix. Why? In order to send itself back information about itself to define itself, perhaps continually, in order to stay in dominance over the other aspects of the psyche, and to define which aspect is in control.

The writings below attempt to demonstrate how metaphysically this ‘Radia Sol’ might work – and I’ve broken the theory down into several smaller fundamental principles to aid an understanding.


What is a model?

Models, are an integral tool of my ability to artistically interpret and demonstrate concepts, especially those related to Physics, Quantum Theory, or the Acausal for which I lack the necessary knowledge of mathematics to convey. Quite simply, a model is the building of a structure, with bits and pieces arranged and labelled in such a way that the esoteric forces I am trying to demonstrate can represent themselves.

One example of a Causal model might be a diagram or a picture whereby the forces are represented through labels and accepted scientific doctrine. An Acausal example might be when I draw a parallel between a thing that is recognized and known by the majority as a ‘Real’ or ‘Accepted’ thing or function within the Causal. Often I’ll use a metaphor to explain that which is beyond cause and effect, allows for x amount of dimension, and is generally not accepted, i.e. the image of a burning sea of oil to represent the Acausal and its nexions.

Take the example of a remote control car as being the accepted view of a causal Model. It has a structure that is made up of many parts and components, arranged and labelled in such a way that the parts and components can express specific principles actively such as motion, acceleration, inertia, electricity, etc. By its abilities to do so with a remote control, it defines the meaning of the nature of the model as a ‘Remote Control Car’. Note that it expresses a range of physics and laws – yet is contained within the postulate, and operates on the presupposition, that there are only four dimensions.

However, in this example, the parts, wheels, frame, motor, gears, etc are often understood by a binding general consensus and are recognised fairly easily by the majority of people. They are familiar parts that go together in a familiar way. Most people are aware the wheels are used to propel the frame, the motor to propel the wheels, the remote control to propel the whole thing… etc etc. While few of the majority, actually understand how it works, they accept this model defined by causal laws and physics and geometry, as representative of the causal, of the ‘Real World’.

However, the model I am about to construct is metaphysical. – The ‘parts’, whilst referred to by names commonly and causally known, may not necessarily have the causal physics associated with that which is alluded to. For example – I may use the word ‘wave’ but this doesn’t necessarily bind my usage of the word to all or any accepted meaning of the familiar word ‘wave’. As always with esoteric manuscripts, there are some important things to remember about models used to demonstrate Esoteria before we continue – and these are as follows:

I) The parts that make up the whole of the Acausal model are not solid ineffable terms or descriptions of objects or movements – they are merely abstract inferences to enable the apprehension of the forces or concept being dealt with in a (mostly) common everyday way using parts that are causally familiar. As they are parts in a model, it is easy to think of the word wave for example, as an actual ‘wave’ and to associate the ideas connected to the word and term ‘wave’ as being applicable and only applicable to the part labelled ‘wave’. This is a fundamental error – since these parts are not intended to represent the actual parts that make up the model, but familiar components used to help give understanding on a basic level necessary to comprehend esoteric ideas. Furthermore the term ‘parts’ is misleading since the dimensions of the Acausal are not fitted together like those of a causal model – and the reader is wise to keep in mind that what is described using causal terms cannot represent the actual nature of Acausal forces.

II) The causal motions, effects, or changes that the parts demonstrate upon one another and the model as the parts and their function are explained, are mostly irrelevant, since the model deals with the Essence, the Idea behind the model. And it is this Idea behind the model, separate from the parts and familiar associations with the parts themselves, that I seek to bring to light.

III) The model is not infallible – it is after all only a model. Too often criticisms are found with the model before the Idea which the model is trying to elaborate – (and catch 22, can rarely do, without the use of such models) is apprehended. Too often the appearance is observed and not the essence. This fundamental flaw in perception develops the Projection that is the bane of all such esoteric models. Since sure, while the parts of a model exist as they Are, unless one is able to view the Idea behind the parts – one will never understand essence. And it is this raw numinous genius that is alone important. The model is not a representation of the actual Essence of the Idea, but uses familiar forms to demonstrate it. Essence, which is without causal form -relies on the limited forms available to an individual to express itself in a causal way – and is therefore a difficult concept to apprehend, work with, or show to others.

IV) The ability to see the Idea behind the model, from the model, and think beyond the model is paramount. It enables latent genius to presence itself – and not necessarily the genius of the model’s maker, but that which comes from another individual who grasps and then evolves the Idea in ways the model maker may have not thought of. The more organisms capable of apprehending the Acausal the more chance of eventually representing it on its own terms, in Acausal ways.

V) To better understand my model, you will require some knowledge of ‘Wave Mechanics’. I of course assume that like myself, when faced with a subject of which one knows nothing or very little about – you undertake the necessary research to remedy this. For my model, I have posited the reality of wave mechanics and built up the theory from this postulate.


Wave Mechanics – A Crash Course

Wave Behaviour:

A wave rises and falls as it travels – the rise and fall are called Crest and Trough respectively. The distance between Crest and Crest or Trough and Trough is called a Wavelength.

Wave Frequency:

The number of wavelengths that pass a certain point in a given amount of time is called the waves Frequency.


If two waves meet each other of the same frequency, both the Crests and Troughs of those waves combine and increase in size as they run together or phase. This is called Constructive Interference.

If two waves of the same or different frequency meet each other halfway however, the waves do no overlap perfectly, and the crests and troughs of the waves do not coincide. This is called Destructive Interference.

If two identical waves are exactly half a wavelength out of Phase, the crests of one wave lined up with the trough of the other wave, these waves cancel each other out and no wave appears.

There are also complicated waves in which phase and wavelength are out of sync a bit, making them both constructive and destructive in different places.

Note: Electrons are/embody both wave/particle properties: the more energy that an electron has the shorter its wavelength. Any point in any wave could be the location of the Electron. At the time of writing Electrons cannot be pinpointed in time and space and this peculiar occurrence is referred to as Quantum Physics.

My aim in showing you some wave mechanics is to demonstrate the complexity of waves and the myriad of ways in which they can interact with one another.

This is an important part in the model, but remember; the part is not to be understood as strictly adhering to the properties of wave mechanics, but is instead an unknown quality only re-presented by the use of waves.



Now to familiarize you with my concept of ‘Emanations’. The following is not a detailed study of emanations, but instead aims to give you the reader what is popularly known as ‘the gist’.

Most people are familiar with “vibes” / (vibrations). A typical example would be “getting bad vibes/ good vibes”. Often this phenomenon occurs without the individual even being in a position to get the usual sensory information when making a customary good/bad judgment. For example, most of us are aware of our ‘6th’ sense when someone is watching or following us in a sinister fashion. What gives us the feeling, the ‘vibe’, that something bad is about to happen, or that we are in danger despite our other senses lack of alert – neither hearing, seeing, smelling, touching, or tasting, danger?

It’s common to get a bad feeling about a place, but more specifically from people, to feel comfortable or uncomfortable in the presence of strangers, because of the way they seem to give off or emanate some kind of good or bad feeling from within themselves. This is the intuitive at work surely – but then if it cannot see, hear, touch, taste, or smell a bad situation, what does it intuit? Is it possible organisms give off frequencies or wavelengths by our energy, matter, chemical composition, or some such thing? – That we beam or radiate good/bad feelings like satellites sending signals, and likewise receive good/bad signals without the aid of sensory input that tell us the nature of the invisible something is okay/not okay? Perhaps when two such identical frequencies meet that’s how we get people ‘on the same wavelength’? I won’t be going into such possibilities too deeply here, since it’s a topic that is already much thrown about in Occult and Scientific circles under terms like fields, magnetism, aura etc… and is already a familiar concept to most by nature, usually just under a different name.

Based on my own experiences with ‘having aura’ and ‘giving vibes’ I’ve postulated that they exist and radiate from within an organism. I refer to these vibes, the giving off of waves or frequencies or charge or what have you, as ‘emanation’. If we emanate, if we possess a vibration that emits telltale signals of our nature, and I feel we do, why do we do it and how?

I aim to demonstrate my theory with a theoretical model. A theoretical model subject to the above stipulations about the nature of the parts and the whole of the model, the purpose of the model, and herein attempt to sweep aside the confines of the Causal and its forms to illustrate ‘Radia Sol’.


The Theoretical Model assumes the following postulates exist:

  • That three Aspects within the Psyche are vying for dominance: Unconscious, Ego and Self.

  • That each of the Aspects emanates and that dominant emanation by an Aspect ensures dominance over the organism by that Aspect.

  • That the Aspects emanate both independently and simultaneously with the others in differing degrees.

  • That an Aspect uses emanation to recognise itself as the dominant aspect, and then continually emanates to affirm dominance and define itself.

  • That Aspects are able to emanate a vast range of frequencies and even match the frequencies emanated by other Psyches.

  • That the frequencies emitted are subject to some or all of the laws of wave mechanics.

  • That the Ego is the dominant Aspect in the majority.

  • That the dominance of an Aspect can and does vary in degree within an organism.

  • That the Self can act independently of the Ego and the Unconscious and vice versa.

  • That the emanations emitted by all three Aspects, whilst invisible to the eye or modern science at present, radiate from one Psyche to/through/at/into/etc other Psyches constantly and ceaselessly and can be observed by the nature of interaction with ones total environment or “Matrix”.

  • That the Aspects use emanation like echo-sound to recognize themselves.

  • That Ego emanations are different to Self emanations – requiring different environments to succeed in dominance.

  • That Ego uses other Ego’s to remain dominant, and Self uses other Self to do the same.

  • That distortion takes place within the emanations unless identical aspects are interacting.

  • That Higher consciousness and a shift from Ego to Self can be achieved if one finds a location that does not distort the echo of its emanation.

With this is mind we can now proceed to the Theory.


Radia Sol : Emanations of the Self- A Theory.

The Emanations of the Self in my theory are best thought of as waves.

Ever, you emit the frequency of your Unconscious, Ego, and Self in unique waves, like ripples on a pond, out onto the ether. Intuitively seeking to Be.

A vast expanse of millions of other Unconscious, Ego, and Self are also unconsciously or consciously emitting frequencies.

The Organism (via acausal energies) projects differing emanations onto the ether (these can be thought of as ‘questions’) to other organisms simultaneously. Seeking to ‘Be’, to become dominant, demands that the Aspect order chaos to know its own image, its own being. Therefore these emanations are the base nature, the ‘feelers’ of the Organism that bounce ideas, conversation, interaction etc, off other Organisms (mirrors) in an attempt to put together a picture of what it actually looks like – and what it is that actually exists. The received replies from these mirrors can be though of as ‘answers’.

Each of the three Aspects vys for domination over an Organism’s psyche but the aspect that receives more replies to its emanations than the other two is selected as the dominant driver of an organism. Usually however, the natural process of life takes an Organism through these three Aspects, the last emerging during mid-life of an Organism or after particularly harrowing or harsh experiences. Over the last two thousand years this ability of the Self to become dominant and maintain its power has been vastly diminished due to a lack of Self-types, processes used to reach self and the excess majority of Ego-types. What makes the attainment even more difficult is the distortion of the matrix by Magian design that has allowed so many of the immature Ego-types to breed but does not allow progress to the next stage of the mature Organism, the Self.

Hypothetically, ‘answers’ are received, processed, assimilated and more ‘questions’ sent out. However, if the emanations act somewhat like waves, then perhaps they are not always directly focused at a receiver but emanate like a sun rather than a laser, and both ‘questions’ and ‘answers’ are subject to chaos. The infinitesimal number of organisms all emanating at once could be represented as the outward spreading of ripples on the surface of a pond after a stone has been thrown in. Eventually the joining of separate ripples occurs as more stones are thrown in until so many stones are thrown in that the ripples become unrecognisable. Emanations, being bounced and rocketed from one location (location: an abstract plane of projection such as an idea, concept, form, human construct or even another human etc) to another, are possibly altered by similar properties as are the waves in wave mechanics. Stronger waves may assimilate, distort, fragment other waves over and over again, they may even cancel other waves out. Resulting in a perpetual tumultuous multitude of confusion and chaos. Especially when you consider that a little like the game of paper, scissors, rock, the three different aspects emanate differently and the effect of each from one psyche on each aspect of another psyche, allows for virtually infinite outcomes. Perhaps this chaos could be likened to ‘Sensory Perception’ if these emanations are also what serve to define dimension, relativity, and order (ad infinitum) of our Organism in relation to the matrix?

However – this confusion of the process from Unconscious to Ego to Self reigns because of the domination of the Majority by the Ego. The Ego, using others organisms to reflect itself off where the dominant Aspect is also the Ego, mostly operates in a causally contained frame of reference, subject to causal distortion and all manner of postulates of reality, and is inherently a contradiction to itself via the positing of ‘opposites’ for example. If Self generates Self, then Ego generates ego, and with so MUCH Ego the likelihood of a Self being created instead, is very slim. What we are experiencing in terms of Aeonics, is the perpetual creation of ‘Organism without Self’ – a bi-partmental Psyche, a global populace in psychic limbo.

