Liber Bathyal: A Stylish Send-Off

Liber Bathyal has now been published under the expert auspices of Fall of Man. The Temple of THEM and I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank F.o.M for their outstanding support, personal conduct, friendship and professional attitude to publishing our occult works. Thank you for believing in me Alejo. Without hesitation I … Continue reading


Hello. This will be my last entry and comment as an author of the occult spanning more than twenty years of insight. I am retiring as a writer. The Spark is being transferred. “And through it all, THEY persist, while stars of promise, walking, flowing, screaming,glowing, in abundance, in exuberance,fade and fail, and the essence of the path asserts itself … Continue reading

Welcome to the World: Update

Now likely to have its title changed prior to release our collaborative efforts at producing a children’s book are nearing completion. We had toyed with the humourous idea of titling it ‘My First Bible’ and selling it on Amazon much to the eventual concern and possible outrage of many would-be Christian educators and parents. Such is our sense of … Continue reading

The Last Word from THEM

As the alias behind authors ‘KHK’, ‘Ryan Anschauung’, ‘Willet Rayne’, ‘Krist Hollow’ – the quiet finalization of “Welcome to the World” not withstanding – I can affirm that Liber Bathyal will be the Temple’s last release. The planned Tarot, Tendril; the illustrated opus the ‘Themonomicon’ and the comprehensive discourse on force and form titled ‘Pmyriad’ have also been cancelled and … Continue reading

Media Restricted.

The Temple has closed its public facebook outlets ‘Temple of THEM’ and ‘Occult Arts Australia: The Spire’, private outlets (ROS) and all existing facebook accounts including those held by Willet Rayne.

The Spire store to be deleted.

‘The Spire’ website will soon be retired. Some products may remain available through our WordPress, i.e. Ryan Anschauung’s Naos Tarot and a handful of our printed works but the rest such as the models of the Advanced Stargame will be scrapped and resigned to the dustbin of obscure history.

Liber Bathyal

LIBER BATHYAL:  is a new collaboration between Fall of Man and Krist Hollow of THEM. The Liber will be professionally printed and published in Fall of Man’s ‘Nox Sine Occasu’ range. Bathyal, named after the deep, is an advanced selection of treatises dealing intimately with ways, means and benefits of understanding and applying form that demand more … Continue reading

Radia Star

RADIA STAR Temple of THEM -2011 /122fy. My Work and my Writing – My Approach and My Motive and Methodology is given in this short manuscript and the Alchemical formula that Drives me. I reveal here the Blueprint of my Work that Others may understand or follow it. The dominance of the ‘I’ in people … Continue reading

Directives of the Temple of THEM

DIRECTIVES OF THE TEMPLE OF THEM Directive A-1: Australia, does not have a significant sinister history. Being little more than 200 years old it has yet to bring forth a significant Satanic contribution to the world. THEM aim to change that. Directive A-2: THEM is a No Hand Path. Believe, in whatever suits, when it … Continue reading

Writhing with THEM: 101 Tentacles

101 TENTACLES 1 With chthonic longing, Tentacles reach and with reptilian speed tentacles retract. THEM is a No Hand Path. Believe, in whatever suits, when it suits. 2 If you have morals, keep them to yourself. 3 Do not judge by appearance. Nothing is known by appearance except appearance. 4 People have a thousand masks. … Continue reading

The ASOV: Hosting a Meet

HOSTING A MEET (The following represents a concise and compact explanation of one aspect of the ASOv. As complex as this requirement is, it represents only the most basic step of a members requirements. As skills and abilities are demonstrated, developed or improved the dynamic changes with focus moving to one or another aspects of … Continue reading

The ASOV: Planting The Seeds

ORGANIZING THE ASOV INTO BEING As anyone with any experience organizing people knows, just having a plan doesn’t mean its going to come to fruition. It took us many hard years of work and innovation to get the wider attention of enough people to garner a reputation with clout. But having that integrity built through … Continue reading

Claritas E Congerie Oritur

TEMPLE POLICY 2015: CLARITAS E CONGERIE ORITUR The Members of THEM and those associated within its Tendrils worship the Inhuman. For us, Forms, of any kind, are transient creatures that swim through the voids, attaching themselves to us and becoming part of our thoughts and philosophy for indeterminate amounts of time. Gradually, these creatures are … Continue reading

Within the Temple: Getting Started

WITHIN THE TEMPLE: GETTING STARTED An Esoteric Riddle & Hypothesis for anyone interested in the Temple of THEM. THE JUNGLE BOX Imagine the following scenario: You are an explorer. You are wading through a thick jungle and happen upon a stone dwelling built by some unknown culture. The stone dwelling is square, approx 18ft high … Continue reading

The Action Plan

MAH VIM AH DAY UM: THE ACTION PLAN 1. One of the main actions of the Temple of THEM, as detailed in 2008’s release of issue #28 of Oto Anorha, was to set in place a new system. 2. Against us, are massive odds. These odds include existing systems, traditional behaviours and ways of doing … Continue reading

Evolution through Oc-Culture

EVOLUTION THROUGH OCCULTURE: WHOSE REALITY IS IT ANYWAY? If you have to ask this question then perhaps you have failed to develop the ability to make use of anything so necessary to a Sorcerer. A child can turn a cardboard box into a million things, it can be a time machine, a fridge, a space … Continue reading

Temporal Expression

TEMPORAL EXPRESSION This short commentary discusses some of the reasons THEM has a strict thirty year charter. All things Change. THEM studies Forms and the Forces that affect them. Forms as a rule do not enjoy eternal longevity. They come and go, as trends, falling in or out of favour as time passes. And this … Continue reading


So to begin. The secrets of the Ancients have been buried deeply in the twisted labyrinth of forms. The Magic from which the Sorcerer can draw exists but the means to access it have been mangled by the Obscuranti and their living mind war of forms – each one a sadistic seed that has long … Continue reading