On the rare occasion when the organism becomes aware of Self, a search or echo-scan for other Self’s is begun by that Organism. It tries to find a location where it can refract itself – in order to define itself. By virtue of the Organism being aware of Self, this scan for other Self is more focused than the scan performed by the Ego. The Self temporarily no longer in thrall to illusions, no longer sends it waves out in all directions, but in focused bursts to specific receivers to attain a direct reply. But to get feedback requires the highly polished mirrors that other Selfs are, that are very rare. Perhaps given the unique nature of emanations, a Self has different specifications for what it can and can’t reflect itself off. However, unlike the Ego, I hypothesise that the emanations of a Self are not altered by absorption of the emanation by the Other Self, nor does the mingling or phasing of the original emanation occur as it does in Egos, creating a mongrel hybrid. That is to say, when the emanation of an Ego is absorbed by another Ego, it is distorted and mingled into a different refraction or wavelength containing emissions of that Ego as well as the original. Or the emanation is split into more than one wave, part of which is refracted elsewhere and only part of an echo or none at all recieved. Or the Ego even receives a foreign echo created elsewhere but which is interpreted as the reply to the emanation sent out.

I believe this distortion is not applicable between Selves. A Self is a complete Whole comprised of both anima and animus, no longer in need of a ‘half’ (either feminine or masculine) to complete itself and as such is no longer dependant on finding halves to complete (usually just compliment) itself as is the task of the Ego. Therefore it has no need for either feminine or masculine emanations as given off by the Ego and, basically, negates them.

More often than not however, the Self is unable to find a similar complete receiver to refract itself off and either seeks solace, loses dominance and is once again replaced by Ego, or perhaps in extreme (or typical?) cases, dies, and the Organism loses any chance of becoming Self-aware again.

Just as we seldom see our own physical organism or what we look like from an external view, but instead possess notions of such that give us our own personal definition of ourselves, perhaps the Self actively seeks to view its own image by sending internal emanations to the external sources around it, hoping for a mirror. And just a mirror – since because it is a complete whole it no longer needs any other organisms input but its own to see itself. But without this mirror – it cannot Be. The Idea or Process of seeking to be Self is more often than not stifled early, and even murdered in many people by society seeking to suppress recognition of this aspect. This makes finding a suitable mirror for the Self to refract off all the more difficult and random to achieve. Perhaps then, when the Self finds such a rare mirror in which to ‘become’ more of itself, and gains precedence over the organism as the dominant Psychanism – it operates on an entirely new system no longer using emanations for the same purpose? Perhaps it gains an increase of concentration and control over its emanation and uses it more like a laser than a radiating wave to cut through egos, so great its power it is no longer is applicable to the same restrictions imposed upon an ego by having or being in thrall to the ego.

Yet in those rare moments when the Self is able to find such a higher receiver, and when two Selfs emanate their Self and nothing more – (achievable only via that intangible quality, Self-Honesty) the two Selfs are able to refract each others emanation without absorbing or mongrelizing it because each Self is of its Self, is whole, rejects all other input but its own and has no interest in projecting the Self onto others.

However – in the case of a Self needing a Self to become dominant, the paradox is posed – how does the Psyche become Self if one cannot find a mirror – in other words, how does the Self find a mirror if in the first place there are no Selfs? It seems difficult to imagine a Self being formed prior to being Self already – but therein the alchemical and magickal training of individuals to recognise and overcome the Ego makes possible the existence of Selfs out there. Furthermore, Jung suggests that the Self is naturally attained for a period of time, but the dominance of which must be worked at to maintain or lost again, and usually forever. Therefore, it is possible to find such mirrors and doesn’t necessarily require two organisms to enable recognition of Self via a mutual transaction.

In the case of the Self evolving on its own, in my opinion the power of self-honesty is the sheer power of all – and using this power to complete oneself, a Whole needs no additional input to function. With no energy expended in ‘echo location’ trying to see the Self anymore, the Self is self-empowered. (Continuing with the metaphor of the Sun, they self-replicate like a thermonuclear explosion). If the Self only refracts itself, the power can only grow, since it is Self-Effort, Self-Love, Self-Achievement, Self-Awakening, and Self-Awareness that occurs. If this is the case, the Self wouldn’t expend its energy carelessly like the Ego does, and perhaps an excess of power ensues which flows over or spills, onto other aspects of the Self’s drive to power – ‘Wisdom’ maybe, or Enlightenment, or other such things. If this could occur en massé perhaps with more and more Selfs balancing (or at least increasing) the ratio of Self to Ego; the charge, the power, of the Cosmic might become perpetual as the Selfs start to become more dominant making more and more mirrors available to potential Selfs.


Closing Statements:

This model/theory may not provide ‘food for thought’ for all, or even for many – but it does offer a different perspective on how we function and why. The Theory can be superimposed over all human interactions to explain their mechanics by virtue of emanation. Why humans don’t get along, why misunderstandings or love occurs between us, how we find enlightenment, why so few people ever reach enlightenment, or why the chaos exists in our lives, our ideas, our identities, our experiences, and our heads, for example. Furthermore, it offers an esoteric explanation of how the three (psychological) aspects of an organism might function rather than the accepted dual view of our organism and psyche combined as the one inseparable power which drives us: namely, as a sort of will to power to become dominant, lest it become recessive and replaced.

It’s hardly an overestimate to suggest the fierce domination of the Ego-mirror in societies overshadow the rare and often easily broken Self-mirror a million to one – perhaps more. Without a healthy Renaissance (Satanic, for example) in which organisms are enabled recognition of the three Pyschanisms, perhaps we are killing ourSelves simply because they have lost the will to live. It’s no small wonder in such a climate hostile even to emergence of the Self that it hibernates. But to let the Self sleep, is to die a slow and insidious death, deafened and maddened by a ceaseless, pointless, bombardment of Egoic emanation.

Tnepres Ra 114.e.h

“Temple” vs “temple”

Imagine that I have two forms to work with, the Church of Satan, and the Temple of Set – is either one of them right, or one of them more correct than the other? ~ ~ ~ Questions like ‘Is either one of them right or more correct than the other’ may be a well-meaning division that seeks to simplify the subject matter so as to delineate the choices, but this question, by virtue of even being asked, cannot help but pose further problems. These problems always eventuate in the instant that just One form or ideal is held up as a mode of heurisy – that is to say, as a means or model used as the base or ground from which one proceeds. No ideal and no form is ever or can ever be singular in nature but exists as a multiplicity, – its very presence divides space – which is to say that any supposed singularity possesses attachments that come with it whether one likes it, or accepts it, or not. If we say No, then we automatically posit the existence of Yes. Without Yes, No cannot be understood because it has no context against which to be compared – no tension of opposites as it were. White, gives us the tension of Black, but then also Grey. If we say Right, then we automatically posit Wrong, but we also posit Left which in turn posits Up, Down and direction in general – which cannot be without supposing Space in which to move in said directions – which then supposes the absence of space, non-movement, and so on. One could liken this to the advent (possibly invent?) of numbers. One comes into being. It is only natural that with nothing but one to imagine, it is imagined against itself. And supposes two. Two and One supposes Three… A process like this “inherent multiplicity” is suggested to be at the heart of the Big Bang Theory. These may seem like simplistic examples – but so many times have I not taken them into consideration despite ‘knowing’ the power of my own mind to set up 23 currents in my way of thinking that I think it useful to re-iterate them. The powerful logic of the Greeks sadly falls all too often into disuse in favour of absurdity. The moment we posit something, we immediately bring into being an entire army of alternate and connected aspects that go along with it. A metaphor for this “inherent multiplicity” is to be found in an old story that goes when John the rapist held up his hand in the sign of the Benediction – on the wall behind him his shadow correspondingly made a sign called the Malediction. Forms behave very similarly to this. Forms however are multiplied exponentially each time they are subject to interpretation, they do not have just a shadow, but possess a mirror image, a reflection, a refraction, a description, analogy, simile, relative spaces in time, and an undetermined number of aspects limited only by human imagination. Largely these multiple aspects are conjured forth when form is evoked or expressed through language– language cannot help but create attachments to any form brought into being and then proceeds to add attachments even to the attachments until the form is layered under a thick crust of illusions. Were we able to strip away every element of this crust we would find, in a sense, empty space denoting the original formlessness from which interpretation drew the particular form forth. For in any act of interpretation, say when one looks at a tree, one subjectively isolates only part of the space and visible contents of the worlds totality (the Black Clay) and moulds it with shapes, names, area, description and other values that break the whole into manageable chunks – i.e. one harnesses a particular and partial idea and pulls it out of the greater whole – then treats that partial aspect pulled out as a whole itself. I think this is because everything we bring into being is grounded in morality. Morality is an inescapable filter kept in place in part due to the language we use and the way it behaves. Latin, being the root of English, was a language developed by the Church. It was cobbled together from many other languages and was designed to be a universal language that would breed out the languages of the pagans. Because of the intent inlaid within it – it expresses a particular ethos, viz. the ancient ethos of Christianity, and this ethos is grounded in the Either/Or mode definitive of morality. What the world was like before morality I should love to know – but at this time, Morality is a prison that binds language to express itself in time and space and through a tension of opposites. Most people don’t appear to think too hard about what our language is and does or how it operates at this level – at its prime magical base. However, I do. For example: when we posit anything, i.e. “Timmy’s hat is green” we use ‘Is’ to isolate and exclude timmy’s hat from being other colours, from being any other type of clothing, or from being anyone elses hat. “Is” is itself a moral certitude and a positivism. As I have said above, in affirming a positive form or set of forms, we instantly set up a set of negative forms and vice-versa. But this is not out of ignorance per se but because we really cannot help it – there is a duplicity (2) and multiplicity (more than 2) inherent in the very essence of language that sets off the forms we create against their negative and at the same time summons unwanted attachments. For instance, we assume Timmy is a person, that the person who made the statement knows what green is, that it is in fact a voiced statement not perhaps some written sign, that Timmy is a person’s name, and that there is a hat at all. We make vague logical conclusions because these words and their combination into this sentence bring with their existence, certain attachments – and these steps are the foundation of communication. Yet as we discern sentences from words, the same process applies to words from letters. While the word Timmy contains the isolated letters of T, I, M, M, and Y – which mean little by themselves, their combination brings mental assumptions forth. I.e. we immediately picture the combination of these letters as a name, viz. Timmy – and assume that Timmy is a person. We get a sense of a physical body, perhaps a boy, wearing a hat. A green hat no less, but what colour green do we picture? Dark green, olive, verdant, lime, bright, blue-green, emerald? We would likely all differ in interpretation of that detail because the sentence does not instruct us as to which green. That information is missing. Yet, while our mind is processing which green the hat might be, it has probably already jumped to the conclusion that Timmy is a person, not perhaps a dog, or a mannikin, or even a girl – and already built up a certain picture, a certain prejudice about Timmy and the green hat. For the purpose of this exercise it really doesn’t matter what colour Timmy’s hat is – (dark green) but serves as an example that we often process information in a certain manner without questioning important parts of that information or indeed our own information processor. My point here however, is that while we may all make different assumptions – we will nonetheless all be forced to use the same vehicle to do it, flaws and all, viz. language – and are thus each unconsciously constrained in our available modes for interpretation. While numerous studies into linguistics and communication have time and again eventuated in the understanding that we cannot really ever understand one another – because we are not aware of this particular prison there is very little opportunity to develop alternate means by which to communicate. One of the infuriating problems with form is that they are impossible to grasp without using more form – owing to the fact that no form can ever exist singularly. If instead of asking ‘which organization is right’ we were to ask, ‘right for who or for what’ – we might think it possible to arrive at a more definitive answer – to question the question and assess whether it is the right one to ask. But as you can see from the ontology created by trying to define right by defining right, we only promote the creation (and negatives) of many more forms. Y to the power of infinity. We end up more deluged than before in information and forms with the x amount of shadows, reflections, opposites and attachments they cannot help but bring with them. The idea of something being ‘Right’ in itself – as if there were some one true meaning – is to mistake (or deliberately ignore – Christianity, I’m looking at you!) the abstracts used to define another abstract as every bit as objective as the primary abstract one seeks to define. In other words, we invent things (T), to validate something else we have invented (I), and if we manage to convince ourselves with enough words that this thing we have invented actually exists (X) we tend to mistake our tools and our inventions as real too. For instance, to make my point, it is necessary to believe in or summon up the concept of Reality itself couched in a whole host of others concepts in order to convey the concept I am trying to convey. This labyrinth of logic that characterizes conceptual thought works marvelously where humans are concerned – so long as its never looked at too closely. When it is – it all falls down. Here is another example that uses the Temple of THEM. The Temple of THEM (an abstract) was characterized as being based on faith in Synchronicity (further abstract) for example. So one abstract was used to validate (prop up) the other which then created a base of abstracts that supported one another and to which all manner of other abstracts could then be attached – including the validation of the process of its creators connecting abstracts to begin with. Each abstract brings with it an illusion of solidarity (of form) but also visible and hidden duties and boundaries – which boundaries are often not detected until certain conflicts occur due to the increasing complexity of one’s belief system. What one effectively does when they ask ‘Which group is right for me?’ Is to narrow down the infinitesimal possibility of choices available from the infinite collective. Perhaps this is because to grasp the scope of the world with all its complexity would overwhelm the senses – or perhaps it is precisely because the world has been broken into so many chunks from its original simplicity, with names, ology’s, onomy’s, ism’s and so on that it seems much more complicated than it is – that a process of mental mapping takes place filling spaces with thousands of names for objects and items and people and their combinations so as to make space seem extremely crowded. – especially when the human automatically itemized the contents of this space. Consider some of the many alternate options their question has closed off to them – they could have chosen from a wider set of groups instead of just the two; they could have flipped a coin to decide their choice; but they have already locked themselves into giving a particular answer just by asking a particularly phrased question. They have even imposed upon themselves a duty to answer their question. They have asked ‘Which’ – this choice of words has locked them into an inevitable ‘one form or the other’ based decision limited by the content they have selected to focus their decision on. They have said ‘group’ – narrowing down their answer even more – since the question now precludes individuals and possibly even selecting oneself. Moreover they have themed their choices, choosing between two satanic based groups. They have said ‘Is’ – denoting a positive affirmation (thus creating its corresponding negative – which group ISN’T right for me?) of one of the groups. They seek something to Be, and have locked out the option to not Be that something. They have said ‘Right’ – imposing a moral value judgement upon the question which will further limit the answer based on the strictures of their statutes of morality. They have said ‘for’ indicating an unconscious belief that the object in question is something they can take from or believe is meant for them. Thus they have made value judgements already about the groups that will affect their final decision. And they have also said ‘me’ – and here is where it gets tricky. What is a ‘me’? Well, what will decide which group is right? Will it be me? Or will it be you? Will it come down to a comparative list of their benefits and the common-sense of their movements? If so then what will you base that comparison on – what do you consider beneficial? So many variables… I have a way to simplify them all. If you say to me that the Temple of Set is more superior to the Cos – it is irrelevant what I think unless I am seeking to impose my will upon you. What if I am not? I am only compelled by your opinion to believe that you have an opinion. But the content of your opinion is beside the point unless again I am seeking to impose my will on you. If I disagree with your opinion? Do I, like so many do, then set up logical arguments, moral based judgements, and opinions of my own, in a careful arrangement to weaken your statements, and perhaps even your personal character – thus showing how the form I follow is better than the form you follow, and attempt to prove that I am a better judge of things than you? Typically, yes. This is precisely what I would do, return comment with an argument, response, or discussion – whatever you want to call it. Though whether I answer nicely or aggressively put forth a reply makes no difference overall in what I would be doing at a primal level – which would be attempting to exercise my will upon you or others who can exercise their will upon you by seeking control, of you, of events, of the singular space the ego can occupy, because only one ego can dominate a given space at any time. But in the end – when opinions clash – can anyone win? Sometimes, someone will back down – accede to someone else’s point of view, perhaps diplomatically so as to keep their own view by widening it enough to fit in the view of their opponent. But more often than not, when neither party will accede, comments turn away from the subject matter and toward the personal judgement and character of each person involved. I believe this shows the true struggle going on beneath the illusory battle to ‘be right’– which is not primarily to prove one’s opinion or forms against someone else’s per se, but to vy for the limited room allowed to prove will to power. Conversations, however tame or meek, are a direct attack by one ego on another that sometimes use indirect or rather, ‘incidental’, means such as a labyrinth of forms and concepts that the ego believes in and upholds, purely to start fights by having something to defend. The only way to win – is to never play the game. But there is a vital piece of the puzzle missing at this point and it is this: The only way to make any judgement at all is to first have some kind, any kind, of belief – which belief (sans form) immediately shapes our blank slate – into a particular geometric shape. This shape will attract other shapes and build a total shape that by will by virtue of its nature fit with/in/against some shapes but exclude others. That is to say, its own geometry, its own nature, will preclude certain types of other geometry and certain natures from ever interacting with it, just as if a wall was built or a line drawn in the mental sand that says to various forms and ideals ‘you can come in because you fit my ideal’, but ‘you must stay out there because you don’t’. This notion is best captured in the popular and eternal ideology created by humanity that voices itself as the ‘us’ and ‘them’ division. Naturally this division tends to find a voice in the most basic differences of geometry – political concepts that have developed such as ‘Race’, religious concepts that have developed such as ‘True Believer’, or scientific concepts that have developed such as ‘Facts’. Unfortunately though I see some interesting connections – a discussion of this process in relation to the mind with its habit of repression, the unconscious, the self and so on would take me too far from the subject matter at hand – but I expect the reader may have already drawn their own conclusions about the relationship of these matters to their and others psyche. If I can return to the matter of attachments for a moment. All indications are that the total number and nature of attachments (being suffuse) that accompany forms cannot with any sagacity be predicted, expected or even consciously recognized in any sort of entirety. At best we have vague semblances of what we believe in that we solidify with an armour of abstracts (such as words). These attachments can make life difficult when they drive our will without our will knowing it. Consider the person who joins an Aryan group because he agrees with the noble sentiments espoused by the Nazi’s of fatherland, unity, brotherhood – but correspondingly becomes tarred with the attachments of that form without his consent – i.e. tarred with the brush of the swastika, anti-semitism, the holocaust, Gestapo cruelty, and all manner of associations that have attached or been attached to this form and its signs. Whether they want them or not, our Aryan has just become a race-hating nazi in the eyes of many. In effect, his ‘me’ has been changed by the forms with which he associates. It matters little how eloquently he tries to explain his interest is only with those aspects of the philosophy he admires – because he is enmeshed in a sticky web of forms and their attachments both unpleasant and pleasant, the Benefaction and the Malediction, and, so are the many others that will condemn him. Those that might condemn him do so because they too are enmeshed in their own webs of form; perhaps their forms are centred around semitic pride and hate for neo-nazis and the different associations they make to a holocaust or hitler. Ideologically speaking they may be at opposite ends of the political spectrum. Yet they are both unified, involved in the same process of being controlled by forms to which they attach/detach or are attached/detached by whatever cause, mired in moral judgement. Before I finish up I will take the opportunity to quickly duck off into the tricky and dangerous ground of ‘immorality’ and ethics where such a paring down of these respective modes in effect suggests that both are equal; that killing a baby with a sledgehammer is equivalent to patting a kitten on the head. In other words, that everyone is as guilty or blameless as the other because they have no control over the forms that drive them. If I can imagine for a moment that it is possible at all to escape morality; this is exactly what I believe to be the case. Without imposing some kind of morality on our judgements – no thought or deed, event or person, can be judged one way or the other. They cannot be judged at all – for judgement rests on the supposition of morality. What constitutes/validates morality is both individually and socially determined by the combination of 23 current held by each person and by the total collective. Responsibility for morality rests with the individual who is held to have free will and the wherewithal to make moral decisions, but laws denote an expectation to follow a certain decree of the masses. The threat of punishment stops most of us spiralling out of control to serve self-interest.* But whether morality is another human construct that we have acquired, or is something innate, who can say. It is a moral judgement for me just to say having this type of judgement is as good as it is bad. Yet it is also moral for someone to insist that they are immoral – since morality contains within its form the tension opposite – viz. the very option of immorality is innate/implicit in morality, so it is a tautology to try to create morality’s opposite. Nothing can be immoral. Whatever the ethics involved, whatever we choose to consider to take into account in making our decision – is generally up to the forms we uphold. Some of us will filter our decisions to compliment various forms or group consensus or some ideological premise believing it with all our heart to be our choice. The problem with ethics and coming to some conclusion about what is definitively right or wrong is a problem of having to resort to subjective morality and subjective values, the result of which can be seen in the constant warfare and bloodshed humanity shows when forms clash. I believe there are no objective rights, or wrongs, or values. I therefore cannot fairly say with any authority what is right for you, or for anyone else, but only what is right for me insofar as my freedom/prison allows me. The more forms I attach to myself, the more I imprison myself. And that is why I believe conversation, however selfless it paints itself, seeks at all times to be or become an exertion of will by both parties. Assuming the reader has taken any of these points into some sort of consideration – and I ask again what you think to be ‘you’ – what is right for you – I can presume that enough natural habit has been challenged and conscious reflection brough to the fore to give you cause to reconsider what we really say with each word we use, what we do with each word we use, and the spiderweb that results when we use them in any combination. At the start of my talk I wrote “So now we have two forms to work with, the Church of Satan, and the Temple of Set – is either one of them right, or one of them more correct than the other?” I explained that I believed this to be a channel or mode by which I limit the available possibilities and close in on one particular aspect or group of aspects by creating a wall, a boundary, an obstacle, a statement, a form – to define how I will proceed or react and in what direction. But in asking the question I don’t actually have two forms to work with, but three, because I created another form by which to decide between two others. This one here has been created as a fourth to explain this trilogy. So while the question seems to be about two distinct choices, it’s really more than that. Unfortunately to try and explain these processes I have outlined above only sinks me further and further into the geometric mire of form. On the surface of things we appear to try to escape forms (using more and more of them to do so believing that we are able to narrow things down, be specific) – and on one level, it is accepted that we do, but on another level, a more piercing analysis, we cannot escape the hidden traps simply because there is nowhere to escape to. There exists as a distant option the voiceless realm of Art – where form is used to communicate without the trappings inherent in language – but the idea of completely foregoing language altogether rallies billions of egos – who are part of language itself – collectively against the idea. Assuming we could ever have a blank slate when we approach forms – the statements others make in their writing on behalf of various forms, (say Anton LaVey for the Church of Satan), that seek to appeal to our identity; the pride, emotions, sentiments, memories, etc of our ego; cultural norms or counter-cultural values; philosophical merit; current affairs; archetypal notions and memes; etcetera – that ask for our agreement, our chorus of applause, our time and patience, our money, blood, sweat or tears: can all be said to be appeals to our morality. If our morality is at the whim of the forms that inhabit us: we will choose to be in agreement or disagreement despite ourselves and according to the forms which choose for us. In Summary. What is right for you may not be right for me – because of the intricate attachments form brings when it is communicated through language, or through various mental filters. What is right for you depends on your moral code and the particular geometric (some might say synaptic) arrangement of the 23 syndrome that drives your brain to uphold certain forms that causes a counter-reaction to shun others. What is right for you is entirely at your discretion assuming human beings can ever manually determine their ‘I’ within the myriad of elements that act on our behalf and influence/prejudice/bias our decisions with attachments and shadows. If we recognized we all wear 23-type blinkers in regards to our decisions – we might be able to make more informed decisions. (note that the very concept of informed decisions literally refers to form within decisions.) I tried to keep this treatise linear and orderly, unfortunately, there is no clear distinction where forms or morality start and end – these concepts are all deeply suffused within one another, swimming through one another and biting each other’s tails so as to swallow and become each other pending on how they are handled and by which mode perceived. This has always been a discernible problem when I attempt to outline notions to do with perception. Every form raised up creates a loophole, a shadow and the means to turn a form around on itself. I have written so much here that there are any number of holes by which my essay can be countered or attacked. But these are my own ruminations and even as I finish typing this I am certain that my mind moves to undermine its own creation and escape the prison it has built itself… ah see, there it goes. No state of perfection exists on shifting sands or ever will. I can only answer to my own forms just as I expect you will answer to yours. Most people require other people to hack their own arguments to pieces or validate/invalidate them. But I do just fine on my own. Heurisy is as Heurisy does. ~ ~ ~ Let me leave you with a final scenario – where, like Timmy’s green hat, certain information has been taken for granted in the haste to define Satan and Satanism – or possibly ignored, to justify man’s own notions as befit his ambitions. Given all that I have said in relation to individuality so far in 101 about the sacrifice one must make of it to belong to or subsist within a group mentality – consider how different things might have turned out historically for Earth if Satan had not satisfied the requisite sacrifice necessary to assemble an army of angels around himself to help overthrow heaven, but had indeed been the archetype of the individual he is so often claimed to represent. *See Australia of late (2007-2010) for instance, its present escalation of knife violence is influenced by four things, 1) for several years the government forced mothers to work and thus leave their children in daycare depriving them of vital maternal aspects that are usually imparted from mothers to their sons. 2) the diminishing of humans touching one another in any fashion has left many blind to the damage they do when they overcompensate in seeking touch and injure others. 3) poor law reforms due to the softness of political correctness and the over-stated empathy of everyone being a victim has led to few or no punishments being meted out resulting in a get-away-with murder mentality 4) no serious attempt to change social structures is considered to get to the genuine root of these problems, which are symptomatic reflections of the forms upheld at any given time and the creation of their shadows and attachments – wherein corporations and multi-nationals flood the world with certain messages that are re-inforced daily by the very institutions that claim to be fighting them. Since the ethos of teenagers is to define counter-culture by rebelling against culture campaigns like Don’t Drink and Drive, or No Hooning, provide the very tools for people to define and enter counter-culture. Media is highly irresponsible in this regard – in that, it washes it hands of all responsibility for the messages it sends. All indications are that it knows people are idiots, treats people accordingly, but acts indignant and claims the moral high ground when called out. When selling to us it relies on and plays up to our stupidity as a collective to buy into the advertised material – but when challenged it insists we are each capable of making our own choices. It switches between treating us collectively, and treating us individually – manipulating us masterfully.  

Traps and Trapezoids:





As a witness to the long-standing enmity between ONA and The Temple of Set – I have taken it upon myself to delve into a parallel study of both in several veins – the first of which is merely a form-based comparison of the ideology of the two groups. I have always felt that both groups share far more in common than they seem to admit or notice – due to being constructed on the same traditional esoteric and exoteric principles of form that all groups and currents share as the source of their being.

In Part I my particular interest lies in examining/discussing the similarities between Xeper and the Acausal – the organizational structure of both groups, commonly shared views, and the advantages of adoption of forms by either group.

To my knowledge, there are only a handful of documents comparing the ONA to the TOS – comprising the selection of letters written by Anton Long and replied to by Dr. Michael Aquino that became The Satanic Letters of Stephen Brown as well as a treatise of the different Satanic currents, attitudes and groups and a direct comparison by Anton Long of the differences between ONA and the TOS called The Temple of Set: A Brief Satanic Analysis.

Whilst a Nexion of the ONA – THEM are not interested in championing one group over another and are detached from the outcome of this study. We, as inspired by the ONA, are interested only in dissolving the façade of forms to get to the bones beneath. That is the Only authentic way forward.



[Extract from TOSd8 regarding historical account of the divergent current of the TOS:]

The Church of Satan was a fairly simple, linear story, to which a relatively small number of individuals made specialized contributions over a brief period of time. The Temple of Set may be more likened to an explosion within the heads of a great many individuals of rich and diverse backgrounds, yielding a mix of ideas that would constantly be shared, reconsidered, and compounded. The extent of this corpus of knowledge is already staggering, and of course still continues its exponential growth throughout a variety of communications and records


+O+ In a similar fashion, the unity of three Temples in the 1960’s of Camlad, Temple of the Sun and the Noctulians – a previously underground sect of specialized knowledge of the Dark Gods Mythos, Sinister Tradition and Septenary Way became the Order of Nine Angles headed by AL, who codified and expanded the garbled records and smatterings of the Way into a coherent practical elucidation supplying over time the majority of the pre-fayen corpus of essays rituals and materials. Working underground until the late nineties the decision to take the ONA public and make its teachings available lead to a similar explosion within the heads of a great many individuals of rich and diverse backgrounds yielding a mix of ideas that would constantly be shared, reconsidered and compounded. The complexity of this thriving movement would come to be the Living Sinister Tradition which presenced the Sinister through its initiates and Adepts as a symbiosis of Change that did not stay static but re-wrote itself as each initiate added their own insights, changes and wisdom to the collective pool of ONA resources. Like the TOS, the ONA attracts and suits promethean types striving to increase the collective evolution of humanity by creating a new individual through self-becoming. +O+

[Extract from TOSd8 regarding the Initiatory Elect standards of the TOS:] The Temple of Set presents a somewhat different problem. While I intend that this book be as direct and unambiguous as possible, Setian philosophy requires “initiatory consciousness” – not only an interest in the subject matter but both the intellectual and metaphysical capacity to comprehend it in its ultimate sense. Within the Temple, persons possessing such capacity are referred to as “Elect” and are deemed to have potential for initiation. Those lacking it, best intentions notwithstanding, would find the initiatory experience bewildering, frustrating, and meaningless. Accordingly the Temple endeavors to not admit them, or to disaffiliate them as soon as possible if accidentally admitted. It is much the same with this book. There are aspects of it that may either enter your mind like flame or just leave you confused and annoyed. My pleasure in the former case; my apologies in the latter.

+O+ Likewise does the ONA make these demands of intellectual and metaphysical capacity ogf its prospective adherents and champions Elitism. Hostia, Naos, the Deofel Quintet – standard texts of the ONA were less apologetic than Aquino – though they also sought to break the complexity of their materials down into introductions and steps in as many cases – often the material presented was given no explanation or hinted at further mysteries that could be grasped only by the sagacious. The ONA does not welcome, or uses as it sees fit, those who do not possess this faculty of the Initiatory Elect as tools, mundane or means to and end. +O+

[Extract from TOSd8 regarding the non-finality or Ad Accumulum Infinitum of the TOS:] [Non]finally, The Temple of Set, like The Church of Satan for many years/editions, will be a “living book”, subject to any number of changes, additions, corrections, and updates as various knowledgeable readers comment upon it and/or I refine my own information and opinions.

 +O+ Here again does the ONA follow suit emphasizing its current as a ‘Living’ nexion or kollective of nexions which thrive and change as initiates travel the Way – learning, growing, overcoming – and updating, revising, continuously the exoteric and esoteric magic, method, form and mythos of the Order through its consequent nexions. Like the TOS the ONA spurns the trappings of dogma, aiming for a malleable, flexible current that allows changes to be made reflecting the journey of life and its ever-changing flux through individual achievements and realizations which (hopefully) culminate in wisdom. Great pains are taken to point out this ever-change – and that something written long ago or even yesterday may no longer be viewed as valid by the always changing/learning initiate even as footprints they leave in the sand may appear to be fresh and living statements by those who chance for the first time upon them – without a date to mark its timeline. Neither the TOS nor the ONA like the idea of things to be seen as set in stone.+O+

[Extract from TOSd8 regarding the Initiatory Elect standards of the TOS:]

As is detailed in The Church of Satan, three tensions and dilemmæ inherent in that institution came to a boiling point by early 1975. Among these: (1) Was the Church of Satan theistic or atheistic?

+O+ Because each individual is expected to discern the answers to this and in fact all other questions for themselves – the ONA’s current leaves room for both, either or neither pending the whim/geometry of the Initiate and the relevance of any belief to the aim of the Initiates dynamic sinister path. S/he may even leave room for all three to co-habit.+O+

(a) Did it believe in Satan and his fellow dæmons as actual intelligent, active, willful entities extent in time and space? Or did it disbelieve in the existence of such beings [along

with the Judæo-Christian God], and just use them for spooky window-dressing in rituals that were merely imaginative psychodramas?

+O+ Because each individual is expected to discern the answers to this and in fact all other questions for themselves – the ONA’s current leaves room for both, either or neither or more pending the whim/geometry of the Initiate and the relevance of any belief to the aim of the Initiates dynamic sinister path. +O+

(b) In this same vein, was there perhaps a “two-tiered” attitude within the Church, whereby its High Priest and Priesthood indeed privately believed in Satan and other dæmons, while at the same time presenting to the public an attitude of atheistic satire? Per this interpretation, ordinary members of the Church were initially/generally treated much as the public, yet selectively introduced to the deeper, true metaphysics as they might show themselves capable of understanding and accepting it.

+O+ Because each individual is expected to discern the answers to this and in fact all other questions for themselves – the ONA’s current leaves room for both, either or neither or more pending the whim/geometry of the Initiate and the relevance of any belief to the aim of the Initiates dynamic sinister path. +O+

(2) The original Church of Satan in San Francisco had been inaugurated, part seriously, part whimsically, by Anton Szandor LaVey in 1966 as largely a personal vehicle for advertisement and profit, based upon his colorful personality, extensive knowledge of the Black Arts and occultism generally, and atmospheric house in which to give lectures, hold meetings, and perform rituals. However, as over the years the Church expanded beyond San Francisco, through individuals and groups having little or no direct exposure to these specific original allures, it began to become more of an impersonal institution united by common beliefs and ideas. Its focus was indeed Satan; Anton was revered as his High Priest and Earthly deputy only. Correspondingly the decentralized Church behaved more like a nonprofit organization than a profitable business.

+O+ The same distaste or consternation that Aquino relates is shared by AL – who cites these factors as amongst those that prompted the ONA to surface into the limelight in the late 90’s to ‘reveal the pseuds’ for who they are and share the genuine tradition of the Sinister publicly in what he seemed to think was fast becoming a sycophantic circus. In both cases – the present state of a form (Satanism) prompted both Aquino and Long to take actions of their own to rectify the course as they saw fit. +O+

(3) The more the Church grew, and the more Anton himself became a well-known popular icon, the more withdrawn and private he became. In part this was understandably a reaction to years of being iconized, lionized, media-exploited, and sometimes threatened. He simply became weary of it, exhausted by the demands of having to constantly keep up his Mephistophelian glamor-image. Unfortunately this reclusiveness also extended to the Church of Satan itself beyond his old, familiar entourage in San Francisco. He gradually avoided direct contact with the more distant membership, which had the dual consequence of forcing them to rely more on their initiative and increasing his suspicion of their uncontrolled independence accordingly.

+O+ The ONA has always been very reclusive and secretive, with only the most determined of initiates making it to Shropshire to gain access to then-acting nexions, and later on only through diligence, showing promise and being contacted privately online by ONA associates and/or members. Long avoids direct contact with almost all internet based communicators and for the reasons cited in ONA: Organization and Structure maintains arms length distance, communicating through go-betweens and elected representatives or via one way posts on the Internets SONAK (Sinister ONA Kollective) points. The ONA could care less about creating suspicion or causing others to rely on their initiative with the desired aim that they would become uncontrolled independants, acting as cells in a mode of leaderless resistance.+O+

[Extract from TOSd8 regarding the reasons for the schism of the TOS from the COS:] These factors culminated first in Anton’s “Phase IV” policy paper to the Church, in which the formal standing and authority of non-entourage Church officials and groups were weakened in favor of an informal “Movement” whose preferential membership and influence would once again be Anton’s sole decision.3 His next, and as it turned out explosive action was to attempt to destroy the independent significance and structure of the Church’s initiatory degree system, by also making both the definition and the bestowal of such titles merely his personal whim.4

+O+ One can appreciate Aquino’s concern here over the guru mentality if indeed that is what Szandor began to exhibit. The conferring of titles within ONA is not performed by the Master (which title is not descriptive of this role) and there are no external ceremonies or celebrations of passing these milestones one sets for oneself.. The premise is that one either does – or they do not. If they do – then they will know if they have reached the respective level described – and perhaps more importantly, whether that title still matters to them.+O+

[Extract from TOSd8 regarding Aquino’s movements against the COS:] In terms of my personal involvement, The Church of Satan culminated with my June 10, 1975 letter to Anton and Diane LaVey rejecting what I regarded as their critical corruption of the Church of Satan, and simultaneous letter to the Church membership announcing my disavowal of the organization controlled by them. These were followed by many other Satanists’ resignations, either immediately or after days/weeks/months of waiting to see if Anton LaVey could or would explain and/or correct his startling policy decisions and announcements.

+O+ Whilst the particulars may be different it is worth noting that just as Aquino found fault with the model of the COS and moved to assert the independant position and foundation of the TOS to correct those faults – so too did the ONA find fault with the model of the TOS and moved to assert the independent position of the ONA to correct those faults – as did the TOT (Temple of THEM) find fault with the model of the ONA and moved to assert its independent position as THEM to correct those faults as no doubt the cycle will continue when somebody finds fault with one or more of the listed groups and moves to assert an independent position of their own… This story is not new, it is often just forgotten.+O+

[Extract from TOSd8 regarding Aquino’s movements against the COS:] Nevertheless I had to begin thinking about some sort of “reformed Church of Satan” to replace the corrupted one.

+O+ Here again the wheel turns back to its original position – just as Aquino saw his duty to correct the wayward direction of Satanism from the COS – so did AL see it as his duty to correct the wayward direction of Satanism from the TOS – here though – the chain is broken, wherein THEM and WSA352, both formed groups that did not abandon or disown the ONA but formed independent supports that made a new, stronger Satanic tripod. Though the cycle jostled through many changes and directions as it was stopped from taking its usual course – Ultimately, there was none of the previous attitude of revolution and a throwing away of the prevailing current – but instead a reformation that used the prevailing current in symbiosis. +O+

[Extract from TOSd8 regarding Aquinos inspiration and method for divining the Book of Coming Forth by Night:] I chose the night of June 21-22, X/1975 as an appropriate occasion for the working. The time/events following my June 10th letter to Anton and Diane had suggested to me that an ordinary solution was increasingly improbable, and that evening – as the Summer Solstice and anniversary of my own ordination to the Priesthood five years previously – seemed “traditionally” respectful. I cannot recall the date having any other significance to me at the time than this.

At midnight I was alone in my home at 302 East Calle Laureles, Santa Barbara – save only for my beloved Irish Setter, Brandy. As was my habit with GBM workings, I put a phonograph record on the turntable and set it to endlessly repeat. I chose a selection which I had never used before [and, out of personal regard for the result, have never used since]: Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas TallisMy altar was located in the living room of the house. I opened the working in the traditional Satanic Mass, then spoke aloud the First Part of the Word of Set.10 I felt an impulse to enter my study – “the Sanctum” as I nicknamed it – and with Brandy curled up at my feet, sat down at my desk and took up pen and paper. Then, over the next four hours, I wrote down the words of The Book of Coming Forth by NightThe experience was neither one of “dictation” [as in Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law working] or of “automatic writing” after the spiritualist fashion. The thoughts, words, phrases seemed to me indistinct from my own, yet impressed me as both unique and necessary, as though no other sequence would do.

+O+ The manner in which Aquino describes his inspiration for the Book of Coming Forth By Night is perhaps one of the most contentious sticking points between the ONA and the TOS. What appears as a difference of opinion forms the fulcrum of change where new groups, ideas and ideologies are spawned. Without this Sinister Dialectic of agreement/disagreement there is no divergence from the Same – forms however all create shadows, Aquino’s confession of receiving his message from Set paved the way for the ONA to set up its counter-claim against divine intervention and emphasize its views that all such things arise from Man and that man should take responsibility for such interventions as his own. This amounts to a further denial of the concept of crediting ones achievements to God, by denying the credit of achievements to Satan – or any other entity. In this manner, using Aquinos Book as a tension, did they provide an opposite tension and their foundation for the promethean satanic spirit directly attributable to each individual not a god, of any kind. The paradox however for those who have examined this meeting of origin is that since ONA expects others to find their own answer in regards to who/what or if Satan, or indeed, Anything is – then they effectively lay no objective boundaries down on how this discovery may occur – depending on which statements of their manuscripts you accept are the more valid where contradiction occurs. Therefore Aquino’s experience of manifestation through Set cannot be questioned or challenged as inauthentic. Ultimately, it is with the ONA’s few objective accounts of what and how Satan is found that decry Aquino’s manifestation as inauthentic that the contradiction lies. Since this contradiction occurs – it is reasonable to assume that Long’s 23 syndrome clashed with Aquino’s 23 syndrome in a classic bifurcation of forms which requires various meeting-points where disagreements are found on certain matters in order to springboard off in its own direction. The majority of this perpetual movement is unconscious to many writers – who, due to being determined to plant and water a form or opinion, often fail to see the wood for the trees. It is difficult to determine whether this brief but occasionally re-flaring matter between ONA and the TOS on the authenticity of eachs currents was consciously foreseen as a necessity of growth for a new form or was completely missed in the engrossed engagement of wills to certify what Satanism is or isn’t.+O+

[Extract from TOSd8 regarding Aquinos thoughts on the inspiration and method for divining the Book of Coming Forth by Night:] In Chapter #1 I said that there was nothing overtly sensational, supernatural, or melodramatic about the Book of Coming Forth by Night working. I simply sat down and wrote it. It was not dictated to me by a materialized Egyptian god, nor did the words burn themselves into the pages like the fabled Hebrew Ten Commandments. The thoughts were “comfortable” ones, comprehensible to me within my preexisting frames of reference.

What, then, distinguished the Book of Coming Forth by Night from a mere meditation or exercise in creative writing? No more and no less than a sensation I had then, and conviction ever since, that something beyond Michael Aquino was generating it.  In his excellent work The Psychology of Anomalous Experience, Graham Reed (Professor of Psychology at York University, Canada) surveys the many types of human thought-experiences beyond the ordinary emotional or rational. “Anamolous,” he begins, means irregular, distorted, or unusual”.11 He goes on to note that these classifications may be in the individual’s own opinion, or in that of parts or the whole of his surrounding society. While some such experiences may indeed be symptoms of various forms of mental illness, others are quite routinely a function of healthy thinking and are not at all pathological. [further down] …The Book of Coming Forth by Night fits Reed’s definition of an “experience of self/second type/revelation anomaly”, but does not exhibit or depend upon the two sub- features described above. It has been extensively and exhaustively examined, and compared to other perspectives on reality, by many Setians [and nonSetians] over the decades – and again here in Appendix #3. Also it has apparently passed well the test of time as a stand-alone document, requiring neither sequel nor supplement to retain its usefulness and relevance to Setian philosophy. Now perhaps I may productively return to my own sensation, reaction, and opinion the morning of June 22, 1975.

+O+ No exact definition or source is ever given by Aquino as to the origin of the Book of Coming Forth by Night, rather he traverses several options and leave the question open Routinely, as with Long and also with Myatt, do both authors continuously pause in their assertions to pass judgement on their own perspicacity and the source of their expressions. Briefly, Aquino touches on such subjects as Anomalous Experiences and muses on various parallel experiences cited by other authors and records as to what he himself went through to narrow down or at least explicate the vague manner in which his realizations came to him but does not categorically state how. So too do Long and Myatt continuously ruminate on the source and wonder of the ‘Numinous’ and the ‘Acausal’ as something that speaks/spoke through them in a myriad of ways to express the Sinister and the Pathei-Mathos of Life. Both men leave the source of their inspiration open though one professes his faith in the Numinous the other in Set – the action is the same in that they believe in an supranatural force that acts to speak through them. Each of the men remain convinced that their path is the authentic one and where the forms tensioned in opposites meet of their respective creations, I.e. human sacrifice for and against, they clash in an effort to dominate a phantom objective sphere. What is effectively occurring between the ONA and the TOS on an esoteric level is not merely disagreement – it only appears as disagreement in its outer personal manifestation – but is in fact a secret symbiosis with the ONA and TOS using one another to champion themselves in a tension of opposites.

As is the case with all groups that are built with forms – and only through forms can a group exist or be tangible or visible through those forms to others – each of those forms has a corresponding shadow. When you begin using forms you suddenly become aware of the limitations they bring with them and the duality built into the nature of language and communication. Often, you cannot champion one thing without excluding another. And you cannot exclude something, without championing another. Some forms are destined to fight with their shadow – as is the case in regards to the matter of human sacrifice. But what you champion depends on your 23 syndrome. +O+

Extract from TOSd8 regarding Aquinos thoughts on the inspiration and method for divining the Book of Coming Forth by Night:] I did, however, have two immediate impressions: one, that it was authentic – what it claimed to be – a communication from the Egyptian god Set; two, that I myself must take it wholly and sincerely to heart. Even today, after all these years of examination of and reflection upon the Book of Coming Forth by Night, I cannot explain or defend these convictions, but simply recall them.

In his “Preliminary Remarks” to his Book 4, Part I, Aleister Crowley discussed at some length the ecstatic vision which each founder of a religion seemed at one point in his life to experience:

+O+ The ONA’s criticism of the TOS was largely in what they saw as Aquino’s acceptance of his role as a chosen one, ordained by Set and what they refer to as his pronouncement of an ‘infernal mandate’. Many, many years have passed since the Satanic Letters of Stephen Brown holding these allegations were written – but it is worth noting that the ONA still maintains and publishes the occasional manuscript that criticizes Aquino for the same and other aspects of his Setian Empire. Why?

The reasons that might be given by either side are irrelevant in the study of form. The fact of the matter is that the ONA and TOS are still locked in a symbiosis, struggling for that same coveted objective space of the authentic. If the ONA changes it mind regarding the TOS it loses the tension it gains and has gained by pushing against certain forms of the TOS. And vice-versa. Having enemies is often seen as a moral happening and is caused by a struggle for space on a perceived objective stage – and rarely understood as a necessary alchemical ingredient for overcoming or creating stability for a new or counter form. This principle is actively used by the United States which has a long list of power-words from Witches, to Communists/Reds, Terorrists, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Al Qaeda and so on to create the necessary tension to empower its opposing forms. Alchemy is often dismissed as an ancient nonsense or back-hand complimented as the precursor of medicine but it is no less relevant or powerful than it was when its use was at its height – because it is so close to the truth.+O+

 [Extract from TOSd8 regarding Aquinos opening a Door:] As mentioned at the beginning of Chapter #1, the Church of Satan had struggled for the entire decade of its existence with the central, inevitable issue of the reality of the supernatural, or more precisely the metaphysical. The puerile myths and images of the world’s conventional religions we had long since dismissed as worthless nonsense – indeed, as pertaining to their devils and demons, the stuff for amusing, spooky psychodrama, sarcastic lampoon, and occasionally Lesser Black Magical control of gullible minds still psychologically enslaved to superstition.

Yet within carefully-crafted magical ritual environments, some Satanists had also sensed a reality beyond that apparent to the ordinary senses.

+O+ Here, as in ONA manuscripts, Aquino matches the negative form using marked language of disdain to abstract the approach of the COS, against a new positive form he subtly suggests to be more exciting and authentic. This is the same tension of opposites that re-occurs in the creation of all forms, and without which, new forms cannot emerge. The switch between individual and collective validation, I.e. between individual assertions or -I- and group assertions such as -we- or in this case -some- is very often used so that the authors claims are more likely to be accepted as coming from a wider source than simply themselves. This is a curious habit of all (occult) authors putting forth views, that I have read.. This clue led me to the assumption that I speak alternately for my sense of the Collective and the Individual in a mostly unconscious secret language that betrays the authors subconscious intent. It should be apparent that this is not isolated to Aquino, Long or the Occult – reading just a few text books reveals it to be a common practice by almost anyone who writes with something to prove. Since it is questionable whether one person Can speak for the collective – I merely wonder whether this switch has another purpose. My theory is on-going. +O+

[Extract from TOSd8 regarding Aquinos on “Gods“:] This was an entirely new and positive form of “Satanism” that had almost nothing in common with traditional “Devil worship” except the preliminary seriousness of formal atmospheres. It was a chill that went up one’s spine when commencing, then culminating a Black Magical working. We were not just play-acting; we had really opened, or at least begun to open a door which profane humanity had only vaguely imagined to exist. What we would see when we got it fully open we did not know; we only sensed that, for all of its faults and failings, the Church of Satan had somehow managed to discover its key.

For me, the Book of Coming Forth by Night was the event that flung that door wide open. I now knew of a certainty that there was a reality beyond the four-dimensional, and that within it existed the actual centers of consciousness which mankind had dimly imagined as “gods”. Pythagoras and Plato had come closer to them as Forms or Principles, and the ancient Egyptians closest of all as neteru.

+O+ The obvious parallels between Aquinos realization of opening a door are matched very closely with ONA’s explication of the phenomena of the connection or gates formed by the meeting place of causal and acausal space to form nexions. Both seek to explain a problem in the present perception of time and space in their work. Aquino marks Gods in “ “ to indicate a reclassification may be in order following his experiences – just as the ONA goes to great pains to elucidate the inexact nature of acausal beings and Dark Gods. In effect both TOS and ONA see something markedly Wrong with the statement and understanding of Gods in relation to their occult/esoteric findings and act to re-classify the meaning.+O+

[Extract from TOSd8 regarding Aquinos core being affected:]

This realization forever transformed the core of my own consciousness, of course, as I’m sure it would that of anyone else undergoing the same shock. I knew now that physical extension in time/space was merely part of a much greater whole whose Mysteries awaited beyond.

+O+ Both Long under ONA mythos and Myatt under Numinous mythos relate this same transformation – as do I in my own experiences. We can see by the few passages I have extracted already – that in esoteric and even exoteric terms both men are very similar in their Archetypal Energy and Experiences. we may even assume as a temporary speculation that it is this Archetype that will be embodied in those destined to make contact with them to continue the turning of the wheel. Szandor possessed this Archetypal resonance too as did many of those whom inspired him to ground and found the COS. +O+

[Extract from TOSd8 Aquinos thoughts on The Book of Coming Forth by Night and the similarity of NAOS:] I simultaneously realized that, as Crowley had observed in Book 4 above, such an illumination – there is no better word for it – cannot possibly be described or explained to intellects as yet within the purely-material realm of consciousness. It would be futile, even dangerous to try, as in H.G. Wells’ famous parable of The Country of the Blind.

There was, however, another aspect of the Book of Coming Forth by Night which was both communicable and practical. It pointed the way to a unique path of self-realization and ennoblement that any suitably-intelligent individual could decide to pursue. It was not necessary to comprehend its origin or ultimate implication – just its existence and availability. The Grail was now there to be grasped and drunk from, for any with the awareness, courage, and resolve to do so.

+O+ An identical attitude, is possessed by the ONA in regards to those with the right stuff being able to make something of themselves via the Septenary Way if they so choose now that the Way is available to all. It is in fact expressed throughout the decades long array of treatises written by the ONA including its former core guide – NAOS. It is related that those with the sagacity determination and arete as explained in the Introductions to Satanism will survive, thrive and succeed – those that do not, will not and are irrelevant. Just as Aquino calls his book a grail now there to be grasped and drunk from, so to do the ONA state exactly the same about the Septenary Way. +O+

[Extract from TOSd8 on Aquinos apprehensions of the Book as a grail anyone can try to use“:] And so it has been these thirty years hence. Many thousands of humans have undertaken the adventure invited by the Book of Coming Forth by Night – some with more success than others, but all, I think, awakened and energized by their encounter. There is, unfortunately, a less-pleasant side to this phenomenon. Some aspirants have found themselves unprepared to step beyond a purely-conventional frame of intellectual existence. In such cases the strengthening of consciousness can evoke, as in the science-fiction film Forbidden Planet, “monsters of the id” capable of psychological harm to themselves or others. As it has learned more about such dangers over the years, the Temple of Set has endeavored to dissuade such personalities from seeking initiation, or shortstopping an effort that seems to be miscarrying in ominous directions. I daresay this will remain one of the Temple’s more important and compassionate responsibilities as long as it exists.

+O+ Again, remarkable similarity if viewed as a separate occurrence, remarkable insight if viewed as actions stemming from the same archetype possessing both men. The ONA has always exhorted the necessity of practical learning and challenges as opposed to mere speculative theory and academia. The slight difference, and only a matter of degree here, is in the paint – whilst the TOS explains that it wishes to let down those who don’t make the grade gently by suggesting its important compassionate duty is to carefully weed out the weak – the ONA expresses hard disdain and scorn for those who cannot keep up their tread on the Sinister Path. Yet, the ONA does in fact provide such cushions, by writing about its attitude of scorn and making it accessible to any who might wish to enter it, beforehand, it forewarns people that it will not tolerate weaklings or dilettantes much the same way TOS warns the same.+O+

[Extract from TOSd8 on Aquinos reaction to his Book and the structure it provided for his work] This text was so meaningful to me that I have since ordered my life and philosophy by its principles. The other founders of the Temple of Set accorded it a similar trust and respect. Even though they had not participated in the working itself, many remarked, they felt that the text itself carried its own aura of authenticity and conviction. In the years that followed, countless others have been moved by it in a similar fashion.

+O+ The same can be said here of Long being inspired by Greek Literature and Mythology, or Myatt by the behaviour, culture and demeanour of the Greeks, which principles and virtues characterize dozens of ONA manuscripts from the earliest known writings to the most recent. Here the 23 syndrome that captures one expresses it remarkable power – for it is largely irrelevant how authentic a form is considered to be by outsiders and only by its adoptee – for that syndrome will, carried through to its conclusions and extremity, causes that form to pool in its greatest possible concentration – through which, and only through which, can new forms be sufficiently anchored in symbiosis by pushing hard against it. The more Rigid a form is, the harder one can push against it and develop a form of equal strength. That is why the ONA and TOS utilize each other esoterically – but despise one another exoterically. Should be apparent though, that this is not the only form ONA pushes against, or that TOS pushes against but that there are hundreds of thousands comprising the Matrix that form this invisible but crucial cyclical intricate hierosgamos of Change.+O+

[Extract from TOSd8 Aquinos resignation to the authenticity of the Book] As for the text itself, I am content to comment upon it as best I can, then let others judge it as they will. For me it is now, as then, a simple, beautiful, and purposeful statement from the sentient being whom mankind has loved, hated, worshipped, cursed, praised, and reviled as the Prince of Darkness. To echo the words of G.B. Shaw in The Devils Disciple: “I promised him my soul, and swore an oath that I would stand up for him in this world and stand by him in the next.”This remains my oath today.

+O+ Yet again Long and Myatt and ONA express at various stages and degree these same sentiments of being unable to ascertain the origin of the source of their genius, creation or inspiration for their resulting exoteric forms and the feeble attempts by each author to capture the true numen of their forms – leaving it open for others to judge. +O+

[Extract from TOSd8 Aquinos attempt to move away from Judaeo Christianity via Egyptian Iconography] A focus upon ancient Egyptian philosophy, religion, and culture, however, presented the fledgling Temple of Set with a different, and equally formidable array of problems. The topic of ancient Egypt generally has been one of both exhaustive examination by and contentious debate between conventional Egyptologists and independent investigators. The former group generally agree that Egypt was simply an agricultural society comparable to that of other Mediterranean/Near-Eastern cultures of the time-period. It was notable for its enigmatic hieroglyphic writing system, odd-looking formalized art, peculiar massive building projects, and morbid, animal-totem religious cultism. The latter group, while differing in the details, see Egypt rather as a remarkable, indeed startling exception to its primitive neighbors. It was uniquely a civilization and repository of great sophistication and wisdom – in some respects so much so, indeed, that the very ability of the Egyptians themselves to have generated such utopian wonders is called into question in favor of Atlanteans, extraterrestial visitors, and/or incarnated gods. Each camp routinely ridicules the other. The conventionalists denounce the independents as unscientific dreamers and “pyramidiots”. The latter are equally contemptuous of the former, considering them as merely a brittle academic self-protectorate afraid to violate modern taboos. And there are two taboos in particular which institutional academia does not dare to transgress – or even openly acknowledge as taboos.

+O+ What is interesting here is that, both TOS and ONA attempted to move away from Judaeo Christianity – one moved over as far as they felt would give them the distance they need – the other mocked the former for not moving over far enough. This is repeated by THEM’s criticisms of Satanism in all its veins using Magi tools to present itself, I.e. Forms, Duality, Morality and so on, so moving over further, is not enough for Us unless you can move right through to the other side and devise new tools – or psycho-social collapse of the Matrix to allow the evolution of new tools. What is also interesting is that both ONA and TOS speak in Aeonics -that is to say, the both take notice of civilizations and long spans of years as meaningful representations and indications of collective existence – or to put it another way, they both appreciate that these chunks of time have a story to tell that can be used as a tension to modern times. +O+

[Extract from TOSd8 Aquino tensions the COS against the TOS] The Church of Satan had been accused by its critics of championing the worship of evil. Not so: What it actually did, as exemplified in the Diabolicon, was to maintain that God” was in fact evil and “Satan”, as a repudiation of that evil, was truly good. This was a new interpretation of “evil” as human denial of personal responsibility for moral decisions, as well as hypocrisy in the executing of such moral decisions as were ventured. True goodness was accordingly to be found in genuine personal responsibility and full acceptance of the consequences of one’s decisions. This is what made the Church of Satan, despite its bizarre facade, feel so refreshingly virtuous next to the repulsive, corrupt Hebraic monotheism it rejected.

+O+ Here we find Aquinos comments that the COS inverted Christian morality to reverse the roles of the Devil and Satan in an attempt to reject Hebraic Monotheism and the first step of Aquino to tension the essential breakthrough of the COS against his TOS. He is in my opinion right in recognizing the evolutionary contribution of the COS to the overall Satanic Strata in its move to invert Christianity as a means to escape it. He also foresees that this is not enough – without this step in the ladder he could not have tensioned the TOS and mapped its geometry. Though there are flashes of the disdain, perhaps more subtle after re-writes and time, that comes with the unconscious thrall of being affected by such forces and that require such a thrall if there is to be evolution (wherein passion of love or hatred propels one in the needed direction by gaining a boost from kicking off from a dying form) .Note, that this passion is diminished by peeling off the exoteric skeleton of this process and making it conscious to others. It is the unconscious factors that act to make us kick-off in the tensioned direction and give us the arrogance or confidence to believe in our respective Forms, Our Truth and Manifest it. It is the innate drive that makes us feel justified and Right to do what we believe it is our duty to do. Thus both TOS and ONA may deny this process occurred, since it is not a conscious one -despite the trail in their memes.+O+

[Extract from TOSd8 Aquino tensions the TOS against the COS]  Now the Temple of Set was challenged to take one step beyond. The entire Hebraic monotheism, to include even its Satanic reinterpretation as the actual benchmark for evil, would be thrown into the dustbin. JHVH, Satan, Moses, Christ, Mohammed – collectively discarded in all of their social, physical, or metaphysical contexts and pretensions.  In their stead would arise not a mere revival of polytheism per se, but a polyfaceted divine individualism, in which the energy of each such personal consciousness is realized to derive from a Universal inspiration: Set.  This was a Set far more subtle and complex than the superficial character described by the Egyptologists. Just how much so it would take the Temple of Set many years to discover; in many regards it is still doing so.

+O+ Here, Aquino reclassifies Satan altogether, seeking to move so far over away from its connotations that he is prompted to adopt a blank page and re-write the whole thing. He moved, quite far over, away from mere inversion to ‘polyfaceted divine individualism‘ in which each such personal consciousness is realized to derive from a universal inspiration: Set. And here again, the ONA was doing the same moving over, jettisoning off the COS with an even harder kick wherein Satan was also reclassified or rather, re-discovered with critical re-examinations of the meaning of Satan priming the way for a whole different strain of assertion. Yet, the connection Aquino describes may as well be the same connexion the ONA expound under the term Acausal and Nexions. The nomenclature may differ but the action is the same. Each man reclassified Satan and sought to evolve the present understanding of it. ONA’s ciriticism naturally arises of the TOS because the TOS did not move far enough over out of the reigning paradigm to escape what ONA felt were still Magi/Christian trappings. TOS believed it was the rightful heir to the throne and refused to acknowledge the ONA. ONA did it right back. Yet its all a question of extremes – in the eyes of THEM both groups are not far enough over to escape the Magi trappings we perceive innate in the building blocks they have used, merely by using Forms. And so it will go. Hopefully, what people are beginning to realize here, is that there is something very different, some exchange and symbiosis very separate going on underneath all the fighting and disagreements that points to the quintessence of Forces responsible for Life. +O+

 [Extract from TOSd8 Aquino redfines the ‘Gods‘ ]The other Egyptian “gods” were also reperceived. In conventional Egyptology they too, like Set, were merely two-dimensional dolls in a hodge-podge of folktales and parables. Now the individual human consciousness, each as energized by Set, was seen to be capable of seeing past the physical surface of natural phenomena, into the living essence underlying each. These are the Forms described by Plato in his Dialogues, and more originally the true neteru comprehended by the priesthoods of ancient Egypt.  To the extent it has been noticed by conventional society over the years since its [re]founding, the Temple of Set has occasionally been maligned and attacked on various alarmist pretexts: “Satanism”, “cult”, “political extremism”, “mind control”, etc. All such nonsense serves merely to illustrate how ignorant such critics are of the actual distinction and significance of the Temple as summarized here. It is nothing less than an entirely new way of looking not just at self-conscious humanity, but at the physical and metaphysical realities beyond that humanity,

+O+ In similar fashion, the ONA took the existing Chthulhu Mythos and crafted (some say restored) a very different approximation of the Dark Gods these myths were supposed to describe. Yet it scorned the TOS for its Egyptian adoption, citing it as old aeon. We know now that such reactions are exactly that – alchemical reactions in the process of forms tensioning themselves. THEM believe what we are describing and how, fit’s the definition of Neteru; pulling off not just the skin of the form, but extracting the bones on which it is built and seeking for the whisper of life that imbues it with sentience…

Aquino again shares a common bond with Long et al by anticipating the simplifications and conclusions others will jump to in their inability to appreciate the subtle essence of Form and its Formative processes and writing that others will not See. Without the COS to invert Christianity, the TOS to move further over into a new paradigm, the ONA to see the TOS and COS and pour its scorn upon the degree to which TOS extracted itself from the reigning paradigm, and THEMs insight through this Satanic Triangle (for convenience, but really, nothing is that simple that it has only 3 components) allowed this new strain of Form-Based Analysis or ‘Mvimaedivm’ to arise as a tension to existing trends. We are also aware that this particular strain of ours, our tendency to tear things apart so completely strikes a chord with a rather large number of people. We believe this may have something to do with our conscious recognition of what have been occult/hidden processes beneath form and the synchronicity this dis-covery is generating as a new evolutionary form and catalyst for Satanic practice, spreads it wings. Moving on.+O+

[Extract from TOSd8 Aquino re-emphasizes the Egpytians] To understand the attitude of the Egyptians, it is necessary to emphasize the striking contrast between their view of the world and ours. We live in a universe which we know is in perpetual movement; each new problem demands a new solution. But for the Egyptians this notion of time which modifies the current knowledge of the world, of an alteration of factors which forces a change in methods, had no place. In the beginning the divinity created a stable world, fixed, definitive; this world functions as a motor well oiled and well fed. If there are “misfires” – if the motor fades, if one of the parts making it up is worn out or broken – it is replaced and everything starts off again better than before. But this motor would always remain the same; its mechanism, its appearance, its output would always be identical.

+O+ Remarkably, Aquino devotes as much time explicating the Egyptian Culture and Mythos as Long and Myatt spend on examining and explaining the Greek. It is perhaps attributable to their archetype to be enamoured with past cultures and want to revive them or restore the various virtues and principles of each – and potentially attributable to the publication of Spengler and Toynbees various treatises and volumes on the precursor of Aeonics and the importance of such large scale cycles being popular, fascinating, and available to both at the time of their formative youth. Where Aquino explains the principles of Neteru at length, so to do Long and Myatt expend volumes relating the principles and ideology of National Socialism, Islaam or Greek Philosophy. +O+

[Extract from TOSd8 Aquino acknowledges exact definition is difficult]  The information concerning these cults which is available to modern Egyptologists is both sparse and confusing. Since a given neter could be portrayed in a number of different ways, identifying the “core neter” is difficult. The images and inscriptions concerning a neter were often altered or appropriated by cultists of rival neteru. In Christian and Islamic times all “old gods” were considered blasphemous, and monuments to them were regularly defaced and destroyed. By the end of the fifth century CE, knowledge of hieroglyphics had died out, not to reappear until the nineteenth century; meanwhile many useless” records perished through neglect.

+O+ Relying on the causation/history of available records to put forward their various forms, whether Neteru or Arete, or Satan – both Aquino and ONA reveal an awareness of the incomplete nature of many surviving texts dealing with various metaphysical or difficult subjects. Various ONA manuscripts relating to the Dark Gods become more and more lucid as you move from the 80’s into the years 2000-2011 indicating an early lack of such records on which to rely – with earlier manuscripts presenting several possible translations or vaguely felt out assumptions based on the available evidence; but both ONA and TOS leave their key concepts open to translation as well as surround their own explanations with a myriad of alternatives. It is not just a mark of being thorough, well-researched and confident in ones subsequent assertions – but the very nature of Mythos itself. Mythos is by nature, incomplete.+O+

[Extract from TOSd8 Aquino acknowledges Sets definition is often faulty]  (2) Set was the neter who was “different” from all of the others. Too often this is simplified into his being the “evil” slayer of Osiris, hence the personification of “evil”; yet any but the most cursory study of Egyptian religious symbolism is sufficient to dispel this caricature. He was rather a neter “against the neteru”: the entity who symbolized that which is not of nature.

+O+ Here too the ONA has quite a few manuscripts that re-examine the assumptions made about various aspects of its Tradition including Satan, Baphomet, Evil, the Sinister, the Causal, and goes to great lengths to set people straight or at least to make an effort to determine and restore the correct meaning of a term. Both Aquino and the ONA realize the duality that threatens to drown the subtlety of their Set/Satan and move to anticipate the problem – but also, with difficulty to extract their current from the simplicity of morality and simple Evil. Both realize the complexity of the issue in explaining the beyond good and evil nature of many of the early approximations of perception – but expend hundreds of pages trying to explain it to those who cannot make this distinction or rather make the distinction Between Good and Evil because they cannot escape the tension of opposites. Here is the realization often explained best that many of us are imprisoned by this inability to perceive without tensions. Anyway, it should be apparent by now that both Aquino and Long have trod a similar path – and even as they have disagreed – the outcome is undeniably mutual benefit. +O+

[Extract from TOSd8 The concept of Egyptian Adoption Solidified in Stages] In the first few years of the young Temple of Set, we weren’t quite so clear about this. We duly plunged into many works of conventional Egyptology, some of the more useful of which are still included in the Egypt/Historical and Egypt/Philosophical categories of our Reading List. Various Setians contributed some research articles of this genre to the ScrollRuby Tablet, and Order & Element publications. But it soon became clear to us that, absent an empathy for Egypt – a sensation of its innate soul, as it were – all such studies were sterile and lifeless exercises. The greatest breakthrough for us came in our encounter with the writings of René Schwaller de Lubicz and his wife Isha. Indeed the lion’s – I should say lioness’ – share of the credit goes to her, because much of René’s work is highly technical. Isha was able to synthesize its elemental themes into her highly-readable “novel” Her-Bak, being the story of a young Egyptian’s journey from ordinary peasant to initiated priest.33 For many Setians, once they were exposed to the basic structure of René’s thought through Her-Bak, his more complex works were soon unlocked. And suddenly ancient Egypt came wonderfully, vibrantly to life before us. Now, knowing what to look for and what to do with it once we found it, the Temple of Set discovered no end of wonders over the years, as of course we continue to do today. René’s initial realization came from his study of hieroglyphs: that in addition to their convenience for mere alphabetics, they embodied symbolic principles apprehensible to both the rational and the suprarational intelligence. [His methodology is thus often termed Symbolism”.] Gradually he extended his awareness of this key to Egyptian culture into its architecture (as in his magnum opus examination of the Luxor temple complex, Le Temple de L’Homme) and pre-Pythagoreanism. You will suddenly understand the Pyramids. You will suddenly understand the Temples. And of course you will meet the neteru. Not the two-dimensional, comic-book simpletons cherished by profane Egyptologists, enmeshed in tawdry tales of sex, violence, and meaningless ritual. But the beautiful, wonderful weavers of the most delicate webs of the Objective Universe itself. In their presence, severally and collectively, the awakened Initiate will confront an eternity of discovery and synthetic creativity. And yet the most difficult neter to meet is Set. Because to apprehend all of the others one need only look outward, through the lenses you have learned to fashion for your enlightened vision. But where are you going to place your lever, direct your lens, focus your attention, to see into the nucleus, the central fire, of the thing that is your own conscious self?

+O+ May I be permitted a personal, well more indulgent personal comment here? The differences between the TOS and the ONA on some levels seem intractable – it is not beyond us how people fail to miss the exact nature of the exchange occurring – that is why we are THEM – but the Temple of Set, regardless of any other considerations or comparisons is as much a Nexion in its own right as others, and the ONA comprehends the nature and meaning that is Neteru. The two groups differ in terminology and their exoteric forms clash on occasion as part of a necessary alchemy seemingly ill-understood even by the majority of today’s magicians – but the two men of both groups are sharing an identical source and expressing an identical archetype. Strangely, though they are at the forefront of Satanism, Self-Becoming, the Acausal and Nexions and Neteru – they appear to require the Temple of THEM to perceive the underlying mesh that binds them. More strangely, is that without the Temple of Set which happened to send me to the ONA we could not provide the tension to make visible what is invisible nor could we have achieved what we just did. Aquino’s heuristic explorations and insights are no less poignant or passionately and carefully related or useful or important than those of Long or Myatt. +O+

[Extract from TOSd8 Aquino announces himself an Ipsissimus] On the Ides of March 1979 I came into being as an Ipsissimus VI°. This chapter discusses the rationale and significance of that initiation & formalized degree, as well as the changes to my interest in, attitude towards, participation within, and obligations to the Temple & Æon of Set subsequently and consequently.

– 28 –

+O+ Another thorny point of contention by the ONA is the self awarding of the title of Ipsissimus by Aquino – wherein the ONA fiercely emphasize that no master can confer awards or call oneself a Master without doing a set of proscribed things… There are multiple contradictions here… but the underlying reason for ONA’s annoyance must be part of its unconscious reaction and necessity for a tension to its own view on the matter of earning titles. Aquino’s action helps illustrate nicely what the ONA believe is not how you do it opening the way for them to explain How you do it. Yet more than a few of the ONA’s manuscripts create loopholes and in fact justify Aquinos decision and action to call himself whatever he likes and further whatever aim it is he desires to further. The issue comes down to the degree of movement away from an existing paradigm – where Aquino moved the Temple of Set far away from the Church in some respects – others he did not move so far from, such as the idea of structure, leadership and levels of attainment. Subsequently, ONA disagrees because it moved its Order in different degrees creating more or less tension between the two opposing ideas. We can see though, by viewing the ONA and TOS as energetic creatures whose behaviour does in fact have a logical system of processes, why ONA fiercely defends its own system of leaderless self-attainment and attacks the system of the TOS – its how forms behave. Whatever a person chooses to call themselves or not call themselves is still just an abstraction like all the rest of the abstractions we make – if they are successful in giving themselves a form that does in fact cause a specific reaction such as calling oneself a Master, Grand Master, Ipsissimus or what have you does – then they are clearly on another level above those that react in thrall to that form and do deserve an elevation in energetic understanding (read. Magical prowess). How you do it or what you believe is necessary to achieve such a title, whether you aspire to such a title, is entirely up to that individual or group. If others cannot see it for what it is, or determine whether that title is deserved, then more fool them. If they invest that form with validity of faith then that indicates their level of prowess – and subsequently does Set (excuse the pun) apart the one from the other. As I have said before, the name of the game is the delivery of forms – whatever the means. Personally I see no reason to believe Aquino is not set apart – loyalty to my Order is secondary to not being blinded to the messages of my own eyes – and indeed set very far apart from the other. By that token though, so to is Long or Myatt set far apart from the other – whatever claims either group make about the legitimacy of what needs be done to deserve their rank or any rank – is completely irrelevant to me. I judge for myself through the language of Geometry. To hell with the tension of opposites.+O+

[From tosd8 much further down Aquino questions the TOSs existence and purpose]  Epilogue: Sic Itur Ad Astra After its “long, strange trip” of 30 years “and counting”, what shall we say of the Temple of Set? What has it meant to the thousands of persons whose lives have touched upon it over the years? Is it beneficial to external society? To itself internally? Has it successfully avoided the trap of becoming “a bureaucracy for its own sake” and managed instead to focus on the enhancement of each individual Initiate’s experience? Where best has it succeeded and why? Where has it failed and why, and has it learned from those failures? Can it survive amidst the world’s current and apparent future social climates? To what if any extent can it, and should it, attempt to compensate for failings in society, as for instance inadequate education, courtesy, etc. of individuals who approach it? What are valid reasons and qualifications for persons coming to the Temple? Why should others not be? What should we envision for the Æon of Set? Should we see it as finite, and if so with what theoretical boundaries or eventualities? Will there be a subsequent æon, and how might we [or others] conceptualize it? What of the eventuality of the Order of Horus becoming a Temple of Horus, and a new sam-taui of Set and Horus returning to Earth? What? Who? When? How? Why? To what beginning?

– 41 –

+O+ Yet again we meet that curious parallel energy where both groups take causal breaths over the decades to summarize and re-examine the purpose and history, achievements and point of their forms. One manuscript that springs immediately to mind is Beyond the Adept by the ONA where answers are given to an Adept concerning the -is-ness of the Order of Nine Angles, perception relating to it and a host of other considerations, questioned assumptions, and mental challenges given. This is the shared mentality of both men to provide and foster a living changing Tradition – and so again we must ask, how different are the men behind the Temple of Set and the Order of Nine Angles? Their forms may paint a picture of conflict – but so what? That’s like looking at a picture drawn with crayons and doubting the artists were capable of so much more. How many more manuscripts and urges and examples will it take to push people beyond their archaic reliance on what they see and dutifully process with their traditional inheritance of knowledge and the sloppy tools of form to really See what lays beneath all the currents of the world and its weary matrix? +O+

[Extracted from TOSd8 Aquinos text from the Book of Coming Forth By Night.] And now, having looked upon the past with affection and reverence, we shall turn our gaze to the times before us. Think carefully of the Word of Set, for it is given in witness to my Bond. Behold, O West, I have established my Aeon. I punish the enemies who are in it, placed in the Place of Destruction. I deliver them to the examiners from whose guard there is no escape. Lo, I pass near to thee, I pass near to thee! Affix now my image as it was given to you, so that all who read of these matters may now look upon the likeness of Set. The Word of the Aeon of Set is

+O+ Both ONA and TOS work with the concept of Aeons and base their groups around the importance of Aeons. One names the Aeon Xeper, the other names it Chaos. But they both name it. Both were affected at a similar time in a similar manner by the idea of Aeons – perhaps a logical consequence of a shared bounty of magical lore they inherited – both anticipate a new Age and relate their unique interpretations of the Aeon to come. The TOS and the ONA are archetypally identical – whatever is acting through them, if anything, has seen fit to place these two men side by side as tensions for one another and provide them both with an almost mythical journey that is exactly the same at its esoteric essence. Such suggests an underlying and as yet unidentified magical archetype that takes possession of such individuals… +O+

Australia, Magic and the Sinister

The following comments were taken from a discussion in another forum on Australia and Black Magic with Michael Aquino from the Temple of Set several years ago, comments  that we consider interesting and informative enough to present here as it provides several in-depth insights into the Australian culture from someone who lives here and has the necessary understanding to implement Sinister strategies carefully conceived to achieve maximum mimesis within its particular Ethos.  ——————————————————————————————– Hello Michael, Thanks for your interesting article on Australia – you should visit – like all things, they must be experienced for knowledge to have depth. The interest in Australia (also called Arnhem Land in the past) and creating a “Sinister History” for it – ties up with our work re: the Order of Nine Angles – a group you are no doubt aware of, and which has been my guiding light for approximately ten years now. I first heard of your work in 1997 when researching the CoS and subsequently got a more panoramic view of your work in relation to the ONA via the “Letters to Stephen Brown”. It is nice to finally put a ‘face’ to the name. I was born in Australia but spent half my life here, half my life somewhere else (Aeotearoa). The landscape of Australia is, in a word, hostile. Of the ten most poisonous snakes in the world, we host eight. We have many varieties of dangerous Ants, Wasps, Spiders, Snakes, Scorpions, Crocodiles, the list goes on – and even some of the Birds can be dangerous. We’ve a large wild bird called the Cassowary that can kick a man to death. The fabled Kangaroo so cutely captured in the world’s imagination also comes in a “Red” variety, standing 7 feet tall and with huge back legs it can (and does) ruin many a 4wd when they smash into it at dusk, or again kill a man with one kick. While the “grey” is more docile, it too can cause serious damage if the unwary should try to pat or approach it. The fauna or Australia is as varied as it is strange, inhabited with a massive variety of queer native animals. Though much of the coastline of Australia is inhabited, the majority (about 90%) is desert; where it is not, it is breathtakingly beautiful, but very big, and rather empty so it is a bad idea to take off bush on your own. We have a large variety of terrain here – tropical bush, rainforest, old forest, tundra, desert, mountain, swamp, bush – some of it accessible by land, some of it only accessible via helicopter. In those places by helicopter – there are still new species being found – one of the recent was new and very large spiders in the Kimberlies. No matter where you are though – Australia is largely an inhospitable place when you leave the coastal settlements and head inward about 3-400 km when you begin to enter the “Outback”. Mostly barren, the Outback is where the ‘cutesy’ tourist idyll of Australia quickly fades. Esp. if you’re out there to perform ritual. Not only do you have to watch out for the terrain as weather can change very quickly here causing floods, torrential rains, mudslides, cave-ins or what have you – and the fauna which can cut you if you walk on it, touch it, and poison you – or dodge deadly and openly hostile arachnids, snakes, ants, wasps and so on – watch out for wombats; small bears that are quite vicious, as are koalas whom sport very long claws, both of whom will eat your food, avoid Wild pigs, dingoes, and so on… You also have to keep an eye on the locals – who, as buttoned down farmers of the land, take a dim view of anything that looks like ‘magic’. Luckily, the land is big enough to lose yourself in – but you have to be very careful you find yourself again. The Heat alone kills a lot of unprepared visitors. The Aboriginals, or Koori people are believed to have lived in Australia for some 40, 000 years prior to settlement. The fascinating aspects of their magic should not be ignored – since, they are quintessentially all that comprises the magical history of Australia. There are no white equivalents, except perhaps for the permeation of the church, no magical caucasian characters that have any association to Australian magical history. The Aboriginals speak of a Dreamtime, which very closely parallels the A-causal as spoken of by AL – and is a complex set of stories that not only relate the lore of the Koori – but actually provide MAPS of the Australian Landscape. A large majority of the songs that the Koori teach are not just arbitrary – they contain references to australian landmarks, as Australia is (like New Zealand) broken up into many tribal areas, quoted in the songs. Thus by singing a remembered song – an aboriginal can find their way, even way out “Beyond the Black Stump” (Middle of Nowhere for a white man). This ability has led to the legendary status of their ability as “Trackers”. Whom police often use to find lost people or those who might be hiding from them. They are also extremely proficient in living off the land, finding food and water where white man finds only death. Like some native indian tribes the elders and clans in the outback live in their own perception of time – of which their knack for disappearing or “going walkabout” for as long as ten years, then returning as if they had left only yesterday – puzzles and annoys the consistent-loving white man. This is just a very basic outline of some of the magic that does exist here, none of it in the last 200 years. However, white man has all but wiped out the Ways of the Koori – and they survive only in the outback by a ever diminishing group of Elders. Alcoholism and Substance abuse, particularly petrol has all but finished off the Tradition of the Koori, now treated with tokenism by a PC wary govt – but originally pursued in waves of Genocide by the British. On the topic of Satanism though – that form is very recent here. Unlike older countries such as the UK or USA, there is very little Sinister history here. Some witch scares and some minor belief in the Devil – but there is at the present time only an estimated 30,000 practicing Satanists in a population of 18-19 million people. Most of these have received their instruction on Satanism from the Satanic Bible, You (ToS), or a mixture of internet-based agencies following 1997. Prior to which the number of Satanists was believed to be less than half of the above quoted number. The 70’s held a few reactionary satanic rises in worship – though none of these made any significant mention and are only mentioned in history as a collective appearance. A few Australian serial killers have named Satan as their inspirator – but that kind of thing is prevalent everywhere. None of these killers have ever matched the status of Ramirez or Manson however for the occult link. In terms of the Hq of THEM: Australia was chosen deliberately. Since I live here, am proud of my heritage, both Irish and Australia (I’m descended from Kings on one side, Convicts on the other, a nice nuance) and have some considerable ambition due to my Wyrd – it was decided that Australia would become host to a new nexion of the ONA and act as a psychic and/or physical fulcrum for the rest of the Sinisterion. To this end, we hope to challenge the status quo of satanic instruction here, and infuse the ONA-type Satanism in a country that has not yet been saturated by the ToS/CoS mentality to the degree of other countries. Though the eradication of religion and not dealing with the reactionaries to religion is one of our primary concerns. Australia has only been settled by the white man for around 200 years and has had no real impact on the Occult – aside of course, from the magnificent practices and way of living of the Koori whose way is now side-lined, ignored, and pushed further toward destruction; there has been no Sinister Characters or Contribution to Satanism from this Continent (some argue, Island) and THEM arose to change that. So while interesting to hear someone else’s take on Australia based on its cultural history – its magical one is something else altogether, and we believe yet to be written. There is much potential for Australia to serve as the new nexion, indeed even as an HQ for Falcifer, not just for its ominous and beautiful landscapes, hostility, alieness, or the fact that almost any act of open ritual is seen as ‘black mass’ thus a cartharsis would generate a significant amount of energy to be dispersed (for more info see Oto Anorha #30) into its red earth, unlike the jaded USA or UK where such things are just viewed as fringe activities of nut jobs, or quietly tolerated, magic Here involves risk. Esp. when it utilizes the manner in which we are using it to make significant changes to Australian History by giving it a Sinister one. This will take time of course – but then that is part of the magic taught within ONA’s methodology. Oh – PS – I was re-reading your findings on Australia and realized I’d forgotten to address a particular point I had intended to. viz, the use of “Oz”. You quoted: ““Oz”, oddly enough, is the name some Australians attach to their country. It is here that the band flees, to a settlement deep in the blisteringly-hot Australian Outback. Over fifteen hundred people have formed a settlement that is nearly totally self-sufficient. Weather control, lakes, forests, mountains, underground agriculture, and huge machines all serve to support this community.” Perhaps owing to the illiteracy of the earliest convicts from England, a vernacular developed among the imprisoned that was short and sweet, gruff and particular to the penal communities. Historically/Linguistically – I really couldn’t say – but what I do know is that Australia, prior to the huge influx of foreigners and the rise in political correctness which has been a great challenge to the way Australians speak, act and tell it like it is; expresses itself in a unique way which some have termed ‘lazy’ and others ‘down-to-earth’. Life here in the 1800’s was extremely tough. Enough said. There wasn’t time for dressing up one’s language nor much opportunity to learn it for those who colonized this Great Southern Land. As a result, the alpha-male who could get things done, (aka the ‘Battler’ against the Establishment *Ned Kelly, for instance*, an archetype that emerged in reaction to the oppressive imperialism of the British Rule) with a minimum of fuss (or “airy-fairy”) was the thing to be – and represented a schism between Convict and Jailer that still stews today. The discovery of Gold was probably what bought the largest infusion of cross-culture Australia had yet seen and allowed the Chinese to flourish alongside the Irish. This influx on the gold fields exacerbated already fierce rivalry between the cultures – a rivalry which was somewhat captured by the Nation’s later obsession for sport but which was also partly responsible for the esoteric development of Australian colloquialism. As I already said, a huge alpha-male meme was required to tame Australia; the men who first arrived here built the roads, carved out the hillsides, lay miles of track, cut down forests, hewed rock faces; were a breed of their own, Tough Buggers by any stretch. The worship and necessity of such an archetype has been watered down somewhat with the relaxation of British imperialism – and the bullshit of PC, but has led to the survival of an ideology that the ability to down incredible amounts of beer, endure the toughest conditions, support one’s own, stand up for what’s right, support Sport and the National Obsession with Football, violence and domestic/tribal patriarchal rule (That the Convicts got to play the British guard at football/cricket has had a huge influence in the way things are ’settled’ here.)- among many other traits unique to Australian culture – being the dominant characteristics of It’s people. The hero worship of nobodies who became/become somebodies remains one of the defining features of Australian culture – but woe betide that someone should ‘forget where they came from.’ Because of the tribalism that existed in the colonies and gold fields – and that includes with the Koori – it was considered great fun by the colonists to make sport with new arrivals who were often told all sorts of tall tales about Australia at the expense of the hapless visitor shaking their head in amazement. Many Americans still think the ‘platypus’ is such a tall tale. But it exists. One fossil was recently found that showed a former species had teeth. On that – it is also believe that during the Gondwana period that many of the species native to Australia crossed into New Zealand – thus the kiwi is believed to be Australian by some circles. Not something I can substantiate, I just have a good memory for recalling what people say. To some extent, it has been surmised that this habit of ‘talking smack’ to visitors gave rise to legends of Australia in other countries as a wonderland – and thus an “Oz” – but this is probably not really the only explanation, esp. given that Australia was colonized well before frank baums 1900 writing of the Wizard of Oz. A more likely culprit for this -is that although they can work extremely hard – Australians still prefer their lazy chipped English to the prim and proper ‘pommy’, and have a love of shortening everything that might be too fancy for the alpha-male, to as short a phrase as possible. Speaking like this is one of the tribal characteristics that identifies tourists from locals – as is the strange rhyming slang used to codify everyday objects names and places. Thus you, Michael, would be known as ‘Mick’, here. Patrick/Patto, Service Station/Servo, and its gets even more obscure; the Brisbane Cricket Grounds for instance, is called the “Gabba”. Figure that one out. Of the efficiency in everything physical – there was also a quiet appreciation for the poet or artist who offered escapism (however mild) from the harshness of living off the land, esp. when that poet effectively captured the hard life of the colonists. Qv. Henry Lawson. Many people assume the obscure sayings that comprise much of the Aussie vernacular (though generally only in the Working Class) exist because of a simple peculiarity of the Australian culture – or just assume the Australians enjoyed ‘taking the piss’. But the Australian language (now in danger of extinction due to PC) stems from the alienation of the early convicts, the challenges they faced in settlement and colonization of this very tough land, the persecution they endured under British imperialism, and the threat they felt after finally colonizing the land and finding gold to make their fortunes – from the rising influx of immigrants. None of these things, these vital currents that form the Australian Ethos have changed; there is still alienation because the convicts estrangement from their homeland never went away; although having gotten softer in the coastal cities the average Australian worker esp in the outback is gruff, tough and cold as steel to outsiders, warm and affable to his mates and still casts a suspicious eye at anyone remotely in Authority, inc the foreman, boss, policeman or anyone who is brave/stupid enough to try and climb the ladder by stabbing his mates in the back or ‘putting on airs’. And despite the nonsense of having to disguise racism openly and instead channel it into underground resentment (What would Jung say about repressing this facet?) to meet the demands of political correctness in the face of a series of Govt’s trying to make Australia a cultural melting pot for everyone; hatred seethes within many white Australians toward this increasing wave of newcomers. And tribalism, taking root because of reaction to this hostility has led to entire enclaves being populated by just one race, Springvale in Victoria for instance, is mainly (95%) inhabited by Koreans, Chinese, and other Oriental Races, the wealthy Toorak township in Vic is saturated mostly by Jews, Frankston in Vic by WASPS, other areas particularly by the Lebanese, Sri Lankans, Indians, Greeks etc. A situation which would require its own separate reply. For all the efforts of the Govt and media to promote the illusion of equality and foster some magical idyll of the world’s cultures living in harmony together – Australia is sitting on a cultural time bomb which will take only a few careless (or careful) matches to set off. Literally – a cricket match or football match can quickly shed the pretext of racialism and expose the fierce alienation felt by different tribes that assembles them. So in many ways – understanding the Australian populace, whether as a politician or a Satanist, requires in-depth exposure to its culture – which traditional culture of the WASP, was/is designed to tribalize the white australian, marginalize anyone else, and protect his/her very tenacious views which survive from the onset of his arrival here. Hence Sport – as a racial current – is taken very seriously here. In fact, it is the dominating Religion.